Give it up and settle

It keeps you awake at night, but that doesn’t mean anything.

That’s just temptation.

You have to resist it. It’s “wrong.”

You know it’s wrong because everyone told you so.

It doesn’t matter what you have seen with your own eyes, what you have felt to the bottom of your core.

Don’t you want to be loved?



Don’t you want true love? One woman, for the rest of your life?

Too bad. You have to. Seeing more than one woman at once is “cheating.”

You lie awake in bed at night, raging, pissed off because you want more than one girl. The idea that women don’t want to sleep with you, that they would rather accuse you of being a cheater, eats away at your sexual self-worth.

All you’ve ever wanted was to be desired by women, and here you are having to deal with your girlfriend crying because you’re “cheating.”

WELL FUCK HER! you say.

But that’s wrong.

You’re still in bed, staring at the ceiling, and your heart is pounding. You begin to feel little tingles, like the start of some inner fire.

But that must be wrong too, right?

Even though it feels right, it must still surely be wrong.

Because wrong things never feel right. Oh, wait…


Now is the time to seize your gut. To take control of your life based on nothing more than an instinct.

Your instincts are correct, but you have learned, TRAINED yourself not to trust them.

You fool.

Get the fuck up, drop your ugly girlfriend, experience the loss. Then do whatever it takes to get EXACTLY WHAT YOU WANT.

If any girl thinks you’re an asshole or a “cheater,” here’s what you can do: be 100% brutally honest with everyone.

“Are you single?”


“Wait…so you’re cheating on your girlfriend?”


“But you’re seeing other girls?”

Yes. I’m dating a few different girls right now.

And that’s it. You tell the truth. If she wants to join in the party and compete, she can.

I no longer have any respect for a girl who says, “I don’t want to compete.”

What are you, a lazy bitch? Am I not good enough?

When a girl says that, what she’s actually expressing is, “I don’t want to have to work for your attention, can’t you pretty please just give it to me and only me because I am a woman?”

You see, it takes a certain kind of deranged mind to pull this off, but in the end your delusions of grandeur WILL result in the physical manifestation of such.

If you demand that multiple girls compete for your attention, that is exactly what will happen. After all, isn’t that EXACTLY what most women already do with men?

But if you hide like a little bitch, sneaking and skulking, pretending you’re not “cheating,” then that’s exactly the reality that you’re going to get.

I am not a cheater because that is just a word. I do not even recognize the concept of “cheating” because in MY mind…


It’s perfectly acceptable to see multiple women. In fact, it’s NECESSARY. For me.

And I suspect for other men as well.

I am not alone, and I refuse to play this deception game any longer.

I will put myself out there and I demand exactly what I want out of life, other people be damned.

Just try and stop me.

Eye contact is a waste of time because you’re not there yet

Today I failed.

I saw this really cute girl in the gym and even though she wasn’t stellar I wanted her.

I waltzed in and before I even saw her I sensed it was a chick. And, sure enough, there she was against the wall. I kept walking and planned to talk to her once I got going.

That was my first mistake.

Over the course of 15 minutes I tried my damndest to get eye contact but she wasn’t really giving it to me. I glared at her eventually, leered at her, trying to get some reaction. I got pissed off.

Then, wouldn’t you know it, she walks up to some dude on the treadmill and starts talking to him. I could tell by the way they talked that they were just friends. But she approached him.

She did NOT approach me.

Here I am, fucking alpha male who could give her the greatest sex of her entire life, and she approaches this faggot on the treadmill.

Am I even a man?

Eventually the gym was closing and I had to leave. They just kept talking. I could have barged in on their conversation.

Come to think of it, that’s exactly what I should have done. The strong take what they want, and I am stronger than him. Therefore I deserved her more than him. But only if I had the action to back that attitude up.

What’s even worse is that I passed two girls on my bike getting to the gym and just said “Hi” to them both but I didn’t feel like I got “good” eye contact from them. In fact they seemed sorta weirded out.

So to lose this girl that I REALLY wanted by making the third mistake in a row…the same goddamn mistake…

I feel like such a loser. I feel like less than a man.


Just now: you can see the look of failure on my face

To stay up every night for hours on end dreaming and burning and yearning to meet new girls, to supercede the girlfriend that doesn’t meet my standards, to long for what I never had.

It eats away at my SOUL and it drives me insane. Literally, I’ve gone insane before. Laughing out loud in the middle of the night for no reason, crying in the middle of the street. My mom kept asking me what was wrong every night. It was the FRUSTRATION.

