Women don’t deserve shit from you

A woman is a fucking woman.

She’s a person; a human being.

She is not better than you, and doesn’t deserve shit.

She doesn’t deserve a fucking ring worth 3x your salary. Even YOU would never pay for that bullshit for yourself.

She doesn’t deserve to get “half” of what you own. She doesn’t deserve to have a baby when you don’t want one and then make you pay for it. It should be HER responsibilility. There are plenty of ways to get free or cheap abortion these days, or she can put it up for adoption if she wants to have it.

She doesn’t get to look through your phone or tell you off. She doesn’t get special treatment because she’s on her “period” or treating you like shit because she’s upset.

When she acts like a fucking prick, you kick her out or shut her up.

You don’t spend money on her or take care of her. She is not entitled to anything.

She doesn’t deserve exclusivity. Why should she? Why should YOU?

At the end of the day you gotta be patient with women and ALL people and realize they all get upset, start drama, and make mistakes.

But that doesn’t mean you have to put with it, and it doesn’t mean that they get a special right to it.

Stop taking girls out for steak dinners and by god, don’t give her a big fancy overpriced wedding.

Ain’t nobody giving me a giant white wedding, after all.

I remember one time a bitch got mad at me for not “taking her out” enough.

I asked her I am taking HER out; why aren’t we just going together? But she kept insisting.

Last thing I said to her was:

“Why don’t you take ME out next time?”

She got mad as hell and called me a “loser.” I just walked away and locked the door. She pounded on my door for 5 minutes straight wanting to come back in, but I was done.

Entitled bitch thinks she’s owed shit? But she ain’t.

And none of my guy buddies would pull that shit. None of them would pound on my door or call me a loser. They would take ME out next time, like friends do.

Being a woman doesn’t entitle you to jack shit.

Women can provide for themselves; they can think for themselves; they can make their own money.

It’s just that most CHOOSE not to.

And that’s not my problem. It’s “society’s” problem.

Don’t bow down to a woman, and don’t make a contract with her that entitles her to half of your money (I’m talking about marriage, dumbass).

Wake up and treat women like human beings. Imperfect, messy, and just like you.

Hold women to the same standards you would hold anybody else.


James Mast

What it’s like to love a borderline

loving a borderline tornado

Borderlines are the classic psychos.

They’re the ones who call 50 times in one night, come over unannounced, spin into a fiery rage over nothing, and key your car and call the police when they’re done with you.

Unless they love you, that is.

Borderline personality disorder is a real thing, but underlying it all is fear. It’s paralyzing fear of abandonment, and so they abandon their identity. They need something to latch, to cling on to. Without it they cannot make up for their abusive past and what damage was done to them as a child.

But loving a borderline is only for Men.

It takes a real man, not a wimp to withstand her. Because she will test you. And I do not just mean “shit test.” I mean that she will try your patience, your ego, your principles, your time, and your boundaries.

She is a fucking vampire.

Loving a borderline can and will change you because you must be able to take her constant hurled insults and judgments. You must learn to set strong and proper boundaries and you must learn to walk away when she exceeds them.

You will also learn that no amount of reason or logic can persuade them, and so you must learn new tactics and methods of manipulation to get what you want or teach them what is acceptable.

You must be prepared for an excessive amount of drama and you must learn to deal with it like a man, not a little child.

That is what borderlines really are.

They are still children, unable to cope with the immensity of what was done to them or what they lacked growing up.

Over time you will have to learn to be angry, to scream at them, to tell them what to do. But you must also learn patience.

The greatest gift she gave me was true patience. Many times I flew off the handle into a great rage, or walked away. But Patience of the kind that allows you to love them without ego is what is necessary.

To get a borderline to trust you takes time. It also takes patience but also great risk and balls.

Borderlines can and will tear you apart if you are a weak or even moderately strong person. Only an extremely strong person who boldly and madly adheres to boundaries is going to survive a borderline.

Most “red pill” men deal with some level of borderline behavior that drives them to adopt a new philosophy with women, but most of them are victims. This is why women chew them up and spit them out; most men are not capable or adept or even strong people in general, and so to handle such an emotional trainwreck as a borderline is going to be either a headache or a hearty challenge.

Probably both!

Now one will have to ask: why bother?

And for that I will have to tell you the blunt truth:

You will be forced to love her, or else you will never learn the lessons she can teach you.

I could be accused of being a “co-dependent” but this is really just the natural solution to a woman who acts like a child.

The main thing you will have to understand about her is that she does not know best and will often lead you astray. Her emotions often run counter to the right thing to do. You will almost always know better than her.

There will be many times where your gut will tell you one thing, but her childlike glee will compel you to follow her ridiculous whims. And sometimes it will be fun. Sometimes it will end up being a huge mistake.

A borderline is a great way to prepare you for having children–or turn you off of them completely. It is also a powerful chance to learn how to be a real man, how to handle all the weaker people around you, and to really be a leader.

If you never really could believe in yourself as a leader, you will have to with a borderline or perish.

Because they often have a habit of leaving, abusing, or shitting on men who cannot maintain proper strength in the midst of their storm.

Just being honest and upfront or “alpha” is not enough. You will have to be prepared for all manner of relentless self-conscious quips, emotional outbursts, insults, and manipulations. And you will have to learn to utitilize your masculine rage and anger and be uninhibited, as well as maintain strong boundaries and learn to give commands.

There were times where even I was weak enough with the borderline that she tried to drive me away, or almost cheated. I then decided that I could not be an “equal” and could not meet her at my level. I would have to become an all-commanding controlling asshole, and so that is what I did.

And she fell even harder for me.

It was either that or lose her, but I could not. And so I rose to the challenge, and became a proper man, unyielding and unafraid of putting myself in charge.

Much of loving a borderline is less of being a lover and more of being a father.

And a strong, powerful father at that. One who is not very friendly and who will not tolerate stupidity.

At the end of the day borderlines are not for everyone, because most men just are not capable of handling them. Many playboys are just that–boys who don’t know how to “deal with crazy.”

Perhaps it does require some modicum of crazy yourself.

And truly, I say to you, that it does not last. If you are going to live a happy and fulfilling life, you cannot do it with these women.

They are a shell of their real selves. They cannot experience true intimacy or empathy.

When you stare at your lover there should be a sense of warmth and understanding.

But when you stare at a borderline, she’ll probably just flip out.

For whatever reason, borderline women are broken and cannot be fixed by you or anyone. They can be trained into submission, but can you love one?

And can you SURVIVE?

Chances are you will stray, especially after experiencing her rage and betrayals. Take my advice, and don’t get sucked in. It will take you a long time to realize the truth:

That she is a narcissist, incapable of giving you what so desperately desire and crave. She cannot love, and therefore cannot receive it.

And you will be left forever unsatisfied.

Until you leave.

The Rebel Within

The Rebel is an idea.

The Rebel is what’s emerging beneath the surface. It’s a being, a character you create to replace the old you, the one mired by layers of conditioning and untruth by the world and its media and technology and its ignorant people.

You slowly rebel against the world until you begin to uncover the REAL YOU beneath it all.

