Always Push Things to their Absolute Limit

You have to push every thing to its greatest possible limit. Otherwise you will never know what was possible.












Oh. You’re still reading?

I guess you wanted a longer explanation than that. Fine.

Why you should always push it to the limit

Because that’s the only way you can learn anything new.

If you’re only ever toeing the edge of the line, you’ll never know what’s on the OTHER side of the line. You’ll constantly be afraid of finding out. You will underachieve. You will hold yourself back.

Think about it: if you’re only ever doing what’s comfortable, how are you ever going to grow big balls?

Big balls cannot grow without big risks. So it’s a catch-22.

If you are always saying, “Someday I’ll be able to do that” then you will never do it, because you have to fuck up now to be able to do it well later.

An example from pickup

Smoothtalking Socially Savvy Sam likes to talk to girls. But he’s afraid of taking things too far. He toes the line.

He goes up to a girl and says, “Hey, you’re really cute.” And they have a conversation. Then he says, “Can I get your number?”

The girl says no and Johnny walks away.

Johnny does this two more times, and he gets rejected each time.

Now Johnny is terrified of asking another girl for her number. He will stop doing it and eventually he will stop talking to girls altogether. Johnny has quit because 3 girls is “enough” for him. That seems like a “good amount” and anything beyond this seems sociopathic to him. If anybody were watching him, like his bastard friends, they’d tell him he was a loser.

He doesn’t want to keep hitting on girls because that would seem “desperate.”

He asks himself, “What am I doing?” when he’s out “cold-approaching” girls and doesn’t believe that “cold approach” “works.”

He’ll give up on himself and live a life of quiet desperation, at least with women, while some other bastard fucks the women he never talked to.

Now Johnny Reb, a lone wolf, is pissed off. He decides he’s going to push things to their breaking point.

In one given day he talks to three girls who all reject him and then on the fourth one he’s very anxious. He is anticipating a rejection and when it comes it’s like a powerful fire is coursing through his body. He might even start crying or be overwhelmed with frustration. He feels the risk and anxiety, and in that moment he makes a decision.

He makes the decision to throw everything away and surrender.

Once he surrenders to his selfish desire for women, Johnny overconfidently approaches a 5th girl and is ready and awaiting her rejection. He doesn’t care. The anxiety has pushed him too far over the line. Now–there is no line.

The 5th girl says no, and Johnny laughs and immediately turns to girl #6 walking by right next to them, and says the same damn thing. Girl 5 watches in amazement before walking away in disgust and Johnny takes the 6th girl home and bangs her.

Johnny Reb has learned the power of always pushing things to their limit.

Despite his emotions, he has learned not only discipline, but he has learned the power of GOING OVER THE LINE.

Go WAY OVER that fucking line.

Put everyone else to shame.

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