Clash of the Alphas

Today I stared down some taller, more handsome dude than me. I was sizing him up. I felt he was a threat. So I glared.

He met my gaze and said, “You have a staring problem, bro?”

I physically FELT the negative energy behind it. This heightened sense was in part due to phenibut. There was no mistaking the malice. I said, “What?” I wanted to goad him in some way. I made him repeat himself a couple of times until he said, “Are you deaf?”

This guy was working behind the counter of the fast food I was at. There were people all around and I absolutely didn’t care. I shouted some shit about “starting a confrontation” but it was mostly for show. I didn’t give a fuck about the words. I wasn’t really taking it seriously.

But I wanted to fight the guy.

In a way I got what I wanted. In another age, another day, we may have fought then and there like “barbaric, violent cavemen.” Long after that I had reverberating visions of actually fighting him and imagining myself overpowering him, though he was taller and possibly stronger than me. But I am certain I could have taken him down. I can envision it.

Power of visualization

I’ve wracked my brain over past events with the painful longing to just go back and redo them. We’ve all done it. We’ve all been angry and filled with regret over what we “really wanted to do” or what we “should have done.”

That’s the easy part. Going back over events and re-envisioning them. We can all do that.

The HARD part is moving on and implementing changes for the next time.

Getting ready for the next challenge as we integrate our perceived “failure” into our personal fabric so that next time we are prepared to handle that situation the way we wanted to the first time.

To surrender to our instincts.

It’s true that we miss out on opportunities. We’re always waiting for the “Perfect Opportunity” and when it comes we think we’ll never see it again. But that really isn’t the case. I can tell you that if you put in the work to adequately decide you’re going to handle the next scenario, you will. Just be ready.

One time I wanted to hit my abusive ex-girlfriend and I didn’t. I knew I could have gotten away with it and I was furious. I knew it was something I should have done. I NEEDED to do it. I knew it in my gut.

I knew it by the way the guilt and shame ate away at me despite how many losers told me, “You should never hit a girl.”

Well I wanted to hit that bitch and I was not a man unless I could exert my authority.

And, wouldn’t you know–the same damn thing happened again. The woman actually punched me in the face, and tried to throw me into a ditch on the side of the road. I was convinced I was done with her.

But I wasn’t.

Something remained unresolved, and I knew what it was:

I wasn’t ready to dump her until I had finally dominated her.

It was necessary, and nobody else would understand. Nobody could.

Next time, I was ready.

I had flattened my self-esteem with a steamroller over the two previous encounters. I was ready to lose her. I was ready for any consequences, because the regret was worse.

So this time when my girl pissed me off, I smacked her in the face. It just came out. No work or effort required.

Then after she smacked me back I grabbed her by the shoulders and pushed her out the door of my house.

But it was the predecision, the work of the visualization, that had changed me and my mind. It had buried into my subconscious and I was prepared to finally surrender to my own inner desire.

That’s the power of visualization.

When you successfully visualize something over and over, it manifests into reality.

Now some people will say that I should never have been so violent or barbaric and that I shouldn’t have hit a girl because she’s a girl. Or that I shouldn’t hit anybody, period.

Well I say stand the fuck up for yourself and clock that bastard. Shoot first, ask questions later.

That’s what my daddy taught me, and it’s paid off every time.


When I imagine these scenarios my blood really does boil, its the testosterone and buried rage that surface and you long to actually carry out the thing you imagine.

To actually PROVE that I could win, to prove my strength and feel the rush of fiery victory as we clash with powerful arms.

Bio-feedback is the ability to make yourself feel different based on physical or mental triggers. Imagining a fight makes my blood boil. It prepares me for a real fight.

Use this to your advantage. Imagine, visualize. Viscerally. Get in touch with your sexual or physical or even violent nature and when reality hits, you will be prepared.

Humans are civilized creatures?

They say humans are better than animals and that’s false.

We are no “better.”

It’s only when you get in TOUCH with that animal nature and fully admit to it that you can use it for your power.

That’s a rebel. He understands his innate nature and he is unafraid of it. He fully uninhibits it and lets it take control, though he directs the current.

What you’ll find is that the rebel is praised and respected, though we are taught in society to be submissive and lenient.

That will never work.

Embrace your animal nature, and don’t shy away from it.

It’s ok to clash from time to time.

It means absolutely nothing. Jack shit. Dust in the wind. It’s no different than laughing or smiling together. Usually there are no consequences. It’s not about blame or who’s right or who’s a bad person. We are just all different people, seeking different things.

And so there is inevitable conflict.

That’s just the way things are.

But don’t be the shy loser who bucks away and feels “guilty” for daring to look another man in the eye. Don’t be that guy. Get into fights if you have to.

Be the winner.


the Rebel.

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