Women want a different kind of power

Women want interpersonal power, not external power.

In other words women want to be “dominated.”

There is a difference between being wealthy and powerful and having power over a woman. They are two different things, and while science has allegedly determined that women orgasm harder for wealthy men, for one thing science cannot be trusted and for another thing my women cum every time I fuck them and I am not rich by a long shot.

No, what women want is for you to have power over them. And this can be done without finances or other external status displays; in fact a “good” woman (i.e. one who wants to please) will actually make this road to power easier, although that is not necessarily the best avenue for a developing seductive stud to learn from.

The best way to figure this out is to just act with authority over your woman. This does NOT mean being an asshole. Though many women will in fact put up with being an asshole. And we’ll have to define asshole.

A true asshole is someone who puts up a front, someone who conceals their true selves. Nobody likes this person.

The kind of “asshole” that women like is in fact a more genuine, emotional man. Sincerely, women crave emotions of any sort from a man. And it’s not even the emotions themselvs necessarily; it is the uninhibited, life energy that emanates from a man who is being authentic.

This means getting pissed. It means crying. It means making your true self known, and not just hiding everything.

This does not mean you have to become an extrovert, although personally I have found that much of my introversion was actually just being a “true asshole” and concealing myself, with a lot of my introspection just being immaturity and wasting my time.

Don’t get me wrong; meditation and visualization and mind power are extremely important to constructing your life, otherwise you are flying blind. And you will notice then when you reach a level of personal power (not interpersonal) and you realize that events unfolding in your life are actually resembling the things you’ve been thinking about.

It is not a coincidence.

But this post is not about personal power, it’s about dominance over a woman, and I hate this word dominance precisely because it is so overused and overplayed and in fact I think it’s actually a little bent out of shape.

A better word would be UNINHIBITEDNESS.

And this is what i have long been ruminating in my mind based on many experiences with women that just cannot be explained through traditional avenues or new-emerging avenues such as “game.” Game is overrated but not in the way many think. It’s not that game is not real; human psychology is obviously a real thing.

But the problem is that if you want to get good at influencing people then you will have to develop your INTUITIVE senses, not your intellectual ones.

This is why dumb jocks tend to do better with women.

Your “social skills”–more inward than outward–will better determine your success with women than your intellect.

This is why certain drugs such as phenibut or alcohol will make you more attractive to women (and people in general).

I’ve witnessed that when I’m on the verge of tears women smile at me and make themselves very warm toward me.

Also I have witnessed women hitting on me when I am visibly pissed off and horny.

After a while of these things happening you don’t write them off as one-off events, you determine that being authentic and displaying real emotion is wildly more attractive than putting off an unaffected front.

Now for those of you who find this disturbing or distracting to your goals, yes. It is.

But you will have to decide whether being human and allowing these emotoinal displays and getting the return of investment from people and especially women is worth it to you.

Being uninhibited is different than just being a domineering asshole.

Express your annoyance

Consider this:

My girlfriend was once going on about trivial bullshit and whining about her mother.

I told her I was getting tired of this.

She said, “You know, when this happens and I’m out of line you can just tell me to shut up.”

I’ll happily oblige, I thought.

Then she said, “My ex-boyfriends would always tell me, ‘If you don’t shut up I’ll beat your ass.'”

I thought this was a bit crass even for me but when you realize that women often stay with their abusers and actually DEMAND to be hit, then it’s a different story.

This same girl also told me one day (when she was at peak ovulation) that she wanted me to hit her to snap her out of her whiny, annoying indulgences. She was very anxious and to make me certain it was ok she smacked herself in the face.

So then I smacked her, twice. The first time was wimpy. The second time was rather hard.

She said, “Ow, that was hard” but she did stop complaining after that. I think we even had sex.

The colloquial term for this is, “Putting women in their place.”

And it has nothing to do with being an asshole.

It means you are GENUINELY annoyed with her fucking narcissistic dramatic needy bullshit. And you want her to cut it the fuck out.

Does this make you selfish? Yes.

Does this involve having power over another person? Yes.

But it is genuine and exerts your boundaries? Yes.

And this is attractive behavior, especially to women who are into men. Now I personally think all women have a degree of bisexuality but that is another story.

Having power over another person is intrinstic to living. You wield power and influence just by existing, if you choose to exist well. And that is unavoidable as long as you are human and living on this planet.

If you are doing what’s best for other people, that doesn’t mean avoiding them. You are only putting yourself at a disadvantage when you do that.

After all, if you’re going to concern yourself with what’s best for others, you need to consider that people are facing the same dilemma when they encounter you.

In any face off between you and another person’s will, one person will win. That is just reality.

And it might as well be you.

Practical tip: Get angry when you are angry.

Get and be annoyed when you are annoyed.

Tell your woman to shut up when you want her to shut up.

Cry if you feel like crying, even if it’s in front of other people.

And be happy and energetic if you feel like it. One time on Adderall I was running into a drugstore singing loudly with my girlfriend there.

She told me later that they said I was “funny” and next time she was there they asked her where I was.

And I did nothing except for be myself, however drug-altered I was in that moment.

Just express your emotions and you will be one step closer to your real self. Just remember not to be a needy, annoying lunatic. Women don’t always like that either.

A good way to sum up this article is just to keep this in mind:

Be yourself for you, and if they don’t like it then they can walk.

Do women want arrogance?

Do women like arrogant men?

