Everything is a scam

It’s true. All of the businesses or services in the world are scams designed to take advantage of you for money.

All governments are scamming you and so is almost everyone you meet. But it’s all dressed up in such a way that you don’t realize it until you begin to see.

To get to the top you must be willing to scam other people. And that’s ok, because they are willingly consenting to being scammed.

And now get ready for a long list that might scare you or make you question.

But none of this is headlines. In fact, no media corporation would ever want this stuff printed. They’re a scam too.

1) All the food industries are scamming you by purposely feeding you highly addictive, formulated processed foods. Even the allegedly “natural” foods are full of addictive junk. Excessive sugar. Pesticides and hormones in our milk and meat.

Companies literally spend millions and even billions of dollars in “food engineering” to produce highly addictive junk foods. Lunchables, Hostess, Taco Bell, you name it.

Their goal, whether they know it or not, is to enslave the nation with addictive foods that will keep you dependent on them and fat.

2) The fitness industries are all scams. All their fitness models use steroids and all their workout programs are pointless. Any workout program that stimulates your muscles enough will work, but you need the testosterone and you need the steroids to look like a bodybuilder. All the supplements and pills are useless unless you have the workload and the drugs to look like the models. Their goal is to get you dependent on their money-making pill and supplement schemes and reading their garbage workouts so that you can’t workout by yourself anymore.

Personal trainers are scammers because they teach you “Bosu ball” exercises that will never get you ripped instead of just letting you workout on your own, the hard way, and building that muscle. All the gyms sell you overpriced personal training that you don’t even need that will never get you anywhere you can’t get yourself. Unless you are a lazy slob, that is.

3) Porn is a huge scam. It’s big business, and each and every video description, tailored photograph, and scripted story is designed to trick you into believing the things that the porn industry wants you to believe in order to get you hooked.

What’s popular in porn these days?

Videos where guys “pickup” a girl by paying her to have sex with them. This is an insidious attempt to program your brain in associating payment for sex, which will of course lead you to pay the porn companies for further access to their porn.

They also trick you into thinking you must have a big cock to please women, which couldn’t be farther from the truth. IT’s not about the cock or muscles, it’s all about the energy.

The more orgasms you have to porn, the more you rewire your brain to only be stimulated to porn. This causes severe ED that will take months to cure, during which your abstinence from porn will cause a “withdrawal” where your entire sex system shuts down and your penis stops working. Been there done that.

And the girls are all fake (makeup and Photoshop) and all the situations are always fake. You cannot trust a single thing about porn to ever be real. Even some of the girls are faking their performance if you are paying attention. Not all girls like big dicks, and in fact a lot of them even admit their job can be painful at times. That’s not to say girls don’t like a good fucking, but it’s not like they all desperately crave a big black cock ramming them as the porn companies would like you to believe.

It’s all a scam designed to exploit your desire for orgasm and to excuse your inability to get laid in real life. The porn companies will make you dependent on them for your orgasm and trick you into believing the only way to get laid is with money.

4) Alcohol, nightclubs, and bars are a scam. You don’t need bars or clubs to meet women. You can meet them anywhere.

Alcohol at clubs and bars are marked up by 400% because they know you will go with your friends and be so anxious that you will need to drink. Don’t blow your money. If you want to beat anxiety, there are cheaper alternatives.

Plus bars and night clubs are hard environments to meet women in anyway.

5) Dentists are a scam. I was once quoted for $4,000 in dental treatments, including for a wisdom tooth that never needed to come out. They wanted to remove all 4 wisdom teeth that had already come in, only one of which was still hurting. I asked the doc why they wanted to remove the wisdom teeth when the pain had stopped. He looked to the left briefly and then said, “Well, sure, you can keep it, but most people have them removed.”

Right. I never paid a dime for wisdom teeth removal, and I haven’t had any pain or mouth trouble since. Once I got through the painful bleeding gums (which I took care of with vodka and painkillers) the wisdom teeth were never a problem again.

They also quoted me on ridiculously overpriced antibiotic mouthwashes and some other procedures for “gingivitis.”

But what almost nobody knows is that both cavities and gingivitis are reversible and can be treated cheap at home without any invasive or expensive procedures.

