What you’re really looking for

What you’re really looking for is yourself.

Men play the field or let themselves go for that one “special woman,” the one who rips their heart out and drives them insane. There is often little in-between.

The real truth is that these men do not hate women, they are just covering their hatred of themselves.

When I suggest that women and men are much the same and that there is no soulmate out there, that may seem as a justifiable excuse for “pumping and dumping” women.

But in fact it is a call to stop the external search.

You will not find what you are looking for by your conmdemnation of women.

You’ve got to stop holding women accountable for your own self-esteem.

The only way to do this is to learn the hard way.

Admittedly I had to learn this my way, and I was the asshole for a while. I was rigidly attached to finding love as a self-acceptance mechanism. I can even point to the exact triggers and lifetime events that culminated in this perspective.

But that didn’t make the gripping insecurity any less hard to deal with.

No one is ever going to love you as severely as you can love yourself.

So it’s time to let the women go, and take them as they are. They are real people, just polluted human beings like men.

By all means, spread your wild oats.

But keep in mind not to involve yourself with the wrong people.

And to do that, you must right yourself first.

Men and women are the same

Not all women are like that.

In fact, not all men are like that either.

Women are shallow and only seem to want one thing. They frequently make mistakes by choosing the kind of men that are going to abuse them and push them around, and they secretly like the abuse because its addictive.

They go on internet forums for support during breakups.

And it’s true that men are crazy. One moment they are telling you they love you, the next they are ignoring all of your calls and texts.

Men are hypergamous.

They only want the most beautiful women, the ones who take care of them the most and are the most exciting. If given the choice between a hot woman and an ugly one, men will often choose the hotter one even if she suffers personality and is a total bitch.

Men tend to like “bad girls.” They are drawn to the women who will have a hard time committing and are great in bed.

I am convinced that most red pill men are, in fact, the exact same as the women they get into trouble with. They wonder why their relationship is sour because they have a demanding, controlling woman who won’t have sex with them.

What they don’t realize is they are the exact same way. They are just as controlling and “abusive.”

And they all like it that way because men and women like that are drawn to each other, they are both equally damaged.

Yes, it’s true that there are minor differences in the sexes. Men have a lot more tesosterone, women have visibly more body fat and less muscle, along with tits, they have periods and babies, and men seem more wired for casual sex.

But as far as everything else goes, it really does appear to be cultural…or, rather, conditioned.

It’s hard to make the claim that women love men with money and that men don’t love women with money when we live in a culture where men are all programmed to spend money on women and women are programmed to get away with whatever they want without consequence.

For all the talk of how women love badboys, let’s not forget that men love the bad girls too. They are addicted to the drama and the battles of control. Or else why would they all stay with lying, deceptive borderline women?

It’s the sexual energy, of course.

I love the song “She’s Always A Woman” by Billy Joel. Though it’s sung about women, I was skeptical last time I listened to it, and decided to flip the song around. See if you can find yourself in the new lyrics:

He can kill with a smile
He can wound with his eyes
He can ruin your faith with his casual lies
And he only reveals what he wants you to see
He hides like a child
But he’s always a man to me

He can lead you to love
He can take you or leave you
He can ask for the truth
But he’ll never believe you
And he’ll take what you give him as long as it’s free
Yeah, he steals like a thief
But he’s always a man to me

Oh, he takes care of himself
He can wait if he wants
He’s ahead of his time
Oh, and he never gives out
And he never gives in
He just changes his mind

He will promise you more
Than the Garden of Eden
Then he’ll carelessly cut you
And laugh while you’re bleedin’
But he’ll bring out the best
And the worst you can be
Blame it all on yourself
Cause he’s always a man to me

Oh, he takes care of himself
He can wait if he wants
He’s ahead of his time
Oh, and he never gives out
And he never gives in
He just changes his mind

He is frequently kind
And he’s suddenly cruel
He can do as he pleases
He’s nobody’s fool
But he can’t be convicted
He’s earned his degree
And the most he will do
Is throw shadows at you
But he’s always a man to me

If you want to fit the rhythm better and really get a good laugh, just replace the word “man” with “alpha,” and you’ll get the stereotypical alpha that all these idiots talk about online: charming, lying, independent, invulernable, abusive, non-committal.

It’s almost as if we as humans are all lying cheating deceptive bastards…

Especially the ones we fall hardest for.

Stop giving women a free pass

I will never take care of a woman.

Paying for a woman’s bills and fully supporting her does not make me a “Man.”

It makes me more like her FATHER. And she became an adult a long time ago.

When you think about it, what is a girl who relies on a man for all of her needs?

She is a leech. A parasite.

I imagined myself as a girl living under such a scenario, and I imagined being very bored and very restless and utterly disgusted with my own laziness.

I then imagined myself as a very rich man with money to spare taking care of everything for a girl while she sits around and does…something. I was disgusted.

She didn’t have to work for that money, I did, and so nobody else gets access to it. Especially not just because they are women.

There is no real scientific evidence that men are providers and women are supposed to be taken care of. Humans are so distantly and wildly different than gorillas, which is where evolutionary psychology concepts originate. And gorillas themselves are wildly differentiated in social structure and behavior than even other monkeys.

So comparing humans to any other monkey species is wild speculation at best. We are too advanced, too complex.

When you as a man take care of a woman, you give her your energy and you take her energy. You lower yourself to your weakest link.

You can never be strong leeching off of the weak because you will only ever be as strong as the energy that they give you.

This works both ways–for both the parasite and the giver. It’s really just common sense. But think about it.

Spending money on women and buying them shit and driving them around and ordering them around and paying all their bills is treating them like children.

But they’re not children. They’re adults.

Women act like children because they are taught to, and because we let them. Not because they are actually children. Because they’re not.

I have no respect for a woman who demands to be treated like a child, like a “lady.”

And a lot of men (that media would label “mysoginists”) these days would say “That’s good, women don’t need to be respected.”

And you’re right, they don’t. So why waste your time on them again?

