Give it up and settle

It keeps you awake at night, but that doesn’t mean anything.

That’s just temptation.

You have to resist it. It’s “wrong.”

You know it’s wrong because everyone told you so.

It doesn’t matter what you have seen with your own eyes, what you have felt to the bottom of your core.

Don’t you want to be loved?



Don’t you want true love? One woman, for the rest of your life?

Too bad. You have to. Seeing more than one woman at once is “cheating.”

You lie awake in bed at night, raging, pissed off because you want more than one girl. The idea that women don’t want to sleep with you, that they would rather accuse you of being a cheater, eats away at your sexual self-worth.

All you’ve ever wanted was to be desired by women, and here you are having to deal with your girlfriend crying because you’re “cheating.”

WELL FUCK HER! you say.

But that’s wrong.

You’re still in bed, staring at the ceiling, and your heart is pounding. You begin to feel little tingles, like the start of some inner fire.

But that must be wrong too, right?

Even though it feels right, it must still surely be wrong.

Because wrong things never feel right. Oh, wait…


Now is the time to seize your gut. To take control of your life based on nothing more than an instinct.

Your instincts are correct, but you have learned, TRAINED yourself not to trust them.

You fool.

Get the fuck up, drop your ugly girlfriend, experience the loss. Then do whatever it takes to get EXACTLY WHAT YOU WANT.

If any girl thinks you’re an asshole or a “cheater,” here’s what you can do: be 100% brutally honest with everyone.

“Are you single?”


“Wait…so you’re cheating on your girlfriend?”


“But you’re seeing other girls?”

Yes. I’m dating a few different girls right now.

And that’s it. You tell the truth. If she wants to join in the party and compete, she can.

I no longer have any respect for a girl who says, “I don’t want to compete.”

What are you, a lazy bitch? Am I not good enough?

When a girl says that, what she’s actually expressing is, “I don’t want to have to work for your attention, can’t you pretty please just give it to me and only me because I am a woman?”

You see, it takes a certain kind of deranged mind to pull this off, but in the end your delusions of grandeur WILL result in the physical manifestation of such.

If you demand that multiple girls compete for your attention, that is exactly what will happen. After all, isn’t that EXACTLY what most women already do with men?

But if you hide like a little bitch, sneaking and skulking, pretending you’re not “cheating,” then that’s exactly the reality that you’re going to get.

I am not a cheater because that is just a word. I do not even recognize the concept of “cheating” because in MY mind…


It’s perfectly acceptable to see multiple women. In fact, it’s NECESSARY. For me.

And I suspect for other men as well.

I am not alone, and I refuse to play this deception game any longer.

I will put myself out there and I demand exactly what I want out of life, other people be damned.

Just try and stop me.

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