The unending nightmare, the unending longing for what I want that continually evades me. It haunts me daily and now I am at a point where I can’t even emotionally connect with my girlfriend anymore because my mind is so far away, wishing for what I really want.

This pain is exactly why I no longer listen to anybody who tries to tell me what to do. They couldn’t possibly understand.


Nothing is “meaningless.” Everything is.


You decide what’s meaningful for you. Actually, it’s not even a fucking choice.

It chooses you, and it keeps you awake at night.

To stay up all night and then fuck up THREE TIMES over the SAME EXACT THING. FUCK EYE CONTACT.


From now on I’m not even going to hesitate to approach any girl I want as soon as I see her. Fuck the consequences.

It’s almost like my little “revenge” against women for not giving me enough eye contact.


Get eye contact first? No, just go for it.

EVERY YEAR THIS HAPPENS. On and off. On and off, month after month, hitting on girls and then stopping because something “bad happens.”

Last time I hit on every girl I pleased I got banned from a whole gym. It’s no wonder I’m scared to even talk to a girl now in the gym.

What really irks me is that not ONCE in that old gym did I even get too aggressive or sexual. I think the most assertive thing I said was, “I think you’re cute” and “You have a husband?”

And I STILL got banned. No words, no explanations. The police just showed up and said I was being denied business here. They actually thought the whole thing was silly and they didn’t understand why I was being kicked out either. They were super-supportive and that was the beginning of the end of my distrust of cops.

I no longer dislike police, or even authority.

I dislike the System.

There is something very wrong in a world where I can talk to a girl, have her say she has a husband, politely tell her to have a nice day, and then as I’m walking away have some beta faggot ask her, “Are you all right?”



Yesterday in a Taco Bell some fat disgusting bitch–grossly obese–kept staring at me. After a while I got pretty uncomfortable. But did I call the police? No.

This is part of the obstacles that keep me constantly climbing uphill.

My girlfriend confronted me not too long ago and told me she knew I’d been trying to see other girls the entire time we were together.

I demanded evidence, of course, and she had none, of course. But she was right, of course. I had been trying to fuck new girls ever since we’d started.

A whole year of doing nothing but trying to replace my girlfriend. And what do I have to show for it?


…there was that one time I lost my virginity to a high schooler and gave her multiple orgasms, i guess…

…or that time I picked up the hottest girl I’ve ever seen in my life and she begged me to come over to her party…

…oh, and that one time a new girl paid for a hotel just so I could fuck her…

But still, my prime goal eludes me. I wish I could devote all my time and energy to it, but I am stuck. Even if I went out every day for hours on end like I did several times in my past, there just wouldn’t be enough girls.

It staggers me how many women I’ve had to hit on just to find some girls who want me. Every Jane around here seems to have a HUSBAND, let alone a boyfriend.

There is no two ways about it.

I am in the situation I am in, and there are two things I can do:

1.) Give this up and settle

2.) Forget eye contact or approach signals or smiles and just approach EVERY SINGLE WOMAN I WANT, like a real man, until I start getting more women.

Flip a coin.

Big surprise which option I’m going to pick.

Stop avoiding consequences and get into trouble

We are often afraid of consequences.

What most never realize is that there is only one way over fear: facing it directly.

Rather than play it safe, in regard to whatever it is you are starting to think about as I write, instead of worrying about possible consequences to your current approach–consider a radically different approach

Instead of evading consequences, embrace and accept them.

Do not only be prepared for consequences, stir them. Expect them. Get yourself into trouble and revel in it.

Practically, this means that if you’re concerned with doing things a certain way, drop it and do the opposite of whatever you are used to doing.

If you are typically nice to others or try to hide your actions or downplay yourself, do the exact opposite.

Be mean, aggressive, and fully own up to your blatant and selfish desires and actions. Tell the truth, assert your dominance, and invite conflict.

When you invite conflict, that is the real test of your strength. Will you fight or flee? Can you take what you dish out? Can you maintain your self-conviction in the face of extreme prejudice?

“Today, you’re going to go out and start a fight…and you’re going to lose.” – Tyler Durden

When you have experienced enough conflict, fear will remove itself and you’ll be focused on what you desire, and only concern yourself with seeing the pathway to that desire.

We too often fear what we have not experienced, or not persisted through, and it is the lazy man’s way out to avoid our fear and conflict.