But wait! Isn’t it great to have a bunch of women as your slaves?

No. The truly strong person does not want or need slaves.

But why?

Because he is repulsed by them.

When I think about women acting like children, I am truly repulsed. I cannot stand people acting weak and rather than take advantage of them, i just want to grab them by the shoulders and shake them, or slap them, or drive them to achieve their potential and stop being weak.

But I can’t. The people all around me won’t stop being weak.

And so you’ll forgive me when I don’t take care of women or treat them the way they want to be coddled like little 5-year-olds.

I have MUCH higher standards for them, and most of them fail to meet these standards.

A lot of men would suggest that there are huge differences between women and men, but this is false.

I will now say what 99% of the manosphere-red-pill-esque people never say:

Men do all of the same stupid things women do.

Many men are stupid. They don’t get the truth. They complain, they want to be coddled. They look up to others and want to be taken care of.

It’s not as blatant as women’s programming because men are taught ot be stoic and emotionless and, of course, to get rich so that they can take care of their women (LOL!).

But all I see are a bunch of rat-race losers.

Real men do not set out to play the rat-race game of big house, kids, hot wife.

They seek a purpose in life and inspiration for THEMSELVES. This is strength. They do not coddle others.

And this goes for women.

Women need a purpose too. Women are men are much alike. They are the same species, after all.

I don’t buy into the bullshit anymore that men are the providers and women are the caretakers. And for all those of you “evo psych” people out there who love alpha males and beta males, of which I used to be fond of, the truth is that these models are based on species so radically different from humans they cannot be used as a valid comparison.

I have always been baffled by the use of mice in science before human trials and this is no different.

Wolves and monkeys are not so simplistic in social structure, and there are a BILLION other social structures out there to observe in the animal kingdom that defy the traditional patriarchy model.

Enough with all the crap. Stop allowing women free license to get free rides in society.

Men, you have a greater purpose than to enslave women and provide for them and make them dependent on you and lose their soul and become parasitic leeches.

And women, stop pretending to be victims and stupid.

Men don’t owe you money and I’d like a real strong woman to go out there and become her own breadwinner and inspire me to reach my potential. I would prefer an equal.

I’ve done the whole love slave thing, the whole “women are children” thing. It’s gotten old because I can’t stand being “psychologist” and teacher all the time to unwilling students. I hate people’s pathetic behavior and when I am exposed to weakness I either avoid it or try to nip it in the bud.

I never coddle women or give them an easy pass. If they are complaining, I tell them to shut up and stop whining like a little bitch. Because that is what I would say to a man.

If they are acting like children, I tell them so. If they are making excuses about their lack of progress or how their parents hold them back, I point out how they don’t actually need anyone else, including me, and that they can make their own decisions.

I’d rather see a bird fly away from my nest and be free than keep a woman around as a doting child with no real mind of her own.

I know, it’s very “un-red-pill” of me.

But I do not accept the social narrative and I don’t have to play by its rules. I simply don’t want to.

Those of you who enjoy the game of vapid trivialities, go do it.

But there are more important things, and rewarding things, and I know that I will never find my equal amongst women.

We do NOT NEED a soulmate outside of ourselves. We are all searching for one, even if secretly, but the truth is that you only need YOU to be whole.

I take women as they are…or, rather, as they choose to behave.

And I will hold you men to the same standard.

People in general act stupid and I would rather see the potential in them than take advantage of them.

I think men in general should all hold much higher standards for women, especially the ones they are serious with but also the ones they go casual with.

If we all stopped putting up with women’s behaviors and rewarding them for it, then they’d be forced to adapt.

Many “red pill” men claim not to “put women on a pedestal.”

Yes these same “red pill” men actually allow women their childish behaviors because it is IN THEIR NATURE and that “ALL WOMEN ARE LIKE THAT.” So even the “enlightened” men of our new era are GIVING WOMEN A FREE PASS.

This is really a contradiction that reveals more about the victim mentality of the men themselves.

So here’s the solution:

Stop giving women free passes.

They are NOT children.

They are NOT stupid.


They are NOT more deceitful and manipulative and weak and shallow by nature than men because ALL HUMANS ARE THESE THINGS BY NATURE.

And don’t get me started on “hypergamy.” MEN ARE HYPERGAMOUS TOO.

Men pick the hotter, tighter, wetter, funnier girl over the uglier, fatter, stupider, etc. girl.

Hypergamy exists in both sexes. Vigorously. And it is nothing new. Everyone does it.

And finally, both men and women are capable of love and falling in love. And love CAN surpass shallow differences.

But you cannot meet a woman as an equal when she just wants to be a leech.

Do yourself a favor.

Throw the garbage out.


– Pissing people off since 1969,
James Mast


The smoking gun proof of how 9/11 was staged

I don’t believe in conspiracy theories.

I don’t normally even bother, unless something rubs me the wrong way. I just see things for what they are. And on 9/11, I was rubbed the wrong way.

I didn’t even care when I woke up that morning for school and saw the TVs. It didn’t seem real to me, and I wasn’t bothered by the attacks. My parents were flustered and I just saw the building crumple. I didn’t even know at the time what the World Trade Center was. But something about it seemed unreal to me.

The first thought that went through my head was, “If giant steel towers were a noticeable target for terrorists, why weren’t they prepared for this kind of attack?” (They were).

As I went into school, the teachers were afraid and made us all pray. But I was not praying.

I had my eyes open.


In later years I bought the media story, but naturally I heard about the media fakery and went to investigate.

I spent many hours looking into each and every theory, the boards of “evidence” with photos and videos with the vague hint of some kind of resolution or definitive conclusion. But the pictures proving CGI tampering seemed just as ethereal as the media clips. Something had to give.

Back then I didn’t understand why I was so interested, but now I get that I was looking for the answer to my gut/intuition’s pleading. Often our intuition will tell us there is something wrong, but we can’t rationalize it until our conscious mind “figures it out.” No wonder I didn’t care for 9/11 that morning that it happened. Somehow I knew there was something amiss.