Cavities are not permanent, unlike what the dentists say. You don’t need fluoride, which must be used in insane amounts to be effective at all. Better to just brush and floss yourself, and you’ll never need dentists again. In fact, in some cases fluoride has been shown to HARM your teeth, instead of help them.

6) Soap and shampoo are scams. They make your body recondition to its loss of oil and actually produce MORE OIL, which leads to greasier hair and acne. Which, of course, the acne companies would love to exploit and scam you even though 99% of acne treatments don’t work because acne is mostly diet and hormones.

7) Pharmaceuticals are a massive and murderous scam. Expensive drugs like Ritalin or Prozac only make manic-depressives more depressed and crazy.

I’ve seen my BPD ex without her meds, she nearly killed herself. I had to take her to the hospital because she knew her meds were making her crazy, but the withdrawal was making her suicidal. It’s all a scam to get you hooked on their drugs–AND THEN NEVER COME OFF OF IT.

Half the drugs out there don’t even work or just make symptoms worse. Ask the FDA. They don’t ask, “Is this drug safe?” Instead they ask, “How can we sell this?” There are drugs out there that work 10x better than these placebos, but of course many of them are regulated or banned.

8) The government is a scam. The president is mostly a figurehead and Congress is full of old men who don’t even know how to use text or email. Half the government agencies out there are still using fax machines from 1989.

The FBI was responsible for feminism, the NSA spies on everyone, and now everyone pays a giant bill for healthcare.

Welfare is all just a cover for the government to slowly take control and turn the nation into a socialist society so that they can prevent you from working for yourself. It’s all a scam to make you dependent on Daddy.

9) 9/11 is a scam. Or at the very least, the official story was staged and at least one building (World Trade Center 7) was blown up and its demolition was reported to media in advance.

8) Feminism is a scam. If feminism was really about equality, then we would see a ton of women being jailed for date-raping men and assaulting men and domestic violence phone calls would have many more women arrested instead of men.

9) Political Correctness is a scam. The reality is that fat women are ugly and unhealthy and need to lose weight in order to stop being disgusting fat pigs, retards are retarded, white people built Western civilization, and anyone who is “triggered” or “offended” is a pussy-btich coward.

All the pieces of shit are honored through “equality,” which is really just Daddy government taking care of them to further enslave the population into its socialist agenda.

9) Cops are a scam. They are salesmen designed to bust you for a ticket. They are not there to help. My girlfriend got ticketed once for asking a cop for directions, and I’ve been stopped numerous times to get busted for drugs that I didn’t have on me simply because police don’t like men who will stand up to them.

More police are now wearing bodycams to stop abuse. But you know what the cops do when they want to commit a crime? They turn off the bodycams.

10) Real estate is a scam. Who in their right mind would buy a house worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, only to default on that mortgage when they could have rented an inexpensive place for the same amount? And then they pay Realtors an entire 6% of the house’s value just for “marketing” it.

Then they are stuck paying off a huge mortgage for years along with property taxes and on top of that all of the upkeep and maintenance costs, landscaping, remodeling, and repairs.

All for just a few more rooms and “security.”

11) Car payments are a scam. There is no need to buy the latest car on credit when a model from 5 years ago will do at 1/4 of the cost.

12) PUA is a scam. The only way to get good with women is to approach your ass off and learn the hard way, just like every other successful womanizer. You can’t really cheat here because experience with women is highly dependent on you and your mindset, along with your sexual inhibitedness. And no amount of reading is going to cure that.

13) Life-improvement gurus are a scam. You’ve read a few books like Think and Grow Rich? Great. Now get out there and put them into action. You shouldn’t be spending more than a hour a day reading.

And don’t ever spend money on any “system.” Anything sold online like a CD or book collection that is priced more than $20 is probably a scam, especially if its purported to be worth $297 only $99!

14) TV is a scam. They put cameras and microphones into your TVs now. Ever read 1984?

Everything in TV shows is manufactured by the media, which always lies. They shit on everything good and just by watching a TV show or an ad your brain is being programmed, because our minds adapt into what they are fed, JUST LIKE OUR BODIES.

