Journalism is dead as a profession and the 9/11 connection

Parroting is not journalism.

The Wikipedia definition:

Journalism is the social work and work-craft, and profession (high-level) of reporting on the events, facts, and people that are the “news of the day,” such that a society is “informed,” to some non-trivial degree.

Except journalism is not just reporting.

It used to be legitimate investigation and fact-finding.

I remember reading about Neil Strauss, author of The Game (don’t follow its advice and do this instead). He would go to many interviews with celebrities, and use game techniques like “The Cube” to get them talking and liking him. This would give him more info for a story.

Today we repeatedly see alleged “journalists” simply repeating soundbites and mere “information” from other journalists of their own kind.


Nowhere do I see legitimate INVESTIGATION or FACT-FINDING.

I took journalism classes in college. The first one I ever took, I still recall, they told me that the central tenet of being a journalist was presenting THE TRUTH.

But as we can see from GamerGate and countless other examples, the media today are not doing any legitimate work except parroting.

Where is the digging? The unearthing of evidence? The going out and doing custom interviews?

Nearly every media outlet uses the same interviews! They don’t get their own like a real journalist ought to.

Indeed, “journalism” in today’s online media is dead. Now it is simply Impulsive Reporting, with no forethought or questioning taking place.

I would like to see popular news outlets, rather just merely “report,” actually describe the work they did to get the information they are reporting on. Go on their own interviews. Collect their own evidence.

Do their own due diligence so that they can come up with all of the facts.

And yet none of the major news outlets disagree with one another.

It’s almost disturbing how the only dissenting views come from “red pill” or “alternate news” sources. Especially after exposing the 9/11 hoax for myself and finally yielding to the fact that the cover story wasn’t real, it’s clear that even greater things could be amiss.

How did both CNN and BBC get their news in advance?


In the above pictures, the World Trade Center Building 7 for both CNN and BBC is being reported as “has collapsed or is collapsing.”

That’s right. They not only use the same words in their reports, but they both report the building’s collapse as it is standing in the background.

Later BBC would claim, after pretending that they had “lost” the original tapes, that they got their news from Reuters.

Great. So we are left to infer that both CNN and BBC falsely reported an obvious lie from the same news source.

Hopefully you see how insidious this is.

From one false report, we get 100 more because they are all just copying, not doing any legitimate investigation of their own.

How easy would it be, then, for the government or any single corrupt agency to introduce a bit of untrue news, and watch it propagate throughout the system?

the network

The Network, drawn by yours truly

Simply “capture” or bribe one source, and watch the rest of the network soak in the same misinformation. Because when nobody is doing their own journalism, they will all just be telling the same story.

It’s human nature. I know.

Oral histories have been delivered down through the centuries.

But our current media system is a perfect example of just how imperfect it all is.

It’s a very real demonstration of how we cannot trust textbooks like the Bible, which was invented by the Church in the same way textbooks are invented by the government to include evolution and omit monumental events like the flu pandemic of 1918.

Is it all an Illuminati conspiracy?

That question is still up for debate. But most likely it’s just a grand-scale example of human error and greed.

Still, it is time for great reform. And it starts with you.

Every one of us must be careful not to repeat what we don’t know for sure. Not to spread rumors. To do our own due diligence and be sure not to believe things until we have real evidence.

The destruction of faith is the beginning of evolution.

The only thing we can have faith in is ourselves.

The Rebel Within

The Rebel is an idea.

The Rebel is what’s emerging beneath the surface. It’s a being, a character you create to replace the old you, the one mired by layers of conditioning and untruth by the world and its media and technology and its ignorant people.

You slowly rebel against the world until you begin to uncover the REAL YOU beneath it all.

It’s the heart of what I made this site about.


Beneath it all…beneath all beliefs and systems of thinking that you subscribe to.

You read things on the net and they make sense. They seem to be true. But do not actually know and they provide comfort where you have none.

When you follow a system to think for you, then you have rules and righteous purpose. You have concepts and ideals, such as “saving the world” or changing it to your own vision of utopia, or being too honest, when honesty is not always a virtue. You become consumed with ego or “respect.”


These things are all only illusions, designed to distract you from trusting your own intuition and true self.