A couple years later I then read about the directed energy weapon theory, which although interesting was not convincing.

But it led me to a little-known niche of conversation online about World Trade Center Building #7.

The evidence there was much clearer.

I saw videos of WTC7 crumble, and then watched a bunch of videos of demolitioned buildings fall. They were eerily similar.

But still nothing conclusive, so I drew the line and decided there was clearly fishiness here, but I may never know.


Now I have just seen the smoking gun proof I didn’t even know that I needed.

Along with NIST coverups and fabricated collapse models, the fact that no steel skyscraper has ever fallen from simple fires, the evidence of thermite found in the rubble, and now this video, it is all pretty clear.

The following video you are about to watch occurred 23 minutes before the WTC7’s actual collapse.

What you see in this video is the BBC getting the info about the “Solomon Building” (WTC7) having already collapsed and subsequent reporting on other media outlets, WITH THE TOWER STILL VISIBLE BEHIND THE REPORTER AS SHE IS TALKING ABOUT ITS COLLAPSE.

Don’t believe me?

You can see an unedited video here:

Oh, wait, no you can’t.


This is irrefutable evidence of deception.

It may seem small, and not so sinister, but that is precisely why it is so ignored. What this video demonstrates is that someone had the foreknowledge that WTC7 was going to collapse, but we are never told who had this knowledge.

Did firefighters know? Police? Where’d we get this information in advance?

If you dig, of course, you’ll find footage of people in the building before its collapse, not concerned at all. The building is strangely empty and filled with dust.

NIST, a government angency, even claims WTC7’s collapse was sudden and unexpected, despite many supporters of the official 9/11 story claiming it had severe structural damage that led to its demise. The computer simulations they released never match up with reality, and they had to go back and re-structure their models due to complaints of people who knew better.

The only sensible conclusion here is that the media was fed narrative events before they happened and that the government tried to cover it up.

Now for the expected objections, which can be defeated by common sense:

“But it was reported as having already fallen because it had structural damage.”

Did it?

In that case, BBC would have reportedits impending fall. But that’s not what we got.

We got “the building fell and people died” while the building is hilariously still visible in the background.

But guess what?

Popular broadcaster CNN ALSO reported the leak unexpected collapse too early!

Both reported its already having collapsed conveniently long before it really did collapse and was covered by the other media outlets.

Two major errors about an important building, with no interviews or verification of claims made about why WTC7 was going to fall. With

The distinct lack of reporting here, especially given the nature of overreporting during disasters, is a huge clue.

“It was a simple mistake! Media outlets were in a frenzy!”

They sure don’t act like it.

They report it with certainty, almost as if they were tipped off.

The media has been covering disasters for years. They are used to the hustle and bustle. And they put out a fake report on a building that is clearly seen in the background. Conveniently, the footage is then cut off just 5 minutes later. But here’s the thing:


If this were truly a media “mistake,” they would have corrected their mistake and clarified that WTC7 had not yet fallen. But that is not what they did.

In case you are still in doubt about BBC’s intentions, read their (short) rebuttal of the “mistake” and the following comments. In short, BBC cannot come up with the source of their highly suspicious information.

To this day, 15 years later, BBC has not clarified their source, except for a possible tip from Reuters that the building had already collapsed. “Conspiracy theorists” claim that no steel skyscraper has ever succumbed to fire, and the official report on WTC7 is unable to draw a conclusion. You’d think BBC would have a better grip on their tip-off. But they won’t tell.

And they never will.

“It just fell from collateral damage! It was not blown up by controlled demolition.”

There are a lot of people out there with advanced architectural knowledge that beg to disagree.

But personally, I just prefer to use my own eyes:

“WTC7 was supposed to be demoed anyway.”

Great. None of that was ever reported. You have to really dig to find out that WTC7 was being considered to be demoed before 9/11. In fact I’m having a hard time tracking down the quotes.

And if it WAS demoed that day, that means it was wired and setup in advance. Again, none of which is reported AND government agencies such as NIST claim the exact opposite and are covering it up.

I am forced to conclude now that WTC7 was plotted in advance to fall.

Even the feed cuts off at the end, for crying out loud. I have no real bias or particular interest in 9/11, but I can safely say this incident seals the deal for me. Especially given that most of the reporting footage has been blocked on YouTube, and the BBC claims that the tapes were lost for this monumental fuckup.

Smells like fish to me.


If you want to know whether our government did indeed play a role in 9/11, simply look into WTC7 and THEN ask yourself why NIST would want to cover up its demolition.

THEN go read about how the Patriot Act was made in advance of 9/11.

It’s very clear to me now that WTC 7 was demoed.

And if THAT was covered up, then its extremely reasonable to reason that the Two Towers stories are being covered up as well.

I just love to remember this quote by Frank A. Demartini:

The building was designed to have a fully loaded 707 crash into it. That was the largest plane at the time. I believe that the building probably could sustain multiple impacts of jetliners because this structure is like the mosquito netting on your screen door—this intense grid—and the jet plane is just a pencil puncturing that screen netting. It really does nothing to the screen netting.

I am not saying that 9/11 “was an inside job,” because that is not clear yet.

But what IS clear is that the government knew about it in advance, had a hand in blowing up WTC 7, and has done a thorough coverup job.

How did the government know about WTC7 in advance?

Because SOMEONE fed BBC and CNN their information before the fact.

Even Wikipedia’s entry is surprisingly transparent:

The NIST report found no evidence supporting conspiracy theories that 7 World Trade Center was brought down by controlled demolition. Specifically, the window breakage pattern and blast sounds that would have resulted from the use of explosives were not observed.[7] The suggestion that an incendiary material such as thermite was used instead of explosives was considered unlikely by NIST because of observations of the fire and the building’s structural response to the fire, and because it is unlikely the necessary quantity of material could have been planted without discovery.

In other words, NIST, a government agency, doesn’t believe the eyewitnesses who found thermite, reported blast sounds, and saw window breakage. The government itself considers that it blew up WTC7 unlikely, and does so because it observed that fire destroyed the building, despite the fact that no steel highrise has ever succumbed to fire.