The problem here is semantic.

Real arrogance comes from a place of insecurity and it is not attractive.

But “arrogance” as most people use it is actually what it is–confidence.

The difference is between a man who is a pretender and a man who actually holds a high perspective of himself.

Therefore it is completely possible for a man to be full of himself, boasting, and highly secure, and therefore confident, and seemingly arrogant.

But if this behavior stems from a lack of perspective, then it is not REAL. It is dishonest, inauthentic.

Therefore one is better off being real and authentic than a pretender.

The best solution, of course, is to be genuinely confident. Or, to use this context–genuinely arrogant.

To speak highly of oneself and totally mean it, know it, and have no trouble communicating it can actually be very attractive.

But as a final word on the issue–and again, the problem all arises with words–the key is to be real and honest and authentic above all. This is the source of true power.

And ironically, when one is real and authentic and fully exposes flaws, this also allows one to be fully confident and unfettered by weaknesses.

THIS is what it means to be “humble.” When women say they do not want arrogance or that they want a humble man, they mean they want him to be real.

So the question is, are you a comic book character? A James Bond? Are you pretending to be greater than you actually are?

Or do you actually believe in yourself, regardless of your alleged “status” in life?

Arrogance is just a word. It’s the attitude behind it that makes all the difference.

The strongest lock

Once, upon buying a new bike to get around town, I was told that in this city bikes get stolen all the time. I shrugged it off and told the salesman that I would just buy a lock, but he insisted that any lock wasn’t enough. He told me that people “without morals” routinely go around clipping bike locks with high-power clippers and then putting the bikes into vans.

I thought this was a bit paranoid, but I had heard this before. So I allowed him to sell me on the best lock available, one with metal joints to prevent any clipping. I walked out confident, feeling that perhaps the lock was an overinvestment.

When I got home I locked my bike up to a post near the door to my apartment. It was fine for a little while. But there was a small intuitive feeling that I ignored, telling me this wasn’t the safest place.

Two days later I am unlocking my bike, when suddenly I realize that the bike seat is missing.

Not only that, but the front wheel was completely detached. A stolen bike seat I could at least deal with; but the front wheel was disconnected completely. I didn’t know how to fix it. And what was odd was that the tire had been removed from the wheel, but the pirates had taken the seat only. Based on this, I felt it was an act of malice.

The best lock in the world couldn’t prevent my bike from being fucked up. Someone had it out for me, and I did not adequately protect myself.

You see, when push comes to shove we cannot rely on our ego or our past accomplishments or our possessions or our safety. It is far too easy to lose control.

You may think everything is roses until one day you find your car stolen. Or maybe someone you love has cancer.

We can only take responsibility for ourselves and trust our gut. My gut told me to take preventative measures and I failed to do that. I paid the price.

The strongest lock cannot keep what we hold dear. It can slip away, even when we have given our all to keep it.

Even when you are the best option a woman has, she can still choose to leave. There is no security you can have, no control that is absolute or certain.

Sometimes we have to give ourselves a break. But we also must remember to trust our intuitions.

Whether that comes in dreams or premonitions, or just an aching feeling, we already know the truth.

Sometimes the greatest thing can slip from our fingers. And if we try to keep it under lock and key, perhaps we will find ourselves laughing or crying as the thing is destroyed, or destroys itself.

Sometimes we must release the thing we love to see if it comes back to the nest.

Or else let it go.

We had the strongest lock. But even it was not enough.

Being honest with yourself, and the storm of emotion

Love can be a whirlwind fire that will tear you asunder and bring out your best and worst qualities.

It is foolishness of the utmost extreme to presume that denying love in favor of playing games or continually being “aloof” or dishonest about your nature will somehow bring you satisfaction in your relationships with women.

As a whole we have been taught as men to betray our emotions and that is wrong.

There is no joy, let alone strength in being an anhedonic robot.

Embracing your true nature is the only way to be self-satisfied and grow and also to attract others in the way that only you can with your own true and authentic self.

Falling in love and embracing pursuit of women will bring out everything that you are. You will learn your weaknesses and strengths, and you will forced to confront your hangups and struggle with honesty about what you are and what you want.

It will also dredge up everything that you AREN’T. It takes strength to recognize these barriers, push through the pain of confronting them, and then going through the process to overcome them.

What you may find in pursuing women is that you are not following your own nature, thus attracting the wrong type of women or else denying you what you want or even NEED because you cannot be honest about it.

Are you REALLY looking for sex? Are you looking for love? Are you looking for a companion? Are there a variety of needs you want met, which aren’t being satisfied because you are trying to lock them down with women that don’t want to provide those needs?

You must be honest about what you want and about your reality.

There was one a pretty German girl I met in LA who fell in love with me. It started out slow and calm but very high-energy.

Though I spoke quietly to her and her to me, when we met there was a fire.

I saw her, wearing sunglasses, walking along the street with headphones in and a bag of health food berries (probably Acai, the new rage these days).

I approached her mainly because she was sporting a bare chest underneath her sports bra, but also because something in me wanted to smash her protective barrier. The dual message, of both her outfit and the sunglasses was enough to engage my hunter.

When I approached her she stopped before me and I could barely contain myself. I kept smiling and smirking and wanting to laugh, the energy was intense for me.

Now we are told not to smile or to remain poker-faced in front of women, but I just did what came naturally. I was feeling happy to talk to her, I WANTED to talk to her, and there was nothing wrong with it. At no point did I pretend to be disinterested or feeling less than I was.

