The difference between desperation and persistence

What’s the difference between desperation and persistence?


There is no difference.

The only difference is between how badly you want it and how badly you care what other people think.

How far you are willing to go will depend on how big your balls are and whether you are going to let other people take what you want away from you. What’s “desperate” to one person is a certain path to victory for another.

I once rode my bike 4 hours to bang a girl. This was during a horrible dry spell where I was out every day, hitting on hundreds of women, just trying to get laid. I needed it so badly that I was willing to stop at nothing.

But you know what’s funny?

This girl knew all about it, and we even got together for a while. And whenever people would ask how we met, she would tell the story, outright saying “He rode 4 hours to see me!”

All of those people would say “that’s sweet” or act happy about it. But I always worried it was “desperate.”

And the reality is that it was only different because of the way it was framed.

And that said, I am proud of what I did. I did what needed to be done, because I wanted it so badly I was willing to do whatever was necessary. It was hard, and it was at night, and my phone was dead, but I did it.

How far you are willing to go says a lot about how limited you are as a person. If you really want something, you’d better be willing to do whatever it takes. No matter how “trite” or “trivial” you’ve been led to believe, because that’s how losers talk.

Even something like getting laid can be important if you want and need it, and you can’t let this idea of “desperation” get in the way.

Athletes work tirelessly day after day to run that extra step, that extra mile. How is it any different with money, sex, or…? You name it.

The only difference between desperation and persistence is the label.


Just ask yourself two questions:

1) How badly do you want it?


2) Are you going to let other people steal it away from you?

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