How to instantly brew the perfect cup of coffee with the Keurig K10 Mini (Review)


Waking up in the morning sucks.

I’ve resigned myself to the idea that getting up on time will never, ever be totally pleasant in today’s world due to the constant demands of modern life and the erratic sleep schedules that we have.

That said, once I’m out of bed I want to wake up as quickly as possible and be supercharged to get to work. And I’ve found a way to do that.

Once the initial hell of getting out of bed is done, there is one more challenge to surmount: making my coffee.

Now if making coffee was a long and tedious process, then I’d be less likely to get out of bed. But I’ve discovered a way to get me motivated to get in the morning despite the unpleasantness. I can get fired up and brew a perfect cup of coffee in less than 2 minutes, and you can too.

The best way to get up in the morning is by running to the kitchen and creating your wake-up cup of coffee by using the speedy and efficient Keurig K10 Mini Home Brewing System.

It sounds like a mouthful, but this state-of-the-art appliance is a what a modern coffee maker should be.

Coffee makers have grown up, and they are no longer those bulky, cheap appliances that take forever to brew and require you to deal with the uncertainty of coffee filters and improper balances of coffee grains.

With the K10, you know you have an instant and perfect cup of coffee.

I first saw these new appliances in banks, but now I own one. And you can have one too in your very own home without a luxury price tag.

How to brew a cup of coffee in less than two minutes with the Keurig K10

You can use any size cup or mug you want, as long as it will fit under the nozzle.

Just fill your cup or mug with water, and pour that water into the K10. You will get exactly that amount of coffee back.

Next, you insert the coffee pod in.

These are neat little inventions by Keurig that are a single-serving cup with the coffee and filter combined. Now, they are expensive, but you don’t have to use them. You can buy a permanent K-cup instead and save yourself huge money and use your own coffee.keurig-k10-home-brewing-system-review-02

Lastly, you push the Brew button and in less than 2 minutes your perfect cup of warm coffee is ready, and you can start waking up immediately.

Save yourself money on those expensive K-cups

Now Keurig made an excellent product, but like I said, it charges premium for its coffee cup filters. The good news though is that you don’t HAVE to pay those luxury prices for the coffee cups. Read on for a better solution.

Keurig’s gimmick is similar to how printer companies will sell you a modestly-priced printer, but then slam you with having to rebuy expensive printer ink cartridges. However, what those printer companies will never tell you is that you can actually buy your own cheap ink and re-fill the ink cartridge yourself.

We can do the same thing with the K10. You can cheat the system and by your very own permanent K-cup, and not only will you never have to pay for one again, but you can fill it with whatever kind of coffee YOU want.

That way, you get the best of both worlds. An instant cup of your personal favorite brand of coffee.

Now back when I first discovered the K10, I hastily invented my own K-cup by re-using one of the “official” plastic coffee cups. I ripped off the label, rinsed it out, inserted my own coffee, and then put plastic foil wrap over the top.

Putting foil on a refilled K-cup

Putting foil on a refilled K-cup

It mostly worked like a charm, and I was both shocked and pleased at my discovery. But there was one tiny problem:

Coffee grounds were leaking into my cup.

To solve this, I turned to the wonderful world of internet inventions and made the small investment in a permanent K-cup made specifically to use my own coffee, without having to pay so much for the ready-made coffee filter cups.

Now I’ve never been happier with the K10, since I solved this dilemma.

Any flaws?

There is just ONE thing I don’t like about the K10, and it’s so nitpicky I hate to even mention it.

But the unit does leak every once in a while…if you forget to dump out the drip tray.

Fortunately, I’m letting you know right now that all you have to do is slip out the bottom tray, dump it, and re-insert it every few days, and you will never again have a problem with leaks or drips from the K10. There are some customers out there who have erroneously complained about the K10 leaking, but they are mistaken. The K10 itself is not to blame. It’s their own fault for not emptying out the drip tray.

Don’t be one of those people. Just be smart, and the K10 could actually be a great investment for you.

You’ll never have to worry about leaving a giant pot of coffee lying around to go stale, and you can have a warm cup of your favorite coffee on demand.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been hurrying out the door, and brewed my coffee in the time it took to slip my coat and shoes on.

It really does make my life a lot easier, and it actually makes getting up in the morning more fun!

The best way to get it

Now you can go through the effort of searching for this device at retail stores, or you can go ahead and buy the K10 online at its certain intended price AND choose the exact color you want.

Second, you could always just buy regular K-cups, but who wants to spend $50 a month just on coffee?

Even if you rinse out and re-use the cups with tin foil, I will warn you that this can still cause a bit of coffee ground leakage into your coffee cup, AND the filter will wear out eventually.

A better way is to simply invest in an inexpensive, but permanent stainless steel K-cup like I did.  I bought the Ekobrew Stainless Steel Elite Cup, and it works great. It’s slightly more expensive than Keurig’s own permanent K-cups, but it solves the leakage problem those have and it will last you until the end of time. It costs about $15 for a lifetime, and if you order it with the K10 then you will get free shipping on Amazon. And you’ll never have to worry about buying coffee filters again.

Overall, then, you can have the entire K10 Mini home brewery system, minus the hassle of buying any cups or filters, all for about $85.

Then you can just fill it up with whatever coffee you want.


The K10 is a great value for the money and a great time-saver. I honestly have no desire to go back to traditional coffee makers. These Keurigs are the wave of the future.

