Declare today your Independence Day!

I don’t follow the FUCKING RULES because I don’t HAVE TO.

The Rules are this nebulous, insidious construct. They only attempt to enslave. I do not listen to the rules because they do not benefit me. I don’t WANT to.

I don’t care if society wants me to, because I am not a part of society. I refuse.

“But you have to follow the rules.”

Don’t you get it? Are you a fucking retarded robot? Do you even get the bullshit you’re parroting?

I don’t want to, and I don’t have to. It’s simple. There are no rules and I don’t have to follow them and there is no wrong or right or good and bad.

I am not a good person. I give more energy than I should helping people out but there are no rules.

“But you do have to follow the rules!”


I will prove to you right now that I don’t have to follow the rules. There may be consequences and that is fine.

Nobody can really hurt me. Even if I went to prison I would only come out stronger. There is nothing that can hurt me in this world.

“But what if you get shot or mugged?”

I won’t.

“What if you get an expensive medical condition?”

I choose not to.

“But what if you die?”


“But you can’t–!!”


Anyone who tells you anything that has the words “you can’t” needs to shut up and die. Don’t listen to a word they say. I CAN do whatever I want but they can’t wrap their heads around that concept.

To the sheep, independence is a foreign concept.

I had to work to make myself this way, but I was always this way.


I mean that I always had a spirit of rebellion. The REBEL at my core. He was always there, and he is still there even now, and though I once had the human shell of a weakling, pretending to be a sheep, it didn’t take me long to shuffle loose the mortal paradigm and decide that I’m out for myself.

Fuck your rules, I don’t subscribe to them.

To me, following ANYTHING is a foreign concept.

But you can’t explain selfishness to the sheep. Here’s the god-awful truth:

You are either a sheep or you aren’t. There’s very little chance of becoming one from the other.

You’ve either been born/cursed this way and every day you wish you weren’t so damn smart or else you’re just one of the sheep.

The sheep use words like “narcissist” and “sociopath” to describe me because they can’t wrap their pretty little heads around the fact that I am me, and why would I want to be anything else?

Since I’m a narcissist, I can’t possibly ever entertain the idea of NOT wanting to be a narcissist.

For me, I don’t understand how anybody could possibly not want to be a narcissist. And you know what?

That’s not a weakness. That’s not a disorder. There’s no reason for me to change.

The only reason to change would be so that I could be a SLAVE TO OTHERS’ POWER.

Let me tell you something:

Everyone and their dog wants you to OWE people something.

They think you ought to “give back to the world” and “contribute to society” and “do good for others” and “pay it forward.”

But you are not obligated to anyone. They make up all their bullshit rules and talk about what’s “fair” and how you’re “equal” and how you “owe them” because of all the stuff they allegedly “did for you.”

Well here is what I think about that:

The Ode of What You Owe

Here’s the game:
Act as if you are owed
But know that you are owed nothing.
And you owe nothing.

You are obligated to no one.
And they are not obligated to you.

They will take and take and take from you
You let them, and so they expect it.
You may even invite them. It may go on and on. You may sit and wait. You may even say nothing.

But then the day will come that you give them nothing, and they will cry.

They will tell you how you’ve hurt them. They will say your lack of giving has hurt them, since you have not given them what you owe.

They will blame you for what they do not have. They will blame you for what they cannot get.

And you will only shrug your shoulders,
Because you are only paying them what you owe.

The sheep can’t actually think

The horrific truth is that these sheep cannot think about possibilities outside of their box because they are in a prison, boxed in, where their individuality and BEING is locked away.

Sheep are not consciously “doing the right thing.” They are unconsciously enslaved. They are SHELLS. They are vapid vessels without any identity, and that is something you cannot argue with.

Would you argue with a rock?

The screaming in your very soul

“You should do this”
“You should do that”
“You need to do this”
“You owe me this”


It’s enough to make any truly sane person’s blood boil and go insane, and that anger and rage must be directed. You can direct it at the agents of the System, the lost sheep, but it won’t do you any good.

