Joy is a skill, not a feeling

Why is enlightenment linked with depression?

Depressed people stand around on the edge, longing for a way out, but they never take it.

It takes a curious, enlightened, positive mind to engage in the radical pursuits that will support self-evolution. To explore you must have that insatiable lust for life that cannot be quelled in the quiet moments of melancholy.

Remember: you create your own reality. You can determine if your fate is folly or fury.

Wake up! Seize the day!

Those silly sayings are true.

You have only have one life to live, and if you spend it dreary and weary and lost in nostalgia you are ignoring the present moment, and thus neglecting your future. If I could express to you that loss and pain are integral to life, but they are not unlike happiness.

Happiness is a temporary thing, and so is depression. They are necessary components of life. You learn to survive both until you are developed enough to hit that constant state of driving force of life.

Don’t be a loser. Always find the hope, the light. The airy surface on top of the dark stormy waters.

Anything can be laughed at. It’s just a skill.

Practice makes perfect.

Rise to the challenge and have joy, all else be damned.

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