I especially love the last sentence:

“…It is unlikely the necessary quantity of material could have been planted without discovery.” – The Government

Hopefully I don’t have to explain to you why that’s funny.

And if it WASN’T a government conspiracy, then ask yourself:

The obvious answer to this question is that the government doesn’t want the truth known. SOMEONE told the BBC in advance, after all. If you don’t believe me, just watch it again:

As you can see behind me…

It’s all right in front of you for you to see.

Everything is a scam

It’s true. All of the businesses or services in the world are scams designed to take advantage of you for money.

All governments are scamming you and so is almost everyone you meet. But it’s all dressed up in such a way that you don’t realize it until you begin to see.

To get to the top you must be willing to scam other people. And that’s ok, because they are willingly consenting to being scammed.

And now get ready for a long list that might scare you or make you question.

But none of this is headlines. In fact, no media corporation would ever want this stuff printed. They’re a scam too.

1) All the food industries are scamming you by purposely feeding you highly addictive, formulated processed foods. Even the allegedly “natural” foods are full of addictive junk. Excessive sugar. Pesticides and hormones in our milk and meat.

Companies literally spend millions and even billions of dollars in “food engineering” to produce highly addictive junk foods. Lunchables, Hostess, Taco Bell, you name it.

Their goal, whether they know it or not, is to enslave the nation with addictive foods that will keep you dependent on them and fat.

2) The fitness industries are all scams. All their fitness models use steroids and all their workout programs are pointless. Any workout program that stimulates your muscles enough will work, but you need the testosterone and you need the steroids to look like a bodybuilder. All the supplements and pills are useless unless you have the workload and the drugs to look like the models. Their goal is to get you dependent on their money-making pill and supplement schemes and reading their garbage workouts so that you can’t workout by yourself anymore.

Personal trainers are scammers because they teach you “Bosu ball” exercises that will never get you ripped instead of just letting you workout on your own, the hard way, and building that muscle. All the gyms sell you overpriced personal training that you don’t even need that will never get you anywhere you can’t get yourself. Unless you are a lazy slob, that is.

3) Porn is a huge scam. It’s big business, and each and every video description, tailored photograph, and scripted story is designed to trick you into believing the things that the porn industry wants you to believe in order to get you hooked.

What’s popular in porn these days?

Videos where guys “pickup” a girl by paying her to have sex with them. This is an insidious attempt to program your brain in associating payment for sex, which will of course lead you to pay the porn companies for further access to their porn.

They also trick you into thinking you must have a big cock to please women, which couldn’t be farther from the truth. IT’s not about the cock or muscles, it’s all about the energy.

The more orgasms you have to porn, the more you rewire your brain to only be stimulated to porn. This causes severe ED that will take months to cure, during which your abstinence from porn will cause a “withdrawal” where your entire sex system shuts down and your penis stops working. Been there done that.

And the girls are all fake (makeup and Photoshop) and all the situations are always fake. You cannot trust a single thing about porn to ever be real. Even some of the girls are faking their performance if you are paying attention. Not all girls like big dicks, and in fact a lot of them even admit their job can be painful at times. That’s not to say girls don’t like a good fucking, but it’s not like they all desperately crave a big black cock ramming them as the porn companies would like you to believe.

It’s all a scam designed to exploit your desire for orgasm and to excuse your inability to get laid in real life. The porn companies will make you dependent on them for your orgasm and trick you into believing the only way to get laid is with money.

4) Alcohol, nightclubs, and bars are a scam. You don’t need bars or clubs to meet women. You can meet them anywhere.

Alcohol at clubs and bars are marked up by 400% because they know you will go with your friends and be so anxious that you will need to drink. Don’t blow your money. If you want to beat anxiety, there are cheaper alternatives.

Plus bars and night clubs are hard environments to meet women in anyway.

5) Dentists are a scam. I was once quoted for $4,000 in dental treatments, including for a wisdom tooth that never needed to come out. They wanted to remove all 4 wisdom teeth that had already come in, only one of which was still hurting. I asked the doc why they wanted to remove the wisdom teeth when the pain had stopped. He looked to the left briefly and then said, “Well, sure, you can keep it, but most people have them removed.”

Right. I never paid a dime for wisdom teeth removal, and I haven’t had any pain or mouth trouble since. Once I got through the painful bleeding gums (which I took care of with vodka and painkillers) the wisdom teeth were never a problem again.

They also quoted me on ridiculously overpriced antibiotic mouthwashes and some other procedures for “gingivitis.”

But what almost nobody knows is that both cavities and gingivitis are reversible and can be treated cheap at home without any invasive or expensive procedures.

Cavities are not permanent, unlike what the dentists say. You don’t need fluoride, which must be used in insane amounts to be effective at all. Better to just brush and floss yourself, and you’ll never need dentists again. In fact, in some cases fluoride has been shown to HARM your teeth, instead of help them.

6) Soap and shampoo are scams. They make your body recondition to its loss of oil and actually produce MORE OIL, which leads to greasier hair and acne. Which, of course, the acne companies would love to exploit and scam you even though 99% of acne treatments don’t work because acne is mostly diet and hormones.

7) Pharmaceuticals are a massive and murderous scam. Expensive drugs like Ritalin or Prozac only make manic-depressives more depressed and crazy.

I’ve seen my BPD ex without her meds, she nearly killed herself. I had to take her to the hospital because she knew her meds were making her crazy, but the withdrawal was making her suicidal. It’s all a scam to get you hooked on their drugs–AND THEN NEVER COME OFF OF IT.

Half the drugs out there don’t even work or just make symptoms worse. Ask the FDA. They don’t ask, “Is this drug safe?” Instead they ask, “How can we sell this?” There are drugs out there that work 10x better than these placebos, but of course many of them are regulated or banned.

8) The government is a scam. The president is mostly a figurehead and Congress is full of old men who don’t even know how to use text or email. Half the government agencies out there are still using fax machines from 1989.