Take hold of your inner male aggression, or better yet your spiritual aggression, and channel it into the open defiance of whatever you are doing.

This doesn’t mean you waste your energy on rebellion.

I mean that you do WHAT YOU WANT and you focus on what you want 100% and you blow through obstacles.

I have a very specific image for this very idea that will explain this principle:

Imagine you are running somewhere, somewhere very important. It is life or death you get there. You are running as fast as you can down a crowded sidewalk.

If an obstacle gets in your path, do you tolerate it? No, you just go around. If it’s a person, you shove them.

Someone hollers something at you, and you completely ignore it.

You don’t get out of people’s way, you demand they get out of your way. You are an unstoppable force, focused entirely on your desire and your goal. Nothing stands in your way because you are confident in your goal.

You don’t have time for worthless rebellion when infinity is standing on your doorstep.

Stop arguing, stop entertaining rules. Stop trying to assert and dominate and focus on YOU. You banter and argue and procrastinate because you are still STUCK in the Pit of Approval. What do YOU really want?

That may mean stepping on others, it may mean laughing in their face as you walk away.

But the rules are unimportant, they are so insignificant to you that they don’t exist. You CUT them out of your reality because they belong to sheep. In fact, the word “rule” doesn’t even exist in your vocabulary, it is a foreign concept to you, just like cricket. It’s a sport that some people play and that game just isn’t for you.

I hate football and I don’t give a damn what people think about that. I sure as hell am not going to argue about “why I don’t like football.” I don’t. I don’t have to. And you know what?

There are plenty of other people out there who don’t either. And the sinister side of this is that there are people who hate football but are loving it anyway because they have been told to.

These people are the lost souls, the people caught in limbo, but their soul has yet to emerge.

This could be you, and so now you, dear reader, or listener, or whoever you are, benefit from the spirit of these words:

Don’t resist your soul. Embrace it.

It is YOU, the real you, and once you become it you will be whole.

System, when you surrender to it, only fragments you. It destroys you. You lose your sense of self.

But the soul is a different Master. When you embrace your soul, YOU become the master. It is the greatest gift, and yet so many give it away for foibles.

Declare your independence this day. I dare you.

Take back your power, kids.

Say this over and over again, every day throughout the day, until it sticks:

“I’m in it for myself.”

Now, in remembrance, let us pay our respects on this day…

When I see old pictures of myself I cringe inside. I am filled with what is almost awe at who I am now and who he was.

When I see pictures of my Old Self, who isn’t me anymore, I want to punch that little faggot and tell him to get the fuck up.

To stand up straight, to fuck the world, to stand up for himself.

The Thinker 008

But he just sits there, hiding like a little bitch-boy in the tree.

I want to grab him by the shoulders, to scream at him to wake the fuck up. He had such potential. There was nothing there that couldn’t have been turned into gold.

My Attempt At Trying to Look Sexy 025This photo is entitled “My Attempt At Trying to Look Sexy.”


Here’s me in a nice white over-sized shirt, pretending to want to smile. You can see the pitiful upward curve of my eyebrows and supplicating eyes.

So what was wrong with this fella? He had the looks, or at least the potential for them. But that forced suppression of his lips, the way he hid. What was his problem?Joshua 040What was the root cause of all this misery? Why did he hide himself fro the world?

Joshua and World History Project 248Here’s the answer:



Demolished by Christianity, taught to be afraid of women and dating and sex and people and conquering and succeeding.

This little boy was depressed and repressed, and he wanted so desperately to be OUT.

He half-assed for quite some time, but that little boy did not make it. I’m sorry.

He is dead.

tombstoneAnd I only have one thing to say to him:

fuck you pic2


How to cure OCD and acne forever

Americans have a toxic obsession with cleanliness

Imagine every day having to clean and disinfect every object you touched because it’s “unclean” because you had touched it after masturbating and having an orgasm.