Beneath all the awkward, casual social interactions. Beneath the light, airy, surface world that everyone pretends is real.

Beneath it is the underworld.

It is a red river, a current of distaste.

You are not satisfied with the status quo. You are uncomfortable with your place in it. You want to push the limits.


But to be an effective rebel, you must have a REASON. It can’t just be for guts and glory.

Those things will never build your soul.

You’ve got to have a selfish reason to push yourself through the barriers of the System. Your goals, the things you really desire, those are enough at first. You take ahold of them and then you FIGHT.


But fighting wears you down after a while, and you run the risk of turning into the enemy.

Deep down, despite all you’ve been told, despite the hard knocks you’ve taken, you are something special.

There’s a power in the background, awaiting your total surrender. It calls to you. It tugs at you like a nightmare every damn day and every time you fail to do what you want to do. What you set out to do.

This thing is NOT the thing that you fight.

This thing is the Rebel.

The Rebel is your emerging soul.


Beneath it all, beneath this human shell, you have a heart of rebellion.

You rebel in order to find your soul, the origin of yourself. And then you hold onto that power and don’t let anybody take it from you. And you don’t let imposters like your old self take it either.

You are a rebel to the core.

The best teachers are those who have experienced the same failures

I don’t trust any doctors or psychologists.

Like politicians, they talk talk talk. But what have they done to prove that they are even worth listening to?

While some soft-spoken lunatic provides “therapy” for a client, I’m out here giving tough love to those with serious problems because that’s all that’s needed.

Know what? I’ve been through bipolar disorder.

I’ve beaten obsessive-compulsive disorder, and I’ve even been through borderline personality disorder, along with severe depression, anxiety, paranoia. I’ve had severe mood swings, regularly blown up at people, had manic episodes, been bedridden for days on end, had an unhealthy fear of cops and stayed awake for nights on end unable to sleep because of “entities” in my room, and I’ve been unable to walk into entire rooms because they were “filthy” and my hands had bleeding psoriasis because I kept washing them too much every day.

So next time anybody tells me that I should pity someone, or that I’m being too hard on someone, or that someone needs to be babied and taken care of, then I know that they are an idiot.

Sadly, I’ve also been through my unhealthy but entirely necessary share of “co-dependent” relationships. I know what it’s like to have that MADDENING drive to fix people. To train them. To show them their weaknesses and direct them.

If those people in my life were to talk about me, they would say that they “love me” and how great and wonderful I am, but they probably wouldn’t say the one thing I most would want to hear: that they got better because of me.

“Healthy” relationships are an illusion. You can become strong and healthy while still maintaining leeches. And it’s also mandatory that you learn from these experiences until you can have the strength to go it alone or seek out an equal.

Finding an equal is nearly impossible. You’re better off recognizing one simple thing:

Most people are inherently weak and that will never change.

Once you realize that nobody is listening, that nobody cares about your opinions or struggles, and that most people will never change, it then frees you by abdicating yourself of the responsibility to help or change them.

That’s why I don’t give money to homeless people–they’ve already made the decision to give up in life.

That’s why I don’t buy food or clothes or apartments for women–they’re not little children that need to be fed. They just act like it.

And when anybody–man or woman, parent or girlfriend–calls or texts to complain or inform me of any problem, I do not sypathize or pity or act shocked. Instead, I give advice. I tell them exactly what it is that I know they should do, from my own experience. And do they ever listen? No. They just want to complain.

So 90% of the time I just don’t even respond to complaining or excuses. It falls on deaf ears because I will not enable that behavior, and furthermore I will not let it drag ME down as well.

I’ve seen a lot of talk about “manspeak” and how men always try to solve a woman’s problems, and how they just want a sympathetic ear. Well I don’t really give a fuck.

When you come to me with a problem, you’d better be prepared for some real, practical, actionable advice on how to solve it, because that’s what strong people do. Not just men. It’s what people who are responsible, disciplined, mature, and self-convicted do.

It’s not that I don’t listen or can’t ever empathize. But most people just want to complain or be heard. And as soon as you do that, whatever comes out of your mouth affects your mindset and those around you. When you spill emotional vomit, all it often does is contaminate and pollute.

