It all started with a cold approach

Somewhere down along the line, there had to be a cold approach.

A “cold call,” if you will, from one man to another man or woman that eventually resulted in a relationship or a hookup in the “social circle.”

But without that first approach, it never would have been.

Let’s say one guy, John, “bumped into” a girl at a social function and started talking to her, that’s still a “cold approach” for all that term is worth. He had to open his mouth and he just happened to be right next to her instead of walking all the way up to her.

From that conversation, a social circle was born.

They went to parties together. He brought his friends, she brought her friends.

At that party, one of the girls in the group, Sarah, was highly desirable. A lone wolf rolled up to her and asked her for her name. She told him to get lost because, and I quote, “I don’t talk to guys I don’t know.”

But she lied.

Because just the other day she was forced to meet the guy friends of the guy who had made the new social circle with the girl. She was standing next to him! His name was Timmy.

Timmy and her were goofing around that night. Over the course of several months, they eventually fell into a relationship together, and Sarah and Timmy both rested easy.

Timmy rested easy because he used “social circle game” to get the girl and didn’t have to deal with those low-odds “cold approaches”, and Sarah rested easy because she never had to talk to “randos” she didn’t know.

But what neither of them realized is that they wouldn’t be standing next to each other today if John hadn’t met Sally at the yoga studio, and done the necessary brazen action to get the two groups of their friends together.

Meanwhile, Mr. Lone Wolf who hit on Sarah isn’t bothered by her ridiculous notion that she never talks to guys she doesn’t know.

He’s too buy fooling around with Amy, Sarah’s best friend, who he “cold approached” because he, like John, wasn’t afraid of talking to girls he didn’t know and didn’t buy into the narrative excuses.

Somewhere down the line, there had to be a cold approach. Don’t kid yourself.

Go cold approach your ass off.

– Love,
James Mast

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