Now imagine simultaneously being addicted to masturbation and porn. Now imagine you have to take a fully-body shower, with soap, every time in order to “cleanse” yourself, and anything you touch along the way, including the floor, is “unclean.”

Now imagine you can’t even touch certain objects or enter the bathroom because when you are “clean” you don’t want to be “unclean.”

Imagine washing your hands every time you come into contact even remotely with something “unclean.” Imagine watching the spread of your uncleanliness, gradually shifting from object to object as the unholy disease makes it way throughout your house. Now imagine one day you sit down to eat and you realize what you’re eating must be unclean. Now it’s in your stomach. Now it’s polluted the inside of your body!

You take a shower, and can’t figure out what to do next. Should you consider yourself unclean? Only your insides? Should you just forget about it?

This goes on for months and months, and you touch all sorts of unclean surfaces and if you have something unclean in your pocket but you have to take it out for school, now your hand will be buzzing for the rest of the day and you’ll have to avoid touching anything or anyone to prevent the spread of your contamination. Your hand will feel like it’s on fire, because your mind has literally created a physical sensation for you to know what is clean and what is not.

This is your life, and it is Hell. This is Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder.

OCD is an anxiety disorder…

And Americans have a lot of anxiety because they eat a diet high in sugar, they are addicted to electronic stimulation and the internet, and they are not comfortable with their bodies. They have no sense of “self” because they are constantly trying to be validated by the external world.

This creates a distracting anxiety wherein you are constantly feeling the pressure to “check up on” what’s going on. What’s the latest news? Do I have any messages?

Is there something I’m missing out on?

But one of the symptoms of this American anxiety is now a cause, and it’s only making things worse:

The obsession with cleanliness


Hard to believe I ever lived like this

In addition to the crippling OCD, many years ago I used to have cystic acne so bad that it was like fire ants all over my face. It was like my face was covered in sores and sometimes they would even form welts. It’s no wonder people said my acne was bad. It was common for my face to be bleeding and people would point it out to me, but there was nothing I could do about it.

Acne like that is unnatural, and its caused by poor american hygiene and diet.

Ironically, good hygeine means NOT polluting your skin with dangerous substances. In your obsession with cleanliness, it has become a religion of sorts. The truth is that Americans are INSANE and their practices are doing the opposite of what they intend.

Flouride in our water? Creating supergerms by murdering all bacteria? Making yourself clean by stripping your skin of vital and protective oils?

People don’t realize that the skin is a fucking organ, designed to clean itself. I learned that in high school.

It’s no wonder we have such a booming pharmaceutical industry. It’s no wonder “healthcare” is such a big deal. Almost everyone in America is EXTREMLY unhealthy, and I’ve always laughed about medical conditions because I am in such peak health now that I almost never get sick, and all my acne and OCD is gone. I take no pills or medications, I just sleep off any diseases and they go away within 48 hours.

You can do it too. Your OCD is just one part of the puzzle.

OCD and anxiety are due in part to this obsession with order and cleanliness. It’s really just mental habits and patterns. It’s conditioning and it’s not good conditioning. Prove to me how heightened anxiety or murdering bacteria contributes to actual long-term health.

Our bodies evolved with pathogens, it makes no sense to avoid them and kill them.

You’re most likely to die from getting fucked up the ass and getting aids, not because of some pathogens on the sink. Actually, you’re most likely to die from heart disease or cancer in this country, and both of these things are caused not by pathogens, but by major things like diet, exercise, and not putting toxic chemicals on your skin just to have the illusion of being clean.

If you really want a different perspective, just imagine trying to explain typical american hygeine practices to an alien who is just learning.

“Oh, we cut off the most sensitive parts our males’ penises. We rub harsh and abrasive artificial chemicals all over our bodies. We stick industrial plastic in our mouths and when we get holes in our teeth from tooth decay we fill them full of industrial metals and other industrial waste products, which we also stick in our water.”