The FBI was responsible for feminism, the NSA spies on everyone, and now everyone pays a giant bill for healthcare.

Welfare is all just a cover for the government to slowly take control and turn the nation into a socialist society so that they can prevent you from working for yourself. It’s all a scam to make you dependent on Daddy.

9) 9/11 is a scam. Or at the very least, the official story was staged and at least one building (World Trade Center 7) was blown up and its demolition was reported to media in advance.

8) Feminism is a scam. If feminism was really about equality, then we would see a ton of women being jailed for date-raping men and assaulting men and domestic violence phone calls would have many more women arrested instead of men.

9) Political Correctness is a scam. The reality is that fat women are ugly and unhealthy and need to lose weight in order to stop being disgusting fat pigs, retards are retarded, white people built Western civilization, and anyone who is “triggered” or “offended” is a pussy-btich coward.

All the pieces of shit are honored through “equality,” which is really just Daddy government taking care of them to further enslave the population into its socialist agenda.

9) Cops are a scam. They are salesmen designed to bust you for a ticket. They are not there to help. My girlfriend got ticketed once for asking a cop for directions, and I’ve been stopped numerous times to get busted for drugs that I didn’t have on me simply because police don’t like men who will stand up to them.

More police are now wearing bodycams to stop abuse. But you know what the cops do when they want to commit a crime? They turn off the bodycams.

10) Real estate is a scam. Who in their right mind would buy a house worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, only to default on that mortgage when they could have rented an inexpensive place for the same amount? And then they pay Realtors an entire 6% of the house’s value just for “marketing” it.

Then they are stuck paying off a huge mortgage for years along with property taxes and on top of that all of the upkeep and maintenance costs, landscaping, remodeling, and repairs.

All for just a few more rooms and “security.”

11) Car payments are a scam. There is no need to buy the latest car on credit when a model from 5 years ago will do at 1/4 of the cost.

12) PUA is a scam. The only way to get good with women is to approach your ass off and learn the hard way, just like every other successful womanizer. You can’t really cheat here because experience with women is highly dependent on you and your mindset, along with your sexual inhibitedness. And no amount of reading is going to cure that.

13) Life-improvement gurus are a scam. You’ve read a few books like Think and Grow Rich? Great. Now get out there and put them into action. You shouldn’t be spending more than a hour a day reading.

And don’t ever spend money on any “system.” Anything sold online like a CD or book collection that is priced more than $20 is probably a scam, especially if its purported to be worth $297 only $99!

14) TV is a scam. They put cameras and microphones into your TVs now. Ever read 1984?

Everything in TV shows is manufactured by the media, which always lies. They shit on everything good and just by watching a TV show or an ad your brain is being programmed, because our minds adapt into what they are fed, JUST LIKE OUR BODIES.

15) The food pyramid is a scam. The FDA just wanted you to buy more bread because it had deals going on with the agriculture industries.

So why would you ever trust them again?

16) Church is a scam. Scientology is no different than any other religion. They are just more upfront about how they do business.

You don’t need a religion or a god to pull you through the hard times. You just can’t give up and get down on your knees and pray, “Dear Daddy I need you, I’m too lazy and cowardly to do it on my own!” which is what I am told to do every Sunday that I choose to go to church, and that’s why I never go anymore.

17) Social media is a scam. Nothing online is real because successful people don’t post a bunch of shit online, they are too busy being successful. It’s just an online advertising platform. And censorship is just getting worse. Ask Zuckerberg.

18) Student loans are a scam. There is nothing you need college for unless you want to waste a shitload of money and spend the rest of your life paying it back. Unless you KNOW that you need to be a doctor or lawyer, the WORST thing you can do is go to college “and figure out your degree as you go.” Which of course is what all the college recruiters and marketers tell you to do.

The next time someone tells you “most students like you don’t know their major until halfway through college” you’d better laugh in their face. They’re admitting it’s all a scam! Why are you going to college if you don’t even know what degree you’re going for?

You can take online classes or go to trade school for $10,000 or less and make some very nice money, and yet here you are spending twice that just on one year at the dormitory? It’s all a huge money-making scheme.

19) Jobs are a scam. If you weren’t making more money for your boss than you’re getting paid, then they wouldn’t keep you around. You are basically a slave.

If you work a low-wage job, you are just scamming someone stupider and less talented than you out of a job because you are overqualified.

Building your resume, going to college, and working diligently is no guarantee. I know several friends just like this. You are trying to sell yourself to a company to turn you into their slave and feed you pennies. Sound good? Or would you rather do what they do instead?

No matter what you do, you are being scammed and you are scamming other people. It’s all a scam!

And yet people will go around accusing you of scamming them while they shell out money for McDonald’s and their next car payment.

The truth is that this is a dog-eat-dog world. It’s not nice, it’s not fair, it’s not equal. You have to see through what all the corporations are doing for money and you have to be wise in what you decide to pay for, because everyone is always trying to upsell you for what you don’t need.

You could become one of the scammers, and that’s ok. Billions of people believe they need shitty products and if they don’t shell out their money to you, then they will shell out their money to someone else. It might as well be you.

Nothing is what you have been taught to believe.

Now there is probably no Illuminati or “Elite”, since there is no evidence. Instead, everything is much simpler:


Corporations and governments are motivated by money and power, and when people buy what they are selling, then they are going to keep selling it. Nothing necessarily malevolent about it. Not really a conspiracy. Just the way the world works.

I have found nearly everything to be a scam. The vast majority of the things you pay for you don’t need. And many of those things are downright useless or harmful.

There is an abundance of information out there on the internet that can verify everything I’ve said. Common sense can do the rest. None of this is conspiracy or even hard to figure out.

People are surprised when I tell them this stuff. They ask, “How do you know this?”

I shrug, because the answer is simple. It’s so simple that no one is willing to believe it!

It’s all right there, right in front of you to see.