It’s the heart of what I made this site about.


Beneath it all…beneath all beliefs and systems of thinking that you subscribe to.

You read things on the net and they make sense. They seem to be true. But do not actually know and they provide comfort where you have none.

When you follow a system to think for you, then you have rules and righteous purpose. You have concepts and ideals, such as “saving the world” or changing it to your own vision of utopia, or being too honest, when honesty is not always a virtue. You become consumed with ego or “respect.”


These things are all only illusions, designed to distract you from trusting your own intuition and true self.


Beneath all the awkward, casual social interactions. Beneath the light, airy, surface world that everyone pretends is real.

Beneath it is the underworld.

It is a red river, a current of distaste.

You are not satisfied with the status quo. You are uncomfortable with your place in it. You want to push the limits.


But to be an effective rebel, you must have a REASON. It can’t just be for guts and glory.

Those things will never build your soul.

You’ve got to have a selfish reason to push yourself through the barriers of the System. Your goals, the things you really desire, those are enough at first. You take ahold of them and then you FIGHT.


But fighting wears you down after a while, and you run the risk of turning into the enemy.

Deep down, despite all you’ve been told, despite the hard knocks you’ve taken, you are something special.

There’s a power in the background, awaiting your total surrender. It calls to you. It tugs at you like a nightmare every damn day and every time you fail to do what you want to do. What you set out to do.

This thing is NOT the thing that you fight.

This thing is the Rebel.

The Rebel is your emerging soul.


Beneath it all, beneath this human shell, you have a heart of rebellion.

You rebel in order to find your soul, the origin of yourself. And then you hold onto that power and don’t let anybody take it from you. And you don’t let imposters like your old self take it either.

You are a rebel to the core.

Everything is a scam

It’s true. All of the businesses or services in the world are scams designed to take advantage of you for money.

All governments are scamming you and so is almost everyone you meet. But it’s all dressed up in such a way that you don’t realize it until you begin to see.

To get to the top you must be willing to scam other people. And that’s ok, because they are willingly consenting to being scammed.

And now get ready for a long list that might scare you or make you question.

But none of this is headlines. In fact, no media corporation would ever want this stuff printed. They’re a scam too.

1) All the food industries are scamming you by purposely feeding you highly addictive, formulated processed foods. Even the allegedly “natural” foods are full of addictive junk. Excessive sugar. Pesticides and hormones in our milk and meat.

Companies literally spend millions and even billions of dollars in “food engineering” to produce highly addictive junk foods. Lunchables, Hostess, Taco Bell, you name it.

Their goal, whether they know it or not, is to enslave the nation with addictive foods that will keep you dependent on them and fat.

2) The fitness industries are all scams. All their fitness models use steroids and all their workout programs are pointless. Any workout program that stimulates your muscles enough will work, but you need the testosterone and you need the steroids to look like a bodybuilder. All the supplements and pills are useless unless you have the workload and the drugs to look like the models. Their goal is to get you dependent on their money-making pill and supplement schemes and reading their garbage workouts so that you can’t workout by yourself anymore.

Personal trainers are scammers because they teach you “Bosu ball” exercises that will never get you ripped instead of just letting you workout on your own, the hard way, and building that muscle. All the gyms sell you overpriced personal training that you don’t even need that will never get you anywhere you can’t get yourself. Unless you are a lazy slob, that is.

3) Porn is a huge scam. It’s big business, and each and every video description, tailored photograph, and scripted story is designed to trick you into believing the things that the porn industry wants you to believe in order to get you hooked.

What’s popular in porn these days?

Videos where guys “pickup” a girl by paying her to have sex with them. This is an insidious attempt to program your brain in associating payment for sex, which will of course lead you to pay the porn companies for further access to their porn.

They also trick you into thinking you must have a big cock to please women, which couldn’t be farther from the truth. IT’s not about the cock or muscles, it’s all about the energy.

The more orgasms you have to porn, the more you rewire your brain to only be stimulated to porn. This causes severe ED that will take months to cure, during which your abstinence from porn will cause a “withdrawal” where your entire sex system shuts down and your penis stops working. Been there done that.

And the girls are all fake (makeup and Photoshop) and all the situations are always fake. You cannot trust a single thing about porn to ever be real. Even some of the girls are faking their performance if you are paying attention. Not all girls like big dicks, and in fact a lot of them even admit their job can be painful at times. That’s not to say girls don’t like a good fucking, but it’s not like they all desperately crave a big black cock ramming them as the porn companies would like you to believe.

It’s all a scam designed to exploit your desire for orgasm and to excuse your inability to get laid in real life. The porn companies will make you dependent on them for your orgasm and trick you into believing the only way to get laid is with money.

4) Alcohol, nightclubs, and bars are a scam. You don’t need bars or clubs to meet women. You can meet them anywhere.

Alcohol at clubs and bars are marked up by 400% because they know you will go with your friends and be so anxious that you will need to drink. Don’t blow your money. If you want to beat anxiety, there are cheaper alternatives.

Plus bars and night clubs are hard environments to meet women in anyway.

5) Dentists are a scam. I was once quoted for $4,000 in dental treatments, including for a wisdom tooth that never needed to come out. They wanted to remove all 4 wisdom teeth that had already come in, only one of which was still hurting. I asked the doc why they wanted to remove the wisdom teeth when the pain had stopped. He looked to the left briefly and then said, “Well, sure, you can keep it, but most people have them removed.”

Right. I never paid a dime for wisdom teeth removal, and I haven’t had any pain or mouth trouble since. Once I got through the painful bleeding gums (which I took care of with vodka and painkillers) the wisdom teeth were never a problem again.

They also quoted me on ridiculously overpriced antibiotic mouthwashes and some other procedures for “gingivitis.”

But what almost nobody knows is that both cavities and gingivitis are reversible and can be treated cheap at home without any invasive or expensive procedures.

Cavities are not permanent, unlike what the dentists say. You don’t need fluoride, which must be used in insane amounts to be effective at all. Better to just brush and floss yourself, and you’ll never need dentists again. In fact, in some cases fluoride has been shown to HARM your teeth, instead of help them.

6) Soap and shampoo are scams. They make your body recondition to its loss of oil and actually produce MORE OIL, which leads to greasier hair and acne. Which, of course, the acne companies would love to exploit and scam you even though 99% of acne treatments don’t work because acne is mostly diet and hormones.

7) Pharmaceuticals are a massive and murderous scam. Expensive drugs like Ritalin or Prozac only make manic-depressives more depressed and crazy.

I’ve seen my BPD ex without her meds, she nearly killed herself. I had to take her to the hospital because she knew her meds were making her crazy, but the withdrawal was making her suicidal. It’s all a scam to get you hooked on their drugs–AND THEN NEVER COME OFF OF IT.

Half the drugs out there don’t even work or just make symptoms worse. Ask the FDA. They don’t ask, “Is this drug safe?” Instead they ask, “How can we sell this?” There are drugs out there that work 10x better than these placebos, but of course many of them are regulated or banned.

8) The government is a scam. The president is mostly a figurehead and Congress is full of old men who don’t even know how to use text or email. Half the government agencies out there are still using fax machines from 1989.