It’s no wonder why Americans are so fat and have the highest rate of mental disorders in the world.

Even the most “sane” among them still violate their bodies with the most common and ordinary habits that they all take for granted.

Time to wake up.

Our bodies have strong immune systems designed to categorically destroy every type of invader. I was taught that a hundred times in school.

So why all this germ craze?

It’s almost as if giant companies make mass amounts of money off of our ignorance. It’s almost like if we stopped using their products, a great many rich corporations would be out of business.

But no, soaps and shampoos and toothpastes and sunscreens and lotions are all perfectly natural and probably healthy.

It’s not like nature would ever bother to make our skin perfectly capable of filtering out bad substances, cleaning itself automatically, or developing hormones and pigments to protect us from harmful sun rays that have been coming out of the sun ever since the first breathing animal crept up onto shore.

Are you smarter than that? Are you as smart as the generations of humans that pollute the oceans AND the drinking water supply, feed animals the wrong kind of food, cut down all of our trees and release daily massive amounts of gasses that destroy our atmosphere and damage the air quality, and eat processed shit? Surely, we are enlightened and living in the most advanced era of human history yet.

Grow the fuck up.

There is a switch in your mind.

Remember “that guy” in high school who would just laugh and pick something back off the floor and eat it?

He probably didn’t have a lot of anxiety. And you would all stand around and be in secret awe of him because he knew that germs really weren’t that big a deal. You all bought into the scam of germophobia that would later come to cripple American health.

As it turns out, everyone has ocd!

It’s a spectrum, and those people who don’t seem to suffer any symptoms have disturbing thoughts all the time. They just know to ignore them.

It goes beyond disturbing thoughts that germs might be on your hands. Sometimes we get “tempted” to jump off tall buildings or open the car door while the car is moving at 60mph. When we touch a dirty floor we feel as if there is this invisible slime over our hands.

But it’s all just anxiety. It’s distracting thoughts. And you know what causes distraction in America?

Media. All forms of it. TV, video games, internet. “Multi-tasking” (which is bad for your brain). They’ve all told you that Americans suffer from “too much stimulation” but you don’t believe them. You carry on ignorantly while your anxiety goes through the roof.

I know Americans have a lot of anxiety because every little thing startles them.

When there is a loud noise in a room, everybody jumps. People make a big deal out of the slightest things. Bad fads spread like wildfire.

You’ve been brainwashed into believing that every surface is filled with pathogens, but I don’t see any large bacterial growth on doorknobs. Do you?


You don’t see this every day

I liken antibacterials to credit scores or Facebook likes. You can easily live without them, and they don’t mean anything. They’re just traps.

You know you have anxiety when you’re afraid just to be in one spot.

You know you have anxiety when you look away or around constantly. When you look at your phone every ten seconds compulsively to see if your notification light is blinking.

Don’t pretend these are just trivial things.

They are symptoms of a social disease, and it affects you in every area of your life. You are addicted to cleanliness and technology, and these addictions are neuroses.

There is a switch in your mind, and you can turn it off.

I know this because I conquered my severe OCD. All by myself.

I had to endure some pretty difficult things. There was nobody to hold my hand. I forced myself to touch people’s seats. To touch the toilet. I had to hug my unclean parents and I had to force myself to lick unclean surfaces like floors or even use the bathroom without washing my hands. And I used to wash my hands 30 times a day for two minutes with heavy soap.

I had to force myself to go about my day without taking a compulsive shower. My body would literally be “burning” with agitation and the anxiety was so bad there were several times I gave in, and had to restart.

But eventually I walked into the bathroom without having to jump from rug to rug to avoid the floor.

Eventually I didn’t have to wash my hands after touching someone.

Eventually I could have an orgasm without becoming an anxious, suicidal wreck.

For some it won’t be easy. They are in too deep. Their physical body will actually “burn” with anxiety, wanting desperately to be washed, or rubbed, or whatever bizarre ritual is required to feel “clean” again. It’s no different than virginity or purity. And the only cure is to become dirty.

