Using anxiety to control your woman

It’s not even a conscious thing. It’s not even quite instinct.

In the moment you are distinctly aware of the effect it will bring, but as you do it you must be doing it out of an inner desire of will.

As a careful observer of your own actions, which will happen after a fashion if you are an aware and manipulative person, then you will see both your innate tendency and the result it will effect.

Most (if not nearly all) of the women in my life have been easily manipulated by the “abandonment trigger.”

Long ago, I heard it said that alpha males “know when to walk away.”

It’s true. And even when you aren’t really ready to walk away, just forcing yourself to do it can often set your woman off.

The only thing you cannot do is expect this to always work. Not all women will love it and it won’t work every time, even if it works most of the time.

But don’t be afraid to employ it liberally, if you really want to. If a woman ain’t treating you how you want, just fucking walk.

Don’t matter if it’s right. Don’t matter if it’s wrong.

Don’t matter if you are acting or arrogant, or if you’re nice. If it’s what you want to do, then do it.

Walking away builds great character and it sets you up as the one in power. If women don’t chase, then fuck ’em. If they do, then make sure they are on their better behavior.

Unfortunately, with psycho women (like with borderline personality disorder) this trigger will make them fucking chase you down, grab onto you in the middle of the street crying your name, and call you 50 times in a row.

A more normal woman with boundaries will get indignant or be a little more coy in her approach to win you back.

Or maybe not.

It’s hard to kick women out of your apartment if they don’t want to go.

But I digress.

Walking away, ESPECIALLY when your woman is in disbelief or trying to call you out on your arrogance or ego or trying to trash you, will be the best thing you can do for yourself.

The benefits of making women crazy is only a secondary bonus.

You don’t use this as a tactic to make the woman acquiesce. Don’t EXPECT her to chase. Don’t dick around and “pretend” to leave UNLESS you are really good at this.

Unless she is a having a psychotic episode, she may see through your actions.

So at least some of the time, after you walk out on a woman, assuming you want to see her again, go home no matter what and don’t follow up with her for at least a couple days.

Just ignore her and make her obsess a bit before you come back. This is what really grinds the salt into the wound. This is what causes her major anxiety, and keeps her in line.

Now, NOTHING will ultimately keep a crazy chick in tow. You can make her submissive but even a batshit crazy girl will break free no matter how good you are at this.

Especially if the woman is a borderline, then half the time she will be glad you walked away. Even though you know she’ll call you again the next day.

But the bottom line is this:

You’ve gotta learn to walk away, and follow through no matter how you feel.

There WILL be times where you walk away from a date feeling shitty and wanting her back. But you gotta power through it anyway.

At worst, she was a bitch anyway.

At best, you will see her again sure enough so go home and do something more fun.

If you’ve forgotten how to walk away, then try it.

Next time any girl is being a bitch, call her out on it. Even if it’s something simple or trivial that bothers you.


And then if it won’t stop, you walk away.

See how good it feels.

Yeah, it’s manipulative as fuck. And that’s okay. Everything is manipulation. That’s life.

You don’t have to respect anybody or suck up to anyone. You can walk away on a dime if you want, and it’s that attitude that actually makes you more attractive anyway.

But like I said, at heart this is really about you. Not just about them.

If you can really walk away for YOU, then this will twice as effective.

This is not a technique or method, so much as this is a behavior that builds a certain attitude.

That attitude is this:

“Take it or leave it.”

In a world where women seem to demand impossibly high standards, you as the man are entitled to the same and more.

We men are just as powerful as women. If not more so.

You are a MAN, and she submits to YOU.

Any woman that doesn’t play along? You walk. It’s that simple.

Over time, this builds up your surety in your male power, and women will come crawling back.

Because they crave a powerful man, even if the only power he has is simply putting them in their place.

They will cry and scream and insult you, but at the end of the day if they want to play ball in your court, then they’d better follow YOUR rules.

It seems most men are busy following their women’s rules.

“I have to talk to my fiance first.”

“My wife handles the bills.”

“My girlfriend would never let me do that.”

I feel sick inside when I hear grown men say shit like that.

Let’s flip that around.

Next time a girl tells you what to do (her “rules”) then you turn it around and just give her one of your own.

She might lose her shit. And that’s when you tell her to shut up or suck your dick.

If she continues her bitching, you just walk away.


Go do whatever it is you used to think you needed her permission for. And then don’t apologize for it. It’s your life. She doesn’t control you.

Truth be told, if you just live as you please then you’re not controlling the women. They let themselves be controlled. It’s like they want to be under your spell.

Just remember the golden rule of pussy control:

“She can take it or leave it.”


James Mast

How to cure OCD and acne forever

Americans have a toxic obsession with cleanliness

Imagine every day having to clean and disinfect every object you touched because it’s “unclean” because you had touched it after masturbating and having an orgasm.

Now imagine simultaneously being addicted to masturbation and porn. Now imagine you have to take a fully-body shower, with soap, every time in order to “cleanse” yourself, and anything you touch along the way, including the floor, is “unclean.”