It might sound silly, but in fact I feel a great surge of satisfaction waking up in the morning, knowing that I can so quickly brew a cup of coffee without much waiting or hassle. It greatly reduces the hesitation with getting out of bed, and there is something just so warm and sentimental about getting a perfect cup brewed just for yourself.

Go ahead and try it, and you’ll see what I mean.

You can order the Keurig K10 Mini Home Brewing System online right here.

And you can get the Ekobrew Stainless Steel Elite Cup here.


We’re very close

Enjoy waking up again,

James Mast

How to win a battle of wills

A battle of wills is a literal phenomenon. It is not a battle of actions or even words, which are all secondary to the cause.

The Will is your instrument, and it is the deciding factor in all that you do. Therefore, in a “conflict of interest,” whether that be a negotiation in business or an argument with your spouse, two people’s Wills are at work.

When you are not invested in the conflict, it may be easy to let the other person get their way. You may not even realize it at the time. But this is because you have not utilized your will in the conflict. You have, instead, opted to be dominated.

Before we go on, it is not necessary to dominate everyone and everything with your will. But it IS necessary to prevent oneself from being dominated, a vital skill that few will ever achieve.

I am here to tell you how to either assert your will or defend against an attack from another.

Two forces: the Will and the Intent

There is a force behind the will known as the INTENT. This is what you want; it is your interests, images, and desires that you have set beforehand. These will drive you in the impending conflict.

Your Will is more like the hammer. You raise it or swing it in accordance with your divine vision, or goal.

Used this way, I will now explain how a conflict is won or lost.

The nature of conflict

When a conflict is initiated, the intent and will of someone else is literally attacking you. The force will invade your reality and make you conform to that person’s agenda. This may be acceptable for you, but in many cases it may not be.

Therefore you will have to learn how either to win, or defend yourself.

If you are the attacker, things are considerably easier, as you will soon learn. The defender, or target, often has no intent to enforce their own agenda when push comes to shove. This is because most people are inherently weak.

Another word for “intent” might be MOMENTUM.

When you are “on fire” and getting things done all day, your intent is set and this allows your Will to be accessed better. In other words–your will is STRONGER.
So when an attacker hits you, whether you are prepared or not prepared, you will be facing a battle of wills.

Visualization and affirmation are great tools to prepare in advance for a conflict. Especially if you know the conflict is coming, you can set your intent as how you will act and respond. This gives you power in the interaction.

For unexpected conflicts, you will be reliant on your agenda and intent that you are already operating on. But sometimes simply the awareness that you must assert your will can give you great power in the world and be prepared for any impending conflicts that day.

The actual battle

When the moment comes, often the eyes will lock.

Body language follows the will.

Therefore, if you are aloof and unresponsive, and able to go about your own business, then you are successfully brushing off an attack and defending yourself. This is called being “disengaged.”

But we are not always prepared to be disengaged from a conflict.

Often, the eyes will lock and the body language will be intense. This is an indicator of an extreme and acute battle of wills.

If you drop your intent to win, then you lose.

You will experience the loss in your own body language. You may feel a slight and sudden cloudiness behind the eyes. Your lip may quiver slightly.

In more extreme cases, you may look away.

But primarily what you will notice is a sense of defeat–even if your body language remains the same and logically you have not capitulated.

This surely means you have lost, and your opponent can sense that, because in reality humans are not just walking bags of meat but they are spirit and energy, and it is our WILLS that determine the outcome of a conflict, not the trappings.

Therefore, if you want to win a battle, you must set your INTENT. That means you must HOLD OUT and keep asserting your will for as long as it takes for the other person to break.

Often this may mean using the body to become more intense, or taking in more breath, and summoning your aggression. But as I have already stated, your body is a tool of the Will, and not the other way around.

The stronger your body and mind are, the better you will fare in any battle.

How to disengage or defend yourself

Let’s say you are in the midst of a battle of Wills. Not all opponents can be dominated.

You may have run across times where you seem to be at an impasse, and where the other person refuses to submit to you.

It is not always about “winning” or “losing.”

Sometimes you must disengage.

And sometimes the act of disengaging, or DEFENSE, can actually throw your opponent off and give you the upper hand to assert your will over them.

There are multiple methods for this.

The best method is the simplest one–but it is one learned through experience and energy. You simply disallow the person to dominate you, and put up an energetic shield.

But until you have mastered this technique, it can be helpful to use visuals in your mind.

Some people recommend using the image of a mental shield to “blockade” your enemy’s barrage. You can imagine a forcefield or coat of arms or a bright white light, for example.

But I personally prefer the powerful energy of frustration and hatred.

I will “push out” with my entire being, and force the energy of my opponents away from me in a rush of irritation. The “last straw.”

This may seem childish, but in fact it achieves the result of cutting off other people’s energetic tendrils and re-asserting my boundaries.

Ultimately, however, you will want to move to a place where you no longer need visuals or techniques to defend yourself, but rather you can actually sense and feel energy and wills on their own level, for which there is no description.

Those of you who have experienced this require no such explanation. But for those of you who haven’t, so further explanation is possible.

The energetic duel

When all is said and done, a battle of wills actually resembles a magic wand duel in Harry Potter.

When one opponent lets their intent slip, the other person’s will has a chance to dominate, and you will feel it when this happens.

Often it can be hard to re-assert your will after a fall, but this is entirely mental.

Believe it or not, letting your guard down does not make it harder to dominate the other person. This is a trick, because in reality you can come back full force and regain strength if you want to.