P.S. For a scarily accurate look at our present and future, read the classic novel 1984 by George Orwell. It was this book that coined the phrase “Orwellian,” meaning invasive government or dystopia.

It also hugely impacted my thinking when I first read it many years ago. It should be required reading in all schools.

The difference between desperation and persistence

What’s the difference between desperation and persistence?


There is no difference.

The only difference is between how badly you want it and how badly you care what other people think.

How far you are willing to go will depend on how big your balls are and whether you are going to let other people take what you want away from you. What’s “desperate” to one person is a certain path to victory for another.

I once rode my bike 4 hours to bang a girl. This was during a horrible dry spell where I was out every day, hitting on hundreds of women, just trying to get laid. I needed it so badly that I was willing to stop at nothing.

But you know what’s funny?

This girl knew all about it, and we even got together for a while. And whenever people would ask how we met, she would tell the story, outright saying “He rode 4 hours to see me!”

All of those people would say “that’s sweet” or act happy about it. But I always worried it was “desperate.”

And the reality is that it was only different because of the way it was framed.

And that said, I am proud of what I did. I did what needed to be done, because I wanted it so badly I was willing to do whatever was necessary. It was hard, and it was at night, and my phone was dead, but I did it.

How far you are willing to go says a lot about how limited you are as a person. If you really want something, you’d better be willing to do whatever it takes. No matter how “trite” or “trivial” you’ve been led to believe, because that’s how losers talk.

Even something like getting laid can be important if you want and need it, and you can’t let this idea of “desperation” get in the way.

Athletes work tirelessly day after day to run that extra step, that extra mile. How is it any different with money, sex, or…? You name it.

The only difference between desperation and persistence is the label.


Just ask yourself two questions:

1) How badly do you want it?


2) Are you going to let other people steal it away from you?

It all started with a cold approach

Somewhere down along the line, there had to be a cold approach.

A “cold call,” if you will, from one man to another man or woman that eventually resulted in a relationship or a hookup in the “social circle.”

But without that first approach, it never would have been.

Let’s say one guy, John, “bumped into” a girl at a social function and started talking to her, that’s still a “cold approach” for all that term is worth. He had to open his mouth and he just happened to be right next to her instead of walking all the way up to her.

From that conversation, a social circle was born.

They went to parties together. He brought his friends, she brought her friends.

At that party, one of the girls in the group, Sarah, was highly desirable. A lone wolf rolled up to her and asked her for her name. She told him to get lost because, and I quote, “I don’t talk to guys I don’t know.”

But she lied.

Because just the other day she was forced to meet the guy friends of the guy who had made the new social circle with the girl. She was standing next to him! His name was Timmy.

Timmy and her were goofing around that night. Over the course of several months, they eventually fell into a relationship together, and Sarah and Timmy both rested easy.

Timmy rested easy because he used “social circle game” to get the girl and didn’t have to deal with those low-odds “cold approaches”, and Sarah rested easy because she never had to talk to “randos” she didn’t know.

But what neither of them realized is that they wouldn’t be standing next to each other today if John hadn’t met Sally at the yoga studio, and done the necessary brazen action to get the two groups of their friends together.

Meanwhile, Mr. Lone Wolf who hit on Sarah isn’t bothered by her ridiculous notion that she never talks to guys she doesn’t know.

He’s too buy fooling around with Amy, Sarah’s best friend, who he “cold approached” because he, like John, wasn’t afraid of talking to girls he didn’t know and didn’t buy into the narrative excuses.

Somewhere down the line, there had to be a cold approach. Don’t kid yourself.

Go cold approach your ass off.

– Love,
James Mast

Life is suffering and that’s a good thing

Time to stop typing away. Time for no more complaints or wondering or worrying or thinking.

Time for solutions. Time for ACTION!

It doesn’t matter if the action is extraordinarily effective. It doesn’t matter what the plan is. What matters is only your confidence and your persistence.

With those two things you have the ability to make anything work, because the universe is just an illusion, an imprint of your mind.

These two ingredients could go by different names:

A) Intent
B) Will

Intent is the vision

At my old gym there were two signs on the wall right next to the water fountain. I looked at them every day because I’d drink a lot of water on my sets. The two signs say “Vision” and “Courage.”

I found it inspiring and coincidental. Since those are the two elements you need to make anything work. When you have the vision, you have intent.

It is the images in your heart, those soul-crippling visions that you must attend to. You know what they are because they haunt you, both day and night. They are in your dreams and daydreams.

The dreams at night reveal the open secret of where you are. They reveal your insecurities and present abilities.

The day dreams represent the vision of where you want to be.

In your night dreams you often see yourself doing things that you wish you did or didn’t do in real life. You will be tested in your dreams, because they are the culmination of real life events. As you become more aware of your night dreams, you will be able to recognize bits and pieces of your dreams as familiar. Eventually you will be able to instantly recall, even in the dream, the exact real life event or memory that is influencing the dream.

Night dreams a marvelous way to account for your past sins and transgressions. They are nature’s face of forcing you to face your demons.

They also reveal repressed desires or memories. They represent fears and insecurities. They will show you the way if you are lost. They will tell you what you need and desire most.

Day dreams are often called a waste of time, but they are more important than night dreams. They are the most important of all.

To be effective with day dreams, you must set aside a block of time to actually visualize what you want. The key here is to get viscerally in tune with your longing and desire. It will hurt.

The reason so many visualizations are ineffective is not because they are a waste of time, but because people are not getting in tune with their soul.

When you get in touch with your soul, there will be pain. And that is how you know it is working.

Will is the action

The will is what you start to do when you feel that driving force behind you like a powerful wave, telling you that something needs to be done. You might not even know what it is, but the energy will compel you to get it.

This is the Intent driving you toward the Will. They work together, you see, and thus we come full circle to the dilemma:

What to do?

The answer is that you already know what to do, but you are containing yourself. You are holding back.

This is no special news, perhaps, but it is revolutionary because once you finally take the first steps to surrender to your will, you will begin to experience life like no other.

