The Rebel Within

The Rebel is an idea.

The Rebel is what’s emerging beneath the surface. It’s a being, a character you create to replace the old you, the one mired by layers of conditioning and untruth by the world and its media and technology and its ignorant people.

You slowly rebel against the world until you begin to uncover the REAL YOU beneath it all.

It’s the heart of what I made this site about.


Beneath it all…beneath all beliefs and systems of thinking that you subscribe to.

You read things on the net and they make sense. They seem to be true. But do not actually know and they provide comfort where you have none.

When you follow a system to think for you, then you have rules and righteous purpose. You have concepts and ideals, such as “saving the world” or changing it to your own vision of utopia, or being too honest, when honesty is not always a virtue. You become consumed with ego or “respect.”


These things are all only illusions, designed to distract you from trusting your own intuition and true self.


Beneath all the awkward, casual social interactions. Beneath the light, airy, surface world that everyone pretends is real.

Beneath it is the underworld.

It is a red river, a current of distaste.

You are not satisfied with the status quo. You are uncomfortable with your place in it. You want to push the limits.


But to be an effective rebel, you must have a REASON. It can’t just be for guts and glory.

Those things will never build your soul.

You’ve got to have a selfish reason to push yourself through the barriers of the System. Your goals, the things you really desire, those are enough at first. You take ahold of them and then you FIGHT.


But fighting wears you down after a while, and you run the risk of turning into the enemy.

Deep down, despite all you’ve been told, despite the hard knocks you’ve taken, you are something special.

There’s a power in the background, awaiting your total surrender. It calls to you. It tugs at you like a nightmare every damn day and every time you fail to do what you want to do. What you set out to do.

This thing is NOT the thing that you fight.

This thing is the Rebel.

The Rebel is your emerging soul.


Beneath it all, beneath this human shell, you have a heart of rebellion.

You rebel in order to find your soul, the origin of yourself. And then you hold onto that power and don’t let anybody take it from you. And you don’t let imposters like your old self take it either.

You are a rebel to the core.

Why it fucking works – A 30 Days of Discipline Review

30 days of Discipline isn’t popular because it’s groundbreaking.


It’s popular because it actually fucking works.

There’s a difference between the slough of self-improvement books out there and an actual, practical method to achieving something that gets you results.

Meditation books like “Power of Now” aren’t helpful at all. The only way you’ll ever experience what Tolle is talking about is if you just get up off your ass and meditate every day–in which case the book might as well be useless to you.


Most “self-improvement” books are the equivalent of trying to give advice on how to shoot basketball.

basketball ebook cover copy2

Beyond basic form, a few pages at most, maybe a couple pics and a video or two, there is NOTHING more you can gain from information on shooting baskets.

To get really good at shooting baskets, you can’t think your way there. You have to actually shoot tens of thousands of baskets.

Victor pride has a lot of motivational articles on his site but they’re all useless without the action. So naturally, 30 days of Discipline is the practical handbook for action that follows along with his motivational speaking. It’s brilliant strategy.

But I respect the book because nearly all of the habits are effectual habits that I was ALREADY using myself, at least in some form, before I got the book.

Taking cold showers, getting up early, no porn or jacking off, writing things down.

30 days has 12 habits but some of them are unexpected. Such as 2 meals a day and answering every question with a direct answer or a Yes or No. No bullshit, no excuses.

It’s a very direct manner and I’ve found its not always the most charming method of communication. I know diplomatic language and indirectness and talking a lot can be considered snake oil, but the reality is that they work.

Telling someone “do this” versus letting them come up with it on their own can work.

It all depends on the situation. 30 Days isn’t necessarily designed for you to keep all those habits.

What it does is FORCE you to do things every day that will forge discipline.

Answering a question with a “Yes” or “No” will be hard at times. Especially when there will be real consequences. It forces you to know what you want and make up your own damn mind, or just make a decision.

It also forces you to work-out and wake up in a highly effective way.

After a month I can easily imagine most people will experience huge changes. Most guys jack off every day and use porn. A month is not enough to see huge results from quitting but it will give you a glimpse. Waking up early and taking a cold shower and exercising? For fat people or unhealthy people this will transform them!

The only thing wrong with the book is that it needs one more habit.

The book talks about “goals with women” but it never includes any habits for that. Victor claims that 30 days all by itself will solve most people’s goals, but it will NOT solve your goals with women. There are simply no direct habits included for that.

Waking up, being healthy, getting in shape, and feeling great will make you more attractive to women, but it won’t just “bring in” the women. To do that you must go after the women.

I would add the 13th habit: talk to every attractive girl you see. Or at least say “Hi.” Vic already says this is one of his articles but it should be a habit in this book since he mentions it. It requires a lot of discipline and just speaking to women can have positive consequences in your favor. Just speaking to ANYBODY can sometimes bring unexpected results.

There’s no need for this habit if the book hadn’t brought it up on its own several times. Victor might have a low opinion of “picking up girls” but it’s an essential skill for men.

Yes, I recommend 30 Days of Discipline.

I make commission off of recommending it to you but it actually works. I can think of many different books and objects I should never have wasted money on, but this one will transform some people.

After the 30 days you can do what you want, but the point of the book is that it’s a mini-boot camp, just like the military. It forces you to do these “extreme” (only for the unenlightened) things.

Since actions change the way you think, and get things done, Victor’s book is ultimately more helpful than most out there on the market.

Everybody thinks that thinking changes your actions, but if you constantly think one way and do another eventually the conflict will rip you apart and you will have to pick one or the other. That’s how depression is caused.

30 Days gets you off your ass, no thinking required.

That’s really the key to any sort of change: stop thinking, start doing. You can improve things once you have started and you are well on your way.

But you have to start somewhere. And 30 Days is a great way to get you started.