Do women want arrogance?

Do women like arrogant men?

The problem here is semantic.

Real arrogance comes from a place of insecurity and it is not attractive.

But “arrogance” as most people use it is actually what it is–confidence.

The difference is between a man who is a pretender and a man who actually holds a high perspective of himself.

Therefore it is completely possible for a man to be full of himself, boasting, and highly secure, and therefore confident, and seemingly arrogant.

But if this behavior stems from a lack of perspective, then it is not REAL. It is dishonest, inauthentic.

Therefore one is better off being real and authentic than a pretender.

The best solution, of course, is to be genuinely confident. Or, to use this context–genuinely arrogant.

To speak highly of oneself and totally mean it, know it, and have no trouble communicating it can actually be very attractive.

But as a final word on the issue–and again, the problem all arises with words–the key is to be real and honest and authentic above all. This is the source of true power.

And ironically, when one is real and authentic and fully exposes flaws, this also allows one to be fully confident and unfettered by weaknesses.

THIS is what it means to be “humble.” When women say they do not want arrogance or that they want a humble man, they mean they want him to be real.

So the question is, are you a comic book character? A James Bond? Are you pretending to be greater than you actually are?

Or do you actually believe in yourself, regardless of your alleged “status” in life?

Arrogance is just a word. It’s the attitude behind it that makes all the difference.

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