Perhaps it’s not news to you that you know what you want, but you have to understand that knowing and surrendering are two different things.

The ability to surrender to your Will is the greatest ability you can ever have, because it is what gets you the things that you want. This ability must be cultivated and at first it will be difficult. It will be difficult and it will be a progression, and every day that you embark further down this path of Will you will start to have a nagging drive that wont go away.

This is the curse. I call it the Price of Ambition.

It is the unsatiable lust that desires to overcome all boundaries. The hunger inside seeks to further assert the Will.

When you violate the Price of Ambition, you feel like shit. Period. This insecurity and regret can destroy you if you let it, but it is “the cost of doing business,” so to speak.

The pain

“Why must there be so much pain?”

Because what you don’t understand yet is that pain doesn’t have to hurt.

The soul and the heart and ambition will all cause tremendous amounts of pain once you start to follow them, but they will liberate you. The pain you feel is NOT the pain of struggle and misfortune. Those things are not necessary.

The pain you feel is ACTUALLY the culminated result of years of repression and resentment of the past. The pain you feel is actually the birthing of the soul, the cry in your heart at how dead you have become, how much you have lost and wasted, and where you really want and need to be.

I have bad news and good news.

There is no cure for this pain.

But there doesn’t have to be. All you need to know is one thing:


This is the greatest piece of advice anyone can give you. But don’t misinterpret.

“Life is suffering” does NOT mean that you will always lose, that life is bad and not worth living, or that you cannot be satisfied. Within these simple words lies the key to unlock the exact opposite.

The key to life is NOT to eliminate suffering. The key is to EMBRACE suffering.

When we ACCEPT suffering, we liberate ourselves to find a way out of it. It is NOT through denial of pain and evasion of misfortune that we grow. It is through the willingness to embrace the challenge that we rise.

Hear this: you will always have loss. The more you deal with it now, the more you are prepared for it, the less it can hurt you.

The greatest thing you can ever do is learn the ability to just “roll with it” and deal with the situation at hand. This does NOT mean “go with the flow.”

You can refuse to be in a certain lot of life, but until you accept suffering you will never leave it.

By embracing suffering, we can turn that refusal–that rebellion–into fuel for our escape.

Suffering is the fuel of the will.

Suffering is what lights the fire. It is what sustains it. Suffering burns beneath you like a beacon and when you finally embrace consequences and pain and loss then you will be FREE because you will be able to experience JOY without containment.

To free yourself from the prison, you must accept the pain, and learn to use it. By that point, nothing will be able to stop you because it will only fuel your will to survive.


Get over your fucking guilt complex

It’s time, young man, to take up your rightful place in the social order.

From now on you’re going to have people do you favors.

When you walk, make everyone get out of your way. It’s only fair. You’ve gotten out of their way a thousand times.

Instead of avoiding big men at the gym, bump shoulders with them. If women are holding hands and taking up the entire sidewalk, just keep walking right through them, right through their arms. Don’t look back, and don’t stop as they bitch at your audacity. After all, they had the audacity to think a Man of your stature would move out of their way.

Let people buy you dinner or pay for lunch. You’ve taken girls out on expensive dates because you felt they were more entitled than you, but it’s time now to be the entitled one and let them return the favor.

Instead of waiting for others to cross the street, you cross the street first.

And why should you do all these things?

Because your entire life you’ve eaten shit, that’s why.

You’ve done a billion fucking favors for other people, and isn’t it time they returned you the favor?

If God was watching, he’d smile on you because he has kept a tally of those “good” and nice acts you’ve done for others, and he knows it is time to reap your just reward.

You’ve done people favors your entire life, so why not flip the script now?

Think about it:

In every situation, there is always a winner and a loser. It is always a zero sum game.

Either you are doing the person a favor, or they are doing you a favor.

You can’t feel guilty for being the winner. Because the other person has the same problem.

Imagine you are crossing the road on foot, and a car is driving up at the same time. Both the car and you have to decide who goes first. So why not take the first step?

It may be selfish, but see, if you let the car go first, then that person in the car is being selfish instead.

Why the hell is anyone else’s desire more important than yours?

He had the same desire, but instead of putting his desire first, you put your own first. It’s just a little mindset shift. It’s very simple, and it’s almost easy.

You just have to practice being the asshole for a while instead of letting everyone around you and their dog shit all over you.

Both you and the other person have the same chance. And one of you has to be selfish.

Because here’s the thing:

If YOU don’t act in your own best interest, then SOMEONE ELSE will act in THEIRS.

No one is going to look after you. Nobody is going to hold your hand and make sure you get a “fair chance.”

The world is distinctly unfair, people are not equal, and you don’t owe fucking anyone a damn fucking thing.

You might as well be the winner.

How to talk to the police in any situation

Don’t talk to the police.

Especially in today’s feminist 1984 environment where we stick cameras in our TVs and people call the cops over the most frivolous things, it’s important to understand the correct and proper way to handle these encounters.

Personally I have had a number of incidents involving police but every time I have managed to evade any kind of ticket or problem, sometimes by refusing to speak to the police altogether.

There is absolutely no need to talk to a police officer.

What they want is for you to suck up like a little bitch boy and tell them all they want to hear, answer all their questions, and give them as much information as possible so that they can find a reason to arrest you.

What’s funny is that after they stop you, interrogate you, and ask intrusive questions they’ll usually ask a question like “What’s with you attitude?” and then they will order you to walk away or be rude to you, even though they are the ones who stopped you.

When police detain you it is an intrusion. It’s a waste of your time and it’s harassment.

I’m a busy man and I don’t have the time to be annoyed by police who are going to invade my privacy, be rude to me, and try their best to accuse me of a crime.

Police are like salesmen.

They find a lead, they get that lead talking, they find out what the lead needs or wants, and then they get a sale.

But in this case a sale means you are getting fined or going to jail, and so you need to make it very clear that you don’t want the cop’s services.

If you’ve ever been in sales, you’ll know that the most common response to a sales pitch or cold call is a polite “I’m not interested.”