We flirted for a little bit and I wasn’t entirely sure she was even into me. But then she made the slightest, feminine gesture of preferring her bag of berries for me. And naturally, I accepted (the Ben Franklin effect is something I am well aware of exploiting).

It was smooth sailing after that, just a natural seduction with us talking and I let out my heart. I was honest, I did not shy away from intense topics like sexual energy, and the woman responded in kind.

It wasn’t long before she was wanting to literally jump me. But because I was denying my sexuality at that time, I did not act on my desires.

Eventually she came around to touching ME but it wasn’t until a second date that the moment came for us to kiss and I didn’t. She asked me, “Don’t you want to kiss me?” and I said no.

She felt rejected but it did not end.

It would end with an even bigger blunder.

She went to slap my ass unexpectedly, perhaps as a last-ditch effort to engage my sexuality after we’d been driving around to find a place to fuck without actually explicitly acknowledging it, and I was unable to honestly tell her to just stop at a hotel, and I would pay for it. We had not openly discussed fucking but it was obvious what we both wanted.

When she slapped my ass, I went quiet. It felt awkward. I wanted to get to know her, not just fuck her so soon, I thought.

And this blunder led to her walking away.

But as she was walking away, the artificial thing to do would have been to let her go, and assume she would come back. But in that moment, I knew that she would not be coming back. I felt it.

So I decided to chase her.

I ran 2 blocks to catch back up to her, something no man taking internet advice would ever do, and she exclaimed in delightful surprise, “Are you coming?” or something to that effect.

At the time I did not realize it, but she thought perhaps I was finally expressing my sexual aggression instead of being “aloof and indifferent,” or denying my sexuality because I thought it was necessary to find a woman to love and not just fuck.

I never saw that woman again, and I sent her a string of texts explaining why I did what I did and that it wasn’t really me. she never responded.

But the key to this incident for me was that rather than holding back, I needed to do the exact opposite. And she APPRECIATED that. That’s what she wanted.

When I chased her as she walked away she felt desired, and she was surprised because it betrayed the contradictory weakness I had displayed before. In that moment I could have gotten what I wanted, but instead I told her that I felt like I had done something wrong, and she told me that it “wasn’t me.”

Later I would discover on Facebook that she as already in a relationship. Of course.

My lack of sexual aggression and being true to my nature had turned her away and back into the arms of her comfortable lover, who she was clearly intent on leaving for me had I not betrayed myself.
This incident was a key turning point in my relationships with women. No longer would I deny my sexuality, and no longer would I simply try to get women in bed.

You must be honest, both with yourself AND your sexuality to become a true master with women.
You do not have to hide from sex. You do not have to pretend like it doesn’t exist, like a boo-hoo taboo. You can evenly openly speak about it with women that you have just met, if you are being genuine.

I do not mean, “Will you fuck me?” as that is crass and inauthentic anyway. Although I will be honest, this can work too if you really mean it and it makes sense.

Perhaps the greatest blunder men make in seduction is disallowing themself of their natural instincts. They think they must perform or be dishonest in some way to make women love them, when in reality what they need to do is EMBRACE those qualities that they ignored and betrayed for some weakness, such as social ineptness or anxiety.
Your real problem is that you are holding back.

Instead of trying to engineer yourself into some badboy or line-spitting idiot, you would do better to become your natural self and turn off the women who don’t like it. You can make a great joke and have fun with yourself and then woman will hate you, and not “get it.” And that’s ok.

Would you really want a woman like that anyway?

Key to being good with women is being honest, even ruthlessly so, and you can do that partly by embracing your nature. If you are in love, so be it. Do not hide that. Embrace it!

Don’t pretend you don’t care about the woman, or play games. IF you want gameplaying women then I guess it’s ok, but that’s hardly the kind of fulfillment I would seek. That does not engender real passion and flaming romances the like of which you probably don’t believe in or only see in bad Hollywood movies.

You’d be surprised at what you can “get away with” when you are really honest with yourself and take the risks. After a while those risks will no longer be risks, persay, because you’d rather be yourself than lie even if it means turning someone away. You will be comfortable with rejection, whether you are walking or the woman is rejecting you.

You must embrace your nature to get what you want, and for some of us that may mean chasing when we are told not to chase, loving when we are told not to love, being angry when we are told not to get angry, and holding on when we are told to let go.

Overall if you wish to be successful with yourself, either in life or romance, then you must be honest with yourself and “come into your own,” even if that means turning off many around you.

There is much more to life than gratuitous sex or making money or racking up a notch count.

But you will never believe that unless are you honest with yourself.

How to fall in love

“One-itis” my ass.

holding hands on beach

The greatest thing you can ever do for yourself is to fall in love.

You can fall in love with another person, and even yourself. But to experience real love, the kind that awakens your purpose and makes life beautiful, you must open up.

You must open your mind to BELIEVING in love.

And you must OPEN YOUR HEART.

In this material world we are taught without remorse that all love dies, that the One is a fiction, and that it’s all mercilessly about sex and chaos, Amen.

Well-known “Red Pill” blogger Roosh, dedicated to seduction of women, even says it is impossible for love to last in this day and age.

Other wildly popular blogger Victor Pride suggests that love is a fiction:

Soulmates and true love is an invention of the movies and sold to the gullible masses.

