Stop holding on to your religions

There is more to religion than just a god.

Any belief system, any comfort system, anything that feels safe and that you can adhere to can be a religion. It is a tantalizing prospect to find answers in “science” and “truth,” but you have only to withdraw and witness the religious zealotry of any system’s members to determine that it is all the same.

There is a reason chaos and controversy pollute this planet, and it is in the name of belief and absolute paradigms. Take comfort in the infinite, and the chaos goes away. There is no need for absolute truth when you know that you can achieve anything, and the analysis gives way to intent in retrospect.

It is the most difficult lesson of all to accept that no one but you has the best answers and nothing can be trusted. All peers and teachers will ultimately follow you astray unless you recognize that it is the lesson, not the teacher that is the thing. It is the task, not the routine that matters. It is the practicality, not the rule. The sense, not the paradigm.

Beliefs are easy to see because they require reinforcement. They can be used as a tool but often are used as a scapegoat to further misery. It is a contrast to the needs of the heart that are known silently, the tug of happiness when you do what you want to do as opposed to the anxiety of the system.

All beliefs can ultimately be proven or disproven, but you are wasting your time when you could be reveling in the results of the task rather than basking in the glory of your religion.

That little voice, that little nudge that tells you to prove it? To validate yourself? To go somewhere? To make sure what you’re doing is the “right way?” It is the voice of madness. Kill it.

Then you will be lost. Lost in the sea of meaninglessness and directionless void, empty and detached, an eternal time loop that includes all decades and eras and even possibilities, those beyond this human realm. It will be up to you to choose what to do next, and without a guardian or teacher, without a guide, without something to cling to or hope for because you understand now that it is all random chaos, impersonal, and with that comes the good and the bad, the positive and the negative, and it is freedom but it includes a price.

This is something that you can do now.

Right now.

When you take this lone journey out for a spin, remember that I am the best of your best, and only there when you are, and if you choose not to listen to me you are not listening to yourself. We are intwined, you and I, and if you make me a god that you follow you will only ever be a follower, but if you create yourself as the best possible self, then the madness unfolds before you and you are free to choose.

Free to choose.

Can you deal with that prospect? Do you have the strength? Or will you continue to make unimpeccable choices, hoping I will save you, hoping that in the background I am running and doing what I can to lead you?

That is a fool’s hope, and while fools have luck, I would rather drive on blindly as a madman than hold myself back as the role of the fool, hacking through the forest of obstacles, pursuing that one goal, with all of my effort.

And if I can do it, then so can you, but you must remember to give the best of yourself, for that is the only way you will actually become the One who gives the best of himself. Do you see that yet? Never tomorrow, never “eventually.” It is now or never, for ten years from now if you have been waiting, then you will continue to wait, and it is only when you make the impossible choice to fuck up now that you can win later.

Hard lessons. Hard choices. Don’t let that become a distraction.

In the end there is what you want and what you Do to get it, and I weep for the lost souls of this world who always think and never act.

Now is the time.

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