The FBI was responsible for feminism, the NSA spies on everyone, and now everyone pays a giant bill for healthcare.

Welfare is all just a cover for the government to slowly take control and turn the nation into a socialist society so that they can prevent you from working for yourself. It’s all a scam to make you dependent on Daddy.

9) 9/11 is a scam. Or at the very least, the official story was staged and at least one building (World Trade Center 7) was blown up and its demolition was reported to media in advance.

8) Feminism is a scam. If feminism was really about equality, then we would see a ton of women being jailed for date-raping men and assaulting men and domestic violence phone calls would have many more women arrested instead of men.

9) Political Correctness is a scam. The reality is that fat women are ugly and unhealthy and need to lose weight in order to stop being disgusting fat pigs, retards are retarded, white people built Western civilization, and anyone who is “triggered” or “offended” is a pussy-btich coward.

All the pieces of shit are honored through “equality,” which is really just Daddy government taking care of them to further enslave the population into its socialist agenda.

9) Cops are a scam. They are salesmen designed to bust you for a ticket. They are not there to help. My girlfriend got ticketed once for asking a cop for directions, and I’ve been stopped numerous times to get busted for drugs that I didn’t have on me simply because police don’t like men who will stand up to them.

More police are now wearing bodycams to stop abuse. But you know what the cops do when they want to commit a crime? They turn off the bodycams.

10) Real estate is a scam. Who in their right mind would buy a house worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, only to default on that mortgage when they could have rented an inexpensive place for the same amount? And then they pay Realtors an entire 6% of the house’s value just for “marketing” it.

Then they are stuck paying off a huge mortgage for years along with property taxes and on top of that all of the upkeep and maintenance costs, landscaping, remodeling, and repairs.

All for just a few more rooms and “security.”

11) Car payments are a scam. There is no need to buy the latest car on credit when a model from 5 years ago will do at 1/4 of the cost.

12) PUA is a scam. The only way to get good with women is to approach your ass off and learn the hard way, just like every other successful womanizer. You can’t really cheat here because experience with women is highly dependent on you and your mindset, along with your sexual inhibitedness. And no amount of reading is going to cure that.

13) Life-improvement gurus are a scam. You’ve read a few books like Think and Grow Rich? Great. Now get out there and put them into action. You shouldn’t be spending more than a hour a day reading.

And don’t ever spend money on any “system.” Anything sold online like a CD or book collection that is priced more than $20 is probably a scam, especially if its purported to be worth $297 only $99!

14) TV is a scam. They put cameras and microphones into your TVs now. Ever read 1984?

Everything in TV shows is manufactured by the media, which always lies. They shit on everything good and just by watching a TV show or an ad your brain is being programmed, because our minds adapt into what they are fed, JUST LIKE OUR BODIES.

15) The food pyramid is a scam. The FDA just wanted you to buy more bread because it had deals going on with the agriculture industries.

So why would you ever trust them again?

16) Church is a scam. Scientology is no different than any other religion. They are just more upfront about how they do business.

You don’t need a religion or a god to pull you through the hard times. You just can’t give up and get down on your knees and pray, “Dear Daddy I need you, I’m too lazy and cowardly to do it on my own!” which is what I am told to do every Sunday that I choose to go to church, and that’s why I never go anymore.

17) Social media is a scam. Nothing online is real because successful people don’t post a bunch of shit online, they are too busy being successful. It’s just an online advertising platform. And censorship is just getting worse. Ask Zuckerberg.

18) Student loans are a scam. There is nothing you need college for unless you want to waste a shitload of money and spend the rest of your life paying it back. Unless you KNOW that you need to be a doctor or lawyer, the WORST thing you can do is go to college “and figure out your degree as you go.” Which of course is what all the college recruiters and marketers tell you to do.

The next time someone tells you “most students like you don’t know their major until halfway through college” you’d better laugh in their face. They’re admitting it’s all a scam! Why are you going to college if you don’t even know what degree you’re going for?

You can take online classes or go to trade school for $10,000 or less and make some very nice money, and yet here you are spending twice that just on one year at the dormitory? It’s all a huge money-making scheme.

19) Jobs are a scam. If you weren’t making more money for your boss than you’re getting paid, then they wouldn’t keep you around. You are basically a slave.

If you work a low-wage job, you are just scamming someone stupider and less talented than you out of a job because you are overqualified.

Building your resume, going to college, and working diligently is no guarantee. I know several friends just like this. You are trying to sell yourself to a company to turn you into their slave and feed you pennies. Sound good? Or would you rather do what they do instead?

No matter what you do, you are being scammed and you are scamming other people. It’s all a scam!

And yet people will go around accusing you of scamming them while they shell out money for McDonald’s and their next car payment.

The truth is that this is a dog-eat-dog world. It’s not nice, it’s not fair, it’s not equal. You have to see through what all the corporations are doing for money and you have to be wise in what you decide to pay for, because everyone is always trying to upsell you for what you don’t need.

You could become one of the scammers, and that’s ok. Billions of people believe they need shitty products and if they don’t shell out their money to you, then they will shell out their money to someone else. It might as well be you.

Nothing is what you have been taught to believe.

Now there is probably no Illuminati or “Elite”, since there is no evidence. Instead, everything is much simpler:


Corporations and governments are motivated by money and power, and when people buy what they are selling, then they are going to keep selling it. Nothing necessarily malevolent about it. Not really a conspiracy. Just the way the world works.

I have found nearly everything to be a scam. The vast majority of the things you pay for you don’t need. And many of those things are downright useless or harmful.

There is an abundance of information out there on the internet that can verify everything I’ve said. Common sense can do the rest. None of this is conspiracy or even hard to figure out.

People are surprised when I tell them this stuff. They ask, “How do you know this?”

I shrug, because the answer is simple. It’s so simple that no one is willing to believe it!

It’s all right there, right in front of you to see.



P.S. For a scarily accurate look at our present and future, read the classic novel 1984 by George Orwell. It was this book that coined the phrase “Orwellian,” meaning invasive government or dystopia.

It also hugely impacted my thinking when I first read it many years ago. It should be required reading in all schools.

Life is suffering and that’s a good thing

Time to stop typing away. Time for no more complaints or wondering or worrying or thinking.

Time for solutions. Time for ACTION!

It doesn’t matter if the action is extraordinarily effective. It doesn’t matter what the plan is. What matters is only your confidence and your persistence.

With those two things you have the ability to make anything work, because the universe is just an illusion, an imprint of your mind.

These two ingredients could go by different names:

A) Intent
B) Will

Intent is the vision

At my old gym there were two signs on the wall right next to the water fountain. I looked at them every day because I’d drink a lot of water on my sets. The two signs say “Vision” and “Courage.”

I found it inspiring and coincidental. Since those are the two elements you need to make anything work. When you have the vision, you have intent.

It is the images in your heart, those soul-crippling visions that you must attend to. You know what they are because they haunt you, both day and night. They are in your dreams and daydreams.

The dreams at night reveal the open secret of where you are. They reveal your insecurities and present abilities.

