You are a REBEL to your CORE


This is Rebel to the Core. I’m James Mast. Here’s what I believe in:

This place is where I keep it real.

speak my mind.

I show my face.

I talk about things like how to fall in love to the haunting of your emerging soul to what women want to the uncomfortable nagging of ambition.

There’s method to the madness. I’m a Rebel.

None of us are what we seem. Beneath our predilections and animal programming and the illusions placed in our mind by government, media, other people, and belief systems (as opposed to raw experience and intuition), we have the ability to peel away these layers like onions and get at our real, authentic selves, which may not always be honest or comfortable.

But the authentic self is real, and far more powerful.

I know there are others out there who feel the way I do. They want more, they might even know there is more.

There is more than just the System. It’s time to break out!

Welcome to Rebel to the Core.

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