Once you crossover into dirtiness, and embrace it, you feel polluted. But you feel strangely good, strangely liberated. It’s like you have escaped a great lie, even though you feel like a muddy pig.

This feeling gradually goes away until you lose the anxiety and realize it was all a fiction.

Change your habits

In addition to the cystic acne, and the OCD, I had super-greasy hair. Just sleeping overnight it would be wet and smeared onto my face in the morning. My hands also developed psoriasis and I tried to ward off the effects with lotion. Stupid me thought that I could cure the symptoms with more pollutants. In reality, I should have cured the neurosis instead.

I tried cortizone creams, anti-dandruff shampoo, anti-acne substances. But my skin and hair problems remained.

My hands itched all the time and were red and I had sores. I had sores on other parts of my body. I got fed up with all these problems so I made a big change:

I cut out all soap. All shampoo. All conditioner. All lotions. No oils or external cosmetics. Nothing at all. All I did was take pure showers, and only once a day. I didn’t wash my face. And guess what?

All my skin and hair problems went away.

No more cystic acne. Just faint, sporadic, extremely mild redness. No more psoriasis or sores. No more itching. My hands were perfect and they still are.

No more greasy or oily hair. In fact, no more oily face. My hair grew to adjust and now I can go for a week without showering and my hair will still look fresh. No more dandruff.

Soaps and cosmetics were only perpetuating the symptoms they were supposed to solve.


My daddy once told me that all you needed to rinse your hands was water and technique. He told me soaps weren’t really necessary. He still used them, and he knew I used them, but I never knew just how right he really was.

The American obsession with cancerous and dangerous cosmetics must come to an end.

You can’t claim I’m overreacting because I paid the price of my ignorance. But I left these issues behind long ago.

Don’t buy into the hype. Cosmetics and creams and soaps are just another way for pharma companies and doctors to take advantage of people. And I suspect antibiotics are a scam by doctors as well [link to dentist ripoff post].

The System is insidious, and even the most basic, essential things we take for granted can be infected by disinformation and outright lies. That is why you must question everything. This is NOT the age of information.

This is the Age of Disinformation.

If you want to be rid of your OCD or health problems or anxiety, then be skeptical of even your most flippant habits. Trust your reason and your gut.


You already know whats best for you.

how far my face has come

Look how far my face has come


James Mast


P.S. Though I swore off all commercial soaps, I do use this natural African Black Soap daily and it has made my face a lot clearer. Imagine using lotion for soap. It actually clears up bad skin.

The Mission Belt

A quick Introduction

Belts don’t seem like much to look at until you start getting compliments on them.

I’ve actually always gotten compliments on my belt, but the Mission Belt draws attention. It’s a simple and classic design but with a modern edge. Its subtle but fashionable design means this belt goes well not just with casual style but for dress style too.

The main selling point of the belt, though, is its ratchet design. There are no holes and it slides easily on and off. It also adjusts to every 1/4 inch, meaning the belt will always fit you. Another cool thing about it is that you can mix and match the leather and the buckle. So if you like the black leather, but want a silver buckle to go with it, that’s an option.

Finally, the belt comes in two flavors, 35mm or 40mm. The 40’s actually have some pretty wild and cool designs, if you want to add some more edge to your appearance.

My experience – is it better than a normal belt?

At first I had doubts about the belt. It seemed a bit difficult to get on and off. But that was just because I wasn’t used to it.

After a couple weeks it’s second nature. I didn’t even notice how much easier it was than a normal belt until one day it occurred to me that I never got annoyed with my belt anymore. It just slides right on or off and you don’t have to worry about which hole to adjust it to. It really does save time and on top of that it adjusts to my actual waist size because the ratchets are spaced at 1/4 of an inch, instead of every inch like a traditional belt design.