The day dreams represent the vision of where you want to be.

In your night dreams you often see yourself doing things that you wish you did or didn’t do in real life. You will be tested in your dreams, because they are the culmination of real life events. As you become more aware of your night dreams, you will be able to recognize bits and pieces of your dreams as familiar. Eventually you will be able to instantly recall, even in the dream, the exact real life event or memory that is influencing the dream.

Night dreams a marvelous way to account for your past sins and transgressions. They are nature’s face of forcing you to face your demons.

They also reveal repressed desires or memories. They represent fears and insecurities. They will show you the way if you are lost. They will tell you what you need and desire most.

Day dreams are often called a waste of time, but they are more important than night dreams. They are the most important of all.

To be effective with day dreams, you must set aside a block of time to actually visualize what you want. The key here is to get viscerally in tune with your longing and desire. It will hurt.

The reason so many visualizations are ineffective is not because they are a waste of time, but because people are not getting in tune with their soul.

When you get in touch with your soul, there will be pain. And that is how you know it is working.

Will is the action

The will is what you start to do when you feel that driving force behind you like a powerful wave, telling you that something needs to be done. You might not even know what it is, but the energy will compel you to get it.

This is the Intent driving you toward the Will. They work together, you see, and thus we come full circle to the dilemma:

What to do?

The answer is that you already know what to do, but you are containing yourself. You are holding back.

This is no special news, perhaps, but it is revolutionary because once you finally take the first steps to surrender to your will, you will begin to experience life like no other.

Perhaps it’s not news to you that you know what you want, but you have to understand that knowing and surrendering are two different things.

The ability to surrender to your Will is the greatest ability you can ever have, because it is what gets you the things that you want. This ability must be cultivated and at first it will be difficult. It will be difficult and it will be a progression, and every day that you embark further down this path of Will you will start to have a nagging drive that wont go away.

This is the curse. I call it the Price of Ambition.

It is the unsatiable lust that desires to overcome all boundaries. The hunger inside seeks to further assert the Will.

When you violate the Price of Ambition, you feel like shit. Period. This insecurity and regret can destroy you if you let it, but it is “the cost of doing business,” so to speak.

The pain

“Why must there be so much pain?”

Because what you don’t understand yet is that pain doesn’t have to hurt.

The soul and the heart and ambition will all cause tremendous amounts of pain once you start to follow them, but they will liberate you. The pain you feel is NOT the pain of struggle and misfortune. Those things are not necessary.

The pain you feel is ACTUALLY the culminated result of years of repression and resentment of the past. The pain you feel is actually the birthing of the soul, the cry in your heart at how dead you have become, how much you have lost and wasted, and where you really want and need to be.

I have bad news and good news.

There is no cure for this pain.

But there doesn’t have to be. All you need to know is one thing:


This is the greatest piece of advice anyone can give you. But don’t misinterpret.

“Life is suffering” does NOT mean that you will always lose, that life is bad and not worth living, or that you cannot be satisfied. Within these simple words lies the key to unlock the exact opposite.

The key to life is NOT to eliminate suffering. The key is to EMBRACE suffering.

When we ACCEPT suffering, we liberate ourselves to find a way out of it. It is NOT through denial of pain and evasion of misfortune that we grow. It is through the willingness to embrace the challenge that we rise.

Hear this: you will always have loss. The more you deal with it now, the more you are prepared for it, the less it can hurt you.

The greatest thing you can ever do is learn the ability to just “roll with it” and deal with the situation at hand. This does NOT mean “go with the flow.”

You can refuse to be in a certain lot of life, but until you accept suffering you will never leave it.

By embracing suffering, we can turn that refusal–that rebellion–into fuel for our escape.

Suffering is the fuel of the will.

Suffering is what lights the fire. It is what sustains it. Suffering burns beneath you like a beacon and when you finally embrace consequences and pain and loss then you will be FREE because you will be able to experience JOY without containment.

To free yourself from the prison, you must accept the pain, and learn to use it. By that point, nothing will be able to stop you because it will only fuel your will to survive.


Why being cheated on doesn’t matter and what you should be doing instead

There comes a point where one realizes that relationship games are self-defeating.

This means that if you try to control and hold onto a relationship, you’re really just deluding yourself. It’s self-deception.

Once my girlfriend wanted me to “take her out” because I had to “take care of her” and that I didn’t want to buy her drinks rubbed her the wrong way. In that moment, I realized that this wasn’t the woman for me.

So I told her, “Then we are not compatible, and this is over.” I got out of the car and walked away.

She took off after me, and I ran. The drama continued for 30 minutes with her sobbing, grabbing onto me, following me in her car, and finally me succumbing. She explained that it was all ok, that she didn’t really need that stuff, that I didn’t have to.

But I knew that I had only bought myself some time.

This was a temporary solution to a fundamental difference between us. Such a huge gap between our values and perspectives.

She didn’t want to be mature and handle herself. She wanted someone else to do it for her. And the struggle between her need to be independent and her utter failure as a person to do so only made the rift between us worse.

And so one day I found myself worrying about her cheating. “I’m going out to do some shopping,” she’d said, “And then maybe I’m going to a restaurant.”

The deadpan delivery, the almost subtle blow at the end triggered an alarm bell. I said, “What?” and she repeated herself, again without any reassurance or emotion whatsoever.

After an hour of attempting to focus on my own work to no avail, it struck me that attempting to control her behavior, let alone even concern myself with her actions only demonstrated that I was not interested in her or the relationship, or our compatibility. I just “didn’t want to be cheated on.” It was a need for control and security, where there really is none. Especially if the other person is not onboard.

It’s not necessary to ensure your partner is faithful. If they are compatible, they’ll do it for you. And if not, they’ll cheat. And why does that concern you?

But it goes even DEEPER than that.

Attempting to play the game of controlling a relationship is actually violating your own identity and it is a massive energy and time-suck because rather than just allowing yourself to be, you are instead concerned with power struggles and inter-relationship battles. But is that what you really want?

Attempting to play a relationship game can blind you to the reality of your situation. If games are being played, you may want to evaluate whether they are worth playing with that person. Because if you choose not to play, and then you get cheated on, is it really your fault?

Being cheated on can actually signify more about the person who has cheated on you than it does about you.

If you are with someone who goes behind your back and can’t trust you, or who is actively pursuing behaviors that you aren’t down with, then why in the fuck do you feel the need to step in and alter their behavior?

Obviously this person isn’t right for you, and they don’t have the awareness, empathy, or compatibility to be honest, true, or direct.

If they are resorting to manipulation and controlling behaviors NOW, then what makes you think this is going to ever be better in the future?

Cheating is almost a certainty if you are going to play games in relationships, and in that case you have two choices:

*Play the game, and sacrifice your time, identity, and self-worth OR
*Refuse to play, and seek out like-minded people for your partnerships.

If a woman is trying to cheat on you because you don’t take her out enough, get rid of her. Period.

Nobody has a free pass to deceive or play games behind your back because they aren’t getting certain desires met.

If a woman’s desire to be taken out, for example, exceeds her desire for YOU, then why in the fuck would you ever want to involve yourself in the first place?