The idea here is to not let your fear or pity get the better of you, and tell you that you have “lost.” No conflict is truly lost until you have decided it, and submitted yourself to other person’s will.

Aim to win, but never lose

While it is possible to win the battle–and you will know it when it happens because you will feel it and read the other person’s body language–there is another method to ending a fight.


You can disengage, perhaps with one of the “defense” techniques above, and refuse to be dominated or dominate. This is actually extraordinarily useful, especially if you want no part in that person’s reality or if dominating them proves to be impossible.

You will know you have successfully disengaged when the tension is gone, you have not submitted, and you may even have an inner smile or genuine physical laughter at the ordeal.

Sometimes this is the ultimate way to win–by simply not playing. And often your opponent will be caught so off guard that they will have no idea what to do, or be completely helpless at your unwillingness (hah!) to engage.

Beware that your enemy may resort to extreme or desperate measures when you withdraw, as the shock and frustration gets to them. But normally this will be in your favor, and you can either re-negotiate or re-assert your will as needed.

The only winning move is not to play. – WarGames (film)

Keep in mind, however, that as long as you find yourself in combat it is often in your best interest to win, or at least try to win. Otherwise you will have to disengage with one of the defense tactics.

What you must never do is lose. This is submission and defeat, and you will feel it in your very being. You can recover from this, but a loss does not have to be an option.

In conclusion

All conflicts or even interactions with other human beings are defined by intent and the will. There is no such thing as “willpower,” you either have the strength to assert your will or you falter.

That is why you must not get lazy or complacent, lest you find yourself unable to summon the will. Aim to keep your mind and body in peak condition, but primarily always be AWARE and FOCUSED on the present and yourself, so that you will always be able to tap into your reservoir of energy and strength and be prepared for whatever happens.

Some call this meditation, and that is a useful practice.

Others, such as Victor Pride, advocate lifestyle practices to serve as meditation.

Your ultimate goal is simply to be present and aware at all times, so that you will always be ready to assert your will.

But I’ll let you in on a little secret:

You don’t have to assert your will over others.

You just have to assert your will over yourself.

Until next time,

James Mast


P.S. If you want to read the Bible on the subject of will projection, check out The Art and Science of Personal Magnetism by Theron Q. Dumont (William Walker Atkinson), the master of such techniques.

It will take you even further into the rabbit hole of energy and dominance. It changed my life, and it could change yours as well.

Do women want arrogance?

Do women like arrogant men?

The problem here is semantic.

Real arrogance comes from a place of insecurity and it is not attractive.

But “arrogance” as most people use it is actually what it is–confidence.

The difference is between a man who is a pretender and a man who actually holds a high perspective of himself.

Therefore it is completely possible for a man to be full of himself, boasting, and highly secure, and therefore confident, and seemingly arrogant.

But if this behavior stems from a lack of perspective, then it is not REAL. It is dishonest, inauthentic.

Therefore one is better off being real and authentic than a pretender.

The best solution, of course, is to be genuinely confident. Or, to use this context–genuinely arrogant.

To speak highly of oneself and totally mean it, know it, and have no trouble communicating it can actually be very attractive.

But as a final word on the issue–and again, the problem all arises with words–the key is to be real and honest and authentic above all. This is the source of true power.

And ironically, when one is real and authentic and fully exposes flaws, this also allows one to be fully confident and unfettered by weaknesses.

THIS is what it means to be “humble.” When women say they do not want arrogance or that they want a humble man, they mean they want him to be real.

So the question is, are you a comic book character? A James Bond? Are you pretending to be greater than you actually are?

Or do you actually believe in yourself, regardless of your alleged “status” in life?

Arrogance is just a word. It’s the attitude behind it that makes all the difference.

How to fall in love

“One-itis” my ass.

holding hands on beach

The greatest thing you can ever do for yourself is to fall in love.

You can fall in love with another person, and even yourself. But to experience real love, the kind that awakens your purpose and makes life beautiful, you must open up.

You must open your mind to BELIEVING in love.

And you must OPEN YOUR HEART.

In this material world we are taught without remorse that all love dies, that the One is a fiction, and that it’s all mercilessly about sex and chaos, Amen.

Well-known “Red Pill” blogger Roosh, dedicated to seduction of women, even says it is impossible for love to last in this day and age.

Other wildly popular blogger Victor Pride suggests that love is a fiction:

Soulmates and true love is an invention of the movies and sold to the gullible masses.

While I agree that the concept of a “soulmate” is rather fabricated, the men leading social movements these days seem to all be of a mind that love is not real or desirable, and that men’s first prerogative is to sex women. They call it “hookup culture” for a reason.

It’s as if love is a weakness.

Love is not weakness

Love is strength.

Everyone else and their dog is afraid of love, they are incapable of it or else they let it destroy them.

It takes real strength to fully immerse yourself in love and then run with it.

To be vulnerable is to be invulnerable.

When you are vulnerable, when you are honest, when you fully express your feelings and intentions and let yourself surrender, then you become invincible. No one can hurt you when you have nothing to hide. When you are fully what you are, and you communicate that, then nothing can stand in your way.

When you honestly communicate to others and they reject you, it’s harder to give a fuck. And when you are honest, you are that much closer to finding a person who matches your values.

You may do crazy things, things that look absurd from the outside, and one day in nostalgia you will be tempted to look back and wonder where your outlandish actions came from. You probably have wild memories from your youth or even in recent memory and blame them on “hormones” or some other nonsense.