Now imagine you can’t even touch certain objects or enter the bathroom because when you are “clean” you don’t want to be “unclean.”

Imagine washing your hands every time you come into contact even remotely with something “unclean.” Imagine watching the spread of your uncleanliness, gradually shifting from object to object as the unholy disease makes it way throughout your house. Now imagine one day you sit down to eat and you realize what you’re eating must be unclean. Now it’s in your stomach. Now it’s polluted the inside of your body!

You take a shower, and can’t figure out what to do next. Should you consider yourself unclean? Only your insides? Should you just forget about it?

This goes on for months and months, and you touch all sorts of unclean surfaces and if you have something unclean in your pocket but you have to take it out for school, now your hand will be buzzing for the rest of the day and you’ll have to avoid touching anything or anyone to prevent the spread of your contamination. Your hand will feel like it’s on fire, because your mind has literally created a physical sensation for you to know what is clean and what is not.

This is your life, and it is Hell. This is Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder.

OCD is an anxiety disorder…

And Americans have a lot of anxiety because they eat a diet high in sugar, they are addicted to electronic stimulation and the internet, and they are not comfortable with their bodies. They have no sense of “self” because they are constantly trying to be validated by the external world.

This creates a distracting anxiety wherein you are constantly feeling the pressure to “check up on” what’s going on. What’s the latest news? Do I have any messages?

Is there something I’m missing out on?

But one of the symptoms of this American anxiety is now a cause, and it’s only making things worse:

The obsession with cleanliness


Hard to believe I ever lived like this

In addition to the crippling OCD, many years ago I used to have cystic acne so bad that it was like fire ants all over my face. It was like my face was covered in sores and sometimes they would even form welts. It’s no wonder people said my acne was bad. It was common for my face to be bleeding and people would point it out to me, but there was nothing I could do about it.

Acne like that is unnatural, and its caused by poor american hygiene and diet.

Ironically, good hygeine means NOT polluting your skin with dangerous substances. In your obsession with cleanliness, it has become a religion of sorts. The truth is that Americans are INSANE and their practices are doing the opposite of what they intend.

Flouride in our water? Creating supergerms by murdering all bacteria? Making yourself clean by stripping your skin of vital and protective oils?

People don’t realize that the skin is a fucking organ, designed to clean itself. I learned that in high school.

It’s no wonder we have such a booming pharmaceutical industry. It’s no wonder “healthcare” is such a big deal. Almost everyone in America is EXTREMLY unhealthy, and I’ve always laughed about medical conditions because I am in such peak health now that I almost never get sick, and all my acne and OCD is gone. I take no pills or medications, I just sleep off any diseases and they go away within 48 hours.

You can do it too. Your OCD is just one part of the puzzle.

OCD and anxiety are due in part to this obsession with order and cleanliness. It’s really just mental habits and patterns. It’s conditioning and it’s not good conditioning. Prove to me how heightened anxiety or murdering bacteria contributes to actual long-term health.

Our bodies evolved with pathogens, it makes no sense to avoid them and kill them.

You’re most likely to die from getting fucked up the ass and getting aids, not because of some pathogens on the sink. Actually, you’re most likely to die from heart disease or cancer in this country, and both of these things are caused not by pathogens, but by major things like diet, exercise, and not putting toxic chemicals on your skin just to have the illusion of being clean.

If you really want a different perspective, just imagine trying to explain typical american hygeine practices to an alien who is just learning.

“Oh, we cut off the most sensitive parts our males’ penises. We rub harsh and abrasive artificial chemicals all over our bodies. We stick industrial plastic in our mouths and when we get holes in our teeth from tooth decay we fill them full of industrial metals and other industrial waste products, which we also stick in our water.”

It’s no wonder why Americans are so fat and have the highest rate of mental disorders in the world.

Even the most “sane” among them still violate their bodies with the most common and ordinary habits that they all take for granted.

Time to wake up.

Our bodies have strong immune systems designed to categorically destroy every type of invader. I was taught that a hundred times in school.

So why all this germ craze?

It’s almost as if giant companies make mass amounts of money off of our ignorance. It’s almost like if we stopped using their products, a great many rich corporations would be out of business.

But no, soaps and shampoos and toothpastes and sunscreens and lotions are all perfectly natural and probably healthy.

It’s not like nature would ever bother to make our skin perfectly capable of filtering out bad substances, cleaning itself automatically, or developing hormones and pigments to protect us from harmful sun rays that have been coming out of the sun ever since the first breathing animal crept up onto shore.

Are you smarter than that? Are you as smart as the generations of humans that pollute the oceans AND the drinking water supply, feed animals the wrong kind of food, cut down all of our trees and release daily massive amounts of gasses that destroy our atmosphere and damage the air quality, and eat processed shit? Surely, we are enlightened and living in the most advanced era of human history yet.

Grow the fuck up.

There is a switch in your mind.

Remember “that guy” in high school who would just laugh and pick something back off the floor and eat it?

He probably didn’t have a lot of anxiety. And you would all stand around and be in secret awe of him because he knew that germs really weren’t that big a deal. You all bought into the scam of germophobia that would later come to cripple American health.

