Fight Club changed my life

Fight Club is not the reason I wear a leather jacket.

In fact, it’s not even the reason I became a ladies’ man or a rebel. All of those things were in place before I discovered this movie.

The real reason Fight Club changed me is because it introduced me to life-altering concepts that go entirely against the grain. We don’t ever talk about them, but they’re true. Here are just some of the ways the movie inspired me.

1.) “Self-improvement is masturbation. Now, self-destruction…”

When I first heard this line I felt a pang of anxiety. I was guilty, like so many others. We read and we study and seek approval but we don’t change.

And that’s because the key to getting good at anything is NOT to improve the current self.

It’s to DESTROY the current self and let out the Rebel from within.

This is a little advanced for most people, and that’s ok.

Those of you who don’t get it are still trapped in the bubble of playing the same character on the stage.

You have to realize that what you are/who you are is just a character.

If you’re weak and frail, like Cornelius, it’s just a character. But if you’re strong and determined, like Tyler Durden, then that’s just another character.

The entire plot of the movie actually revolves around this concept.


2.) Hitting rock bottom

To get to where we want to be in life, we have to hit the bottom.

The bottom is where we have nothing left to lose.

After seeing this movie I realized how pathetic I was for collecting so many possessions. I angrily threw out a bunch of sentimental shit I had just lying around.

Tyler says, “The things you own, end up owning you.” And then Cornelius’ apartment blows up and he loses all of his “flaming little shit.” And because of that he’s better off.

I even stopped showering every day, I stopped grooming so much. I focused INSTEAD on my CHARACTER, and what a difference it made.

I went out and hit on a bunch of girls and didn’t stop until I found a new girlfriend. I was wearing this shitty flanel shirt that was years old and my hair was long and unkempt. But she thought I was “hot.”

Let no one tell you that it’s all about “looks.”

You can be one ugly motherfucker but people will “like” you if you display a dominant attitude. Even if you look great, if you aren’t projecting the right attitude, things are going to be much for difficult for you.

Anyone who thinks I’m full of shit is just delusional.


Your look and your style must match your image, and your energy. Otherwise they are not going to be effective.

Now the good news is that by getting familiar with a new look or image you will FEEL different. You can actually force yourself to act differently by looking differently.

But don’t think that being 100% handsome is a requirement. I’m really good looking but I was treated like shit way back in high school because I was a pussy.

Fight Club taught me to “man up” and it taught me that things we take for granted aren’t as important.

And the movie demonstrates this as well, as you’ll see.


3.) Male aggression

This movie perfectly captures the inner, repressed male rage that many men in our society are experiencing as a result of the feminist and materialist movements.

Since this movie was constructed in the 80s, things have only gotten worse since then. This movie is more relevant now than ever.

We are so reluctant to get into fights these days, you almost never see it.

I certainly have never had anyone besides women even TOUCH me in an aggressive manner, let alone start a fight.

I’ve had people yell at me, but nobody wants to go all the way.

In the movie Tyler gives people an “assignment” to get into a fight and “lose.”

This falls right in line with the other two concepts.

By no means is the movie suggesting you ought to be a loser. It takes REAL strength to take the hits.

Just as any fighter will tell you–and trust me, I can tell you from my own experience–when you’re in a fight, it’s not the physical blows that are hard to take.

It’s the mental idea that you’re “going to get hit.” That you’re going to “break yourself.”

Losing a fight not only risks mental breakage but physical breakage as well. It takes true strength to let yourself lose and face the consequences of that.

But once you have nothing left to lose…


4.) “Tomorrow will be the greatest day of Raymond K. Hessel’s life…”

Threatened with death, one man decides he will start doing his dream job, or else he will be killed.

This is in the movie.

Once you have faced your fear of death, what can possibly be worse? You’ve hit rock bottom, now you have nothing left to fear.

Anytime I see this movie I think back to the near-death experiences I’ve had and it reminds me that I’ve already been through the worst.

Even if things never get better, I am capable of handling them.

The movie can teach you this too. But only if you act on it.

Obviously this movie ain’t for everyone. I know some people hate it but the movie itself on its own merits taught me remarkable lessons. I think it’s foolish to only take it on surface value–a bunch of rebellious men who fight and take down society.

This movie is about finding yourself in the corporate wasteland of material America.


You can check out Fight Club right here (Amazon).


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