But there is a simple explanation: in the moment you were in love.

And when you are in love, everything makes sense. Because love is stronger than any force, even sex or fear.

True love

We’ve been bombarded in our Hollywood movies with absurd follies and tales of the world that don’t really work. I know, movies are fiction. I hate most movies and I rarely bother to watch them.

But I am here to tell you that love is a real thing. It really exists. Real love, such that you want to grip that person and never let go. You feel comfortable, “right” with that person. You can be yourself.

You may fear their loss and you may fear intimacy, but intimacy is what you crave the most.

In this world we are being taught to relent our heart and soul to the devil of merciless nihilism, and while it’s true that life may have no meaning, you can find your own meaning in love.

Love reveals the light where there was only darkness. It may not be enough, but without it you will only be miserable.

How to fall in love

It’s not hard to fall. But it can be frightening because we experience a loss of control.

No longer is our hard ego at the forefront of our goal-oriented decisions.

Instead we are faced with powerful emotions and intuitions. The one we love becomes a focus, it perhaps even overrides our priorities.

Off into the world we go
Planning futures, shaping years
Love bursts in, and suddenly
All our wisdom disappears

Love changes everything because it is what we are really looking for, beyond the senseless grind of achievement and money that compels our ego.
There was a while where I hardened my heart. I embraced the ego and told myself love was not a real thing. You can even see that on the earlier posts on this website. I was living in Hell, torn between my true desire for real intimacy and the games I was playing for sex.

We are all gripped by our psychosexual conflict, but for those few who have a heart, that will never be enough.

For me it was never enough. It is NOT enough.

The sex and the games were not satisfying me on the deeper level that I needed.
I used to want to destroy my heart. I wrote an aggressive song about it, wild with anger. I pounded it out on my piano and it was the TRUTH to me at that time. Here are some of the lyrics (copyright by me, faggots):

I like this new direction
I’ve never felt this way before
I’ll never fall in love again
And if I do you can be sure

I’ll never let it get in the way
Of my desire!
Gonna take what I want from you
Make you feel my fire!


To win the game
You’ve got to play
The weaker man will never
Have his day

We’re livin’ in
A world of sin
I’m tired of losin’ time to
Jump right in

This was back in a time where I was obsessed with sex and I was, in my anger and ruthlessness, denying myself the very thing in my heart that I wanted more than anything.

It made me feel powerful. The SACRIFICE made me feel superior.

The idea of conquesting an army of women and throwing them mercilessly aside drove me on, because I was unwilling to come to grief with the mountain of heartbreak and lost love I had experienced in my life.

I’ve had a plethora of romances and even broken hearts myself, but for whatever reason I slowly threw away my heart’s strongest desire–for love–and pretended like it was “for girls.” I pretended it wasn’t real.

Slowly, all of my dreams and fantasies went away. I no longer wished for what I really needed, instead I dreamt about sex or approaching women. I went through years of doing nothing but talking to women, it was my priority in life.

There was a period of time where I did nothing but went out every day for hours and hours on end and talked to women. Once I got a job I did this in my spare time, and did my best to pursue women where I worked.

I went through this grind and I learned much. I was a volatile, high-energy man. My testosterone was at an all-time high. I couldn’t sleep at night because I was sexually manic.

One day I found another woman that consisted in an on-off relationship for over a year. During that tumultuous period I denied myself loving her, and it drove us both mad.

The games we played were amusing, but in the end were not satisfying.

We both moved, and I once told her I loved her. And it wasn’t until recently that I realized I did love her.

I loved our wild sex, too, of course. We’d fuck for hours a day, multiple times, and drive ourselves to peak simultaneous orgasms. But though I hated her I wanted to give her my love as well.

Instead we both got fed up and parted, following a ridiculous incident.

It wouldn’t be until I met another woman that came into my life and showed me love like I’d never experienced.

I doubted myself for a while. I thought that Jess was the best I could get. Absurd! But she would drive an hour to meet me, beg me for sex, feed me, lavish money on me. And by the world’s standards I was nothing to appreciate, though I was, as she said, “Good looking, even though that’s all you have going for you.”

But then the women came in. They appreciated me as Jess did. The sex, the games, I could tell they were feeble and I saw right through my act. And I finally decided I could not hide anymore.

After opening my heart, I was heartbroken, but I did not stop. I let myself continue looking for love, instead of sex, feeling a little hopeless as I did so.

And what happened?

I found love. And I found that because I was being honest, finally, with what I wanted so desperately. So it was coming to me.

The promiscuous sex wasn’t coming, because I knew all along it wasn’t what I wanted.

As men we are programmed for casual sex, but that means nothing. For a long time I have not cared about the “game,” the silly numbers game of animalistic fucking.

Because every time I have gone out to play that game for sex, I have found love instead.
You get what you need, and I must admit finally that what I thought I wanted–sleeping around and being a player–is not what I REALLY want, or even what I NEED.

Lately I can recall how it was as a child–sex was of interest to me, but primarily I was interested in falling in love. And by that I mean the mutual, enveloping tension between me and another person.

I would fantasize, dream, and project onto reality these desires. It drove me crazy in high school. I fell hard for many women and I thought maybe I had a real problem. I felt like the world’s biggest loser.

But the solution was NEVER to forego love and become some sex-addicted fiend who used women and had a big hole in his heart.