As it turns out, everyone has ocd!

It’s a spectrum, and those people who don’t seem to suffer any symptoms have disturbing thoughts all the time. They just know to ignore them.

It goes beyond disturbing thoughts that germs might be on your hands. Sometimes we get “tempted” to jump off tall buildings or open the car door while the car is moving at 60mph. When we touch a dirty floor we feel as if there is this invisible slime over our hands.

But it’s all just anxiety. It’s distracting thoughts. And you know what causes distraction in America?

Media. All forms of it. TV, video games, internet. “Multi-tasking” (which is bad for your brain). They’ve all told you that Americans suffer from “too much stimulation” but you don’t believe them. You carry on ignorantly while your anxiety goes through the roof.

I know Americans have a lot of anxiety because every little thing startles them.

When there is a loud noise in a room, everybody jumps. People make a big deal out of the slightest things. Bad fads spread like wildfire.

You’ve been brainwashed into believing that every surface is filled with pathogens, but I don’t see any large bacterial growth on doorknobs. Do you?


You don’t see this every day

I liken antibacterials to credit scores or Facebook likes. You can easily live without them, and they don’t mean anything. They’re just traps.

You know you have anxiety when you’re afraid just to be in one spot.

You know you have anxiety when you look away or around constantly. When you look at your phone every ten seconds compulsively to see if your notification light is blinking.

Don’t pretend these are just trivial things.

They are symptoms of a social disease, and it affects you in every area of your life. You are addicted to cleanliness and technology, and these addictions are neuroses.

There is a switch in your mind, and you can turn it off.

I know this because I conquered my severe OCD. All by myself.

I had to endure some pretty difficult things. There was nobody to hold my hand. I forced myself to touch people’s seats. To touch the toilet. I had to hug my unclean parents and I had to force myself to lick unclean surfaces like floors or even use the bathroom without washing my hands. And I used to wash my hands 30 times a day for two minutes with heavy soap.

I had to force myself to go about my day without taking a compulsive shower. My body would literally be “burning” with agitation and the anxiety was so bad there were several times I gave in, and had to restart.

But eventually I walked into the bathroom without having to jump from rug to rug to avoid the floor.

Eventually I didn’t have to wash my hands after touching someone.

Eventually I could have an orgasm without becoming an anxious, suicidal wreck.

For some it won’t be easy. They are in too deep. Their physical body will actually “burn” with anxiety, wanting desperately to be washed, or rubbed, or whatever bizarre ritual is required to feel “clean” again. It’s no different than virginity or purity. And the only cure is to become dirty.

Once you crossover into dirtiness, and embrace it, you feel polluted. But you feel strangely good, strangely liberated. It’s like you have escaped a great lie, even though you feel like a muddy pig.

This feeling gradually goes away until you lose the anxiety and realize it was all a fiction.

Change your habits

In addition to the cystic acne, and the OCD, I had super-greasy hair. Just sleeping overnight it would be wet and smeared onto my face in the morning. My hands also developed psoriasis and I tried to ward off the effects with lotion. Stupid me thought that I could cure the symptoms with more pollutants. In reality, I should have cured the neurosis instead.

I tried cortizone creams, anti-dandruff shampoo, anti-acne substances. But my skin and hair problems remained.

My hands itched all the time and were red and I had sores. I had sores on other parts of my body. I got fed up with all these problems so I made a big change:

I cut out all soap. All shampoo. All conditioner. All lotions. No oils or external cosmetics. Nothing at all. All I did was take pure showers, and only once a day. I didn’t wash my face. And guess what?

All my skin and hair problems went away.

No more cystic acne. Just faint, sporadic, extremely mild redness. No more psoriasis or sores. No more itching. My hands were perfect and they still are.

No more greasy or oily hair. In fact, no more oily face. My hair grew to adjust and now I can go for a week without showering and my hair will still look fresh. No more dandruff.

Soaps and cosmetics were only perpetuating the symptoms they were supposed to solve.


My daddy once told me that all you needed to rinse your hands was water and technique. He told me soaps weren’t really necessary. He still used them, and he knew I used them, but I never knew just how right he really was.

The American obsession with cancerous and dangerous cosmetics must come to an end.

You can’t claim I’m overreacting because I paid the price of my ignorance. But I left these issues behind long ago.

Don’t buy into the hype. Cosmetics and creams and soaps are just another way for pharma companies and doctors to take advantage of people. And I suspect antibiotics are a scam by doctors as well [link to dentist ripoff post].

The System is insidious, and even the most basic, essential things we take for granted can be infected by disinformation and outright lies. That is why you must question everything. This is NOT the age of information.

This is the Age of Disinformation.

If you want to be rid of your OCD or health problems or anxiety, then be skeptical of even your most flippant habits. Trust your reason and your gut.


You already know whats best for you.

how far my face has come

Look how far my face has come


James Mast


P.S. Though I swore off all commercial soaps, I do use this natural African Black Soap daily and it has made my face a lot clearer. Imagine using lotion for soap. It actually clears up bad skin.

