Stop avoiding consequences and get into trouble

We are often afraid of consequences.

What most never realize is that there is only one way over fear: facing it directly.

Rather than play it safe, in regard to whatever it is you are starting to think about as I write, instead of worrying about possible consequences to your current approach–consider a radically different approach

Instead of evading consequences, embrace and accept them.

Do not only be prepared for consequences, stir them. Expect them. Get yourself into trouble and revel in it.

Practically, this means that if you’re concerned with doing things a certain way, drop it and do the opposite of whatever you are used to doing.

If you are typically nice to others or try to hide your actions or downplay yourself, do the exact opposite.

Be mean, aggressive, and fully own up to your blatant and selfish desires and actions. Tell the truth, assert your dominance, and invite conflict.

When you invite conflict, that is the real test of your strength. Will you fight or flee? Can you take what you dish out? Can you maintain your self-conviction in the face of extreme prejudice?

“Today, you’re going to go out and start a fight…and you’re going to lose.” – Tyler Durden

When you have experienced enough conflict, fear will remove itself and you’ll be focused on what you desire, and only concern yourself with seeing the pathway to that desire.

We too often fear what we have not experienced, or not persisted through, and it is the lazy man’s way out to avoid our fear and conflict.

The point of this post is: choose an entirely different path and then throw yourself into the fire.

Whatever results can only make you stronger, therefore you have nothing to lose.

The only crime is to give up or return to a comfortable life (return to avoiding consequences).

One final, but crucial point is this: when you throw yourself into your self-created fire (folly) you MUST not only follow-through but act with absolute conviction, confidence, and give your very best performance.

You must give yourself over completely. You must revel in the new act. You must surrender. You MUST give all you have.

There can be no room for half-assed, timid rebellion. This only leads to poor results and cannot help you grow. To grow you must birth yourself anew into the gut-wrenching, heart-pounding fire of conflict.

Whatever crazy or impulsive ideas you have–as long as you feel the wrenching PULL to do them–do not question, do not doubt. And DO NOT, by any means, give a half-baked performance.

You must go all the way and face the extreme risks that come with that.

If you’re going to tell your boss off, then don’t just express your opinion or question him. Go all out. Fully exert your presence. Fully express your OWN goddamned opinions and emotions. Throw his dominance in his face and risk everything.

Make a performance. Don’t half-ass it. Go all out. Don’t just tell your boss “I don’t like your decision” tell him “you’re discriminating against gay people” and rail on about how mistreated you were and then burst out crying and storm out of the building.

When you take yourself seriously, you can get away with anything.

We often hear “you take yourself too seriously” but that’s not the real problem.

The real problem is that you take the CONSEQUENCES way too damn seriously, and that is the problem with your entire life.

Start making quick decisions and stick to them. Own them. Run with them!

Never be on the fence. Make your decisions, and make them blatantly. Your attitude should not be “what can I get away with?” It should be “this is what I want to do and I’m going to do it.”

Never act as if you’re “getting caught.” You have done nothing wrong. You were a man acting like a man. You didn’t break the rules. You don’t recognize rules.

To recognize any rules is to place others above you.

But the Rebel puts himself above others.

Don’t be afraid to lose in this life because there is nothing to lose. You can always start over. You are strong because the cosmic cards have played out in your favor. Otherwise you would not be reading and resonating with this. Only you know what you are capable of.

Stop taking the easy route. Go all in, consequences be damned.

How would you rather go through life?

Option A:


Sneaking and skulking?

Option B:


“Just try and stop me.”

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