How can I express to you how badly that game is not satisfying, despite it being all I ever wanted and what I got good at for so many years?

The REAL solution was not running. The real solution was…


Women want a man who is honest. Honest with himself, with his desires. They want a REAL person, and you cannot be real if you are hiding behind a wall of sexual inauthenticity, or building your own wall of egotistical heartlessness.

I am not heartless, I have a stronger heart than anyone. And I have finally realized that my alleged weakness is actually one of my greatest strengths.

Having a powerful heart is a greater weapon than sex, because love is the most powerful force there is.

I denied it for a while. I used anger, horniness, rage as my tools. They are fuel, and you should use them. Don’t get me wrong.

But nothing compares to love, whether it is romantic or passionate or just the kind of love where you cannot bear to lose someone.

When you love someone, you will forego your entire trip to New York City and all the hot broads there and the chance to sleep around because the woman you love calls you and can’t bear to be without you and wants to die without you, and though you know it’s silly you feel a sense of purpose in coming back for her like never before.

I went back, and though I regretted it, it was far more satisfying than living an empty life without her.

So here is my advice:


Play the “game,” by all means. Talk to women. But know what you are looking for. And be honest about that.

And don’t deny your heart’s greatest desire.

Do not throw away your childhood dreams as fantasy.

These days it is popular to preach about doing what you love.

Why does no one preach about falling in love?

Are your dreams about being an actor, or singer, or carpenter, or president or astronaut any different or less meaningful than your childhood dreams about finding a woman to complete you?
Do not be ashamed. Do not be embarassed.

Your love is one of your greatest strengths, if only you would stop denying it.

You can see it in the warm gazes of all around you when you hold hands with the woman you’re in love with. you can feel it in the way time dissipates, irrelevant. In the way that you just want to spend time with her, even to your mutual detriment.

I pity the emotional deficit of those who don’t want “emotional entanglements” or “don’t have time” or “aren’t ready” for a “relationship.”

Without love, you are just playing games.

It is true that in falling in love or seeking it, you will drive away women in the process. But you must understand that not every woman is willing to “get down,” and of those who are, perhaps they cannot attend to your further needs.

To stop playing games, and find love, you must open your heart.


As men, we are all about taking risks, right? And yet everywhere, in this millenial hell, we are being taught to stop falling love and to stop having “one-itis” and to always be hooking, stringing women along.

If you have to play games to keep women, then perhaps it is NOT the women that are at fault.

Perhaps that is YOUR problem.

You can run from love, but can it run from you? Perhaps it is just time to TAKE THE RISK, and…

Fall in love.

Living a lie in nostalgic lust…and the demonization of testosterone

I had an epiphany the other day that was a long time coming.

for as long as ive been trying my ass off to reach the reality i built in my heart, that reality is now based on a lie.

every movie that has inpsired me is distinctly in the 80s or before. there is no movie i am inspired by or remember after the 80s. the only one i can think of is Tron: Legacy, and thats because it had fucked up cool visuals and the leading man was actually masculine and not a total pussy. but thats it.

ive come to face the facts now that living as a man in today’s society has inherent risks and it is no longer possible to be worshipped or respected as a man.

i used to have this idea that becoming a guy who fucked hot women would earn me respect and awe and super high status. i was right and wrong.

i was right in that it was a worthy goal to aspire to, and that decades ago this would have been true.

but now, as of 2015, and the era 80s+, masculinity is demonized. i didnt want to admit it because i didnt want to be like one of these many timewasters on the net complaining about how feminism has shot this country to hell and how American women suck and how men are being discriminated against.

but i have my own personal history to prove it, and so i must accept this to be true.

ive been banned from gyms just for talking to girls. girls have flipped out and freakd just for me asking them for a their number. i got the cops called on me just or talking to a girl on the street, because she “thought i was going to touch her” and she started crying.

i get called “creepy” for talking to girls and its obvious that im a goodlooking man.

recently my T levels have gone way up for various reasons i wont disclose. guess what has also gone up?

the number of people who hate me.

i get way more complaints at my server job, 90% of them from women, who for no reason or another just think i have a bad “attitude” even though i am nice and respectful and run my fuckin’ ass off serving them.

i think of myself as one of the best and most effective servers the place has, and my boss even said that. but it can’t be denied that i am also a high-risk libido machine, and i’ve had women openly tell me to “take the stick out of my ass.”


i will not lower my testosterone and start being all nice and shit because you don’t like me.

these women fucked with me for walking tall. they said “why do you walk like youre buff?”

i looked that bitch flat in the eye and said, “i AM buff.” and its the 100% truth. i offered to take my shirt off and she could follow me into the bathroom.

if i get fired it will be for having testosterone, and not because im a bad server. people stare at me just for being present. all the time.

wherever i am people look at me as a threat. because i AM.

i love being a threat, i just dont like being discriminated against. once upon a time an alpha would be respected and such. but now alphas are actively hated everywhere, because 90% of the population is full of faggots.

remember: i do NOT wnat to perpuate more “group theory,” [link], i.e. spout what other men are saying just because theyre saying it.

i honestly have come to my own conclusions here based on my own experience. ive been attacked enough by people to know that they hate me just for existing, just for being what i am.

while i got tired for a while of the evil looks and staring and negativity toward me, im at a point where ive decided it probably doesnt matter. the worst that can happen is i have to pick up and leave and find somewhere else. thats ok. ive done that plenty.

im not scared of a fight at all, in fact im openly seeking fights. i WISH somebody had the balls (other than a bitchy woman) to come up to me, face to face, and actually start shit. but nobody ever does.

its just jealous betas who say something behind my back. and thats the extent of it. nobody fucks with me, and i actually am sad about that.