While I agree that the concept of a “soulmate” is rather fabricated, the men leading social movements these days seem to all be of a mind that love is not real or desirable, and that men’s first prerogative is to sex women. They call it “hookup culture” for a reason.

It’s as if love is a weakness.

Love is not weakness

Love is strength.

Everyone else and their dog is afraid of love, they are incapable of it or else they let it destroy them.

It takes real strength to fully immerse yourself in love and then run with it.

To be vulnerable is to be invulnerable.

When you are vulnerable, when you are honest, when you fully express your feelings and intentions and let yourself surrender, then you become invincible. No one can hurt you when you have nothing to hide. When you are fully what you are, and you communicate that, then nothing can stand in your way.

When you honestly communicate to others and they reject you, it’s harder to give a fuck. And when you are honest, you are that much closer to finding a person who matches your values.

You may do crazy things, things that look absurd from the outside, and one day in nostalgia you will be tempted to look back and wonder where your outlandish actions came from. You probably have wild memories from your youth or even in recent memory and blame them on “hormones” or some other nonsense.

But there is a simple explanation: in the moment you were in love.

And when you are in love, everything makes sense. Because love is stronger than any force, even sex or fear.

True love

We’ve been bombarded in our Hollywood movies with absurd follies and tales of the world that don’t really work. I know, movies are fiction. I hate most movies and I rarely bother to watch them.

But I am here to tell you that love is a real thing. It really exists. Real love, such that you want to grip that person and never let go. You feel comfortable, “right” with that person. You can be yourself.

You may fear their loss and you may fear intimacy, but intimacy is what you crave the most.

In this world we are being taught to relent our heart and soul to the devil of merciless nihilism, and while it’s true that life may have no meaning, you can find your own meaning in love.

Love reveals the light where there was only darkness. It may not be enough, but without it you will only be miserable.

How to fall in love

It’s not hard to fall. But it can be frightening because we experience a loss of control.

No longer is our hard ego at the forefront of our goal-oriented decisions.

Instead we are faced with powerful emotions and intuitions. The one we love becomes a focus, it perhaps even overrides our priorities.

Off into the world we go
Planning futures, shaping years
Love bursts in, and suddenly
All our wisdom disappears

Love changes everything because it is what we are really looking for, beyond the senseless grind of achievement and money that compels our ego.
There was a while where I hardened my heart. I embraced the ego and told myself love was not a real thing. You can even see that on the earlier posts on this website. I was living in Hell, torn between my true desire for real intimacy and the games I was playing for sex.

We are all gripped by our psychosexual conflict, but for those few who have a heart, that will never be enough.

For me it was never enough. It is NOT enough.

The sex and the games were not satisfying me on the deeper level that I needed.
I used to want to destroy my heart. I wrote an aggressive song about it, wild with anger. I pounded it out on my piano and it was the TRUTH to me at that time. Here are some of the lyrics (copyright by me, faggots):

I like this new direction
I’ve never felt this way before
I’ll never fall in love again
And if I do you can be sure

I’ll never let it get in the way
Of my desire!
Gonna take what I want from you
Make you feel my fire!


To win the game
You’ve got to play
The weaker man will never
Have his day

We’re livin’ in
A world of sin
I’m tired of losin’ time to
Jump right in

This was back in a time where I was obsessed with sex and I was, in my anger and ruthlessness, denying myself the very thing in my heart that I wanted more than anything.

It made me feel powerful. The SACRIFICE made me feel superior.

The idea of conquesting an army of women and throwing them mercilessly aside drove me on, because I was unwilling to come to grief with the mountain of heartbreak and lost love I had experienced in my life.

I’ve had a plethora of romances and even broken hearts myself, but for whatever reason I slowly threw away my heart’s strongest desire–for love–and pretended like it was “for girls.” I pretended it wasn’t real.

Slowly, all of my dreams and fantasies went away. I no longer wished for what I really needed, instead I dreamt about sex or approaching women. I went through years of doing nothing but talking to women, it was my priority in life.

There was a period of time where I did nothing but went out every day for hours and hours on end and talked to women. Once I got a job I did this in my spare time, and did my best to pursue women where I worked.

I went through this grind and I learned much. I was a volatile, high-energy man. My testosterone was at an all-time high. I couldn’t sleep at night because I was sexually manic.

One day I found another woman that consisted in an on-off relationship for over a year. During that tumultuous period I denied myself loving her, and it drove us both mad.

The games we played were amusing, but in the end were not satisfying.

We both moved, and I once told her I loved her. And it wasn’t until recently that I realized I did love her.

I loved our wild sex, too, of course. We’d fuck for hours a day, multiple times, and drive ourselves to peak simultaneous orgasms. But though I hated her I wanted to give her my love as well.

Instead we both got fed up and parted, following a ridiculous incident.

It wouldn’t be until I met another woman that came into my life and showed me love like I’d never experienced.

I doubted myself for a while. I thought that Jess was the best I could get. Absurd! But she would drive an hour to meet me, beg me for sex, feed me, lavish money on me. And by the world’s standards I was nothing to appreciate, though I was, as she said, “Good looking, even though that’s all you have going for you.”

But then the women came in. They appreciated me as Jess did. The sex, the games, I could tell they were feeble and I saw right through my act. And I finally decided I could not hide anymore.

After opening my heart, I was heartbroken, but I did not stop. I let myself continue looking for love, instead of sex, feeling a little hopeless as I did so.