As it is within, so without

The things you consume fundamentally alter you.

The things you own end up owning you.

The media you imbibe affects you.

You are what you eat.

Surround yourself with bitchy, flaky women and you’ll become like them. No self-respect and no standards or boundaries. You’ll lose your discipline.

Perhaps the Rebel inside of you revolts against the insanity around you. Perhaps through others’ weakness it makes you strong. But at some point you have nothing to gain and everything to lose.

Eat silly hollywood movies, and you will become like hollywood. Always chasing a dream and a fake reality.

Consume enough Internet and you will become anxious and you will become obsessive-compulsive, drowning in a sea of ignorance.

The truth about the Inter-“NET”

The internet is a particular cesspool.

I’m not about to perpetuate the constant negativity. I will only point out the patterns.

The internet is chock full of political outcry and complaining. People all want to know, “Why are companies treating us this way?” “Where is the fairness?” “Why is the government doing this?”


It’s that simple. Asking the “Why” question is pointless. We all know why.

The goverments and corporations rule the world and so they can get away with almost anything they want.

It’s that simple. Stop asking why. Next time a big phone company rips off a bunch of its customers by overcharging, there is no reason to complain. There’s nothing you can do about it. And there’s no need to ask why.

They do it because they don’t care about you.

It’s that simple.

The companies don’t really care. They just want power. The government doesn’t care. It just wants power. No need to cry about it.

But it seems like every time a big entity “steps out of line” people are asking, “How could they do that?!!”

Really, it’s time to stop being so surprised. It’s just a web, a pit that you climb into. And then you begin to get really invested in the Game of the System. You begin to become outraged, shocked. You want change. You talk about it and talk about it and try to inspire others for your “activism” and “movements.”

What a silly sport. With no reward.

Stop focusing on your pointless, fruitless intentions. It’s true that movements can work but they must be large enough to combat the considerable power of the entities they are up against. It’s that simple.

As an individual there is no point in you stepping into this struggle without the significant desire and will to win against the competition. The masses are inneffective and will get nowhere, as their mass outcry and lack of action suggest.

Your one vote does not matter, but your influence matters if you actually have influence.

If you have the resources to combat the overlords then you have a shot. But rallying people will get you nowhere. These faceless sheep need a leader, and without a leader they will go on complaining.

You see, it must be easier for the sheep to invest in you than to invest in their overlords. It’s a simple cost-benefit equation.

It’s really that simple.

Avoid the news and the internet and the television and the faceless masses and focus on yourself. You’ll be better off. In fact, by focusing on yourself you’ll put yourself in a better position to influence change in the world. But by then, you might not want to.

Don’t fall into the Game unless you know how to play it.

Remove the distractions

Avoid internet news or comment fields or forums. They are cesspools of human livestock invested in outcomes they have no control over. Those with the real power don’t even care about that kind of change.

Stay away from media and stay away from mindnumbing or repititive, soul-stealing things.

Be VERY selective about what you take in and what you give away. Don’t give out too much energy by talking and worrying and looking around and wondering.

Be choosy with friends. With women.

It’s more satisfying to demand what you want and get exactly what you want than it is to settle.

If you don’t believe you can get what you want, then you have a confidence problem. That is what you need to work on.

Be absolute and ruthless and pursue exactly what you want. Don’t give in, don’t relent. Don’t settle.

Settling is just another form of consuming: you are telling your brain that you arent good enough for better.

Do you see?

The reason you settle is because you are not confident in your own path. You think that others have their shit together or their life figured out but there is no good reason to assume that anybody has the answers for you because those people you look up to got that way by looking out for themselves.

The TV and the Internet are just methods of control for those in power. Either you are a consumer, or you are a producer. Either you are a part of the System, or you are gaming the System.

Your actions and what you fill your life with reflect your attitude. They also AFFECT your attitude.

If you’re not a highly confident person, then the solution is not to go looking for answers. The solution is to develop confidence. You do this by trusting yourself and acting on your convictions. You follow them to ends of the earth if you have to.

It’s really that simple.

And if you’re resonating with this right now, then you already know what those convictions are. You just want approval. But I won’t give you permission or approval. That’s because if you trusted in yourself, you’d be successful, and eventually you’d want even less advice from other people.

When you follow your own rules, and trust the Rebel in your heart, things come into alignment. By chance or accident or on purpose. Things begin to unfold according to the dreams that haunt you.

You only turn to media and other people because you are afraid of the haunting of your soul.

But that’s what they’ve all been trying to tell you all along:

It’s only in your soul that you will find the answers you’ve been looking for.


My first kratom experiences


Bad alligator

One night, just for fun, my pet alligator decided to slip my girlfriend’s medication into my orange juice.

It was very bad, he should be ashamed. It was entirely unintentional on my part. But the Trazodone, a sleeping/depression pill, made its way into my system. This isn’t the first time he’s been a bad alligator, but I figured maybe I would sleep well and be refreshed the next morning.

I slept for 14 hours straight.

I awoke feeling extremely weak, as if all the energy was drained from my body. It was so hard to get up, but I couldn’t sleep anymore. So I thought about a solution.

