Terms of Agreement, Medical Disclaimer, and Liablity Agreement


All criminal acts discussed or depicted on this website are entirely fictional. All violent acts were made in self-defense only. All mention of drug use or abuse is entirely fictional. All information on this website is entirely fictional and for entertainment purposes only.

All events, people, locations, stories, and depictions on this site are fictional and are for entertainment purposes only. No content on this site can be held liable as violating criminal law. I, James, the author and creator of Rebel to the Core cannot be held liable for any reason concerning the content of this site.


All information on this website is the opinion of the author and should not be taken as fact or admission of guilt toward any law. All information is opinion of the author (James) and there is no medical advice on this website. All medical advice should be sought from a doctor. You should always ask your doctor before taking any sort of medication or drug. All medical information is for entertainment purposes only.

(James) should be recognized as a fictional character when appearing in his posts and he cannot be held liable for any admitted crime, as it is fictional.

By viewing this website, either as a civilian, doctor, criminal law enforcement, investigator, or any other entity, human being, person, sole proprietor, individual, or anyone or anything in existence, you AUTOMATICALLY AGREE to ALL of the above statements and agreements and you automatically agree to ALL of the following statements, disclaimers, and agreements. You also agree to any disclaimer on this website.

By viewing this website you agree that Rebel to the Core, its author and creator, James, and all other entities related to its copyright cannot be held liable or persecuted in a court of law for any reason whatsoever. You automatically agree that by accessing this website you forfeit your right to prosecute or report James or any entity relating to the Rebel of the Core website.

By viewing this website you also automatically agree to the medical disclaimer(s) and the Terms of Service. You agree that all content on this website is Copyright (c) 2015 by Rebel to the Core Publishing, an entity relating to the site’s author, James.

Even if you do not wish to agree to these disclaimers, by accessing this website you automatically forfeit the right to prosecute due to the disclaimers on this site and you must exit this website or its affiliated sites IMMEDIATELY.

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