With cops I’m suggesting the same thing. When I say “don’t talk to police” it’s not like you just keep walking and seal your lips. There are certain rights you have depending on where and why they are stopping you. We’ll get to those.

There’s a good way to handle police depending on the situation.

1) When police are at your door

If cops are at your door, then lock the door.

Just completely ignore them until you go away.

This is because 90% of the time when cops come to your door they are seeking information in you to build a case. If you answer them or give them any info, then you are implicating yourself.

One time my girlfriend had a warrant out for her arrest because of a traffic ticket that was a year overdue (ridiculous, I know). We were both at home and got into a fight.

10 minutes later there was a definitive, familiar harsh knock on the door that we both knew was police. I told her to just wait it out. 5 minutes later they left and there were no notes, no calls.

You don’t have to speak to police unless they have a warrant.

And the best way to find out if there’s a warrant out for your arrest is to refuse to speak with them.

In the event you’ve done something big enough to have a warrant out without having spoken with any police, then it’s either a misunderstanding or you’ve done something pretty illegal. In that case the police will find you eventually or they will kick down the door.

So with a warrant or without, just say no to police. Lock the door and wait for them to go away, just like you would with Jehovah’s Witnesses.

2) When police are the phone.

Another time I received a call at work from a lady saying that two cops were at my door. “Do you have time to speak to them?” she asked. I said, “No. What’s this about?” She wouldn’t tell me and simply said, “Several people have called the police on you. Can you come speak with them?” I said no. Then, she asked me in a challenging tone, “Why not?”

The implication here is that the onus is on me to prove why I can’t. It’s a sales tactic, but not a good one for someone who doesn’t like to be challenged. I just told her, “I’m not available.” She then said, “Hold on a sec,” and I hung up. I knew that she was going to put me on the phone with police, but I didn’t want to talk to the police.

So just hung up.

Treat a police call like a telemarketing call.

You wouldn’t give out vital information to a telemarketer, would you?

In this case, you don’t even want to identify yourself. If you ever get a call from cops, never confirm anything. Let them only guess that it’s you on the phone and don’t confirm if they ask for your name. Challenge them, as if they are trying to scam you. Find out what they want.

The only purpose of talking to police is to find out what they are after, then get away from them.

3) In a vehicle

Here’s where things get tricky. You do have legal requirements if you’re stopped while in a vehicle.

If they ask you to get out of the vehicle, you have to get out. They are allowed to test for drugs or alcohol. But they cannot search you.

Opening your car door is also an invitation to search your car.

Therefore, before opening the car door, you MUST tell an officer that they are not allowed to search your vehicle and that you are only opening the door to step out.

You also must give them ID and registration.

But, again, they are NOT allowed to search your vehicle or your person.

That includes sticking their hand through your window. That’s not just illegal it’s dangerous. It’s also a possible violation of your right to consent to searches. It may be helpful to record your interaction if you are in a vehicle, unless you sense you’ll just get off with a warning.

4) Being stopped in person

When you are detained on foot or by yourself, you are not required to give any information to the police except to identify yourself, and even then only in certain states.

In California, for example, you do not have to give the officer your ID or your name or address. But keep in mind giving them a hard time increases your chances of false arrest.

The best thing to do is to never show fear, stand tall and proud, look them dead in the eye, give them only your name and home address (or just hand them your ID), and answer ANY other questions with:

“I can’t speak without an attorney present.”

Cops know what this means and they might give you shit, but just stand your ground. Make it clear they won’t get a thing out of you without outright provoking them and often they will leave you alone. Though these are not hard-and-fast rules, since some cops may give you more or less trouble.

Just remember to trust your gut.

Things to always do during a police encounter

1) Record them

Video recording them is likely to land you particularly bad treatment, so I don’t recommend it. But what you can do is record them with an audio recorder on your phone.

That way if they do anything you don’t like then you can challenge them in court.

2) Ask if you’re being detained, arrested, and if they have a warrant

If they balk at any of these questions, there’s a good chance you’re just being detained and they don’t have enough info on you to arrest you or get a warrant.

Also remember that even if police tell you that you are going to go to jail or be arrested or get a ticket, they might just be lying.

I’ve had cops tell me they were going to ticket or arrest me, before telling me to “get lost” 5 minutes later.

They are trained to lie.

3) Lastly: remember the magic phrase.

The magic phrase any time an officer asks you anything is easy:

“You’ll have to speak with may attorney.”

And this is an important phrase to learn for when police ask you questions while you’re being detained and ESPECIALLY if you are arrested or in the police station.

If you find yourself at the station or in jail, use this line and don’t give them any information. Make sure you also tell them you want your free attorney if you do not already have a lawyer. Don’t confirm anything or help them out without talking to your lawyer first, even if the cops promise you that they’ll “let you go if you talk.”

Remember that police are trained to lie and trained to give you a hard time.

They want to make you out to be a fool, as lesser than them, as being “wrong” for challenging them, or as an assumed criminal. They are trained to do this and they act like they have power even if the law prevents them from outright abusing it (though that doesn’t always stop them, does it?)

NEVER believe you are in the wrong and remember that police are just doing a job and they are trained or allowed to be assholes. Stand your ground, assert your rights, and let them tase you or jail you with or without a warrant.

You don’t have to suck up.

Being stopped or called by police is no different than being interrupted by any other stranger or professional.

If they are wasting your time or you don’t want their services, then you don’t have to speak with them. You don’t have to give them any information and it’s up to them to get a warrant on you, at which case there’s enough evidence for your arrest that speaking with them can only be a bad thing anyway.

I highly recommend watching the above video in its entirety. Both a law professor AND a police chief speak about the legal dangers of talking to police, and your legal rights.

They make the point that talking to police is always a bad thing, and never helps you out in any way. There are no positives whatsoever to dealing with cops except as an opportunity to experience fear.

Remember: when it comes to talking with police officers, JUST SAY NO.

Let them get a warrant or let them get lost.



James Mast