INSTEAD they go behind my back, run to “authority” figures, and have me ostracized for being what they aren’t.

its the unfortunate effect of a PC, progressive, fucking HORRIBLE society where people cant even criticize one another without retribution.

just try giving anybody ANY sort of criticism, no matter how useful or “positive,” and watch the pariah peranas jump all over you and destroy you.

good luck in this society where fat women are called “beautiful” and lazy faggot shitheads all seek a magic pill for their problems.

i guess im finally done trying to make this society into something it isnt.

ill still be banging hot broads: dont get me wrong.

but ive given up trying to earn status from it or trying to make people like me or trying to earn their respect.

there can be no respect from what are effectively mindless fat robots everywhere. why would i even care?

in a society where i feel like im talking to rocks everywhere i go, i suppose its time to let go of my identity as a “cool” guy. let people hate me. let them shit on me. i dont care.

im done with the external validation because it doesnt get me what i want but more importantly it requires being what im not, and id rather be a real man with testosterone that treats women as women than not.

its all about me, not about them.

sayonara, america.

The #1 absolute guaranteed way to achieve anything at all:

Force yourself to do it regardless of how you feel.

That’s it.

Doesn’t matter how “prepared” you are. Doesn’t matter whether you have the proper “mindset.”

Doesn’t matter if you have your “thinking” together or if you “feel right.”

And the timing sure as hell doesn’t matter.


Just take action IMMEDIATELY ASAP, do it anyway no matter what.

No matter how you feel, it must be done. just pick a time, or better yet, do it RIGHT NOW, and then do it no matter what.

I guarantee you will make 1000x more progress than almost anybody on the planet with this method, even if you FAIL over and over and OVER again.

Failure is NECESSARY.

You MUST fail to win.

Go ahead and FUCK UP.


I allow you to fuck things up, I give you permission to make a total fool of yourself and piss people off. It’s ok.

Everyone in the WORLD makes mistakes and you are no exception. You’re a fool for thinking that YOU matter so much that you can’t make mistakes, that everything must be perfect or “in order.” You don’t have to have it together.

You just have to TRY.


Here’s what that looks like:

Want to hit the gym?

Pick a time, and when that time comes go to the gym IMMEDIATELY, regardless of how you’re feeling.

See a pretty girl?

Talk to her RIGHT NOW, ASAP!

I don’t care if she’s on her cell phone or if your heart is beating wildly or if there is a police officer across the room. You do it anyway!

Want to stop sleeping so late/so much? Just want to get up on time?

Pick ONE TIME and then GET UP no matter fucking what. I don’t care if you only got an hour of sleep, I don’t care if you feel like a trainwreck, I don’t care if your girlfriend dumped you, I don’t care if you’re a broke piece of shit with no reason to live.

You get the FUCK UP anyway and go do something, even if you feel completely ineffective while doing it.

Want to stop browsing the internet or looking at your phone? Just wish you could stop these bad habits and stop feeling like doing them?

Then quit.

Cold turkey.

Just put down your goddamn phone, hide it if you have to, and don’t look at it anymore. I don’t care how much it bugs you. I don’t care if you crave that “stimulation.”

You just put it down and you don’t pick it back up, no matter how “bored” you are or how badly you want to see what the rest of the world is doing.

Trust me, they’re all doing the exact same thing:

Being fruitessly addicted.

You’re tired? Feel like shit? Depressed?

Get the FUCK UP and go do something, no matter how poorly you do it.

Worried that you’re not confident and that your mindset is shit?

Just keep going.

ACTION is the greatest way to change your mindset. No matter how confident you are, if you fail to take action, you won’t get any reward.

If you’re super hyped up but don’t go hit on girls, you will never become good with women.

And if you go hit on a bunch of women but aren’t too confident or feel like a loser, eventually, after many approaches and having a lot of sex, you will HAVE to become confident.

At the very least, it will be a lot easier to change your thinking.

ACTION first. Thoughts and feelings SECOND.

The ONLY thing you need to do to “prepare” is to STOP and sit yourself down, in the morning or at night BEFORE it’s time to be productive, and visualize what you need to get done in advance.

If you need to get something done, then pick a time and JUST DO IT.

But when you’re done, you’re done. Drop it, forget about it. It’s time to take action. Don’t worry about the weather or your girlfriend or how you are feeling.

Sure as hell don’t worry about “IS THIS IS THE IDEAL TIME AND WAY TO BE MOST EFFICIENT??”

Just throw everything else to the wind and go about your day.


Reckless? Impulsive?

Over time, this SEEMINGLY impulsive attitude will actually RESULT in tremendous effectiveness. You’ll be a man of action:

Someone who acts without hesitation, someone who can get things done no matter what, even in the face of fear.


Force yourself to do it regardless of how you feel.

You’ll be glad you did later.

Do you give a fuck?

When it goes down, the words enter your mind but you say nothing.

There are actions you could take, but the voices in your head tell you they are reckless.

You want to be angry, but you have been told that is wrong.

You stand off to the side and let it happen, convincing yourself to “let it go.” The events and opportunities pass by and you remind yourself it is crazy to care so much. You ought to be more normal. You convince yourself that it doesn’t matter in the end. Nothing matters. That’s that. You walk away, trying to forget about it.