The point of this post is: choose an entirely different path and then throw yourself into the fire.

Whatever results can only make you stronger, therefore you have nothing to lose.

The only crime is to give up or return to a comfortable life (return to avoiding consequences).

One final, but crucial point is this: when you throw yourself into your self-created fire (folly) you MUST not only follow-through but act with absolute conviction, confidence, and give your very best performance.

You must give yourself over completely. You must revel in the new act. You must surrender. You MUST give all you have.

There can be no room for half-assed, timid rebellion. This only leads to poor results and cannot help you grow. To grow you must birth yourself anew into the gut-wrenching, heart-pounding fire of conflict.

Whatever crazy or impulsive ideas you have–as long as you feel the wrenching PULL to do them–do not question, do not doubt. And DO NOT, by any means, give a half-baked performance.

You must go all the way and face the extreme risks that come with that.

If you’re going to tell your boss off, then don’t just express your opinion or question him. Go all out. Fully exert your presence. Fully express your OWN goddamned opinions and emotions. Throw his dominance in his face and risk everything.

Make a performance. Don’t half-ass it. Go all out. Don’t just tell your boss “I don’t like your decision” tell him “you’re discriminating against gay people” and rail on about how mistreated you were and then burst out crying and storm out of the building.

When you take yourself seriously, you can get away with anything.

We often hear “you take yourself too seriously” but that’s not the real problem.

The real problem is that you take the CONSEQUENCES way too damn seriously, and that is the problem with your entire life.

Start making quick decisions and stick to them. Own them. Run with them!

Never be on the fence. Make your decisions, and make them blatantly. Your attitude should not be “what can I get away with?” It should be “this is what I want to do and I’m going to do it.”

Never act as if you’re “getting caught.” You have done nothing wrong. You were a man acting like a man. You didn’t break the rules. You don’t recognize rules.

To recognize any rules is to place others above you.

But the Rebel puts himself above others.

Don’t be afraid to lose in this life because there is nothing to lose. You can always start over. You are strong because the cosmic cards have played out in your favor. Otherwise you would not be reading and resonating with this. Only you know what you are capable of.

Stop taking the easy route. Go all in, consequences be damned.

How would you rather go through life?

Option A:


Sneaking and skulking?

Option B:


“Just try and stop me.”

Become amazing with women with this one weird trick


That’s it.

Everything you need to know about sex, dating, relationships, women, or anything else related to that area can only really be gained the hard way by TALKING TO GIRLS.

That’s right. Every single great womanizer did it the “hard way.” They either got started early and didn’t recondition from there, or they made the uphill climb by talking to thousands of women.

Touching girls, talking, asking them out, fucking them, dating them. That is the only way to find out how this whole “game” works.

Why you’re a failure with women

I already know why you’re bad with women. I don’t even have to look at you to know why. It’s for one reason:

You don’t have enough practice. dumbass

It doesn’t matter what lines you say, what techniques you incorporate, how well you dress, how hot you look. If this one key factor is missing, you’re going to fail with women.

“Well duh, of course you need practice.”

Ok smartass. Tell me how many women you approach on a daily basis, and I’ll tell you why you have women troubles.

Sometimes it’s the stupidly obvious things that are total revelations to people, in this retarded fucked-up information-overloaded world.

If you were bad at basketball, what would you do?

Go look up proper “basketball body language” online? Read a bunch of ebooks on men who are successful at basketball and an analysis of how they do it?

You can’t even shoot a basket, and you’re reading this crap?

No, here’s what (sane men) would do: Go to a basketball court, and start shooting baskets.

And if they wanted to get better at basketball games?

They’d play more games of basketball.

Do you think you’re going to be a basketball master by reading a bunch of theory and then taking one basketball shot a week and hoping you make it?

You’re a fucking moron if you think that’s going to happen.

Go shoot a hundred baskets, and THEN if you still haven’t made one you can MAYBE even START to consider improving your “technique.”

Do you read online about “tying your shoe?”

You’ve probably tied your shoes hundreds of thousands of times, and maybe THEN you can go online and wonder, “Is there an easier way?”

Believe it or not there ARE other ways to tie your shoes. I had a friend once who did this crazy thing and did it very quickly. I was impressed.

Here my analogy fails, and that’s ok. Disregard it because if you are a stupid moron you won’t get it. If you’re NOT a stupid moron, you already know what I am trying to say. It’s sad that more guys on the ‘net don’t get it.