Better to keep that vomit inside of you, as motivation, and channel it toward a solution or some other constructive thing.

But when you listen to a weak person once, it will only tell them to keep doing it again and again.

A weak person will always self-sabotage whatever you do for them, or they will find someone else to help them.

You are not obligated to anyone.

If you see someone bleeding on the street, sure, call 911 and make sure they’ll live.

But don’t be taking care of people all the time. There’s plenty of people to go around who will do that.

The BEST people to teach are the ones who’ve gone through it all, and came out on top. But unfortunately, most of those people either don’t have the time or patience to teach, or they won’t coddle you like an ignoramus physician will.

My advice for bi-polar disorder? Just be persistent in controlling your moods and being productive. Eventually no one will know when you’re manic.

My advice for obsessive-compulsive disorder? Stop being a baby and let the instrusive thoughts bother you. Touch dirty and germy things and FEEL the devastating uncleanliness and toxicity. Keep torturing yourself until it goes away.

My advice for depression? Stop sleeping and get the fuck out of bed, no matter how shitty you feel.

My advice for anxiety? Do extremely anxiety-inducing things, like getting stopped by police, talking to members of the opposite sex, or take the right non-invasive drugs and then do those things.

My advice for paranoia? Face it. Get through the very things you’re paranoid about. Get in trouble, talk to a bunch of people and be really social. Get yourself kicked out of college parties, arrested, make peace with those nightmarish entities, and fix your mindset.

And that’s the last piece of advice I have for any problem: change your mindset and the way you think.

It’s the way you speak to yourself. When a weak person talks, just tell them to listen to their own bullshit:

“They’re hurting me!”

“I’m a victim!”

“I can’t do this without you!”

“I’m too old to do this!”

“What if the bad thing happens again?”

That’s their problem right there. They do not have an incurable deficit, and they don’t really need help.

They just need to stop being a baby and stop being afraid.

You can teach people until you’re blue in the face, but ultimately their problems usually just stay the same or get even worse.

“What happened to the advice I gave you?” you will ask. “Did you take it?”

“No,” they will say. “I started but stopped, or I just never took it in the first place,” they will inevitably tell you.

I’m not suggesting everybody always needs to listen to my advice. But most of the time people just never solve their problems, or they do it the hard way and luck out.

Right now I could give my parents 100% actionable advice, a perfect blueprint plan for getting into shape. But they won’t listen.

Here’s a story:

My dad just suffered a huge colon obstruction and told me nearly died.

When he told me about it out of the blue, I gave him advice on how to clear the blockage, since I’ve been through similar severe bowel problems before. They call it IBS, but it’s really just the manifestation of an awful diet and poor physical health.

My dad said this happens periodically “for some reason.” This guy also experiences mindblowingly painful kidney stones every 4 years. At the time I was led to believe it was genetic, but now I know better because my dad gets sick a lot.

Though I was tempted to give my dad advice, I didn’t give him a blueprint. He won’t listen. I just told him really quick “some reason = diet” and that was the last text I sent him.

This guy drinks coca-cola every day, is overweight and doesn’t do ANY exercise, doesn’t have sex with his fat wife, and binge-watches TV in his off-time.

It’s no wonder he nearly died of a colon obstruction. The way I look at it, the colon obstruction is just a physical manifestation of his shitty life.

My mom hasn’t lost any weight in years even though I’ve coached her for exercise, given her blueprints on how to lose weight, and checked up on her for accountability. An accountability partner does a weak person absolutely no good if they don’t actually care about being accountable.

In fact, I’m inclined to say that accountability as a concept is 100% worthless because all it does is make you co-dependent. If that person disppears, who’s going to hold you accountable?

That’s why you must learn to be accountable to yourself.

These nerds and psychologists love to talk about stupid and useless solutions, or prescribe life-threatening drugs, but if they really wanted to help people they’d tell them the truth:

Stop being a pussy and face your fears.

Be patient.

Actually fucking DO SOMETHING about the problem.

