You can get by on your own

Stick up for yourself and no one else

Believe it or not: you don’t need the System.

When your employer asks you to work an 8-hour shift, then a 12-hour, then a 16 and you have other things to do–fuck him.

Even if he strands you without the company vehicle in another city, it doesn’t matter.

You can get by on your own.

It doesn’t matter

Quit your fucking job.

It doesn’t matter what happens.

You have better shit to do and you can find another job easy.

Always stick up for yourself.

If your boss tells you to go home and change your shirt, tell him to fuck himself and then go home and stay there.

Walk around in public like you own the place and do whatever you want. No one can stop you.

Nobody even wants to stop you.

It’s all in your head.

They don’t have your best interest in mind

People will lie.

They will manipulate and bullshit. They will purposely “forget” the past and twist events to suit their agenda. They will keep a tally of rights and wrongs and they will dispute your own tally.

Solution: don’t tally.

The Bible says, “Love keeps no record of wrongs” and that is sound advice. Drop your fucking history and pay attention to the present.

Who is this person RIGHT NOW?

What is the truth RIGHT NOW?

What do I need RIGHT NOW?

What is in my best interest RIGHT NOW?

If you need something done right now, then drop your obligations and drop this other person. Focus on you.

Pay attention to people as they are

People will let you know upfront what they are. Just like they’ll tell you their problems [link to BPD post].

In relationships this is really important:

You cannot see people as you’d like them to be. That’s called idealization.

You must deal with people as they actually are.

If your girlfriend is fat, there is a very low chance she’ll ever lose weight. Sorry, little buddy. And here’s what you ask yourself:

Is she losing weight right now?

Is she working out right now?

Is she all talk or do her actions follow?

Is she acting like a skinny person or a fat person?

If she’s not already actively working to become a skinnier person, then she won’t be one. Assuming you’re fucking her then as a man you should ORDER her to get in shape, but if she doesn’t then you have a double-duty to dump her. Not only is she not skinny, but she won’t get skinny for  you.

Treat people as they are.

If they are untrustworthy, they are untrustworthy. Don’t wait for them to shape up. Stop trusting them with things.

If they are bitchy, they are bitchy. Don’t wait for them to be nice.

If they are fat, they are fat. Go find a girl who’s in shape.

If they’re broke, they’re broke. Unless they’re making money, they will stay broke.

Do you want to deal with all that?

Unless you really want to deal with something, don’t deal with people who don’t actually meet your standards.

Keep your best interest in mind. Stick up for what you really want and don’t pay attention to people who are only pretenders.

Focus on the destination, not the obstacles

This is straightforward.

There is a difference between Rebellion and a Cause. Here at Rebel to the Core it may seem I embrace rebelling against everything but truthfully I am a Rebel with a Cause.

When you focus on obstacles, that’s what you get. You get obstacles and you get to deal with them.


When you focus on the destination, then your focus shifts onto the path laid out before you. You focus on what you’re doing and getting. Obstacles are overcome naturally in the process.

Cars with cute girls will honk at you if you’re a Rebel

That’s right, fuck you.

Everybody just wants to watch

They’re all watchers. Nobody has the fucking balls to fuck with you.

Nobody has ever fucked with me in years. I can remember two times, vividly, and they stand out to me because it is so rare.

In one case I was with a girl and I was playing music and dancing. We were laughing and having a good time.

Some faggot walked past and said, without getting too close or even making eye contact, “You think that’s funny?”

I think he’s a faggot.

The second time a big fat black bitch got on me for making out with my girl at the bar. I just blew her off. She left. My girl told me she was a lesbian and had been flirting with her. I laughed my ass off.

But I have yet to see anybody really start a fight.

All talk, no game. In the gym today some old idiot was complaining about piss on the floor. He said, “Nobody has any respect for each other anymore and it’s because of the media.”

I declared loudly, “Howabout you show some respect for those of us who don’t wanna hear  your bitching.” He probably thought I pissed on the floor, and why not? It’s such a trivial fucking thing, and people just want to watch. He didn’t do anything about it, he just told every damn person walking in to “avoid the puddle.”

As I was leaving I walked right over it without a care in the world, and I know he saw me do it.

The Universe

The final point in this video and post is that the

the universe makes it easy for those who go for what they want.

that’s the uncomfortable truth because it means cheaters and assholes win and everyone else loses. its a good thing though because it means that if you dont act like a little pussy bitch and instead overtly go after exactly what you want without compromise, at the very least youll have no regrets. at best youll get exactl what you want and more.

hardcore example:

youre staying up late tonight because you cant sleep because youre imagining all of the pretty girls you never fucked and tried to so hard to fuck and all of the countless rejections youve had and how youve spent the last 5 years doing nothing but trying to fuck a hot girl and you STILL havent succeeded. you decide you need some food to pretend to cover the pain, even though youre distinctly aware youre not hungry.

the only problem is taco bell is 15 minutes away and you dont have a car. your first impulse is to grab your girlfriends keys which are sitting right there and take her truck to taco bell. in your head there is a conflict between teh guy you know you wanna be who just does shit without caring about consequences and the other guy who has to ask for permission.

you pick up the keys and walk out the door.

as youre walking out the door, your comatose girlfriend mutters, “where are you going?”

you say, “Taco Bell” and shut the door.

on the the trip you feel exhiliraated and speed a little and turn the radio up and realize you can do whatever you want. no one is stopping you from being that guy that you wanna be.

when you get back home you walk into your room and everything is still the same. your girl is asleep and she doesnt care.

you open up your laptop and type this stupid story because its poignant to you even if its not to anybody else.

you rest assured that a lesser man would have feared getting up just to type or open the bright laptop screen and annoy his girl, before you realize that you dont give a fuck and can and should replace her at any time. you decide to never take it as a loss if anyone steps out of your life.

the next day you call a girl for a ride, and don’t pay her. you decide she owes YOU, and thats what you demand and want. It doesnt matter the truth. it only matters what you put into the unvierse.

you get that ride and then you dump her and tell her youll never see her again. she threatens to call the cops because you “stole” from her.

you tell her to go ahead, and finally she leaves, crying.

later she breaks in through your window and begs you to sleep with her, and you call the cops and they tell her to leave. you have the choice of whether to put her in jail or not.

the tables have flipped.

you are now in the position of power, getting everything you want. and in that moment, you decide you might need her later. you want to keep her around.

after all, you still like her even if she is a psycho bitch.

cold? sociopathic? wrong?



you are just getting what you want, and the universe is delivering it. there is no such thing as karma, or else this story would never have played out as it did.


There is the only the universe.

And you are free to stick up for yourself while everyone else just watches.

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