But then again–and this will piss people off–you wouldn’t be on the fucking internet so much if you were good with women, would you?

Forget all of your useless bullshit advice and theory. If you’ve ever looked up how to “pick up a girl” then you know everything you need to know.

If you’ve never shot a basket before, sure, go watch a couple videos on YouTube. But after that there is no amount of internet or book information in the world that will benefit you unless you are taking hundreds and hundreds of shots to make baskets.

basketball ebook cover copy2

For some of you, yes, you will have to go through hundreds and hundreds of women to get good. If that is not appealing to you, give up your dream.

Unless you are willing to do the work, the result will not come.

Those of you reading this should feel LUCKY that you have stumbled upon this concept: now you know EXACTLY how many women you might have to hit on before you can choose to waste/spend your time on the internet for better advice.

I suggest hitting on 10 girls a day. After a YEAR then go on the internet and read about “picking up girls.”

What’s that?

That sounds ridiculous?


Like too much?

It’s no wonder you’re not a master with women. You want to be a master by reading shit?

Do you think the greatest baseball player in history got that way because he “worked smarter” and “got it” better than his peers?

Or because he worked his fucking ass off?

I’m not saying talent or good looks don’t exist. But if you are really goodlooking and only hit on one girl a month you’re not going to be as good as the plain-looking fellow who hits on a hundred girls a month.

Truth is if you are goodlooking then you are blessed, you are WASTING your potential by doing anything other than hitting on as many girls as possible.

Assuming you don’t have any other goals in life, I would consider it MANDATORY to spend an entire year doing nothing but mass hitting on women. Just one little year.

Imagine having this very big and necessary part of your life handled in just a year and then, in the other 20 years of your prime, you’ll be able to do whatever the fuck you want while having a steady slough of women in your life. Or if you just one that’s ok too.

Half-assing things for 20 years isn’t how you get good.

So here it is: the Rebel’s all-you-need-to-know about being attractive to women:

  • Dress like a guy who gets women
  • Act like a guy who gets women
  • Look like a guy who gets women
  • Have facial expressions like a guy who gets women (angry, horny)
  • Be horny
  • Walk like a guy who gets women
  • Talk like a guy who gets women
  • Don’t jack off to internet porn

Do you have all of those down?


Then get them down. DO more. Get more practice.

There are no shortcuts, no magic pills. Do you think being excellent at everything is a gift?


You work hard, it can be yours.

BE a seducer and you will become one. It takes practice.

If you have motivation and willpower then you can practice.

“Practice makes perfect.”

Damn right.



I’d wager the vast majority of men online who aren’t GREAT with women still have one big ol’ problem: anxiety.

If you TRULY had ZERO FEAR of women then you wouldn’t hesitate to treat this like a game.

What i mean by that is talking to multiple girls with the same line, doing the same thing over and over, seeing what works and what doesn’t.


In any skill (including video games) the MOST IMPORTANT “technique” you employ is trial-and-error.


Or wrong?

There is NO SUCH THING as getting good at something WITHOUT trial and error.

You HAVE TO make mistakes to learn.

That’s what learning IS.

Sure, some people are “lucky”…because they stumbled upon the correct trial or it was taught to them.

But don’t think that you are stuck at a disadvantage now. If you work hard, you can get whatever you want.

Let’s go back to the basics: if you’re afraid of trying out the same lines, or fucking up with girls, or risking people getting pissed off at you…

Essentially if you don’t have the ability to mindlessly trial-and-error with women over-and-over just like so many of you emotionlessly do in video games…

Then STOP.


Your problem with women is that you are afraid. You’re afraid of people, cops, women, sex. Whatever. You need to get over that fear in order to WIN.

You need practice. That’s all there is to it.

If fear is preventing you from practicing, then naturally you need to:


“How do I get rid of the fear?”

You’re going to hate me for this answer:


Curse of the Millenials

The curse of the Millenials is that we have no purpose.

We have become mindless consumer zombies, dedicated to developing our HEARTS and SOULS on MEDIA.

The problem is that this is unsustainable.

You CANNOT build your soul, your own unique voice, your true nature out of falsehoods.

Like the saying goes: “A house with a weak foundation will fall.”

It used to be that we would be trained and educated to go out in the world and learn reality from itself. This was called “rite of passage.”

Now we are constantly trained and re-educated by the unreality that we are plugged into. It is unsustainable.