But hey, I’m no psychologist. My opinion isn’t medical advice. You should just keep listening to advice from your doctor, who wants you to spend more money on those FDA-pushed pharmaceuticals and rip you off. And by all means, don’t take any potentially life-altering drug without consulting him first, so that he can tell you not do it. In fact, don’t do anything useful first without talking to a nerd who went through medical school and never had real problems in his life.

That’s my medical disclaimer.

And in case you don’t believe me, or think I’m being too harsh, just check my About Me page for a pictorial history of how I went from weak to strong.

I rarely get sick or have serious health problems, my mood swings are easily controllable now (although sometimes I let them happen just for fun), I’ve gotten rid of 95% of my acne, I have a ton of energy, and I’m ripped.

I don’t blame the economy, I don’t blame being a “millenial,” I don’t blame my genes, I don’t blame my ugliness, and I don’t blame my parents. It took a while to get there, but I know now that NONE of things are holding me back, and that they are all bullshit excuses that I once used.

If a psycho-analyst REALLY wanted to help someone, you know what they would say?

They’d say:

“Grow the fuck up and start taking responsibility for your problems, you whiny spoiled brat.”

If you really want to fix something, you can.

But if you’re just looking to get taken care of, then there are plenty of chumps out there willing to do that as well.

Just remember that when you leech off of others, you lose yourself in the process. You become weak, and you become a slave.

Man or woman, it’s up to you to fix your problems.

It’s time to grow the fuck up.

The smoking gun proof of how 9/11 was staged

I don’t believe in conspiracy theories.

I don’t normally even bother, unless something rubs me the wrong way. I just see things for what they are. And on 9/11, I was rubbed the wrong way.

I didn’t even care when I woke up that morning for school and saw the TVs. It didn’t seem real to me, and I wasn’t bothered by the attacks. My parents were flustered and I just saw the building crumple. I didn’t even know at the time what the World Trade Center was. But something about it seemed unreal to me.

The first thought that went through my head was, “If giant steel towers were a noticeable target for terrorists, why weren’t they prepared for this kind of attack?” (They were).

As I went into school, the teachers were afraid and made us all pray. But I was not praying.

I had my eyes open.


In later years I bought the media story, but naturally I heard about the media fakery and went to investigate.

I spent many hours looking into each and every theory, the boards of “evidence” with photos and videos with the vague hint of some kind of resolution or definitive conclusion. But the pictures proving CGI tampering seemed just as ethereal as the media clips. Something had to give.

Back then I didn’t understand why I was so interested, but now I get that I was looking for the answer to my gut/intuition’s pleading. Often our intuition will tell us there is something wrong, but we can’t rationalize it until our conscious mind “figures it out.” No wonder I didn’t care for 9/11 that morning that it happened. Somehow I knew there was something amiss.

A couple years later I then read about the directed energy weapon theory, which although interesting was not convincing.

But it led me to a little-known niche of conversation online about World Trade Center Building #7.

The evidence there was much clearer.

I saw videos of WTC7 crumble, and then watched a bunch of videos of demolitioned buildings fall. They were eerily similar.

But still nothing conclusive, so I drew the line and decided there was clearly fishiness here, but I may never know.


Now I have just seen the smoking gun proof I didn’t even know that I needed.

Along with NIST coverups and fabricated collapse models, the fact that no steel skyscraper has ever fallen from simple fires, the evidence of thermite found in the rubble, and now this video, it is all pretty clear.

The following video you are about to watch occurred 23 minutes before the WTC7’s actual collapse.

What you see in this video is the BBC getting the info about the “Solomon Building” (WTC7) having already collapsed and subsequent reporting on other media outlets, WITH THE TOWER STILL VISIBLE BEHIND THE REPORTER AS SHE IS TALKING ABOUT ITS COLLAPSE.

Don’t believe me?

You can see an unedited video here:

Oh, wait, no you can’t.


This is irrefutable evidence of deception.

It may seem small, and not so sinister, but that is precisely why it is so ignored. What this video demonstrates is that someone had the foreknowledge that WTC7 was going to collapse, but we are never told who had this knowledge.

Did firefighters know? Police? Where’d we get this information in advance?

If you dig, of course, you’ll find footage of people in the building before its collapse, not concerned at all. The building is strangely empty and filled with dust.