That’s her game. Let her play. Let her burn. It’s not your problem.


A) Blame yourself for not taking her out and not doing enough to salvage the relationship. OR
B) You could recognize that if what that bitch wanted was unreasonable, or lacked empathy, or if she is the kind of woman to cheat when she has promised to be true, then just maybe it’s not really your “fault” if you get cheated on.

Nobody likes to lose, but consider this:


Attempting to ensure a woman only sees you is really just slavery.

It is, again, a byproduct of a need to control and it represents a lack of personal identity. I want you to really grok that by worrying about being cheated on, you are holding onto a false idea. An illusion.


If you are already getting all of your needs met in a relationship, then what do you care if she cheats or not? Is total, ruthless honesty a need you have? And why? Not that it’s a bad thing, but then consider that you have better things to do than require total honesty and 100% of your needs from your partner.

Instead of worrying about cheating from your bitch, why not just redirect your energies toward other activities, or other women? Then it won’t even matter what that “one girl” does, and you know why?

Because then you will SEE that if a woman cheats on you it’s really just a reflection of her anyway. It’s also a sign of compatibility.

“Everything was just fine, and then she cheated on me.”

This is a lie.

Think about it: if everything was really well truly great and fine, then why would she have cheated? And if SHE wasn’t getting what she needed or wanted, then you probably weren’t either.

Chances are if a girl cheats on you, then the two of you are ALREADY failing to meet each other’s needs anyway.

There is really no need to worry about a girl cheating when you can remember that the whore wasn’t so great anyway. There were tons of flaws. In fact, you probably considered leaving 100x already.

In fact, if you’re emotionally distant from her and she cheats on you, then is it really an act of betrayal on her part?

Or is it really just deception of yourself, to suddenly be so jealous and possessive of something that wasn’t even great to begin with, a source of continual pain.

Ask me how I know.

If you’re in such bad straits that cheating threatens you and she appears to have no qualms with it, then BOTH of you already had a fundamental problem before the relationship even began.

While I suppose these things can just “happen” when boundaries aren’t clear or the relationship is in a “grey area,” that again signifies that the two of you weren’t on the same page to begin with, so it shouldn’t really bother you that this is happening.

In a world where all women are all “like that” and are manipulative shrews capable of cheating at the slightest weakness from their partner, then yes, I can certainly see why jealousy would tear you apart and why “cheating” would be such a major issue.

But coming from a realistic perspective, you’re really just coming from a place of NEED and insecurity, and she is the vessel to inhabit that space.

If you really loved HER, then you would love her if she cheated, or else you wouldn’t actually love her.

In my case, I didn’t love her. I had nothing to love about her. She was damaged and broken and made no effort to change.

And the fact she wanted to cheat, by finding men to take her out, and had no support system or other women, only meant that SHE was the one at fault. Not me.

You can’t blame yourself if a woman goes off and does something because you “failed to do this or that.”

Not only is this just not quite true, but it means you are failing to see the bigger picture:

You and her were never good for each other anyway.

And if you find that this keeps happening with each successive partner, then perhaps you’d better fix your perspective first. You might be more prone to finding trustworthy, honest people if you were that way yourself.

It’s counterintuitive at first–but then again, most people going to seek relationship advice don’t quite have that intuition handled to begin with because they are used to having the same kind of relationships and problems, and so it all seems “normal.”

When you have a perspective it creates a filter of bias. This is totally natural and understandable.

People can go their entire lives viewing the world or things a certain way, no matter how untrue they may be, and it all makes sense to THEM, even though you can tell that they are completely insane.

So don’t worry yourself about it.

If you’re being cheated on, then there is a reason for it, and you don’t have to beat yourself up over it.

Consider that someone worth being with might actually care enough not to cheat in the first place, and if they don’t care anymore it’s because the relationship isn’t worth salvaging. For either of you.

If she continually doesn’t care, then you’re not giving her what she wants or needs. And chances are she is letting you down in the same way.

Evaluate whether you really were happy in this relationship, and wanted it to continue. If she’s ever threatened to leave unless you do this or that, consider that maybe you really don’t WANT to do this or that, and that it’s OK if she chooses to move on.

It’s really not your job to sacrifice yourself for your partner.

And attempting to keep a girl “in check” or control her or play the relationship game is JUST THAT–it’s a sacrifice.

Why would you ever sacrifice yourself for something so trivial? What can you possibly hope to gain?

If you really can’t or don’t want to give someone what they want, then what do you have to lose?

Do you think you can’t find somebody else?

Are you so alone you have to hold onto this one person?

Do you REALLY think this is *TRUE LOVE?*

When real love comes, it’s not going to hide away. It’s not going to be something you fight savagely for in a relationship warfare where intentions and actions are unclear and it’s all manipulations and games. Bullshit.

If you are at a stage where you are ready for more than that, then you must find someone who is on your level.

Or else you can expect to be descended down into their level, and strip away your own identity for a false cause.

If you just want to use this person, then do so with the full knowledge that you are using them, that this is not love, that it’s not ultimately fulfilling and that you really have nothing to lose by being “cheated on,” since she never REALLY gave a crap about you anyway.

So what’s the big deal?

Cheating is just a more potent sign that the relationship is already unhealthy

The point here is this:

If you don’t want to take a woman out, and her best recourse is to cheat on you rather than make herself desirable enough for you to take her out, then why would you care if she cheated on you in the first place?

There are better ways to persuade someone than through threats or betrayal or total abandonment.

And in the case that it has finally COME to threats over other methods, then the relationship was already doomed for failure. Let me tell you why:

One or both of you aren’t getting what you need. And that means either one person is unwilling to give, or unable to give. Either of which spell relationship doom.

So when you think about it, getting cheated on really just represents either a major incompatibility, or a failure on your part that goes WELL BEYOND mere control or game-playing.

If you are so incapable of meeting someone’s needs that they have to cheat on you, then no amount of game-playing is any solution.

There’s only one solution, and that is to make oneself more desirable to their partner or give them what they need.

The vast majority of relationships fail because these needs aren’t getting met. And that’s really OK.

Cheating isn’t exactly the be-all end-all. It’s really just a progressive manifestation of a much deeper problem in the relationship.

It was already unhealthy. And both of you are to blame in that.

And there is only one way out.

You need to be sure you are meeting your partner’s needs, and you need to be sure they are meeting yours. And to get there might take work.

Cheating is what happens when one or both people aren’t willing to put in the work.

And in that case, you have two choices: leave or stay.

It’s your choice. But if you choose to stay with someone incapable of change, then just know that it’s not really your “fault” you can’t control them. You have only yourself to blame for staying with someone who was already bad for you.

And so there is nothing to cry about. Just accept that and move on.

There is real love waiting out there, and you won’t find it by beating a dead horse.

You will find it when it finds you.

Remember: it takes two.


— James Mast

How to fall in love

“One-itis” my ass.

holding hands on beach

The greatest thing you can ever do for yourself is to fall in love.

You can fall in love with another person, and even yourself. But to experience real love, the kind that awakens your purpose and makes life beautiful, you must open up.

You must open your mind to BELIEVING in love.

