Journalism is dead as a profession and the 9/11 connection

Parroting is not journalism.

The Wikipedia definition:

Journalism is the social work and work-craft, and profession (high-level) of reporting on the events, facts, and people that are the “news of the day,” such that a society is “informed,” to some non-trivial degree.

Except journalism is not just reporting.

It used to be legitimate investigation and fact-finding.

I remember reading about Neil Strauss, author of The Game (don’t follow its advice and do this instead). He would go to many interviews with celebrities, and use game techniques like “The Cube” to get them talking and liking him. This would give him more info for a story.

Today we repeatedly see alleged “journalists” simply repeating soundbites and mere “information” from other journalists of their own kind.


Nowhere do I see legitimate INVESTIGATION or FACT-FINDING.

I took journalism classes in college. The first one I ever took, I still recall, they told me that the central tenet of being a journalist was presenting THE TRUTH.

But as we can see from GamerGate and countless other examples, the media today are not doing any legitimate work except parroting.

Where is the digging? The unearthing of evidence? The going out and doing custom interviews?

Nearly every media outlet uses the same interviews! They don’t get their own like a real journalist ought to.

Indeed, “journalism” in today’s online media is dead. Now it is simply Impulsive Reporting, with no forethought or questioning taking place.

I would like to see popular news outlets, rather just merely “report,” actually describe the work they did to get the information they are reporting on. Go on their own interviews. Collect their own evidence.

Do their own due diligence so that they can come up with all of the facts.

And yet none of the major news outlets disagree with one another.

It’s almost disturbing how the only dissenting views come from “red pill” or “alternate news” sources. Especially after exposing the 9/11 hoax for myself and finally yielding to the fact that the cover story wasn’t real, it’s clear that even greater things could be amiss.

How did both CNN and BBC get their news in advance?


In the above pictures, the World Trade Center Building 7 for both CNN and BBC is being reported as “has collapsed or is collapsing.”

That’s right. They not only use the same words in their reports, but they both report the building’s collapse as it is standing in the background.

Later BBC would claim, after pretending that they had “lost” the original tapes, that they got their news from Reuters.

Great. So we are left to infer that both CNN and BBC falsely reported an obvious lie from the same news source.

Hopefully you see how insidious this is.

From one false report, we get 100 more because they are all just copying, not doing any legitimate investigation of their own.

How easy would it be, then, for the government or any single corrupt agency to introduce a bit of untrue news, and watch it propagate throughout the system?

the network

The Network, drawn by yours truly

Simply “capture” or bribe one source, and watch the rest of the network soak in the same misinformation. Because when nobody is doing their own journalism, they will all just be telling the same story.

It’s human nature. I know.

Oral histories have been delivered down through the centuries.

But our current media system is a perfect example of just how imperfect it all is.

It’s a very real demonstration of how we cannot trust textbooks like the Bible, which was invented by the Church in the same way textbooks are invented by the government to include evolution and omit monumental events like the flu pandemic of 1918.

Is it all an Illuminati conspiracy?

That question is still up for debate. But most likely it’s just a grand-scale example of human error and greed.

Still, it is time for great reform. And it starts with you.

Every one of us must be careful not to repeat what we don’t know for sure. Not to spread rumors. To do our own due diligence and be sure not to believe things until we have real evidence.

The destruction of faith is the beginning of evolution.

The only thing we can have faith in is ourselves.

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