Phenibut takes 5-7 hours to kick in, and it was already 3pm. That wasn’t an option. But then I realized…I still had a bunch of kratom left.

What’s kratom?


Clearly not for human consumption.

Kratom is a plant. It’s a happy plant that has psychoactive effects, just like caffeine or marijuana or alcohol. Its in the same “league” as phenibut in that its used as a performance/recreational drug (nootropic) and isn’t dangerous. Unless you overdose, you fucking idiot.

Although it’s sold as incense, when you just happen to take it orally it makes you motivated and happy…

But you have to take it just right.

My first time (consuming kratom)

The first time I burned kratom (Maeng Da) as an incense, I put 5 grams (max dose) into an 8oz cup of water and drank it straight.

I felt a little sick to my stomach and a little uptight. I was upset because I’d slept too long (once again) and my girlfriend was annoying me. After an hour I felt very slight effects like phenibut. I got pretty angry with her and shut her up.

Several hours later and I felt about the same. It didn’t look like it was working. I knew there are a lot of bunk vendors out there, similar to marijuana, but I trusted this vendor. I had even taken the maximum dose. I just decided that it was me. But I wasn’t convinced.

Second time’s the charm

A week later I tried again.

My girl and I were heading to a restaurant, and I wanted a pick-me-up.

last time we’d gone to a restaurant, my alligator had secretly slipped me Adderall and I took it by accident. Stupid crocodile. But it was an incredible experience. So I wanted to have even more fun.

I took the max dose of kratom again.

About ten minutes later I felt very nauseous. It wasn’t intestinal. I felt entirely like throwing the fuck up. This lasted about 20-30 minutes. Once again I was extremely uptight and the kratom was only making me angry. I vowed never to try it again.

But there was still something I hadn’t tried yet.

Full circle – the kratom tea

After 14 hours of sleep and feeling like sin, I realized there may be a way out. I suddenly recalled the idea of kratom tea.

I knew it could be boiled instead of taken raw, but I wanted to be a badass. I’d taken kratom raw twice and it tasted disgusting, but obviously it didn’t work.

But I know the truth now:

In order to extract the most out of kratom, its got to be boiled.

Otherwise your stomach can’t digest it. That’s why it had minimal effects for me the first few times i tried it.

Imagine cramming a pile of leaves down your throat. You’d get really sick and have terrible shits. It’s hard enough to even chew plants, let alone digest them. Your body needs them to be processed in some way to make it remotely digestible.

After 5 minutes of research I excitedly decided to save my day with kratom tea.

The process of making kratom tea

I even decided to document the process (snap some fucking photos).

Ironically, the process of making the tea and documenting it got me excited enough that it woke me up far before I even tasted it. But you’ll find out later how the kratom affected me.

Kratom tea just tastes like strong tea. It doesn’t taste horrible like downing the raw powder does. I don’t recommend anybody do that. It just won’t be as effective. Would you just eat a bag of tea?



You don’t eat a bag of tea. You boil it first.

I added 5g of Maeng Da kratom to a boiling pot and cooked it for about 20 minutes.


20 minutes later it looks like this.

I let it drain into a coffee cup to catch the leftover matter.


Letting it drain

When I was done I had something like this:


I ran it through again and made a second cup. Since I’m a trooper, I downed the whole first cups of tea in one go with a biscuit, just like they do in Britain. Except their tea isn’t psychoactive. I was definitely on an empty stomach because I had slept for 14 hours, so the full effects should have kicked in.

It may have been just calories, but in the first 8 minutes I felt a slight “woozy” effect. I assumed it was my stomach “activating.” I felt a sort of slight buzz. After another ten minutes my second batch was ready. Keep in mind that I had only had about half a dose at this point. I downed the entire second cup, and this time the taste feel deeper and richer, but not nearly as potent.

The curds leftover were dark and did not look appealing this time, but there was so much plant matter left it bothered me. So I dumped the remains in my mug with some hot water and took that too. Just in case.


So appealing.

About ten minutes later my mug looked liked this:



So I downed the rest of it and after about 20 more minutes–so 90 minutes total–I noticed a giddiness. I felt very minor nausea and some inhibition, similar to phenibut after only 3 hours.

It was by this time I thought the kratom wasn’t working. I chalked it up to my physiology and decided there was nothing more i could do. It had been 2 hours and the effects still weren’t that potent. Perhaps this strain didn’t work.

I was wrong.

Get up and do something

Just like phenibut, you can’t always tell it’s working if you’re just lounging around.

I got up and walked around and I felt this invigorating buzz. It was hard to notice before. Since I have little anxiety it was tough to tell but I also felt anti-anxiety effects in this. I found myself not really worrying and feeling the need to smile.

In fact most of my depression/tiredness from sleeping too long had gone away.

I generally had more energy. It wasn’t really anything to write home about.

But then I took it to the gym.

