Discipline is a very specific ability

Discipline is a very specific ability.

There was a time when I really had the desire to wake up at the same time every morning. But come every morning, I didn’t want to get up.

It was cold, it was early, I needed more sleep, I didn’t see any point.

I was making my decisions based on how I FEEL.

The day I learned discipline was the day I went into the gym feeling drained of energy and I realized I had to do squats. I had to do them because it was time. I didn’t want to do them, and I knew I wouldn’t perform them well.

But I did them anyway.

On the last set, I pushed myself. It didn’t hurt, it just was exhausting. I pushed myself because I knew I needed to. I drained my legs on that last set and wondered why I had made such a big deal about it.

That’s discipline.

Discipline is the ability to force yourself to do what needs to be done no matter how pointless you think it is, no matter how you feel, and no matter the outcome.

Discipline is wanting to do one thing, but forcing ourselves to do the right thing anyway.

Disclipine is the ability to take action in spite of how you feel.

Eventually this gives you the ability to do things without feeling them. Emotions begin not to matter, and only the result matters. Some people might say, “Doesn’t that make you inhuman?”


It makes you SUPERHUMAN.

Idiots in the world like to pretend that people without feelings are “sociopaths.” But removing your feelings is unhealthy and impossible. It is CONTROL of your emotions that you want: the ability to act in spite of them.

You are not a sociopath for doing what needs to be done. You are more than human.

Humans have been afflicted with this plague that says they cannot do something without feeling like doing it. That is wrong.

We do this because we have been conditioned to believe that we cannot achieve results without confidence. This is false.

We think we ought to feel motivated all of the time, but motivation is overrated.

It’s when our energy is lowest and we are at our worst that discipline is built or destroyed.

The truth is that we can accomplish a lot more than we think we can even if we don’t feel good about it. We set ourselves up for success when we take action regardless of our feelings.

You can pick up and fuck hot women without being a social god. You can make money without being born with a silver spoon up your ass. You can become famous without being superhot.

You can do squats in the gym without doing them perfectly and you can get up on time even while feeling like shit.

The point is that you get the RESULT.

When I wake up now, I launch myself out of bed on time, no matter what. Sometimes it takes me 5 minutes to get to the bathroom. Sometimes I stand there and watch the cold water and hesitate before I get in. Sometimes I hesitate before getting out of bed because I wonder what’s the point. Sometimes I let the damn alarm ring a few times.

But, I force myself do them. I get up. I take a shower. I don’t go back to bed.

I start my work and I do it haphazardly. I do it regardless of how tired I am. I say hi to people even if I am offputting and nobody responds well.

I force myself to take pretty girls’ numbers even if they don’t seem interested at all.

You can’t wait for the “perfect opportunity”–it will never arrive. Even when it does you won’t be prepared to take it. You prepare yourself for the perfect opportunity by creating it in the now and doing that every damn day.

Don’t put something off now because then you will always be putting it off. Just do it immediately, no matter what it is, until that becomes your dutiful habit.

Do what needs to be done, and your emotions will adapt to you instead of the other way around.

That is discipline.