15) The food pyramid is a scam. The FDA just wanted you to buy more bread because it had deals going on with the agriculture industries.

So why would you ever trust them again?

16) Church is a scam. Scientology is no different than any other religion. They are just more upfront about how they do business.

You don’t need a religion or a god to pull you through the hard times. You just can’t give up and get down on your knees and pray, “Dear Daddy I need you, I’m too lazy and cowardly to do it on my own!” which is what I am told to do every Sunday that I choose to go to church, and that’s why I never go anymore.

17) Social media is a scam. Nothing online is real because successful people don’t post a bunch of shit online, they are too busy being successful. It’s just an online advertising platform. And censorship is just getting worse. Ask Zuckerberg.

18) Student loans are a scam. There is nothing you need college for unless you want to waste a shitload of money and spend the rest of your life paying it back. Unless you KNOW that you need to be a doctor or lawyer, the WORST thing you can do is go to college “and figure out your degree as you go.” Which of course is what all the college recruiters and marketers tell you to do.

The next time someone tells you “most students like you don’t know their major until halfway through college” you’d better laugh in their face. They’re admitting it’s all a scam! Why are you going to college if you don’t even know what degree you’re going for?

You can take online classes or go to trade school for $10,000 or less and make some very nice money, and yet here you are spending twice that just on one year at the dormitory? It’s all a huge money-making scheme.

19) Jobs are a scam. If you weren’t making more money for your boss than you’re getting paid, then they wouldn’t keep you around. You are basically a slave.

If you work a low-wage job, you are just scamming someone stupider and less talented than you out of a job because you are overqualified.

Building your resume, going to college, and working diligently is no guarantee. I know several friends just like this. You are trying to sell yourself to a company to turn you into their slave and feed you pennies. Sound good? Or would you rather do what they do instead?

No matter what you do, you are being scammed and you are scamming other people. It’s all a scam!

And yet people will go around accusing you of scamming them while they shell out money for McDonald’s and their next car payment.

The truth is that this is a dog-eat-dog world. It’s not nice, it’s not fair, it’s not equal. You have to see through what all the corporations are doing for money and you have to be wise in what you decide to pay for, because everyone is always trying to upsell you for what you don’t need.

You could become one of the scammers, and that’s ok. Billions of people believe they need shitty products and if they don’t shell out their money to you, then they will shell out their money to someone else. It might as well be you.

Nothing is what you have been taught to believe.

Now there is probably no Illuminati or “Elite”, since there is no evidence. Instead, everything is much simpler:


Corporations and governments are motivated by money and power, and when people buy what they are selling, then they are going to keep selling it. Nothing necessarily malevolent about it. Not really a conspiracy. Just the way the world works.

I have found nearly everything to be a scam. The vast majority of the things you pay for you don’t need. And many of those things are downright useless or harmful.

There is an abundance of information out there on the internet that can verify everything I’ve said. Common sense can do the rest. None of this is conspiracy or even hard to figure out.

People are surprised when I tell them this stuff. They ask, “How do you know this?”

I shrug, because the answer is simple. It’s so simple that no one is willing to believe it!

It’s all right there, right in front of you to see.



P.S. For a scarily accurate look at our present and future, read the classic novel 1984 by George Orwell. It was this book that coined the phrase “Orwellian,” meaning invasive government or dystopia.

It also hugely impacted my thinking when I first read it many years ago. It should be required reading in all schools.

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  1. My man! GREAT POST!
    Just wanted to tell you that the webpage is not working correctly.
    When I’m at the top of the page I can’t see the first post title…

    Works fine in Chrome, but not well in Firefox.

    Do a couple tests on different browsers and see if it happens to you.


  2. Another thing:

    For me, the red title following the scrollbar is actually a bit annoying because I have less space to read… just a suggestion…

  3. This was well-written. I felt soul in this. I’ve been looking for someone who feels the same way. How most people should stop looping their miserable experience and free themselves from all the lies that make them perpetually work for no reason.

  4. Damn nice post.

    I was a cop and a banker. It’s even worse then what you describe.
    So what’s the next step

    • Next step is to become a scammer, or become one of the few honest people in your industry. I’ve chosen the latter.

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