Let me tell you something kids–or anyone actually: if you’re here then you already know that you have a soul and it needs to be freed.

It doesn’t come automatically–it has to be built. Created. But it has been there, underneath the surface, or else you wouldn’t be reading this.

You have a soul that you need to unleash, and it don’t come with imbibing distractions. It comes when you take whatever mission or purpose you have in your heart and you FOLLOW IT.


What’s stopping You?

It might be doubt, it might be “failure,” or it might be that you have spent so little time listening to your soul that you don’t know how it speaks [link to that one long article].

You’ve got to listen to it. How?

Take a walk. Spend some time in meditation. Listen to some music. Do something, take some action toward a goal. You WILL figure it out.

Ask, and ye shall receive.

As an old man told me once:

“You get what you ask for.”

And it’s so very true, my friends.

Ask for a different girlfriend, and the one you’re with will either conform to your new expectations or you will find one that does. Ask for more cheese slices on your burger, and you might get it. Ask for more money, and people will pay you more.

Ask for a different seat. Ask to borrow something. Ask to have something. Just do it.

Ask more. Demand more.

It doesn’t matter if you go too far. Never be afraid to ask for too much.

Always be afraid of never asking for enough.

Fear mediocrity. Fear losing your SOUL, and let that inspire you.

You only have one life, and if you spend it burying the rebel inside, you will always regret it.

Act now.

Always Push Things to their Absolute Limit

You have to push every thing to its greatest possible limit. Otherwise you will never know what was possible.












Oh. You’re still reading?

I guess you wanted a longer explanation than that. Fine.

Why you should always push it to the limit

Because that’s the only way you can learn anything new.

If you’re only ever toeing the edge of the line, you’ll never know what’s on the OTHER side of the line. You’ll constantly be afraid of finding out. You will underachieve. You will hold yourself back.

Think about it: if you’re only ever doing what’s comfortable, how are you ever going to grow big balls?

Big balls cannot grow without big risks. So it’s a catch-22.

If you are always saying, “Someday I’ll be able to do that” then you will never do it, because you have to fuck up now to be able to do it well later.

An example from pickup

Smoothtalking Socially Savvy Sam likes to talk to girls. But he’s afraid of taking things too far. He toes the line.

He goes up to a girl and says, “Hey, you’re really cute.” And they have a conversation. Then he says, “Can I get your number?”

The girl says no and Johnny walks away.

Johnny does this two more times, and he gets rejected each time.

Now Johnny is terrified of asking another girl for her number. He will stop doing it and eventually he will stop talking to girls altogether. Johnny has quit because 3 girls is “enough” for him. That seems like a “good amount” and anything beyond this seems sociopathic to him. If anybody were watching him, like his bastard friends, they’d tell him he was a loser.

He doesn’t want to keep hitting on girls because that would seem “desperate.”

He asks himself, “What am I doing?” when he’s out “cold-approaching” girls and doesn’t believe that “cold approach” “works.”

He’ll give up on himself and live a life of quiet desperation, at least with women, while some other bastard fucks the women he never talked to.

Now Johnny Reb, a lone wolf, is pissed off. He decides he’s going to push things to their breaking point.

In one given day he talks to three girls who all reject him and then on the fourth one he’s very anxious. He is anticipating a rejection and when it comes it’s like a powerful fire is coursing through his body. He might even start crying or be overwhelmed with frustration. He feels the risk and anxiety, and in that moment he makes a decision.

He makes the decision to throw everything away and surrender.

Once he surrenders to his selfish desire for women, Johnny overconfidently approaches a 5th girl and is ready and awaiting her rejection. He doesn’t care. The anxiety has pushed him too far over the line. Now–there is no line.

The 5th girl says no, and Johnny laughs and immediately turns to girl #6 walking by right next to them, and says the same damn thing. Girl 5 watches in amazement before walking away in disgust and Johnny takes the 6th girl home and bangs her.

Johnny Reb has learned the power of always pushing things to their limit.

Despite his emotions, he has learned not only discipline, but he has learned the power of GOING OVER THE LINE.

Go WAY OVER that fucking line.

Put everyone else to shame.

Clash of the Alphas

Today I stared down some taller, more handsome dude than me. I was sizing him up. I felt he was a threat. So I glared.

He met my gaze and said, “You have a staring problem, bro?”

I physically FELT the negative energy behind it. This heightened sense was in part due to phenibut. There was no mistaking the malice. I said, “What?” I wanted to goad him in some way. I made him repeat himself a couple of times until he said, “Are you deaf?”