Kratom in the gym and a golden workout

A golden surge of energy ran through me. It was like pure joy flooded through me. I happily worked out and I just wanted to keep going, even though my body was done. I also experienced little to no pain. I was clear, focused, and had no anxiety. More than that, I had this simmering well-being, a sort of excitement and pride that couldn’t be covered up. It was like I had discovered this great thing that only I knew about.

I lifted weights without caring about what anybody thought and I felt like I could get away with whatever I wanted. Phenibut can do this too, but it was less about not caring and more about being too happy to care.

I’ve had insane workouts on phenibut, and there is a clear difference between it and kratom. Kratom fills me with this almost spiritual eagerness. Phenibut makes me super calm and relaxed to the point where it’s very easy to focus purely on the workout.

Comparing kratom and phenibut

Which one should you choose?

I would compare kratom to about 750mg of phenibut, which is slightly above a moderate dose. But phenibut does NOT make you happy or joyous like kratom does. So the comparison is imperfect.

In an ideal world you’d take these together.

Kratom is way cheaper than phenibut as far as proportional amounts for the same price.

Kratom works as a painkiller, while phenibut doesn’t. People compare the plant to opiates but it’s not as addictive and it’s safe. Arguably kratom is safer than phenibut, but that’s only because it works differently in the brain.

And I can’t state it plainly enough:


If you overdose, you’ll develop dependency. That’s why you don’t take drugs every day, folks.

That’s why the corporations have all sorts of kids hooked on heavy-duty shit like Adderall that they take every day and literally have a huge headache and suicidal withdrawal if they miss a day.

That’s how the pharmaceutical industry in America has gotten so rich, and it doesn’t help that America has the highest rate of mental disease in the world.

Don’t be afraid of playing with sparklers, kiddies.


Kratom and phenibut — mostly harmless

Be afraid of playing with fire.

What works better for anxiety?

Phenibut hands down.

Kratom takes away anxiety but it does so more through mood. It doesn’t have the powerful uninhibiting effect like phenibut does. Kratom makes you feel calm and motivated. Phenibut puts you into godmode. A better comparison would be vodka.

Dosing differences

Also keep in mind that kratom kicks in fairly quickly and peaked for me at 2 hours. And that was just one experience. Phenibut takes longer.

Phenibut also should only be taken up to 1g every other day. Kratom can be used multiple times in one day, but you can develop dependency on it if you take it too much.

It’s also worth noting that both kratom and phenibut work really well for some and not well for others.

I gave one of my girlfriends 1g one day, and she felt no effect. I gave her 2g about a month later, and still nothing.

Meanwhile I can take a small dose and feel amazing effects.

I’d say your preference depends on you. Choose between feeling on top of the world and excited, or between focused and uninhibited. They’re two entirely different drugs, although they do both essentially get rid of anxiety and depression.

How to take it

Kratom can be taken multiple times (usually twice) a day at 5g every few hours.

If you have a lot of money to spend on this sort of thing, I’d try kratom. People who use this stuff as a lifestyle generally recommend using only one particular type (called a strain) of kratom a day, meaning they stock up on 5-7 different strains and use a different one each day.

This is just like phenibut cycling and the purpose is to avoid dependency, which makes the effects go away.

If you don’t want to get into the whole “kratom lifestyle,” then I’d say take one strain of kratom every 3-5 days.

Just boil 5-8g in boiling water for about 20-30 minutes and you’ll get what looks like this:


Clean and smooth with no bubbles on the surface.

You can run it through multiple times or take the leftover powder raw, but the point is that the only way to unlock kratom’s potential is to take it as a tea. Otherwise your stomach may have trouble digesting it (mine certainly did, and kratom was useless for me until I used the tea).

The final word on kratom:

It’s definitely great for motivation, feeling great, and killing depression.

The specific brand I tried in the above experiments is Hyper Hippo, our vendor’s brand of Maeng Da, one of the most powerful kratom types available.

If being super-happy and eager to work all day is your thing, then try out Maeng Da. Your results might be even better than mine, since I don’t seem to respond to kratom as well as some.

You can check out Hyper Hippo right here.


Mmm, delicious biscuits. Not for sale.

Also: I don’t recommend trazodone.

DISCLAIMER: I do not give out medical advice. All information on this page is intended for informational or entertainment purposes only and is merely the opinions of the author. Seek out a medical professional for medical advice. Always consult your doctor before taking any substance. Always abide by the laws of your state regarding any substances discussed in this article. END OF DISCLAIMER.
P.S.: the FDA can kiss my ass.

Comprehensive overview of all things phenibut

Everything I know about phenibut all in one page.


All the info on my site, Phenibut God, boiled down–with a few more stories and some pointers. I’ll tell you exactly what it does, how it does it, what I use it for, and how I beat my anxiety with it.

You can find detailed information all over that site but this post will really introduce you to all the uses of phenibut…and why it could be such an important drug for many people.

James Mast Phenibut God - Comprehensive Overview

Brought to you by James Mast

What is phenibut?

It’s a smart drug that has a ton of uses. It’s legal and over-the-counter. It doesn’t need a prescription.