…does it still bother you?


Does it still eat at you every night, in the silent moments when your lack of action comes back to haunt you? What you passed up, what you lost, because you didn’t speak up. You pretended like you should be quiet and be nice, to be reasonable.

You pretended to hold back out of sense and self-control, but nothing would have given you greater pleasure than to lose it.

You convince yourself you did the right thing. No matter how you felt at the time.

But the sickness of repressed thoughts and feelings leaves a bad taste in you still. Every moment you lingered there, unable to speak, unable to act upon your convictions–it only pronounced your self-doubt. You longed in that moment to be courageous and DO SOMETHING NEW despite the paralyzing apathy, but you stuffed it down and then pretended like, since nothing really matters, that it was okay.


What you suppressed that day, what you buried, had lasting consequences more than you know.


Like a cancer, it builds up, into a fiery rage, but every time you pass up your ambitions it becomes easier. You suppress that fire under the mountain of what you pretend is your reason. You were just being “patient.” You were were “taking the high road,” the voices in your head convince yourself.


But it still bothers you.


One day, you imagine, you will have left behind your dreams and will be walking along in ninny bliss, and that fire will have quieted down inside you. You will be faced with another window of opportunity.

You will let it shut before you because that is what you trained yourself to do.

Does that not terrify you?

The open window, lingering there, that once upon a time would have been the sole focus of your desire and purpose. The open window that would have taken guts to jump out of, but it would’ve been unthinkable to avoid it?

And now you have become so lost on your path that you walk right by it, telling yourself that it’s not the path for you anymore.


Over the time the windows disappear.

You walk along in complacency, the dreams have faded, and you are shut up in your library, reading many books, but always secretly, wistfully trying to remember what it was that compelled you to jump out windows once upon a time. It seems like a distant dream.

You can’t remember what you were fighting for. You can barely remember what you lost.

But you still remember how much better it was than your current existence.


Do not let it drift away–do not let the guilt, the shame at your inaction slip away and seep into you like a cancer. Embrace it. Embrace that LIFE IS SUFFERING.

It is only when you learn to love the pain that it will work to serve you.

Have you any self-respect for your desires? When you long to cry out and when something bothers you, do you simply let it be? Do you pretend on the surface it is the right thing to do, but on the inside you are boiling as you become a sheep, a pawn of others?

You have fit into the mold long enough.

Come alive and embrace your desires. Throw your caution to the wind if you are so inclined! Real wisdom is founded not on apathy but on experience, and you will NEVER learn if you cast all opportunity to the side and live a lie, a shadow of your former ambition.

Wasting away, convincing yourself the life you wanted never mattered…is that still you?

Are you still on the path? Still really on it? Or have you been defeated?


Let me tell you the terrible truth.

There is no such thing as failure. There is only the way things are. You may not always get what you want, but if you do your best then you will never have any regrets.

The only real regret is doing nothing at all.

Holding back is the only TRUE FAILURE.

It will resonate and resound within your soul. It will bother you. There will be PAIN.

That is the Cost of Ambition. The price is high.


But ask yourself this question:

Which would you prefer to haunt you for the rest of your earthly days:


Or ambition?

The difference between the ego and what you want

Your ego is worthless. It will always get in the way of what you want.

The ego tells some folks to “impress others.” So they go out of their way to keep talking about themselves, or seek approval for their actions. They might buy an iPhone or a fancy car they never really wanted and regret it later when it turns out to be worthless.

Most of us are already familiar with this kind of ego-talk.

But there is an equally great sin on the other side of the same coin.

Many people have been told so often to “not impress other people” and that their ego actually gets in the way of what they really want to do. As a result they pretend to be apathetic, when deep inside they actually really care and are just screaming to express their real self.

The ego works BOTH ways–it is the voice of dogma. It is never helpful. You should always do what you REALLY want to do instead.

If you WANT to impress people–do it! You will have no regrets.

If you WANT to make someone like you–GO RIGHT AHEAD. DO YOUR BEST AND GIVE IT YOUR ALL. It will be a valuable test of your power.

Whatever you do–do what you WANT, and then give yourself wholeheartedly over to that decision without remorse. There is no right decision. There is no proper path. Only your GUT knows what you should do.

For most people this could be a crucial lesson. But now you should have one question on your mind. Go ahead and ask it.

“How do I remove the ego?”

Actually, that’s a bad question. You can’t just remove the ego.

There’s a better question you should be asking. What you should have asked is this:

“How do I tell the difference between my ego and what I want?”

Your gut. *points to chest* Your impulse, your instinct. It will always tell you IMMEDIATELY what you want.

Here is the difference, in black and white:

The gut will always try to talk you INTO what you want.

The ego will always try to talk you OUT of what you want.

That’s very important.

The ego will NEVER try to talk you INTO what you want–unless you tell it to. If you are procrastinating or standing around trying to talk yourself into doing something, then you know that in your gut you already want to do it. But your ego stopped you. You should never have to convince yourself to do something you already want to do. Your mind doesn’t need convincing. That’s because you wouldn’t take the time to try and convince yourself if it wasn’t important. So cut out the middleman. Just do it!

In the time you’ve wasted trying to talk yourself into or out of whatever-it-is, you could have been acting on your impulse and feeling like a conquering hero. Now you are just paralyzed in fear.

When your gut tells you to do something, you should do it. It is the right thing to do. It is your ego that will inhibit you and tell you moments later why you are hesitating.