I ordered the smallest belt size and at first I had a problem because the belt was still too big. It sort of hung there above my crotch, wilting at an angle, and it looked ridiculous. I was extremely disappointed because the belt looked so good, but then I read online about one of the primary features of the belt: you can cut it.

Turns out the belt was made for just my scenario in mind, which I was bemused at. You remove it from the buckle and then just snip off however much you need to until you get the right size. Here’s a video of me demonstrating exactly that:

The only flaw with this belt is that the little lever is a tad awkward. But after using it for a month I don’t even notice. To be honest I love these belts and I would like to see new designs in the future. Right now there are only three types of buckle, although each one has many flavors.

There is the 35mm standard.

The 40mm standard.

And the 40mm 3-bar.

As I said, however, all the buckles and belts are customizable. So one leather or one buckle could potentially be put to many uses.

Overall I rate the Mission Belt very highly and I have received direct compliments on it from random strangers. That’s how you know it’s good. Of course, I didn’t need strangers to tell me it’s a nice belt. It almost sells itself.

It’s true that once you use this belt you won’t want to go back to traditional peg-in-hole belts. You’ll notice the inconvenience when you do switch. You don’t know what you got till it’s gone:

Plus it’s real leather.

There are a few imitators on the market already, but frankly none of them look as good and they are more expensive.

You can check out the three types of belts at the links above, but if you want to mix-and-match and create your own (though most combinations are already available), you can check out both sizes of buckles here and the leathers here.


As always – James Mast

As it is within, so without

The things you consume fundamentally alter you.

The things you own end up owning you.

The media you imbibe affects you.

You are what you eat.

Surround yourself with bitchy, flaky women and you’ll become like them. No self-respect and no standards or boundaries. You’ll lose your discipline.

Perhaps the Rebel inside of you revolts against the insanity around you. Perhaps through others’ weakness it makes you strong. But at some point you have nothing to gain and everything to lose.

Eat silly hollywood movies, and you will become like hollywood. Always chasing a dream and a fake reality.

Consume enough Internet and you will become anxious and you will become obsessive-compulsive, drowning in a sea of ignorance.

The truth about the Inter-“NET”

The internet is a particular cesspool.

I’m not about to perpetuate the constant negativity. I will only point out the patterns.

The internet is chock full of political outcry and complaining. People all want to know, “Why are companies treating us this way?” “Where is the fairness?” “Why is the government doing this?”


It’s that simple. Asking the “Why” question is pointless. We all know why.

The goverments and corporations rule the world and so they can get away with almost anything they want.

It’s that simple. Stop asking why. Next time a big phone company rips off a bunch of its customers by overcharging, there is no reason to complain. There’s nothing you can do about it. And there’s no need to ask why.

They do it because they don’t care about you.

It’s that simple.

The companies don’t really care. They just want power. The government doesn’t care. It just wants power. No need to cry about it.

But it seems like every time a big entity “steps out of line” people are asking, “How could they do that?!!”

Really, it’s time to stop being so surprised. It’s just a web, a pit that you climb into. And then you begin to get really invested in the Game of the System. You begin to become outraged, shocked. You want change. You talk about it and talk about it and try to inspire others for your “activism” and “movements.”

What a silly sport. With no reward.

Stop focusing on your pointless, fruitless intentions. It’s true that movements can work but they must be large enough to combat the considerable power of the entities they are up against. It’s that simple.

As an individual there is no point in you stepping into this struggle without the significant desire and will to win against the competition. The masses are inneffective and will get nowhere, as their mass outcry and lack of action suggest.

Your one vote does not matter, but your influence matters if you actually have influence.

If you have the resources to combat the overlords then you have a shot. But rallying people will get you nowhere. These faceless sheep need a leader, and without a leader they will go on complaining.

You see, it must be easier for the sheep to invest in you than to invest in their overlords. It’s a simple cost-benefit equation.

It’s really that simple.

Avoid the news and the internet and the television and the faceless masses and focus on yourself. You’ll be better off. In fact, by focusing on yourself you’ll put yourself in a better position to influence change in the world. But by then, you might not want to.