NIST, a government angency, even claims WTC7’s collapse was sudden and unexpected, despite many supporters of the official 9/11 story claiming it had severe structural damage that led to its demise. The computer simulations they released never match up with reality, and they had to go back and re-structure their models due to complaints of people who knew better.

The only sensible conclusion here is that the media was fed narrative events before they happened and that the government tried to cover it up.

Now for the expected objections, which can be defeated by common sense:

“But it was reported as having already fallen because it had structural damage.”

Did it?

In that case, BBC would have reportedits impending fall. But that’s not what we got.

We got “the building fell and people died” while the building is hilariously still visible in the background.

But guess what?

Popular broadcaster CNN ALSO reported the leak unexpected collapse too early!

Both reported its already having collapsed conveniently long before it really did collapse and was covered by the other media outlets.

Two major errors about an important building, with no interviews or verification of claims made about why WTC7 was going to fall. With

The distinct lack of reporting here, especially given the nature of overreporting during disasters, is a huge clue.

“It was a simple mistake! Media outlets were in a frenzy!”

They sure don’t act like it.

They report it with certainty, almost as if they were tipped off.

The media has been covering disasters for years. They are used to the hustle and bustle. And they put out a fake report on a building that is clearly seen in the background. Conveniently, the footage is then cut off just 5 minutes later. But here’s the thing:


If this were truly a media “mistake,” they would have corrected their mistake and clarified that WTC7 had not yet fallen. But that is not what they did.

In case you are still in doubt about BBC’s intentions, read their (short) rebuttal of the “mistake” and the following comments. In short, BBC cannot come up with the source of their highly suspicious information.

To this day, 15 years later, BBC has not clarified their source, except for a possible tip from Reuters that the building had already collapsed. “Conspiracy theorists” claim that no steel skyscraper has ever succumbed to fire, and the official report on WTC7 is unable to draw a conclusion. You’d think BBC would have a better grip on their tip-off. But they won’t tell.

And they never will.

“It just fell from collateral damage! It was not blown up by controlled demolition.”

There are a lot of people out there with advanced architectural knowledge that beg to disagree.

But personally, I just prefer to use my own eyes:

“WTC7 was supposed to be demoed anyway.”

Great. None of that was ever reported. You have to really dig to find out that WTC7 was being considered to be demoed before 9/11. In fact I’m having a hard time tracking down the quotes.

And if it WAS demoed that day, that means it was wired and setup in advance. Again, none of which is reported AND government agencies such as NIST claim the exact opposite and are covering it up.

I am forced to conclude now that WTC7 was plotted in advance to fall.

Even the feed cuts off at the end, for crying out loud. I have no real bias or particular interest in 9/11, but I can safely say this incident seals the deal for me. Especially given that most of the reporting footage has been blocked on YouTube, and the BBC claims that the tapes were lost for this monumental fuckup.

Smells like fish to me.


If you want to know whether our government did indeed play a role in 9/11, simply look into WTC7 and THEN ask yourself why NIST would want to cover up its demolition.

THEN go read about how the Patriot Act was made in advance of 9/11.

It’s very clear to me now that WTC 7 was demoed.

And if THAT was covered up, then its extremely reasonable to reason that the Two Towers stories are being covered up as well.

I just love to remember this quote by Frank A. Demartini:

The building was designed to have a fully loaded 707 crash into it. That was the largest plane at the time. I believe that the building probably could sustain multiple impacts of jetliners because this structure is like the mosquito netting on your screen door—this intense grid—and the jet plane is just a pencil puncturing that screen netting. It really does nothing to the screen netting.

I am not saying that 9/11 “was an inside job,” because that is not clear yet.

But what IS clear is that the government knew about it in advance, had a hand in blowing up WTC 7, and has done a thorough coverup job.

How did the government know about WTC7 in advance?

Because SOMEONE fed BBC and CNN their information before the fact.

Even Wikipedia’s entry is surprisingly transparent:

The NIST report found no evidence supporting conspiracy theories that 7 World Trade Center was brought down by controlled demolition. Specifically, the window breakage pattern and blast sounds that would have resulted from the use of explosives were not observed.[7] The suggestion that an incendiary material such as thermite was used instead of explosives was considered unlikely by NIST because of observations of the fire and the building’s structural response to the fire, and because it is unlikely the necessary quantity of material could have been planted without discovery.

