How most women tend to think in the moment

Women are more programmed in the moment.

To understand how women are not lying shrews, we must understand what is really going on when they say stupid shit.

“I wish my husband was more helpful.”

When a woman says a statement like this, the emotion in her brain is “life would be easier with some more help.” Duh. Everybody would think this.

But of course a domesticated man is not going to be as attractive to a woman, for a plethora of reasons. She’s not thinking about this when she is saying this statement.

She doesn’t mean her husband would be more sexually attractive and exciting if he did that. She’s just expressing an emotion of relief or appeased laziness.

When a woman says something like, “You always do this or that” she doesn’t actually mean you always do that.

The most common response to a woman’s accusations are a “Huh?” and rightfully so. A woman is just feeling how you are being, and that is what she will say.

It doesn’t actually follow the logic. And once you understand that, you can relate to women as women do.

A loser offers a woman a ride, and she says, “He’s such a nice guy.” That’s because he IS. He’s being NICE. And that does not mean she wants to fuck him.

So if you want to relate to a woman, you can say “Aww, that’s so sweet” and it will make perfect sense to her.

It doesn’t matter if that kind of behavior is personally detrimental. You can’t process everything a woman says and does as some Machiavellian slight.

Women do often talk in circles or in subtext, but that’s not necessarily inherent. Part of it is cultural.

Just keep in mind that you need to look more at the emotional motivations for a woman’s behavior than the actual words or behaviors.

That way you will know that when a woman is bitching it doesn’t mean there is really a problem. It may just mean she is hungry or PMSing. You might have done nothing “wrong.”

The best way to handle this is often by ignoring it or telling her to shut the fuck up [link to power article].

Or directing her to a solution to her emotional need.

Some women get very angry when they are horny. Some “shit test.” Just recognize that women are not devil’s spawn, they just operate in a different way.

If a woman is testing you, it might just mean she does not trust you.

A great thing to remember when dealing with women is never to take anything personally. Not unless it clearly IS personal.

Some women are manipulative and they aren’t even aware of why. It takes knowledge and experience to understand that men are like this too, and that it is just human nature.

The best way to deal with it is by understanding the rules of the game and understanding that the majority of people don’t really know why they do what they do.

When you find one who does, congratulations. But then you might dealing with a REAL manipulator, ha ha.

The only real solution is to look deeper. Deeper than words and concepts. Look at actions, at body language. Become AWARE.

It is a process, and it is not linear or black and white. I can’t even tell you how to get there.

All I know is that not everything must be explained. It’s not true that women are completely irrational and will never make sense. Just as it is not true that women are highly manipulative and working on ancient hypergamous instincts.

For the record, ALL humans are “hypergamous.” Many men would dump their girlfriend for a hotter, sweeter one.

We’re all cunts.

Remember that.

But also we all have the spiritual potential to be full of heart and cognizance. We CAN transcend our base desires and animal programming. But most won’t.

And it’s important to recognize this conflict so that you never have a problem wondering why peope behave so stupidly.

When a woman is ovulating, she wants your baby. Never mind that it’s not in her best interest.

In the throes of sexual surrender, I’ve cum when I shouldn’t and my sex drive has led me to do some very seemingly detrimental things.


Get with the program, kids. Women are not so hard to understand, but neither are they perfectly sensible. You can’t change people and you just have to play the game as best you can.

The best way to play is with honesty, or at least honesty with YOURSELF, and then knowing that most of the time people aren’t honest with themselves, or even intelligent, so how can they possibly relate to you on your level?

As time goes on the heartbreaks and the jealousy and the annoyances and the hatred will wear down and you will be filled with a knowing clarity, an inner mastery that understands that this is the game and that you are not to blame and that we all have to mistakes to learn.

Which is better?

Holding for dear life to our attachments, or having understanding?

Understanding by necessity involves mistakes and successes, and it is only through attemps and failures that we will reach it.

Understanding then, is wisdom, which will lead to future successes more easily.

Therefore, do not be so shy to fucking up. Do not beat yourself up too much and do not be led into dark temptation.

As long as you try and never give up, and learn to be more aware without all the surface-level bullshit, then you will be able to handle women better in the future.

And it is worth it, for as long as your drowning in your folly there will only be temporary pleasure and pain.

Aim and opt for real understanding, and then you will often resolve much of the pain by that alone.
People are not so evil, neither are they good. They just ARE, and they operate by nature.

Understand this, and you won’t have such a problem with possessiveness or losing.

I talk here of cheating and relationship difficulties, but this all goes back to understanding women.
Have empathy, not sympathy. Empathy IS real understanding. It is awareness that trasncends personal ego and motivations, and it actually is a tool to BETTER get you what you want than not.

Yes, we can use people even when having empathy and understanding and wisdom and love for them.

We cannot exist without using people and imposing our will on them.

Such is life. Such is nature.

Impose your will. See the game. Treat it without personal investment.

Then you will unlock your INSTINCT (intuition, gut, *seeing*).

And then you will Know.

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