Don’t overthink this. Invasive thoughts are not the gut. Random images of punching the person in front of you are usually not gut impulses. Especially if you don’t actually FEEL like doing it.

Gut impulses aren’t just things you WANT to do. They are things you HAVE to do.

You will feel like less of a man if you fail them.

In those moments of golden opportunity, you have to surrender.

It’s when you say “fuck this!” and surrender to what your gut is screaming at you to do. That’s how things get done.

Throw away the rationalization and just TAKE ACTION.

Throwing aside your ego and surrendering to your true desire is the difference between finishing up the last rep and then deciding you can’t do anymore and being quiet because there’s people watching…

…or throwing caution to the wind and fucking screaming as you overload your muscles into those last few reps that seem pointless, but you know you have to do them anyway.

It’s the difference between a half-assed job or a job well-done.

It’s the difference between sitting at home and pretending like her going out isn’t a problem and you have nothing to worry about…

Or seizing her, deleting all men’s numbers from her phone, and ordering her never to go out again. That’s what you REALLY want to do, isn’t it?

Are you really going after what you truly desire? Or are you just playing games with your ego?

One night I had the distinct feeling she was cheating on me. She said she was going out with another man, and I tried to convince myself to be “sexually non-judgmental.”

About 15 minutes later I screamed with rage, leapt out of my bed, punched the wall as hard as I could, and realized how much of a cowardly pussy I had been.

There was no way in fucking HELL I wanted her seeing other men. I wanted her to see ME.

And instead of waiting around for her to decide to come over, I ORDERED her to come over IMMEDIATELY and drop her previous engagements. It didn’t matter how “aloof” I thought I should be or how “non-judgmental” I ought to be. I no longer gave a fuck because I realized there was a burning desire in my heart to have her all to myself and see her NOW.

That’s what I REALLY wanted. And so I threw my chit-chattering ego aside, went berserk, and demanded she stop seeing other faggots and see me instead.

I failed that day, and I remember it still. It was the moment I awakened to my self-sabotage.

And from that day on I swore that I would never make that mistake again. From then on, I swore to control my woman in every respect and never let her do things I didn’t want her doing. Period.

There is no room for her desires, there is no room for altruism or what people claim on the internet. They can go ahead and pretend like they don’t care. But I cared.

And so the next time she went out and staid a bit too late, I knew. I just knew. I knew from her body language, the subtleties I can’t even remember. I knew from the way she held her phone a little too much against her side when she came home.

I demanded she give me her phone and I called up the guy and told him to stay away from her or I’d kill him.

After that day there were no more problems like that.

And in case you think this didn’t work, I’ll quote here the sentence she wrote down in her diary considering the event:

“Though at first I was reluctant to give him my phone, the way he ordered me was strangely arousing. I actually found his domineering sexy.”

The ego, the superego, the voices your head. Whatever you want to call them, fuck them. Get rid of them. They won’t help you.

What is REALLY required is a strict admittance of what you want, and then the ruthless action to take it.

There will be pain. People may deny you. There will be regret when you realize what you want too late. But it’s what you want.

And THAT is the only thing that fuels the fire.


Your biggest problem is that you’re holding back

Your only real weakness is that you’re holding back.

You’re afraid to find out what the limits are.

You’re afraid of making too much noise.

You’re afraid of taking up too much space.

You’re afraid of asking for too much.

You’re afraid that karma will come back to bite you in the ass if you repeatedly get away with something. You’re afraid that it might actually KEEP WORKING.

You’re afraid of looking others dead in the eye and saying “sue me.”

You’re afraid of doing what you want right in front of God and everyone and silently telling them “I dare you to try and stop me.”

You’re afraid of having that wild fire in your eyes that scares people and makes them jealous.

You’re afraid of being “called out.”

You’re afraid of taking matters into your own hands.

You’re afraid of being too demanding.

You’re texting when you should be calling because you’re afraid of making people invest.

You’re afraid of people knowing you are angry or want something.

You’re afraid of expressing what you want.

You’re afraid of telling your girl what to do.

You’re afraid of telling her who she can and can’t see.

You’re afraid of telling her what she can and cannot do.

You’re afraid of telling her what to say.

You’re afraid of telling her what to call you.

You’re afraid of demanding to be treated with respect. You’re afraid of demanding people call you respectful names.

You’re afraid of having standards. You’re afraid of “missing out.” You’re afraid of sticking to your guns and you’re afraid of loss.

You’re afraid of being too happy.

You’re afraid of having too much of a good time.

You’re afraid of talking to too many girls.

You’re afraid of projecting too much strength, too much charisma, too much sexuality.

You’re afraid of being too horny or too angry.

You’re afraid of showing too much emotion.

You’re afraid of giving out too much energy because you know that people will see it instantly and pick up on that and they will immediately silently judge you and stare at you and they WILL respond.

You’re afraid you’re not worthy.

You’re afraid of being the success that you are.

You’re afraid what others think.

Time to STOP!

Be a challenge! Dare others. Instead of doing as little as possible to avoid others’ wrath, find out just how much wrath you can inspire. Be a troublemaker.

Only then will you know what the boundaries are, if there are any.

You’re afraid that if you give too much others will say something. And you’re right.

They WILL say something.

And you will take it, playfully, as the flattery that it is because you know in your heart you are better than them.

Go down fighting with a grin on your face.

Because you’ll know this:

It’s always better to give too much than not enough.