And you must OPEN YOUR HEART.

In this material world we are taught without remorse that all love dies, that the One is a fiction, and that it’s all mercilessly about sex and chaos, Amen.

Well-known “Red Pill” blogger Roosh, dedicated to seduction of women, even says it is impossible for love to last in this day and age.

Other wildly popular blogger Victor Pride suggests that love is a fiction:

Soulmates and true love is an invention of the movies and sold to the gullible masses.

While I agree that the concept of a “soulmate” is rather fabricated, the men leading social movements these days seem to all be of a mind that love is not real or desirable, and that men’s first prerogative is to sex women. They call it “hookup culture” for a reason.

It’s as if love is a weakness.

Love is not weakness

Love is strength.

Everyone else and their dog is afraid of love, they are incapable of it or else they let it destroy them.

It takes real strength to fully immerse yourself in love and then run with it.

To be vulnerable is to be invulnerable.

When you are vulnerable, when you are honest, when you fully express your feelings and intentions and let yourself surrender, then you become invincible. No one can hurt you when you have nothing to hide. When you are fully what you are, and you communicate that, then nothing can stand in your way.

When you honestly communicate to others and they reject you, it’s harder to give a fuck. And when you are honest, you are that much closer to finding a person who matches your values.

You may do crazy things, things that look absurd from the outside, and one day in nostalgia you will be tempted to look back and wonder where your outlandish actions came from. You probably have wild memories from your youth or even in recent memory and blame them on “hormones” or some other nonsense.

But there is a simple explanation: in the moment you were in love.

And when you are in love, everything makes sense. Because love is stronger than any force, even sex or fear.

True love

We’ve been bombarded in our Hollywood movies with absurd follies and tales of the world that don’t really work. I know, movies are fiction. I hate most movies and I rarely bother to watch them.

But I am here to tell you that love is a real thing. It really exists. Real love, such that you want to grip that person and never let go. You feel comfortable, “right” with that person. You can be yourself.

You may fear their loss and you may fear intimacy, but intimacy is what you crave the most.

In this world we are being taught to relent our heart and soul to the devil of merciless nihilism, and while it’s true that life may have no meaning, you can find your own meaning in love.

Love reveals the light where there was only darkness. It may not be enough, but without it you will only be miserable.

How to fall in love

It’s not hard to fall. But it can be frightening because we experience a loss of control.

No longer is our hard ego at the forefront of our goal-oriented decisions.

Instead we are faced with powerful emotions and intuitions. The one we love becomes a focus, it perhaps even overrides our priorities.

Off into the world we go
Planning futures, shaping years
Love bursts in, and suddenly
All our wisdom disappears

Love changes everything because it is what we are really looking for, beyond the senseless grind of achievement and money that compels our ego.
There was a while where I hardened my heart. I embraced the ego and told myself love was not a real thing. You can even see that on the earlier posts on this website. I was living in Hell, torn between my true desire for real intimacy and the games I was playing for sex.

We are all gripped by our psychosexual conflict, but for those few who have a heart, that will never be enough.

For me it was never enough. It is NOT enough.

The sex and the games were not satisfying me on the deeper level that I needed.
I used to want to destroy my heart. I wrote an aggressive song about it, wild with anger. I pounded it out on my piano and it was the TRUTH to me at that time. Here are some of the lyrics (copyright by me, faggots):

I like this new direction
I’ve never felt this way before
I’ll never fall in love again
And if I do you can be sure

I’ll never let it get in the way
Of my desire!
Gonna take what I want from you
Make you feel my fire!


To win the game
You’ve got to play
The weaker man will never
Have his day

We’re livin’ in
A world of sin
I’m tired of losin’ time to
Jump right in

This was back in a time where I was obsessed with sex and I was, in my anger and ruthlessness, denying myself the very thing in my heart that I wanted more than anything.

It made me feel powerful. The SACRIFICE made me feel superior.

The idea of conquesting an army of women and throwing them mercilessly aside drove me on, because I was unwilling to come to grief with the mountain of heartbreak and lost love I had experienced in my life.

I’ve had a plethora of romances and even broken hearts myself, but for whatever reason I slowly threw away my heart’s strongest desire–for love–and pretended like it was “for girls.” I pretended it wasn’t real.

Slowly, all of my dreams and fantasies went away. I no longer wished for what I really needed, instead I dreamt about sex or approaching women. I went through years of doing nothing but talking to women, it was my priority in life.

There was a period of time where I did nothing but went out every day for hours and hours on end and talked to women. Once I got a job I did this in my spare time, and did my best to pursue women where I worked.

I went through this grind and I learned much. I was a volatile, high-energy man. My testosterone was at an all-time high. I couldn’t sleep at night because I was sexually manic.

One day I found another woman that consisted in an on-off relationship for over a year. During that tumultuous period I denied myself loving her, and it drove us both mad.

The games we played were amusing, but in the end were not satisfying.

We both moved, and I once told her I loved her. And it wasn’t until recently that I realized I did love her.

I loved our wild sex, too, of course. We’d fuck for hours a day, multiple times, and drive ourselves to peak simultaneous orgasms. But though I hated her I wanted to give her my love as well.

Instead we both got fed up and parted, following a ridiculous incident.

It wouldn’t be until I met another woman that came into my life and showed me love like I’d never experienced.

I doubted myself for a while. I thought that Jess was the best I could get. Absurd! But she would drive an hour to meet me, beg me for sex, feed me, lavish money on me. And by the world’s standards I was nothing to appreciate, though I was, as she said, “Good looking, even though that’s all you have going for you.”

But then the women came in. They appreciated me as Jess did. The sex, the games, I could tell they were feeble and I saw right through my act. And I finally decided I could not hide anymore.

After opening my heart, I was heartbroken, but I did not stop. I let myself continue looking for love, instead of sex, feeling a little hopeless as I did so.

And what happened?

I found love. And I found that because I was being honest, finally, with what I wanted so desperately. So it was coming to me.

The promiscuous sex wasn’t coming, because I knew all along it wasn’t what I wanted.

As men we are programmed for casual sex, but that means nothing. For a long time I have not cared about the “game,” the silly numbers game of animalistic fucking.

Because every time I have gone out to play that game for sex, I have found love instead.
You get what you need, and I must admit finally that what I thought I wanted–sleeping around and being a player–is not what I REALLY want, or even what I NEED.

Lately I can recall how it was as a child–sex was of interest to me, but primarily I was interested in falling in love. And by that I mean the mutual, enveloping tension between me and another person.

I would fantasize, dream, and project onto reality these desires. It drove me crazy in high school. I fell hard for many women and I thought maybe I had a real problem. I felt like the world’s biggest loser.

But the solution was NEVER to forego love and become some sex-addicted fiend who used women and had a big hole in his heart.

How can I express to you how badly that game is not satisfying, despite it being all I ever wanted and what I got good at for so many years?

The REAL solution was not running. The real solution was…


Women want a man who is honest. Honest with himself, with his desires. They want a REAL person, and you cannot be real if you are hiding behind a wall of sexual inauthenticity, or building your own wall of egotistical heartlessness.