In other words, NIST, a government agency, doesn’t believe the eyewitnesses who found thermite, reported blast sounds, and saw window breakage. The government itself considers that it blew up WTC7 unlikely, and does so because it observed that fire destroyed the building, despite the fact that no steel highrise has ever succumbed to fire.

I especially love the last sentence:

“…It is unlikely the necessary quantity of material could have been planted without discovery.” – The Government

Hopefully I don’t have to explain to you why that’s funny.

And if it WASN’T a government conspiracy, then ask yourself:

The obvious answer to this question is that the government doesn’t want the truth known. SOMEONE told the BBC in advance, after all. If you don’t believe me, just watch it again:

As you can see behind me…

It’s all right in front of you for you to see.

How to win a battle of wills

A battle of wills is a literal phenomenon. It is not a battle of actions or even words, which are all secondary to the cause.

The Will is your instrument, and it is the deciding factor in all that you do. Therefore, in a “conflict of interest,” whether that be a negotiation in business or an argument with your spouse, two people’s Wills are at work.

When you are not invested in the conflict, it may be easy to let the other person get their way. You may not even realize it at the time. But this is because you have not utilized your will in the conflict. You have, instead, opted to be dominated.

Before we go on, it is not necessary to dominate everyone and everything with your will. But it IS necessary to prevent oneself from being dominated, a vital skill that few will ever achieve.

I am here to tell you how to either assert your will or defend against an attack from another.

Two forces: the Will and the Intent

There is a force behind the will known as the INTENT. This is what you want; it is your interests, images, and desires that you have set beforehand. These will drive you in the impending conflict.

Your Will is more like the hammer. You raise it or swing it in accordance with your divine vision, or goal.

Used this way, I will now explain how a conflict is won or lost.

The nature of conflict

When a conflict is initiated, the intent and will of someone else is literally attacking you. The force will invade your reality and make you conform to that person’s agenda. This may be acceptable for you, but in many cases it may not be.

Therefore you will have to learn how either to win, or defend yourself.

If you are the attacker, things are considerably easier, as you will soon learn. The defender, or target, often has no intent to enforce their own agenda when push comes to shove. This is because most people are inherently weak.

Another word for “intent” might be MOMENTUM.

When you are “on fire” and getting things done all day, your intent is set and this allows your Will to be accessed better. In other words–your will is STRONGER.
So when an attacker hits you, whether you are prepared or not prepared, you will be facing a battle of wills.

Visualization and affirmation are great tools to prepare in advance for a conflict. Especially if you know the conflict is coming, you can set your intent as how you will act and respond. This gives you power in the interaction.

For unexpected conflicts, you will be reliant on your agenda and intent that you are already operating on. But sometimes simply the awareness that you must assert your will can give you great power in the world and be prepared for any impending conflicts that day.

The actual battle

When the moment comes, often the eyes will lock.

Body language follows the will.

Therefore, if you are aloof and unresponsive, and able to go about your own business, then you are successfully brushing off an attack and defending yourself. This is called being “disengaged.”

But we are not always prepared to be disengaged from a conflict.

Often, the eyes will lock and the body language will be intense. This is an indicator of an extreme and acute battle of wills.

If you drop your intent to win, then you lose.

You will experience the loss in your own body language. You may feel a slight and sudden cloudiness behind the eyes. Your lip may quiver slightly.

In more extreme cases, you may look away.

But primarily what you will notice is a sense of defeat–even if your body language remains the same and logically you have not capitulated.

This surely means you have lost, and your opponent can sense that, because in reality humans are not just walking bags of meat but they are spirit and energy, and it is our WILLS that determine the outcome of a conflict, not the trappings.

Therefore, if you want to win a battle, you must set your INTENT. That means you must HOLD OUT and keep asserting your will for as long as it takes for the other person to break.

Often this may mean using the body to become more intense, or taking in more breath, and summoning your aggression. But as I have already stated, your body is a tool of the Will, and not the other way around.

