Declare today your Independence Day!

I don’t follow the FUCKING RULES because I don’t HAVE TO.

The Rules are this nebulous, insidious construct. They only attempt to enslave. I do not listen to the rules because they do not benefit me. I don’t WANT to.

I don’t care if society wants me to, because I am not a part of society. I refuse.

“But you have to follow the rules.”

Don’t you get it? Are you a fucking retarded robot? Do you even get the bullshit you’re parroting?

I don’t want to, and I don’t have to. It’s simple. There are no rules and I don’t have to follow them and there is no wrong or right or good and bad.

I am not a good person. I give more energy than I should helping people out but there are no rules.

“But you do have to follow the rules!”


I will prove to you right now that I don’t have to follow the rules. There may be consequences and that is fine.

Nobody can really hurt me. Even if I went to prison I would only come out stronger. There is nothing that can hurt me in this world.

“But what if you get shot or mugged?”

I won’t.

“What if you get an expensive medical condition?”

I choose not to.

“But what if you die?”


“But you can’t–!!”


Anyone who tells you anything that has the words “you can’t” needs to shut up and die. Don’t listen to a word they say. I CAN do whatever I want but they can’t wrap their heads around that concept.

To the sheep, independence is a foreign concept.

I had to work to make myself this way, but I was always this way.


I mean that I always had a spirit of rebellion. The REBEL at my core. He was always there, and he is still there even now, and though I once had the human shell of a weakling, pretending to be a sheep, it didn’t take me long to shuffle loose the mortal paradigm and decide that I’m out for myself.

Fuck your rules, I don’t subscribe to them.

To me, following ANYTHING is a foreign concept.

But you can’t explain selfishness to the sheep. Here’s the god-awful truth:

You are either a sheep or you aren’t. There’s very little chance of becoming one from the other.

You’ve either been born/cursed this way and every day you wish you weren’t so damn smart or else you’re just one of the sheep.

The sheep use words like “narcissist” and “sociopath” to describe me because they can’t wrap their pretty little heads around the fact that I am me, and why would I want to be anything else?

Since I’m a narcissist, I can’t possibly ever entertain the idea of NOT wanting to be a narcissist.

For me, I don’t understand how anybody could possibly not want to be a narcissist. And you know what?

That’s not a weakness. That’s not a disorder. There’s no reason for me to change.

The only reason to change would be so that I could be a SLAVE TO OTHERS’ POWER.

Let me tell you something:

Everyone and their dog wants you to OWE people something.

They think you ought to “give back to the world” and “contribute to society” and “do good for others” and “pay it forward.”

But you are not obligated to anyone. They make up all their bullshit rules and talk about what’s “fair” and how you’re “equal” and how you “owe them” because of all the stuff they allegedly “did for you.”

Well here is what I think about that:

The Ode of What You Owe

Here’s the game:
Act as if you are owed
But know that you are owed nothing.
And you owe nothing.

You are obligated to no one.
And they are not obligated to you.

They will take and take and take from you
You let them, and so they expect it.
You may even invite them. It may go on and on. You may sit and wait. You may even say nothing.

But then the day will come that you give them nothing, and they will cry.

They will tell you how you’ve hurt them. They will say your lack of giving has hurt them, since you have not given them what you owe.

They will blame you for what they do not have. They will blame you for what they cannot get.

And you will only shrug your shoulders,
Because you are only paying them what you owe.

The sheep can’t actually think

The horrific truth is that these sheep cannot think about possibilities outside of their box because they are in a prison, boxed in, where their individuality and BEING is locked away.

Sheep are not consciously “doing the right thing.” They are unconsciously enslaved. They are SHELLS. They are vapid vessels without any identity, and that is something you cannot argue with.

Would you argue with a rock?

The screaming in your very soul

“You should do this”
“You should do that”
“You need to do this”
“You owe me this”


It’s enough to make any truly sane person’s blood boil and go insane, and that anger and rage must be directed. You can direct it at the agents of the System, the lost sheep, but it won’t do you any good.

Take hold of your inner male aggression, or better yet your spiritual aggression, and channel it into the open defiance of whatever you are doing.

This doesn’t mean you waste your energy on rebellion.

I mean that you do WHAT YOU WANT and you focus on what you want 100% and you blow through obstacles.

I have a very specific image for this very idea that will explain this principle:

Imagine you are running somewhere, somewhere very important. It is life or death you get there. You are running as fast as you can down a crowded sidewalk.

If an obstacle gets in your path, do you tolerate it? No, you just go around. If it’s a person, you shove them.

Someone hollers something at you, and you completely ignore it.

You don’t get out of people’s way, you demand they get out of your way. You are an unstoppable force, focused entirely on your desire and your goal. Nothing stands in your way because you are confident in your goal.

You don’t have time for worthless rebellion when infinity is standing on your doorstep.

Stop arguing, stop entertaining rules. Stop trying to assert and dominate and focus on YOU. You banter and argue and procrastinate because you are still STUCK in the Pit of Approval. What do YOU really want?

That may mean stepping on others, it may mean laughing in their face as you walk away.

But the rules are unimportant, they are so insignificant to you that they don’t exist. You CUT them out of your reality because they belong to sheep. In fact, the word “rule” doesn’t even exist in your vocabulary, it is a foreign concept to you, just like cricket. It’s a sport that some people play and that game just isn’t for you.

I hate football and I don’t give a damn what people think about that. I sure as hell am not going to argue about “why I don’t like football.” I don’t. I don’t have to. And you know what?

There are plenty of other people out there who don’t either. And the sinister side of this is that there are people who hate football but are loving it anyway because they have been told to.

These people are the lost souls, the people caught in limbo, but their soul has yet to emerge.

This could be you, and so now you, dear reader, or listener, or whoever you are, benefit from the spirit of these words:

Don’t resist your soul. Embrace it.

It is YOU, the real you, and once you become it you will be whole.

System, when you surrender to it, only fragments you. It destroys you. You lose your sense of self.

But the soul is a different Master. When you embrace your soul, YOU become the master. It is the greatest gift, and yet so many give it away for foibles.

Declare your independence this day. I dare you.

Take back your power, kids.

Say this over and over again, every day throughout the day, until it sticks:

“I’m in it for myself.”

Now, in remembrance, let us pay our respects on this day…

When I see old pictures of myself I cringe inside. I am filled with what is almost awe at who I am now and who he was.

When I see pictures of my Old Self, who isn’t me anymore, I want to punch that little faggot and tell him to get the fuck up.

To stand up straight, to fuck the world, to stand up for himself.

The Thinker 008

But he just sits there, hiding like a little bitch-boy in the tree.

I want to grab him by the shoulders, to scream at him to wake the fuck up. He had such potential. There was nothing there that couldn’t have been turned into gold.

My Attempt At Trying to Look Sexy 025This photo is entitled “My Attempt At Trying to Look Sexy.”


Here’s me in a nice white over-sized shirt, pretending to want to smile. You can see the pitiful upward curve of my eyebrows and supplicating eyes.

So what was wrong with this fella? He had the looks, or at least the potential for them. But that forced suppression of his lips, the way he hid. What was his problem?Joshua 040What was the root cause of all this misery? Why did he hide himself fro the world?

Joshua and World History Project 248Here’s the answer:



Demolished by Christianity, taught to be afraid of women and dating and sex and people and conquering and succeeding.

This little boy was depressed and repressed, and he wanted so desperately to be OUT.

He half-assed for quite some time, but that little boy did not make it. I’m sorry.

He is dead.

tombstoneAnd I only have one thing to say to him:

fuck you pic2


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