Life is suffering and that’s a good thing

Time to stop typing away. Time for no more complaints or wondering or worrying or thinking.

Time for solutions. Time for ACTION!

It doesn’t matter if the action is extraordinarily effective. It doesn’t matter what the plan is. What matters is only your confidence and your persistence.

With those two things you have the ability to make anything work, because the universe is just an illusion, an imprint of your mind.

These two ingredients could go by different names:

A) Intent
B) Will

Intent is the vision

At my old gym there were two signs on the wall right next to the water fountain. I looked at them every day because I’d drink a lot of water on my sets. The two signs say “Vision” and “Courage.”

I found it inspiring and coincidental. Since those are the two elements you need to make anything work. When you have the vision, you have intent.

It is the images in your heart, those soul-crippling visions that you must attend to. You know what they are because they haunt you, both day and night. They are in your dreams and daydreams.

The dreams at night reveal the open secret of where you are. They reveal your insecurities and present abilities.

The day dreams represent the vision of where you want to be.

In your night dreams you often see yourself doing things that you wish you did or didn’t do in real life. You will be tested in your dreams, because they are the culmination of real life events. As you become more aware of your night dreams, you will be able to recognize bits and pieces of your dreams as familiar. Eventually you will be able to instantly recall, even in the dream, the exact real life event or memory that is influencing the dream.

Night dreams a marvelous way to account for your past sins and transgressions. They are nature’s face of forcing you to face your demons.

They also reveal repressed desires or memories. They represent fears and insecurities. They will show you the way if you are lost. They will tell you what you need and desire most.

Day dreams are often called a waste of time, but they are more important than night dreams. They are the most important of all.

To be effective with day dreams, you must set aside a block of time to actually visualize what you want. The key here is to get viscerally in tune with your longing and desire. It will hurt.

The reason so many visualizations are ineffective is not because they are a waste of time, but because people are not getting in tune with their soul.

When you get in touch with your soul, there will be pain. And that is how you know it is working.

Will is the action

The will is what you start to do when you feel that driving force behind you like a powerful wave, telling you that something needs to be done. You might not even know what it is, but the energy will compel you to get it.

This is the Intent driving you toward the Will. They work together, you see, and thus we come full circle to the dilemma:

What to do?

The answer is that you already know what to do, but you are containing yourself. You are holding back.

This is no special news, perhaps, but it is revolutionary because once you finally take the first steps to surrender to your will, you will begin to experience life like no other.

Perhaps it’s not news to you that you know what you want, but you have to understand that knowing and surrendering are two different things.

The ability to surrender to your Will is the greatest ability you can ever have, because it is what gets you the things that you want. This ability must be cultivated and at first it will be difficult. It will be difficult and it will be a progression, and every day that you embark further down this path of Will you will start to have a nagging drive that wont go away.

This is the curse. I call it the Price of Ambition.

It is the unsatiable lust that desires to overcome all boundaries. The hunger inside seeks to further assert the Will.

When you violate the Price of Ambition, you feel like shit. Period. This insecurity and regret can destroy you if you let it, but it is “the cost of doing business,” so to speak.

The pain

“Why must there be so much pain?”

Because what you don’t understand yet is that pain doesn’t have to hurt.

The soul and the heart and ambition will all cause tremendous amounts of pain once you start to follow them, but they will liberate you. The pain you feel is NOT the pain of struggle and misfortune. Those things are not necessary.

The pain you feel is ACTUALLY the culminated result of years of repression and resentment of the past. The pain you feel is actually the birthing of the soul, the cry in your heart at how dead you have become, how much you have lost and wasted, and where you really want and need to be.

I have bad news and good news.

There is no cure for this pain.

But there doesn’t have to be. All you need to know is one thing:


This is the greatest piece of advice anyone can give you. But don’t misinterpret.

“Life is suffering” does NOT mean that you will always lose, that life is bad and not worth living, or that you cannot be satisfied. Within these simple words lies the key to unlock the exact opposite.

The key to life is NOT to eliminate suffering. The key is to EMBRACE suffering.

When we ACCEPT suffering, we liberate ourselves to find a way out of it. It is NOT through denial of pain and evasion of misfortune that we grow. It is through the willingness to embrace the challenge that we rise.

Hear this: you will always have loss. The more you deal with it now, the more you are prepared for it, the less it can hurt you.

The greatest thing you can ever do is learn the ability to just “roll with it” and deal with the situation at hand. This does NOT mean “go with the flow.”

You can refuse to be in a certain lot of life, but until you accept suffering you will never leave it.

By embracing suffering, we can turn that refusal–that rebellion–into fuel for our escape.

Suffering is the fuel of the will.

Suffering is what lights the fire. It is what sustains it. Suffering burns beneath you like a beacon and when you finally embrace consequences and pain and loss then you will be FREE because you will be able to experience JOY without containment.

To free yourself from the prison, you must accept the pain, and learn to use it. By that point, nothing will be able to stop you because it will only fuel your will to survive.

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