How to cure OCD and acne forever

Americans have a toxic obsession with cleanliness

Imagine every day having to clean and disinfect every object you touched because it’s “unclean” because you had touched it after masturbating and having an orgasm.

Now imagine simultaneously being addicted to masturbation and porn. Now imagine you have to take a fully-body shower, with soap, every time in order to “cleanse” yourself, and anything you touch along the way, including the floor, is “unclean.”

Now imagine you can’t even touch certain objects or enter the bathroom because when you are “clean” you don’t want to be “unclean.”

Imagine washing your hands every time you come into contact even remotely with something “unclean.” Imagine watching the spread of your uncleanliness, gradually shifting from object to object as the unholy disease makes it way throughout your house. Now imagine one day you sit down to eat and you realize what you’re eating must be unclean. Now it’s in your stomach. Now it’s polluted the inside of your body!

You take a shower, and can’t figure out what to do next. Should you consider yourself unclean? Only your insides? Should you just forget about it?

This goes on for months and months, and you touch all sorts of unclean surfaces and if you have something unclean in your pocket but you have to take it out for school, now your hand will be buzzing for the rest of the day and you’ll have to avoid touching anything or anyone to prevent the spread of your contamination. Your hand will feel like it’s on fire, because your mind has literally created a physical sensation for you to know what is clean and what is not.

This is your life, and it is Hell. This is Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder.

OCD is an anxiety disorder…

And Americans have a lot of anxiety because they eat a diet high in sugar, they are addicted to electronic stimulation and the internet, and they are not comfortable with their bodies. They have no sense of “self” because they are constantly trying to be validated by the external world.

This creates a distracting anxiety wherein you are constantly feeling the pressure to “check up on” what’s going on. What’s the latest news? Do I have any messages?

Is there something I’m missing out on?

But one of the symptoms of this American anxiety is now a cause, and it’s only making things worse:

The obsession with cleanliness


Hard to believe I ever lived like this

In addition to the crippling OCD, many years ago I used to have cystic acne so bad that it was like fire ants all over my face. It was like my face was covered in sores and sometimes they would even form welts. It’s no wonder people said my acne was bad. It was common for my face to be bleeding and people would point it out to me, but there was nothing I could do about it.

Acne like that is unnatural, and its caused by poor american hygiene and diet.

Ironically, good hygeine means NOT polluting your skin with dangerous substances. In your obsession with cleanliness, it has become a religion of sorts. The truth is that Americans are INSANE and their practices are doing the opposite of what they intend.

Flouride in our water? Creating supergerms by murdering all bacteria? Making yourself clean by stripping your skin of vital and protective oils?

People don’t realize that the skin is a fucking organ, designed to clean itself. I learned that in high school.

It’s no wonder we have such a booming pharmaceutical industry. It’s no wonder “healthcare” is such a big deal. Almost everyone in America is EXTREMLY unhealthy, and I’ve always laughed about medical conditions because I am in such peak health now that I almost never get sick, and all my acne and OCD is gone. I take no pills or medications, I just sleep off any diseases and they go away within 48 hours.

You can do it too. Your OCD is just one part of the puzzle.

OCD and anxiety are due in part to this obsession with order and cleanliness. It’s really just mental habits and patterns. It’s conditioning and it’s not good conditioning. Prove to me how heightened anxiety or murdering bacteria contributes to actual long-term health.

Our bodies evolved with pathogens, it makes no sense to avoid them and kill them.

You’re most likely to die from getting fucked up the ass and getting aids, not because of some pathogens on the sink. Actually, you’re most likely to die from heart disease or cancer in this country, and both of these things are caused not by pathogens, but by major things like diet, exercise, and not putting toxic chemicals on your skin just to have the illusion of being clean.

If you really want a different perspective, just imagine trying to explain typical american hygeine practices to an alien who is just learning.

“Oh, we cut off the most sensitive parts our males’ penises. We rub harsh and abrasive artificial chemicals all over our bodies. We stick industrial plastic in our mouths and when we get holes in our teeth from tooth decay we fill them full of industrial metals and other industrial waste products, which we also stick in our water.”

It’s no wonder why Americans are so fat and have the highest rate of mental disorders in the world.

Even the most “sane” among them still violate their bodies with the most common and ordinary habits that they all take for granted.

Time to wake up.

Our bodies have strong immune systems designed to categorically destroy every type of invader. I was taught that a hundred times in school.

So why all this germ craze?

It’s almost as if giant companies make mass amounts of money off of our ignorance. It’s almost like if we stopped using their products, a great many rich corporations would be out of business.

But no, soaps and shampoos and toothpastes and sunscreens and lotions are all perfectly natural and probably healthy.

It’s not like nature would ever bother to make our skin perfectly capable of filtering out bad substances, cleaning itself automatically, or developing hormones and pigments to protect us from harmful sun rays that have been coming out of the sun ever since the first breathing animal crept up onto shore.

Are you smarter than that? Are you as smart as the generations of humans that pollute the oceans AND the drinking water supply, feed animals the wrong kind of food, cut down all of our trees and release daily massive amounts of gasses that destroy our atmosphere and damage the air quality, and eat processed shit? Surely, we are enlightened and living in the most advanced era of human history yet.

Grow the fuck up.

There is a switch in your mind.

