Curse of the Millenials

The curse of the Millenials is that we have no purpose.

We have become mindless consumer zombies, dedicated to developing our HEARTS and SOULS on MEDIA.

The problem is that this is unsustainable.

You CANNOT build your soul, your own unique voice, your true nature out of falsehoods.

Like the saying goes: “A house with a weak foundation will fall.”

It used to be that we would be trained and educated to go out in the world and learn reality from itself. This was called “rite of passage.”

Now we are constantly trained and re-educated by the unreality that we are plugged into. It is unsustainable.

Let me tell you something kids–or anyone actually: if you’re here then you already know that you have a soul and it needs to be freed.

It doesn’t come automatically–it has to be built. Created. But it has been there, underneath the surface, or else you wouldn’t be reading this.

You have a soul that you need to unleash, and it don’t come with imbibing distractions. It comes when you take whatever mission or purpose you have in your heart and you FOLLOW IT.


What’s stopping You?

It might be doubt, it might be “failure,” or it might be that you have spent so little time listening to your soul that you don’t know how it speaks [link to that one long article].

You’ve got to listen to it. How?

Take a walk. Spend some time in meditation. Listen to some music. Do something, take some action toward a goal. You WILL figure it out.

Ask, and ye shall receive.

As an old man told me once:

“You get what you ask for.”

And it’s so very true, my friends.

Ask for a different girlfriend, and the one you’re with will either conform to your new expectations or you will find one that does. Ask for more cheese slices on your burger, and you might get it. Ask for more money, and people will pay you more.

Ask for a different seat. Ask to borrow something. Ask to have something. Just do it.

Ask more. Demand more.

It doesn’t matter if you go too far. Never be afraid to ask for too much.

Always be afraid of never asking for enough.

Fear mediocrity. Fear losing your SOUL, and let that inspire you.

You only have one life, and if you spend it burying the rebel inside, you will always regret it.

Act now.

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