Don’t fall into the Game unless you know how to play it.

Remove the distractions

Avoid internet news or comment fields or forums. They are cesspools of human livestock invested in outcomes they have no control over. Those with the real power don’t even care about that kind of change.

Stay away from media and stay away from mindnumbing or repititive, soul-stealing things.

Be VERY selective about what you take in and what you give away. Don’t give out too much energy by talking and worrying and looking around and wondering.

Be choosy with friends. With women.

It’s more satisfying to demand what you want and get exactly what you want than it is to settle.

If you don’t believe you can get what you want, then you have a confidence problem. That is what you need to work on.

Be absolute and ruthless and pursue exactly what you want. Don’t give in, don’t relent. Don’t settle.

Settling is just another form of consuming: you are telling your brain that you arent good enough for better.

Do you see?

The reason you settle is because you are not confident in your own path. You think that others have their shit together or their life figured out but there is no good reason to assume that anybody has the answers for you because those people you look up to got that way by looking out for themselves.

The TV and the Internet are just methods of control for those in power. Either you are a consumer, or you are a producer. Either you are a part of the System, or you are gaming the System.

Your actions and what you fill your life with reflect your attitude. They also AFFECT your attitude.

If you’re not a highly confident person, then the solution is not to go looking for answers. The solution is to develop confidence. You do this by trusting yourself and acting on your convictions. You follow them to ends of the earth if you have to.

It’s really that simple.

And if you’re resonating with this right now, then you already know what those convictions are. You just want approval. But I won’t give you permission or approval. That’s because if you trusted in yourself, you’d be successful, and eventually you’d want even less advice from other people.

When you follow your own rules, and trust the Rebel in your heart, things come into alignment. By chance or accident or on purpose. Things begin to unfold according to the dreams that haunt you.

You only turn to media and other people because you are afraid of the haunting of your soul.

But that’s what they’ve all been trying to tell you all along:

It’s only in your soul that you will find the answers you’ve been looking for.


Discipline is a very specific ability

Discipline is a very specific ability.

There was a time when I really had the desire to wake up at the same time every morning. But come every morning, I didn’t want to get up.

It was cold, it was early, I needed more sleep, I didn’t see any point.

I was making my decisions based on how I FEEL.

The day I learned discipline was the day I went into the gym feeling drained of energy and I realized I had to do squats. I had to do them because it was time. I didn’t want to do them, and I knew I wouldn’t perform them well.

But I did them anyway.

On the last set, I pushed myself. It didn’t hurt, it just was exhausting. I pushed myself because I knew I needed to. I drained my legs on that last set and wondered why I had made such a big deal about it.

That’s discipline.

Discipline is the ability to force yourself to do what needs to be done no matter how pointless you think it is, no matter how you feel, and no matter the outcome.

Discipline is wanting to do one thing, but forcing ourselves to do the right thing anyway.

Disclipine is the ability to take action in spite of how you feel.

Eventually this gives you the ability to do things without feeling them. Emotions begin not to matter, and only the result matters. Some people might say, “Doesn’t that make you inhuman?”


It makes you SUPERHUMAN.

Idiots in the world like to pretend that people without feelings are “sociopaths.” But removing your feelings is unhealthy and impossible. It is CONTROL of your emotions that you want: the ability to act in spite of them.

You are not a sociopath for doing what needs to be done. You are more than human.

Humans have been afflicted with this plague that says they cannot do something without feeling like doing it. That is wrong.

We do this because we have been conditioned to believe that we cannot achieve results without confidence. This is false.

We think we ought to feel motivated all of the time, but motivation is overrated.

It’s when our energy is lowest and we are at our worst that discipline is built or destroyed.

The truth is that we can accomplish a lot more than we think we can even if we don’t feel good about it. We set ourselves up for success when we take action regardless of our feelings.

