Are women really attracted to money and resources?


There is an ever-growing number of men in our culture who believe they are waking up to reality by “taking the red pill” and accepting that women require resource displays and “providers.”

But in all my observation of human behavior, the attitude of wanting things handed to us and skimping on personal responsibility is not an ability exclusive to women.

Today I was eating a salad and my girl opened her mouth wide for a bite. I didn’t give it to her.

But many men would say this is proof that a woman wants to “steal a man’s resources.” Sure. What they don’t take into account is that a man in her same situation would do the same.

Women in today’s modern culture are accustomed to this sort of childish entitled behavior precisely because men and other women encourage it.

In other words, it is not genetic or absolute that a woman must depend on a man or have him take care of her, whether finanically or otherwise.

It’s simply a fact that women of beauty seem to have all kinds of men willing to do things for her and many hot women take for granted the ease with which they glide through life because of that beauty.

But make no mistake, women selling their bodies for large sums of money are behaving “naturally.” At least not in the sense that nature intended for money to be exchanged for sex.

No, nature intended for humans to pair-bond and fall in love and THEN have mutually gratifying sex, or else we would be seeing a lot more rape and lot more money-grubbing.

But instead we see couples falling love, supporting each other, rich women dating loser assholes, and all kinds of other tropes in our culture.

So I would advise those men who think money is the answer to their women woes re-evaluate their shortcomings and beliefs about the world.

Money is great and solves all your problems, but it doesn’t ATTRACT women. At least not romantically or sexually.

It will most certainly “attract” the kind of vapid users that want to leech off your support.

Keep in mind, however, that all humans, whether men or women have the ability to freeload, to take advantage of, and be generally misleading and selfish for their personal gain.

There is nothing inherently selfish or “hypergamous” about women.

Men “trade up” all the time.

They use a girl for sex and then trade her in for a hotter one. Yet these same men who do this then complain about “female hypergamy” and how women are always looking to trade up for hotter, wealthier, stronger men.

If a woman is always willing to trade up for a wealthier man, then you’d best bet that woman is probably not a woman you’d want to associate yourself with anyway, unless of course you have a lot of money and nothing else to offer a woman.

Until next time,
James Mast

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