And what happened?

I found love. And I found that because I was being honest, finally, with what I wanted so desperately. So it was coming to me.

The promiscuous sex wasn’t coming, because I knew all along it wasn’t what I wanted.

As men we are programmed for casual sex, but that means nothing. For a long time I have not cared about the “game,” the silly numbers game of animalistic fucking.

Because every time I have gone out to play that game for sex, I have found love instead.
You get what you need, and I must admit finally that what I thought I wanted–sleeping around and being a player–is not what I REALLY want, or even what I NEED.

Lately I can recall how it was as a child–sex was of interest to me, but primarily I was interested in falling in love. And by that I mean the mutual, enveloping tension between me and another person.

I would fantasize, dream, and project onto reality these desires. It drove me crazy in high school. I fell hard for many women and I thought maybe I had a real problem. I felt like the world’s biggest loser.

But the solution was NEVER to forego love and become some sex-addicted fiend who used women and had a big hole in his heart.

How can I express to you how badly that game is not satisfying, despite it being all I ever wanted and what I got good at for so many years?

The REAL solution was not running. The real solution was…


Women want a man who is honest. Honest with himself, with his desires. They want a REAL person, and you cannot be real if you are hiding behind a wall of sexual inauthenticity, or building your own wall of egotistical heartlessness.

I am not heartless, I have a stronger heart than anyone. And I have finally realized that my alleged weakness is actually one of my greatest strengths.

Having a powerful heart is a greater weapon than sex, because love is the most powerful force there is.

I denied it for a while. I used anger, horniness, rage as my tools. They are fuel, and you should use them. Don’t get me wrong.

But nothing compares to love, whether it is romantic or passionate or just the kind of love where you cannot bear to lose someone.

When you love someone, you will forego your entire trip to New York City and all the hot broads there and the chance to sleep around because the woman you love calls you and can’t bear to be without you and wants to die without you, and though you know it’s silly you feel a sense of purpose in coming back for her like never before.

I went back, and though I regretted it, it was far more satisfying than living an empty life without her.

So here is my advice:


Play the “game,” by all means. Talk to women. But know what you are looking for. And be honest about that.

And don’t deny your heart’s greatest desire.

Do not throw away your childhood dreams as fantasy.

These days it is popular to preach about doing what you love.

Why does no one preach about falling in love?

Are your dreams about being an actor, or singer, or carpenter, or president or astronaut any different or less meaningful than your childhood dreams about finding a woman to complete you?
Do not be ashamed. Do not be embarassed.

Your love is one of your greatest strengths, if only you would stop denying it.

You can see it in the warm gazes of all around you when you hold hands with the woman you’re in love with. you can feel it in the way time dissipates, irrelevant. In the way that you just want to spend time with her, even to your mutual detriment.

I pity the emotional deficit of those who don’t want “emotional entanglements” or “don’t have time” or “aren’t ready” for a “relationship.”

Without love, you are just playing games.

It is true that in falling in love or seeking it, you will drive away women in the process. But you must understand that not every woman is willing to “get down,” and of those who are, perhaps they cannot attend to your further needs.

To stop playing games, and find love, you must open your heart.


As men, we are all about taking risks, right? And yet everywhere, in this millenial hell, we are being taught to stop falling love and to stop having “one-itis” and to always be hooking, stringing women along.

If you have to play games to keep women, then perhaps it is NOT the women that are at fault.

Perhaps that is YOUR problem.

You can run from love, but can it run from you? Perhaps it is just time to TAKE THE RISK, and…

Fall in love.

The next big dating app!

I had an epiphany recently.

I’m going to create the next big dating app.

Technology has completely changed the sexual market. No longer do we have to have real social interactions, we can text with other people’s pictures instead! I think it’s great.

So to capitalize on the progress that dating has continued to make with the advancement of the internet and dating apps, I’ve decided to take things one step further!

First we had Tinder, which allowed to you talk to people on the internet who found you attractive even though they were far away. Next we had Happn, which allowed you to talk to people on the internet who were right next to you.

And now I present to you: AskOut!

How it works

This app is fucking crazy. It takes things to a whole new level! Here’s how it works:

First you download the app to your phone, iPad, laptop, and Blackberry. Then you open it and sign in with your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Tinder account.

Good, now we know you’re a human being. Ok, next you go out to places that you ALREADY go to, but this time you have the app open. Now the App will tell you, “Look up from your phone for at least 5 minutes.”

During this period of time, you’re supposed to be ready to possibly spot men or women you’d like to talk to. If you do see one, then the app will automatically read your eye movements and shifts in body scent and will present you with a button that says, “Tell me what to do next!”

Alternatively, you can just hit the button above it, which will be a circle with a heart in the middle. Here’s where the actual conversation comes in!

When you hit the button, text will pop up on the screen that says, “Go talk to them!”

Now it will be your job to go and…wait for it…physically talk to the person you’re attracted to!

Like I told ya, it’s the next big thing! Too much? Maybe. But this is a whole new way to date.

I have the feeling that many people are going to benefit from this app. Since meeting people is so hard these days, I feel my app will really make a difference in some people’s lives by telling them to look up from their devices and tell them to go have a social interaction with another human being that they want to fuck (or just meet to become friends, but that will be another app!)

This is definitely the next big fad in online dating, I just wonder where things could go from here.

I’m really excited to present AskOut to you guys, but…

I need your support!!!