I am not heartless, I have a stronger heart than anyone. And I have finally realized that my alleged weakness is actually one of my greatest strengths.

Having a powerful heart is a greater weapon than sex, because love is the most powerful force there is.

I denied it for a while. I used anger, horniness, rage as my tools. They are fuel, and you should use them. Don’t get me wrong.

But nothing compares to love, whether it is romantic or passionate or just the kind of love where you cannot bear to lose someone.

When you love someone, you will forego your entire trip to New York City and all the hot broads there and the chance to sleep around because the woman you love calls you and can’t bear to be without you and wants to die without you, and though you know it’s silly you feel a sense of purpose in coming back for her like never before.

I went back, and though I regretted it, it was far more satisfying than living an empty life without her.

So here is my advice:


Play the “game,” by all means. Talk to women. But know what you are looking for. And be honest about that.

And don’t deny your heart’s greatest desire.

Do not throw away your childhood dreams as fantasy.

These days it is popular to preach about doing what you love.

Why does no one preach about falling in love?

Are your dreams about being an actor, or singer, or carpenter, or president or astronaut any different or less meaningful than your childhood dreams about finding a woman to complete you?
Do not be ashamed. Do not be embarassed.

Your love is one of your greatest strengths, if only you would stop denying it.

You can see it in the warm gazes of all around you when you hold hands with the woman you’re in love with. you can feel it in the way time dissipates, irrelevant. In the way that you just want to spend time with her, even to your mutual detriment.

I pity the emotional deficit of those who don’t want “emotional entanglements” or “don’t have time” or “aren’t ready” for a “relationship.”

Without love, you are just playing games.

It is true that in falling in love or seeking it, you will drive away women in the process. But you must understand that not every woman is willing to “get down,” and of those who are, perhaps they cannot attend to your further needs.

To stop playing games, and find love, you must open your heart.


As men, we are all about taking risks, right? And yet everywhere, in this millenial hell, we are being taught to stop falling love and to stop having “one-itis” and to always be hooking, stringing women along.

If you have to play games to keep women, then perhaps it is NOT the women that are at fault.

Perhaps that is YOUR problem.

You can run from love, but can it run from you? Perhaps it is just time to TAKE THE RISK, and…

Fall in love.

You can get by on your own


Stick up for yourself and no one else

Believe it or not: you don’t need the System.

When your employer asks you to work an 8-hour shift, then a 12-hour, then a 16 and you have other things to do–fuck him.

Even if he strands you without the company vehicle in another city, it doesn’t matter.

You can get by on your own.

It doesn’t matter

Quit your fucking job.

It doesn’t matter what happens.

You have better shit to do and you can find another job easy.

Always stick up for yourself.

If your boss tells you to go home and change your shirt, tell him to fuck himself and then go home and stay there.

Walk around in public like you own the place and do whatever you want. No one can stop you.

Nobody even wants to stop you.

It’s all in your head.

They don’t have your best interest in mind

People will lie.

They will manipulate and bullshit. They will purposely “forget” the past and twist events to suit their agenda. They will keep a tally of rights and wrongs and they will dispute your own tally.

Solution: don’t tally.

The Bible says, “Love keeps no record of wrongs” and that is sound advice. Drop your fucking history and pay attention to the present.

Who is this person RIGHT NOW?

What is the truth RIGHT NOW?

What do I need RIGHT NOW?

What is in my best interest RIGHT NOW?

If you need something done right now, then drop your obligations and drop this other person. Focus on you.

Pay attention to people as they are

People will let you know upfront what they are. Just like they’ll tell you their problems [link to BPD post].

In relationships this is really important:

You cannot see people as you’d like them to be. That’s called idealization.

You must deal with people as they actually are.

If your girlfriend is fat, there is a very low chance she’ll ever lose weight. Sorry, little buddy. And here’s what you ask yourself:

Is she losing weight right now?

Is she working out right now?

Is she all talk or do her actions follow?

Is she acting like a skinny person or a fat person?

If she’s not already actively working to become a skinnier person, then she won’t be one. Assuming you’re fucking her then as a man you should ORDER her to get in shape, but if she doesn’t then you have a double-duty to dump her. Not only is she not skinny, but she won’t get skinny for  you.

Treat people as they are.

If they are untrustworthy, they are untrustworthy. Don’t wait for them to shape up. Stop trusting them with things.

If they are bitchy, they are bitchy. Don’t wait for them to be nice.

If they are fat, they are fat. Go find a girl who’s in shape.

If they’re broke, they’re broke. Unless they’re making money, they will stay broke.

Do you want to deal with all that?

Unless you really want to deal with something, don’t deal with people who don’t actually meet your standards.

Keep your best interest in mind. Stick up for what you really want and don’t pay attention to people who are only pretenders.

Focus on the destination, not the obstacles

This is straightforward.

There is a difference between Rebellion and a Cause. Here at Rebel to the Core it may seem I embrace rebelling against everything but truthfully I am a Rebel with a Cause.

When you focus on obstacles, that’s what you get. You get obstacles and you get to deal with them.


When you focus on the destination, then your focus shifts onto the path laid out before you. You focus on what you’re doing and getting. Obstacles are overcome naturally in the process.

Cars with cute girls will honk at you if you’re a Rebel

That’s right, fuck you.

Everybody just wants to watch

They’re all watchers. Nobody has the fucking balls to fuck with you.

Nobody has ever fucked with me in years. I can remember two times, vividly, and they stand out to me because it is so rare.

In one case I was with a girl and I was playing music and dancing. We were laughing and having a good time.

Some faggot walked past and said, without getting too close or even making eye contact, “You think that’s funny?”

I think he’s a faggot.

The second time a big fat black bitch got on me for making out with my girl at the bar. I just blew her off. She left. My girl told me she was a lesbian and had been flirting with her. I laughed my ass off.

But I have yet to see anybody really start a fight.

All talk, no game. In the gym today some old idiot was complaining about piss on the floor. He said, “Nobody has any respect for each other anymore and it’s because of the media.”

I declared loudly, “Howabout you show some respect for those of us who don’t wanna hear  your bitching.” He probably thought I pissed on the floor, and why not? It’s such a trivial fucking thing, and people just want to watch. He didn’t do anything about it, he just told every damn person walking in to “avoid the puddle.”

As I was leaving I walked right over it without a care in the world, and I know he saw me do it.

