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My first novella

A tormented rebel, Adrian is going through the motions in life and slowly unraveling until one day his fantasy comes true.

Entangled into a strange and potentially deadly romance, he soon discovers a purpose for his life that goes beyond the mundane and finds himself caught up in a seemingly paranormal mystery.

But as things ramp up, Adrian is forced to question the nature of reality, and is in for quite a surprise when the truth is revealed.

“Mistaken” is a philosophical and romantic drama involving a look into the masculine mind and a coming of age that invites the reader to go beyond the definition of a normal life and into its deep, darker core.

Mistaken is a “red pill” novella that is heavy on philosophy and many of the themes on this site. It’s essentially a “coming-of-age” story but it delves into the spiritual and the paranormal.

There’s not a lot of sex or womanizing in this book, it’s focus is entirely on the romance and the mystery.

I suspect there are many people who won’t be able to stomach this book, and that’s fine. I didn’t write it to be popular, and not all men are going to enjoy it. I do think the book will intrigue both men and women and anyone else who has ever fallen in love, or dreamt for more than just this material world.

You can read a sample of Mistaken and/or buy the Kindle version here.

You can buy the (definitive) PDF version of Mistaken here.

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