For now, the app has just begun development. I do need testers, however.

If you’d like to get started testing the app in its initial stages of development, here’s what you can do. For now the app is very barebones, it’s got no text or buttons, but you can still go out and look up at the people around you and choose to talk to any girls or guys you find attractive.

If you choose to test the app, let me know in the comments if you found any bugs. The good news is, you can actually fix the bugs yourself, no coding required! Let me know how it goes.


Coding Genius,

James Mast


Living a lie in nostalgic lust…and the demonization of testosterone

I had an epiphany the other day that was a long time coming.

for as long as ive been trying my ass off to reach the reality i built in my heart, that reality is now based on a lie.

every movie that has inpsired me is distinctly in the 80s or before. there is no movie i am inspired by or remember after the 80s. the only one i can think of is Tron: Legacy, and thats because it had fucked up cool visuals and the leading man was actually masculine and not a total pussy. but thats it.

ive come to face the facts now that living as a man in today’s society has inherent risks and it is no longer possible to be worshipped or respected as a man.

i used to have this idea that becoming a guy who fucked hot women would earn me respect and awe and super high status. i was right and wrong.

i was right in that it was a worthy goal to aspire to, and that decades ago this would have been true.

but now, as of 2015, and the era 80s+, masculinity is demonized. i didnt want to admit it because i didnt want to be like one of these many timewasters on the net complaining about how feminism has shot this country to hell and how American women suck and how men are being discriminated against.

but i have my own personal history to prove it, and so i must accept this to be true.

ive been banned from gyms just for talking to girls. girls have flipped out and freakd just for me asking them for a their number. i got the cops called on me just or talking to a girl on the street, because she “thought i was going to touch her” and she started crying.

i get called “creepy” for talking to girls and its obvious that im a goodlooking man.

recently my T levels have gone way up for various reasons i wont disclose. guess what has also gone up?

the number of people who hate me.

i get way more complaints at my server job, 90% of them from women, who for no reason or another just think i have a bad “attitude” even though i am nice and respectful and run my fuckin’ ass off serving them.

i think of myself as one of the best and most effective servers the place has, and my boss even said that. but it can’t be denied that i am also a high-risk libido machine, and i’ve had women openly tell me to “take the stick out of my ass.”


i will not lower my testosterone and start being all nice and shit because you don’t like me.

these women fucked with me for walking tall. they said “why do you walk like youre buff?”

i looked that bitch flat in the eye and said, “i AM buff.” and its the 100% truth. i offered to take my shirt off and she could follow me into the bathroom.

if i get fired it will be for having testosterone, and not because im a bad server. people stare at me just for being present. all the time.

wherever i am people look at me as a threat. because i AM.

i love being a threat, i just dont like being discriminated against. once upon a time an alpha would be respected and such. but now alphas are actively hated everywhere, because 90% of the population is full of faggots.

remember: i do NOT wnat to perpuate more “group theory,” [link], i.e. spout what other men are saying just because theyre saying it.

i honestly have come to my own conclusions here based on my own experience. ive been attacked enough by people to know that they hate me just for existing, just for being what i am.

while i got tired for a while of the evil looks and staring and negativity toward me, im at a point where ive decided it probably doesnt matter. the worst that can happen is i have to pick up and leave and find somewhere else. thats ok. ive done that plenty.

im not scared of a fight at all, in fact im openly seeking fights. i WISH somebody had the balls (other than a bitchy woman) to come up to me, face to face, and actually start shit. but nobody ever does.

its just jealous betas who say something behind my back. and thats the extent of it. nobody fucks with me, and i actually am sad about that.

INSTEAD they go behind my back, run to “authority” figures, and have me ostracized for being what they aren’t.

its the unfortunate effect of a PC, progressive, fucking HORRIBLE society where people cant even criticize one another without retribution.

just try giving anybody ANY sort of criticism, no matter how useful or “positive,” and watch the pariah peranas jump all over you and destroy you.

good luck in this society where fat women are called “beautiful” and lazy faggot shitheads all seek a magic pill for their problems.

i guess im finally done trying to make this society into something it isnt.

ill still be banging hot broads: dont get me wrong.

but ive given up trying to earn status from it or trying to make people like me or trying to earn their respect.

there can be no respect from what are effectively mindless fat robots everywhere. why would i even care?

in a society where i feel like im talking to rocks everywhere i go, i suppose its time to let go of my identity as a “cool” guy. let people hate me. let them shit on me. i dont care.

im done with the external validation because it doesnt get me what i want but more importantly it requires being what im not, and id rather be a real man with testosterone that treats women as women than not.

its all about me, not about them.

sayonara, america.

Treat your woman like an employee

treat woman employee 1a

At my old server job there were a lot of women.

All of the women servers would run around like chickens with their heads cut off doing all the little things they were supposed to do. They would follow all the rules and try to be fair and equal and often that panned out in my favor, because they would make sure I always got my cut of the tips. How nice.

I noticed this behavior because the women were all doing their jobs, looking out for each other, and following the rules. They were afraid of breaking them.

Something else I noticed is that the women–and this might shock you–obeyed the boss.

I know. Big realization, right? But then I thought about the fact that they followed all the rules, respected the boss, and were afraid of getting fired–all for just $9 an hour.