You can pick up and fuck hot women without being a social god. You can make money without being born with a silver spoon up your ass. You can become famous without being superhot.

You can do squats in the gym without doing them perfectly and you can get up on time even while feeling like shit.

The point is that you get the RESULT.

When I wake up now, I launch myself out of bed on time, no matter what. Sometimes it takes me 5 minutes to get to the bathroom. Sometimes I stand there and watch the cold water and hesitate before I get in. Sometimes I hesitate before getting out of bed because I wonder what’s the point. Sometimes I let the damn alarm ring a few times.

But, I force myself do them. I get up. I take a shower. I don’t go back to bed.

I start my work and I do it haphazardly. I do it regardless of how tired I am. I say hi to people even if I am offputting and nobody responds well.

I force myself to take pretty girls’ numbers even if they don’t seem interested at all.

You can’t wait for the “perfect opportunity”–it will never arrive. Even when it does you won’t be prepared to take it. You prepare yourself for the perfect opportunity by creating it in the now and doing that every damn day.

Don’t put something off now because then you will always be putting it off. Just do it immediately, no matter what it is, until that becomes your dutiful habit.

Do what needs to be done, and your emotions will adapt to you instead of the other way around.

That is discipline.



Always Push Things to their Absolute Limit

You have to push every thing to its greatest possible limit. Otherwise you will never know what was possible.












Oh. You’re still reading?

I guess you wanted a longer explanation than that. Fine.

Why you should always push it to the limit

Because that’s the only way you can learn anything new.

If you’re only ever toeing the edge of the line, you’ll never know what’s on the OTHER side of the line. You’ll constantly be afraid of finding out. You will underachieve. You will hold yourself back.

Think about it: if you’re only ever doing what’s comfortable, how are you ever going to grow big balls?

Big balls cannot grow without big risks. So it’s a catch-22.

If you are always saying, “Someday I’ll be able to do that” then you will never do it, because you have to fuck up now to be able to do it well later.

An example from pickup

Smoothtalking Socially Savvy Sam likes to talk to girls. But he’s afraid of taking things too far. He toes the line.

He goes up to a girl and says, “Hey, you’re really cute.” And they have a conversation. Then he says, “Can I get your number?”

The girl says no and Johnny walks away.

Johnny does this two more times, and he gets rejected each time.

Now Johnny is terrified of asking another girl for her number. He will stop doing it and eventually he will stop talking to girls altogether. Johnny has quit because 3 girls is “enough” for him. That seems like a “good amount” and anything beyond this seems sociopathic to him. If anybody were watching him, like his bastard friends, they’d tell him he was a loser.

He doesn’t want to keep hitting on girls because that would seem “desperate.”

He asks himself, “What am I doing?” when he’s out “cold-approaching” girls and doesn’t believe that “cold approach” “works.”

He’ll give up on himself and live a life of quiet desperation, at least with women, while some other bastard fucks the women he never talked to.

Now Johnny Reb, a lone wolf, is pissed off. He decides he’s going to push things to their breaking point.

In one given day he talks to three girls who all reject him and then on the fourth one he’s very anxious. He is anticipating a rejection and when it comes it’s like a powerful fire is coursing through his body. He might even start crying or be overwhelmed with frustration. He feels the risk and anxiety, and in that moment he makes a decision.

He makes the decision to throw everything away and surrender.

Once he surrenders to his selfish desire for women, Johnny overconfidently approaches a 5th girl and is ready and awaiting her rejection. He doesn’t care. The anxiety has pushed him too far over the line. Now–there is no line.

The 5th girl says no, and Johnny laughs and immediately turns to girl #6 walking by right next to them, and says the same damn thing. Girl 5 watches in amazement before walking away in disgust and Johnny takes the 6th girl home and bangs her.

Johnny Reb has learned the power of always pushing things to their limit.

Despite his emotions, he has learned not only discipline, but he has learned the power of GOING OVER THE LINE.

Go WAY OVER that fucking line.

Put everyone else to shame.