Remember “that guy” in high school who would just laugh and pick something back off the floor and eat it?

He probably didn’t have a lot of anxiety. And you would all stand around and be in secret awe of him because he knew that germs really weren’t that big a deal. You all bought into the scam of germophobia that would later come to cripple American health.

As it turns out, everyone has ocd!

It’s a spectrum, and those people who don’t seem to suffer any symptoms have disturbing thoughts all the time. They just know to ignore them.

It goes beyond disturbing thoughts that germs might be on your hands. Sometimes we get “tempted” to jump off tall buildings or open the car door while the car is moving at 60mph. When we touch a dirty floor we feel as if there is this invisible slime over our hands.

But it’s all just anxiety. It’s distracting thoughts. And you know what causes distraction in America?

Media. All forms of it. TV, video games, internet. “Multi-tasking” (which is bad for your brain). They’ve all told you that Americans suffer from “too much stimulation” but you don’t believe them. You carry on ignorantly while your anxiety goes through the roof.

I know Americans have a lot of anxiety because every little thing startles them.

When there is a loud noise in a room, everybody jumps. People make a big deal out of the slightest things. Bad fads spread like wildfire.

You’ve been brainwashed into believing that every surface is filled with pathogens, but I don’t see any large bacterial growth on doorknobs. Do you?


You don’t see this every day

I liken antibacterials to credit scores or Facebook likes. You can easily live without them, and they don’t mean anything. They’re just traps.

You know you have anxiety when you’re afraid just to be in one spot.

You know you have anxiety when you look away or around constantly. When you look at your phone every ten seconds compulsively to see if your notification light is blinking.

Don’t pretend these are just trivial things.

They are symptoms of a social disease, and it affects you in every area of your life. You are addicted to cleanliness and technology, and these addictions are neuroses.

There is a switch in your mind, and you can turn it off.

I know this because I conquered my severe OCD. All by myself.

I had to endure some pretty difficult things. There was nobody to hold my hand. I forced myself to touch people’s seats. To touch the toilet. I had to hug my unclean parents and I had to force myself to lick unclean surfaces like floors or even use the bathroom without washing my hands. And I used to wash my hands 30 times a day for two minutes with heavy soap.

I had to force myself to go about my day without taking a compulsive shower. My body would literally be “burning” with agitation and the anxiety was so bad there were several times I gave in, and had to restart.

But eventually I walked into the bathroom without having to jump from rug to rug to avoid the floor.

Eventually I didn’t have to wash my hands after touching someone.

Eventually I could have an orgasm without becoming an anxious, suicidal wreck.

For some it won’t be easy. They are in too deep. Their physical body will actually “burn” with anxiety, wanting desperately to be washed, or rubbed, or whatever bizarre ritual is required to feel “clean” again. It’s no different than virginity or purity. And the only cure is to become dirty.

Once you crossover into dirtiness, and embrace it, you feel polluted. But you feel strangely good, strangely liberated. It’s like you have escaped a great lie, even though you feel like a muddy pig.

This feeling gradually goes away until you lose the anxiety and realize it was all a fiction.

Change your habits

In addition to the cystic acne, and the OCD, I had super-greasy hair. Just sleeping overnight it would be wet and smeared onto my face in the morning. My hands also developed psoriasis and I tried to ward off the effects with lotion. Stupid me thought that I could cure the symptoms with more pollutants. In reality, I should have cured the neurosis instead.

I tried cortizone creams, anti-dandruff shampoo, anti-acne substances. But my skin and hair problems remained.

My hands itched all the time and were red and I had sores. I had sores on other parts of my body. I got fed up with all these problems so I made a big change:

I cut out all soap. All shampoo. All conditioner. All lotions. No oils or external cosmetics. Nothing at all. All I did was take pure showers, and only once a day. I didn’t wash my face. And guess what?

All my skin and hair problems went away.

No more cystic acne. Just faint, sporadic, extremely mild redness. No more psoriasis or sores. No more itching. My hands were perfect and they still are.

No more greasy or oily hair. In fact, no more oily face. My hair grew to adjust and now I can go for a week without showering and my hair will still look fresh. No more dandruff.

Soaps and cosmetics were only perpetuating the symptoms they were supposed to solve.


My daddy once told me that all you needed to rinse your hands was water and technique. He told me soaps weren’t really necessary. He still used them, and he knew I used them, but I never knew just how right he really was.

The American obsession with cancerous and dangerous cosmetics must come to an end.

You can’t claim I’m overreacting because I paid the price of my ignorance. But I left these issues behind long ago.

Don’t buy into the hype. Cosmetics and creams and soaps are just another way for pharma companies and doctors to take advantage of people. And I suspect antibiotics are a scam by doctors as well [link to dentist ripoff post].

The System is insidious, and even the most basic, essential things we take for granted can be infected by disinformation and outright lies. That is why you must question everything. This is NOT the age of information.

This is the Age of Disinformation.

If you want to be rid of your OCD or health problems or anxiety, then be skeptical of even your most flippant habits. Trust your reason and your gut.


You already know whats best for you.

how far my face has come

Look how far my face has come


James Mast


P.S. Though I swore off all commercial soaps, I do use this natural African Black Soap daily and it has made my face a lot clearer. Imagine using lotion for soap. It actually clears up bad skin.

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