Now I thought about my girlfriend, who came over, lied on my bed, refused to do her hair for me, put her laundry in my machine, refused to do the rest of my laundry and even asked me to go get it for her after I demanded she dry her hair if she wanted my physical attention, and then after refusing multiple times I said I needed a ride because mine was in the shop and she said she announced she was leaving. I told her she was acting like a bitch, and she said “You’re one the one being a bitch.” On her way out she says, “Don’t expect me to come back until you stop acting like a bitch.”

She’ll be back. But it will be on my terms, and there’s a lot she’ll have to do this time before she will get to step foot in my house. Just like she’d be expected to do by her employer.

Now let’s compare notes.

The women at work all do whatever the boss says for their measly pay. Yet my own woman wouldn’t do the littlest things to please me for my incredible sex and for ME. And I am far more valuable than any boss.

Ask yourself:

Are you worth $9 an hour? Are you worth more?

I thought about what my sex was worth. No, really. No sarcasm this time. It’s worth at least $9 an hour.

So if a woman is willing to work herself for just $9 an hour, then she sure as hell had be willing to work at least that much for my attentions. And that’s just on account of me and my sex, not the other services I provide.

Now imagine a girl who works as a waitress:

If she mouthed off to her boss at work, what would happen? She’d get fired.

If she were late too much or didn’t call in, what would happen? She’d get fired.

If she didn’t follow all the rules what would happen? She’d get reprimanded, and then fired.

If she stole/destroyed property at work what would happen? It’d be taken out of her paycheck. And she might get arrested. Then fired.

If a better employee came along and she wasn’t cutting it, what would happen? She’d get less hours.

And if she came to work without her uniform on, just sat down in a chair, and then asked the boss if he’d do all of her work for her, what would happen?

Her ass would be out on the street.

Don’t let your woman act like a bitch. You’re the boss. Treat her that way.

And that’s how she should treat you. Don’t put up with anything less.


Women are scumbags.

Like all humans, on the inside they are dirty and soulless. To have a soul is to be above-human. To lack one is to be denigrated into dust.

You must recognize the dirty nature of a woman to understand that there is no soulmate for you. And you are just as dirty.

It’s time to join the club.

A bafflingly fucked up situation

As I write this I am angry, but calm and relaxed. I speak from the truest place in my heart.

As you know this site is dedicated to building the soul. What I am about to suggest will seem heartless, but remember that the soul is not happy fairydust business.

The soul is gutwrenching, haunting. It causes tremendous pain and you will suffer. At least until you learn to love the suffering, there will be pain.

My sex-addicted, doting girlfriend did something stupid. She was madly in love with me, but she was a victim. She was a bipolar, irresponsible mess. I could tell by her raging sex drive and behaviors as of late that she was becoming even more attached to me. I’ve been even more commanding and ruthless as of late, so I’m not surprised.

And while I’m not surprised at that, I am confused to a recent even that shattered our relationship. This isn’t the first time, but this is where I draw the line.

Former stripper retakes the stage

She started working at the strip club again and she came home the other night to fuck. Last night I sensed something was “off.” Like she was craving more from me. She wanted me to come in and watch her dance. I didn’t want to. I told her to text me. I thought it was understood she would be coming over to my place at 3am when she was off.

At 3:30 am she texts me

I’m at a party with some dudes what are you up to?

I was done. Done with this woman. I commanded her, in no uncertain terms (trust me), with anger and yelling, to

A) never see another dude without my permission
B) never drink with another dude ever

She promised to abide by these rules and she said, “I’ll make sure I don’t drink past a certain point.”

At the time I thought, “I shouldn’t even have to tell her these things. They should be common sense.”

Never trust a woman’s words. Always trust her actions.

And her actions were about to get worse.

She texts me “Baby?” an hour later. I assume that means my silence bothers her. Serves her right for trying to make me jealous.

So I make my decision:

im dumping you, you chose not to ask me for permission. have a good night!

And she would have a good night, all right. At 5:25am she sends me this text:

If it makes you feel any better, I was raped 4 times in painful ways and now have to drive myself to a CVS and spend my money on plan B birth control
You up?

A half hour later she sends me a pic of her with smeared makeup looking a little sad. But she looks perfectly 100% fine to me. And I can tell she’s in her apartment, safe and sound.

She follows it up with:

Because a pic is worth a thousand words

I am done with women. They are all scumbags. They are lying, chetaing bastards with no remorse, just like me. There is no true love and there can never be “love.” It’s all a fiction. There can be happiness–while it lasts. There can be some small enjoyment.

But the hearts of women are ruthless, as you ought to be.

This is the first time I of all people have ever said this and meant it: she is a dirty whore. She is a slut, and fuck her.

Normally I’d pride myself on being “open-minded” and “non-sexually judgmental” but I realized today that this just wasn’t true.

There are things I won’t tolerate, and there are things I refuse to have empathy for.

Even a heartless player like me gets hurt, and I feel hurt. I am also angry at her open defiance. And then disgusted by her blatant posturing for attention by pretending she was raped.

“Rape” or no “rape” doesn’t matter. This perfectly sums up my brutally honest feelings on the matter:

you went out to a party. with men. without my permission. without me coming along. with a bunch of drunken dudes. from a STRIP CLUB. what the FUCK did you expect to happen??? this is a blatant act of betrayal. there is no good reason for you to go to a party with other dudes, let alone drink with them. i explicitly fucking told you not to do either of those two things, and you promised not to. you have violated my rules, once again, and they violated you. serves you right.