Just because it’s easy to get doesn’t mean it’s weak. This stuff is powerful and can remove all social inhibitions. It’s not like alcohol in that it intoxicates you and shuts off your brain. Quite the opposite.

Phenibut makes you more alert and more present in the now. It enhances all of your senses. Donuts taste amazing. Music not only sounds incredible but addictive.

All your anxiety, worries, and fears go away. Almost completely. It’s a “performance drug”–literally. You can use this for performances and you will never act or sound better because there will be nothing preventing you from giving your best.

Another interesting effect of phenibut is that it makes people like you. This is because you are super comfortable and relaxed, and people pick up on that easily.

What are all the different ways I can use it?

I already mentioned music and performances. The first time I played guitar on phenibut I was obsessed. Everything sounded so good I got chills. I just wanted to keep playing, and when I sang it was much better than average. There was nothing holding me back, no stress on my vocal chords.

Phenibut is like steroids for musicians or actors. For auditions or job interviews this stuff is killer.

Picking up women

I had the one of the best chats of my life with a chick while on phenibut. She was probably the hottest girl I’ve ever met, and I don’t say that because I was high. I opened her at the gym with insane confidence and we flirted for ten minutes straight, touching each and pushing each other around. She kept telling me she had to go back to her friend, but she didn’t want to leave. I had zero problem with taking her hand or putting my arm around her.

When she left she yelled, “I’ll text you!” and when I walked by later she pointed me out excitedly to her blond friend like an eager child. It was hilarious.

Later she actually texted me first (this is rare for women) and wanted to come over.

I’m not bragging. This is just one example of picking up a girl on phenibut.

If you have any fears of what to say, or whether to a touch a girl, or whether to approach, phenibut will take all that away. It’s like being hammered except without any of the bad stuff.

Parties and other social events

You can be the life of the party. Talking to random people is easy on phenibut. There is no “pressure” or stress. Consequences don’t seem to exist. This is good because people open up to you and you are able to be yourself. Again, like alcohol but no side effects. You won’t even need to drink anything.

I recommend this for public speaking or a theatric performance.

The gym

I’ve had killer workouts in the gym just by being on phenibut.

You don’t even think about the people around you. You feel calm and it feels “normal” and “natural” to just be working hard. It’s easy to make noise and lift heavy weights without holding back.

Because of this lack of inhibition you’ll find it much easier to go hard. It’s not much of a painkiller, but it’s easier to ignore the pain while on phenibut. Mix it with caffeine and you have an insane workout supplement.

I just went to the gym on phenibut as I write this sentence and it only re-affirms how useful this stuff is. Just when most people would be done, you’re able to keep going and keep pumping out. It really allows you to give all you have instead of holding back. That’s important because sometimes in the gym, when there are people around, we subconsciously hold back whether we like it or not. We’re afraid of going too hard or making too much noise. Obviously I don’t always have this problem but phenibut just makes hard workouts easy.

Amazing sex

Phenibut is never more a performance drug than in the bedroom. You can keep it up for a long time and you have zero inhibition. The sex feels great and you will be more into it. I could go into detail, but there’s really no need. If you’re sexually experienced, you know what anxiety and inhibition can do to harm your performance. If you’re not as experienced, then you are probably witnessing the effects of anxiety on your life.

There is actually a lot to be said for phenibut as an ED drug. It doesn’t enhanced blood flow, but it kills anxiety. Most erectile dysfunction is actually caused by anxiety, NOT an actual physiological problem.

This is good because phenibut will allow a lot of guys to get it up when they couldn’t before.

Eposure therapy to kill anxiety and depression

I’ve already talked about a bunch of general uses where phenibut combats anxiety in specific situations.

But what most people just don’t understand is that anxiety is a general condition or state that can be removed. You can get rid of that entirely through practice, just like you practice at any other skill. It’s like riding a bike. While some people drink at a party to “loosen up” and be able to talk to people they don’t know, there are plenty of people who don’t need alchohol to do that. They have no anxiety. They’re free socially.

Phenibut God - You can get over anxiety if you can ride a bike

If you know how to use this, then you can beat anxiety

Phenibut is a great tool to help you destroy anxiety by doing what’s called “exposure therapy.” That’s just a fancy way of saying:

Expose yourself daily to high anxiety-producing situations until the anxiety is gone.

This isn’t hard. You can just start by saying “Hi” to every single person around you. This will be difficult at first, but over time you’ll realize nothing bad happens and some anxiety will go away.

Over time you can work your way up to having conversations. Then you can work your way up to approaching women you like. Then you can work your way up to shouting things in public, hitting on girls without remorse, and speaking your mind to just about anybody.

It doesn’t happen all at once but you should never be ashamed to get started.

Phenibut is great because it kills your anxiety, which allows you to do all the things I mentioned above. If you just do them on a daily basis, then when you’re OFF the phenibut the anxiety will still be gone.

That’s how you beat depression or anxiety. Depression is really just fear of the outside world. If your depression isn’t caused by anxiety then your depression will cause anxiety. Fix one and the other will tend to follow.

By getting over your fears, you can stop avoiding people and situations that bother you. Finally.