This guy was working behind the counter of the fast food I was at. There were people all around and I absolutely didn’t care. I shouted some shit about “starting a confrontation” but it was mostly for show. I didn’t give a fuck about the words. I wasn’t really taking it seriously.

But I wanted to fight the guy.

In a way I got what I wanted. In another age, another day, we may have fought then and there like “barbaric, violent cavemen.” Long after that I had reverberating visions of actually fighting him and imagining myself overpowering him, though he was taller and possibly stronger than me. But I am certain I could have taken him down. I can envision it.

Power of visualization

I’ve wracked my brain over past events with the painful longing to just go back and redo them. We’ve all done it. We’ve all been angry and filled with regret over what we “really wanted to do” or what we “should have done.”

That’s the easy part. Going back over events and re-envisioning them. We can all do that.

The HARD part is moving on and implementing changes for the next time.

Getting ready for the next challenge as we integrate our perceived “failure” into our personal fabric so that next time we are prepared to handle that situation the way we wanted to the first time.

To surrender to our instincts.

It’s true that we miss out on opportunities. We’re always waiting for the “Perfect Opportunity” and when it comes we think we’ll never see it again. But that really isn’t the case. I can tell you that if you put in the work to adequately decide you’re going to handle the next scenario, you will. Just be ready.

One time I wanted to hit my abusive ex-girlfriend and I didn’t. I knew I could have gotten away with it and I was furious. I knew it was something I should have done. I NEEDED to do it. I knew it in my gut.

I knew it by the way the guilt and shame ate away at me despite how many losers told me, “You should never hit a girl.”

Well I wanted to hit that bitch and I was not a man unless I could exert my authority.

And, wouldn’t you know–the same damn thing happened again. The woman actually punched me in the face, and tried to throw me into a ditch on the side of the road. I was convinced I was done with her.

But I wasn’t.

Something remained unresolved, and I knew what it was:

I wasn’t ready to dump her until I had finally dominated her.

It was necessary, and nobody else would understand. Nobody could.

Next time, I was ready.

I had flattened my self-esteem with a steamroller over the two previous encounters. I was ready to lose her. I was ready for any consequences, because the regret was worse.

So this time when my girl pissed me off, I smacked her in the face. It just came out. No work or effort required.

Then after she smacked me back I grabbed her by the shoulders and pushed her out the door of my house.

But it was the predecision, the work of the visualization, that had changed me and my mind. It had buried into my subconscious and I was prepared to finally surrender to my own inner desire.

That’s the power of visualization.

When you successfully visualize something over and over, it manifests into reality.

Now some people will say that I should never have been so violent or barbaric and that I shouldn’t have hit a girl because she’s a girl. Or that I shouldn’t hit anybody, period.

Well I say stand the fuck up for yourself and clock that bastard. Shoot first, ask questions later.

That’s what my daddy taught me, and it’s paid off every time.


When I imagine these scenarios my blood really does boil, its the testosterone and buried rage that surface and you long to actually carry out the thing you imagine.

To actually PROVE that I could win, to prove my strength and feel the rush of fiery victory as we clash with powerful arms.

Bio-feedback is the ability to make yourself feel different based on physical or mental triggers. Imagining a fight makes my blood boil. It prepares me for a real fight.

Use this to your advantage. Imagine, visualize. Viscerally. Get in touch with your sexual or physical or even violent nature and when reality hits, you will be prepared.

Humans are civilized creatures?

They say humans are better than animals and that’s false.

We are no “better.”

It’s only when you get in TOUCH with that animal nature and fully admit to it that you can use it for your power.

That’s a rebel. He understands his innate nature and he is unafraid of it. He fully uninhibits it and lets it take control, though he directs the current.

What you’ll find is that the rebel is praised and respected, though we are taught in society to be submissive and lenient.

That will never work.

Embrace your animal nature, and don’t shy away from it.

It’s ok to clash from time to time.

It means absolutely nothing. Jack shit. Dust in the wind. It’s no different than laughing or smiling together. Usually there are no consequences. It’s not about blame or who’s right or who’s a bad person. We are just all different people, seeking different things.

And so there is inevitable conflict.

That’s just the way things are.

But don’t be the shy loser who bucks away and feels “guilty” for daring to look another man in the eye. Don’t be that guy. Get into fights if you have to.

Be the winner.


the Rebel.