I have zero sympathy. I don’t know what she means by “rape” but I’m assuming it means the “I got too drunk and they tried to fuck me so I let them and now I’m calling that rape to pretend like I didn’t want it” version of rape, the rape definition employed by American women and feminists to get rid of their responsibility and take revenge on men.

I texted her about the same and mentioned she should have called 911 instead of me. I told her she shouldn’t have “pulled this shit” and that she let this happen. Then I bade her farewell.

12 hours later I am bothered by her reply. Either she’s finally committed suicide this time or she doesn’t get how badly she fucked up.

Unable to contain my anger and need to resolve how I actually felt, I decided to let it all out and let her have it. I was out for blood.

yes. the pic is worth many words. it says this: here is a girl who made a completely mind numbingly stupid and irresponsible decision to go to a party, with other men, instead of going to see her boyfriend, and did not ask her boyfriend his permission, and did not even invite him to come along, and put herself in the presence of drunken men from a STRIP CLUB of all places, and is somehow surprised when she is “raped” and is now, somehow, telling that same boyfriend who she betrayed “I hope you’re happy I got ‘raped'” as if its somehow his fault that she made herself a drunken whore, explicitly against the rules that her boyfriend explicitly demanded of her that said, “ask me for permission before seeing other men” and also “do not get drunk with other men.” and her reply was “don’t worry I won’t I’ll do bla bla bla bla.” but now she has cheated on him and paid the price, and her ex-boyfriend has no remorse. he is still waiting for an apology, or an explanation, or something that can possibly make this out to better than it is. but he is skeptical, and realizes this is the last straw, and he will never date or fuck a stripper again. he realizes the girl is a piece of disloyal trash, who lied to him and played him, because if she really loved him not only would she not have even had the DESIRE to go to a party with men, but out of common sense would have gone out of her way to actively avoid compromising situations just like this. he is hurt because he wonders if he fucked up somehow, but then he recalls all of her past betrayals and decides there are surely women 1000x more loyal and less likely to cheat him and punch him in the face. thus, it goes down in flames. amen.

There’s a lot of insider material here. But it doesn’t matter. Think I’m being harsh? Her reply should be transparently ludicrous to anybody:

Wow. First of all, they said they would PAY me $300 if I “just went over to their party for an hour to hangout” secondly, I texted you to tell you where I was because I was going to see if you wanted to go and this gave me an excuse to leave, and thirdly, it’s never the victims fault to get raped nor is that cheating. Asshole.

Let’s take at two telling phrases:

Wow. First of all, they said they would PAY me $300

Does this sound like something you’d let your girlfriend do? Anyone? Any takers?

Even so, I fucking ORDERED her never to see other men without my permission. Even if none of this other shit happened, she’d still be dumped. But now it just gets worse, and worse, and worse.

And, of course:

it’s never the victims fault to get raped

I asked if she’d called 911. And here is the real gut-clincher:

No… I didn’t want to make a big deal about it

Ouch. I am speechless:

…….wow. don’t ever speak to me again. enjoy being a whore.

She asks me, “What the fuck is your problem?”

As if letting my girlfriend prostitute herself isn’t a problem. It’s not like I’m even getting a cut. This is direct disobedience. She has betrayed me.

“Its not my fault!!”

You want to know what my problem is? I tell it like it is:

OF COURSE its your fault you dumb broad. you let men from a whorehouse pay you to take you to a drunken party. what in the FUCK did you expect to happen???? you put yourself into a stupid and compromising situation that you KNOW I wouldn’t approve of and didn’t even tell me. its your fault you got raped and I hope now you have learned to avoid those kinds of situations and not do that again. but then again, given what [name of old roommate] told me about your past slutty adventures, I find that highly unlikely. you are just going to keep running yourself into the ground until you kill yourself, hurting everyone you claim to love along the way. i really hope you fix your soul because  its damaged and I cant save you. good luck.

Helpful hint: don’t want to get raped? Don’t put yourself into situations where you’re likely to get raped.

“I hope you feel good now! I’m a victim!”

My ass. There are a thousand things she should could have done differently. Like:

  1. not go to the party
    2. not disobey me
    3. not get paid to go to a party with men who already think of her as a whore
    4. not get drunk
    5. avoid the drunk men
    6. kick them in the balls
    7. scream for help
    8. call 911
    9. bite one of their dicks off
    10. use the pepper spray I know she carries

But it looks as though she didn’t do any of those things. It looks as though she enjoyed it, because, let me repeat:

No… I didn’t want to make a big deal about it

Getting raped isn’t a big deal? Prostituting yourself isn’t a big deal? Breaking my fucking rules and then hiding it isn’t a big deal?

She wants the money, she can have it. Fuck her.

Perhaps the most telling of all, though, are all the things she does NOT do:

1) no apology

2) no admittance of regret or even having made a mistake

3) no admittance that she broke my rules, should have listened to me, should have called the police, or should have done anything differently

4) no concern for me, instead she calls me an asshole for being righteously mad

The worst thing of all is that she stands up for her decision. And you’re about to see that.

Bottom line: she refuses to take any responsibility for her actions.

After my long tirade, guess what her response is? It’s quite telling, and the grief and frustration builds up in my soul to face the reality of the world, and the woman, and possibly the nature of all women. This is what she says:

I DID tell you about the party, AND I’m a grown-ass woman and I can go wherever I want.

That’s right. You can.

go to hell.