Affiliate Disclosure

Here at Rebel to the Core you’ll see affiliate links. This means I get paid when you buy something I recommend on the site.

Is that a bad thing?

No, it’s actually a win-win for you and I. That’s because I recommend products that I would actually buy/have bought and you get to benefit from them by buying them AND I get paid for spreading the news.

That’s much more rewarding work that half the bullshit I’ve had to do at “jobs.”

Instead of doing menial work that anybody can do and that frankly many women would be better suited for (customer service, serving) instead I get to give you tools for changing yourself. That’s what a counselor or a psychologist or a “coach” or trainer or consultant does. They trade their knowledge/time/expertise for your money, and I trade good products for money.

I’d rather get paid to tell you “get the fuck off your ass and fuck the world.”

At my other shit jobs I would’ve gotten fired for that. I would’ve been forced to say “That’s a nice hat and let me polish your shoes, sir.”

Fuck that, I hate bullshit and I’m tired of pretending to “integrate” into this stupid world. Half the time I’m a rebel and then at work I have to be somebody else? Fuck no. That makes no sense.

Make your entire life on your terms, not just SOME of it. Be a Rebel in every respect.

If your boss pisses you off, then FUCK HIM.

Find a new job or make your own “job.” Make something that reflects you.

Your life should reflect you. And if it doesn’t, then fuck it.

If you don’t like the products I try to sell you, then fuck you. Fuck it. Do what you want, man. Don’t buy them. Or, if you like them, or want to make sure I get paid for what I do for a living, then buy them.

I used to think “affiliate marketing” was scary and demeaning. But I also had a secret inner hatred of all the people who ask for “donations” or who “donate” or people who don’t “work” for money–and by that I mean slave.

I got rid of this quickly when I realized I could do the same thing. All this time it was jealousy.

Any time I see an artist who wants to get paid–and get paid a lot–for their work, instead of being angry or jealous I realize that there are people who really want or need those services and they will pay for them, and I can do the same damn thing.

So I do.

There’s no good reason anybody in this world shouldn’t be able to do what they want to do. It’s an unfair planet and the majority of people are tasked to all sorts of shit they hate.

Ideally, in a true utopia, we’d all do what we love and then everything would get done. People who want to plumb and cook can plumb and cook while people who don’t, don’t have to.

But don’t wait around for that utopia. This is YOUR LIFE.

Hell, you can do this too.

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