The stronger your body and mind are, the better you will fare in any battle.

How to disengage or defend yourself

Let’s say you are in the midst of a battle of Wills. Not all opponents can be dominated.

You may have run across times where you seem to be at an impasse, and where the other person refuses to submit to you.

It is not always about “winning” or “losing.”

Sometimes you must disengage.

And sometimes the act of disengaging, or DEFENSE, can actually throw your opponent off and give you the upper hand to assert your will over them.

There are multiple methods for this.

The best method is the simplest one–but it is one learned through experience and energy. You simply disallow the person to dominate you, and put up an energetic shield.

But until you have mastered this technique, it can be helpful to use visuals in your mind.

Some people recommend using the image of a mental shield to “blockade” your enemy’s barrage. You can imagine a forcefield or coat of arms or a bright white light, for example.

But I personally prefer the powerful energy of frustration and hatred.

I will “push out” with my entire being, and force the energy of my opponents away from me in a rush of irritation. The “last straw.”

This may seem childish, but in fact it achieves the result of cutting off other people’s energetic tendrils and re-asserting my boundaries.

Ultimately, however, you will want to move to a place where you no longer need visuals or techniques to defend yourself, but rather you can actually sense and feel energy and wills on their own level, for which there is no description.

Those of you who have experienced this require no such explanation. But for those of you who haven’t, so further explanation is possible.

The energetic duel

When all is said and done, a battle of wills actually resembles a magic wand duel in Harry Potter.

When one opponent lets their intent slip, the other person’s will has a chance to dominate, and you will feel it when this happens.

Often it can be hard to re-assert your will after a fall, but this is entirely mental.

Believe it or not, letting your guard down does not make it harder to dominate the other person. This is a trick, because in reality you can come back full force and regain strength if you want to.

The idea here is to not let your fear or pity get the better of you, and tell you that you have “lost.” No conflict is truly lost until you have decided it, and submitted yourself to other person’s will.

Aim to win, but never lose

While it is possible to win the battle–and you will know it when it happens because you will feel it and read the other person’s body language–there is another method to ending a fight.


You can disengage, perhaps with one of the “defense” techniques above, and refuse to be dominated or dominate. This is actually extraordinarily useful, especially if you want no part in that person’s reality or if dominating them proves to be impossible.

You will know you have successfully disengaged when the tension is gone, you have not submitted, and you may even have an inner smile or genuine physical laughter at the ordeal.

Sometimes this is the ultimate way to win–by simply not playing. And often your opponent will be caught so off guard that they will have no idea what to do, or be completely helpless at your unwillingness (hah!) to engage.

Beware that your enemy may resort to extreme or desperate measures when you withdraw, as the shock and frustration gets to them. But normally this will be in your favor, and you can either re-negotiate or re-assert your will as needed.

The only winning move is not to play. – WarGames (film)

Keep in mind, however, that as long as you find yourself in combat it is often in your best interest to win, or at least try to win. Otherwise you will have to disengage with one of the defense tactics.

What you must never do is lose. This is submission and defeat, and you will feel it in your very being. You can recover from this, but a loss does not have to be an option.

In conclusion

All conflicts or even interactions with other human beings are defined by intent and the will. There is no such thing as “willpower,” you either have the strength to assert your will or you falter.

That is why you must not get lazy or complacent, lest you find yourself unable to summon the will. Aim to keep your mind and body in peak condition, but primarily always be AWARE and FOCUSED on the present and yourself, so that you will always be able to tap into your reservoir of energy and strength and be prepared for whatever happens.

Some call this meditation, and that is a useful practice.

Others, such as Victor Pride, advocate lifestyle practices to serve as meditation.

Your ultimate goal is simply to be present and aware at all times, so that you will always be ready to assert your will.

But I’ll let you in on a little secret:

You don’t have to assert your will over others.

You just have to assert your will over yourself.

Until next time,

James Mast


P.S. If you want to read the Bible on the subject of will projection, check out The Art and Science of Personal Magnetism by Theron Q. Dumont (William Walker Atkinson), the master of such techniques.

It will take you even further into the rabbit hole of energy and dominance. It changed my life, and it could change yours as well.