The Universe

The final point in this video and post is that the

the universe makes it easy for those who go for what they want.

that’s the uncomfortable truth because it means cheaters and assholes win and everyone else loses. its a good thing though because it means that if you dont act like a little pussy bitch and instead overtly go after exactly what you want without compromise, at the very least youll have no regrets. at best youll get exactl what you want and more.

hardcore example:

youre staying up late tonight because you cant sleep because youre imagining all of the pretty girls you never fucked and tried to so hard to fuck and all of the countless rejections youve had and how youve spent the last 5 years doing nothing but trying to fuck a hot girl and you STILL havent succeeded. you decide you need some food to pretend to cover the pain, even though youre distinctly aware youre not hungry.

the only problem is taco bell is 15 minutes away and you dont have a car. your first impulse is to grab your girlfriends keys which are sitting right there and take her truck to taco bell. in your head there is a conflict between teh guy you know you wanna be who just does shit without caring about consequences and the other guy who has to ask for permission.

you pick up the keys and walk out the door.

as youre walking out the door, your comatose girlfriend mutters, “where are you going?”

you say, “Taco Bell” and shut the door.

on the the trip you feel exhiliraated and speed a little and turn the radio up and realize you can do whatever you want. no one is stopping you from being that guy that you wanna be.

when you get back home you walk into your room and everything is still the same. your girl is asleep and she doesnt care.

you open up your laptop and type this stupid story because its poignant to you even if its not to anybody else.

you rest assured that a lesser man would have feared getting up just to type or open the bright laptop screen and annoy his girl, before you realize that you dont give a fuck and can and should replace her at any time. you decide to never take it as a loss if anyone steps out of your life.

the next day you call a girl for a ride, and don’t pay her. you decide she owes YOU, and thats what you demand and want. It doesnt matter the truth. it only matters what you put into the unvierse.

you get that ride and then you dump her and tell her youll never see her again. she threatens to call the cops because you “stole” from her.

you tell her to go ahead, and finally she leaves, crying.

later she breaks in through your window and begs you to sleep with her, and you call the cops and they tell her to leave. you have the choice of whether to put her in jail or not.

the tables have flipped.

you are now in the position of power, getting everything you want. and in that moment, you decide you might need her later. you want to keep her around.

after all, you still like her even if she is a psycho bitch.

cold? sociopathic? wrong?



you are just getting what you want, and the universe is delivering it. there is no such thing as karma, or else this story would never have played out as it did.


There is the only the universe.

And you are free to stick up for yourself while everyone else just watches.

Stop avoiding consequences and get into trouble

We are often afraid of consequences.

What most never realize is that there is only one way over fear: facing it directly.

Rather than play it safe, in regard to whatever it is you are starting to think about as I write, instead of worrying about possible consequences to your current approach–consider a radically different approach

Instead of evading consequences, embrace and accept them.

Do not only be prepared for consequences, stir them. Expect them. Get yourself into trouble and revel in it.

Practically, this means that if you’re concerned with doing things a certain way, drop it and do the opposite of whatever you are used to doing.

If you are typically nice to others or try to hide your actions or downplay yourself, do the exact opposite.

Be mean, aggressive, and fully own up to your blatant and selfish desires and actions. Tell the truth, assert your dominance, and invite conflict.

When you invite conflict, that is the real test of your strength. Will you fight or flee? Can you take what you dish out? Can you maintain your self-conviction in the face of extreme prejudice?

“Today, you’re going to go out and start a fight…and you’re going to lose.” – Tyler Durden

When you have experienced enough conflict, fear will remove itself and you’ll be focused on what you desire, and only concern yourself with seeing the pathway to that desire.

We too often fear what we have not experienced, or not persisted through, and it is the lazy man’s way out to avoid our fear and conflict.

The point of this post is: choose an entirely different path and then throw yourself into the fire.

Whatever results can only make you stronger, therefore you have nothing to lose.

The only crime is to give up or return to a comfortable life (return to avoiding consequences).

One final, but crucial point is this: when you throw yourself into your self-created fire (folly) you MUST not only follow-through but act with absolute conviction, confidence, and give your very best performance.

You must give yourself over completely. You must revel in the new act. You must surrender. You MUST give all you have.

There can be no room for half-assed, timid rebellion. This only leads to poor results and cannot help you grow. To grow you must birth yourself anew into the gut-wrenching, heart-pounding fire of conflict.

Whatever crazy or impulsive ideas you have–as long as you feel the wrenching PULL to do them–do not question, do not doubt. And DO NOT, by any means, give a half-baked performance.

You must go all the way and face the extreme risks that come with that.

If you’re going to tell your boss off, then don’t just express your opinion or question him. Go all out. Fully exert your presence. Fully express your OWN goddamned opinions and emotions. Throw his dominance in his face and risk everything.

Make a performance. Don’t half-ass it. Go all out. Don’t just tell your boss “I don’t like your decision” tell him “you’re discriminating against gay people” and rail on about how mistreated you were and then burst out crying and storm out of the building.

When you take yourself seriously, you can get away with anything.

We often hear “you take yourself too seriously” but that’s not the real problem.

The real problem is that you take the CONSEQUENCES way too damn seriously, and that is the problem with your entire life.

Start making quick decisions and stick to them. Own them. Run with them!

Never be on the fence. Make your decisions, and make them blatantly. Your attitude should not be “what can I get away with?” It should be “this is what I want to do and I’m going to do it.”

Never act as if you’re “getting caught.” You have done nothing wrong. You were a man acting like a man. You didn’t break the rules. You don’t recognize rules.

To recognize any rules is to place others above you.

But the Rebel puts himself above others.

Don’t be afraid to lose in this life because there is nothing to lose. You can always start over. You are strong because the cosmic cards have played out in your favor. Otherwise you would not be reading and resonating with this. Only you know what you are capable of.

Stop taking the easy route. Go all in, consequences be damned.

How would you rather go through life?

Option A:


Sneaking and skulking?

Option B:


“Just try and stop me.”

Curse of the Millenials

The curse of the Millenials is that we have no purpose.

We have become mindless consumer zombies, dedicated to developing our HEARTS and SOULS on MEDIA.

The problem is that this is unsustainable.

You CANNOT build your soul, your own unique voice, your true nature out of falsehoods.

Like the saying goes: “A house with a weak foundation will fall.”

It used to be that we would be trained and educated to go out in the world and learn reality from itself. This was called “rite of passage.”

Now we are constantly trained and re-educated by the unreality that we are plugged into. It is unsustainable.

Let me tell you something kids–or anyone actually: if you’re here then you already know that you have a soul and it needs to be freed.

It doesn’t come automatically–it has to be built. Created. But it has been there, underneath the surface, or else you wouldn’t be reading this.

You have a soul that you need to unleash, and it don’t come with imbibing distractions. It comes when you take whatever mission or purpose you have in your heart and you FOLLOW IT.


What’s stopping You?

It might be doubt, it might be “failure,” or it might be that you have spent so little time listening to your soul that you don’t know how it speaks [link to that one long article].

You’ve got to listen to it. How?

Take a walk. Spend some time in meditation. Listen to some music. Do something, take some action toward a goal. You WILL figure it out.

Ask, and ye shall receive.

As an old man told me once:

“You get what you ask for.”

And it’s so very true, my friends.

Ask for a different girlfriend, and the one you’re with will either conform to your new expectations or you will find one that does. Ask for more cheese slices on your burger, and you might get it. Ask for more money, and people will pay you more.

Ask for a different seat. Ask to borrow something. Ask to have something. Just do it.

Ask more. Demand more.

It doesn’t matter if you go too far. Never be afraid to ask for too much.

Always be afraid of never asking for enough.

Fear mediocrity. Fear losing your SOUL, and let that inspire you.

You only have one life, and if you spend it burying the rebel inside, you will always regret it.

Act now.