How do I take phenibut?

You buy the white powder from a vendor and it arrives in some small container. If you buy from our recommended vendor you get a little white bag with a scoop.

You take one or two scoops (no more than that or you’re on your way to overdosing) and then you wait about 2-3 hours for moderate effects and 5-7 hours for extreme effects.

Phenibut takes a long time to really “kick in.” That’s unfortunate but the stuff is so useful that it’s worth just doing a bit of pre-planning beforehand.

It’s best to take it in the morning on an empty stomach. You can even take it a few hours before you get up. That way it will be somewhat active when you get up.

How does it work?

Phenibut is a white, psychoactive powder with very simple ingredients.

It stimulates GABA receptors in the brain, almost like alcohol. The difference is that alcohol plays with a slightly different type of GABA.

Are there any side effects?

I liken phenibut to alcohol because the positive effects are so similar. But in truth there are very little negative effects.

As long as you don’t overdose or abuse phenibut, there will be almost no effects.

The worst thing I’ve experienced is being really tired, but that’s because I overdosed. Other than that you may feel a very, very small amount of physical off-balance, but it’s not distracting.

You can get tired if you take too much. Phenibut is sometimes recommended as a sleeping aid but that is a terrible and reckless idea. Just take the recommended dose and there should be no problems for you.

Can I take it every day?

Usually not. It’s best to take it every other day. This is called “cycling” and it’s used to prevent dependency.

If you take it every day at a high-moderate dose such as 1g, you could become slightly addicted to it and this will cause problems for you in the future.

Officially doctors suggest phenibut be taken 3 times a week. So that’s a guideline for how often you should be safely using it. Just stay within the margin of taking a day off for every day you use it, and you’ll be just fine.

How much does it cost?

About $20 for a 3-month supply.

Where can I get it?

I only recommend Happy Hippo as our vendor. That’s because I trust Chris, the owner, and I know that his phenibut is purer than other brands because sometimes people like to stick fillers in their product. That’s just the way it goes.

Obviously you can check out the vendor or order some phenibut on the sidebar to the right or at this page.

Why do I believe in phenibut?

I first got on phenibut when I tried ordering kratom from my favorite vendor, Happy Hippo. Turns out kratom wasn’t legal in my state, but he sent me phenibut instead for the same price. I was impressed by this move so I went ahead and accepted.

I got the package in two days and I decided to jump right in and try it the very next morning. I took a 1g dose.

I went onto my campus and it was like just gliding through life. Nothing took any effort. I found myself just looking into women’s eyes with ease and they would smile back. For no reason I just introduced myself to a cute girl who smiled and even though she wasn’t interested it didn’t affect me one bit. In fact, I waltzed right into the bloodwork office and asked if I could get a free blood test. The lady smiled and decided that it was ok.

Funny how everything seems to work out on phenibut.

But this was only the beginning of the end of my anxiety. I had been working on it well before this and I had more to go. I ended up going to my nearby big city and talking to as many people as I could, on purpose. I proactively went out of my way to say something to every person. And it wasn’t easy.

There were plenty of women that I let just pass me by and I talked myself out of it. After several rejections I felt like a physical wall was preventing me from approaching. It felt “wrong,” like something I just couldn’t do. The inhibition was so palpable I nearly screamed and after about a half hour of this literal panic attack I broke down crying in the middle of the street for no reason. I just let it all out.

There was no fear here. I didn’t care as much about the people around me. It was a battle with myself. It was a battle with my lifelong conditioning telling me “not to hit on girls.”

Do you know how I got through this?

I took some more phenibut and that night, when it kicked in again, I was still afraid. The phenibut was working to its maximum potential but my mind and body still were at odds. So I got furious.

I was disgusted with my behavior and the fact that I was letting so many beautiful women just pass me by because of some nebulous “wall” in my head telling me I couldn’t. This maddening conflict drove me to push through my barriers and emotions and approach anyway.

That night did not go well.

I literally forced myself to approach and I felt like a rapist. I felt like a bad person. I felt like a total creep and a loser. But I ignored the feelings and I pushed through it anyway. I talked to every goddamn girl until I felt a fire beneath my feet. Before you know it, I eventually took glee in “annoying” these women. I came to embrace what I was doing, good or bad.

And that was the beginning of the end of my anxiety.

This is an incredibly personal story but it reveals the absolute soul-wrenching nature of how anxiety must be met: head on.

Most people just don’t have the guts for this. Most people just aren’t capable. I’m sorry, but that is the truth. And that is why I truly believe in phenibut. Any kind of tool or weapon you can use to crush this horrible affliction (anxiety) must be used wholeheartedly.

Some people turn to God to help them through tough times. Some turn to friends. But some people don’t want that or don’t have that. To me, phenibut is literally your “friend.” It’s something you can rely on when you are out there conquering your anxiety because you can feel it working and this lets you know, “Hey, I know you’re feeling anxious or guilty but it’s all in your head.” I’m dead serious when I say phenibut can be used like a friend. It sounds corny but it allows you to do things you juts otherwise would be too scared to do.

And the best part is that once you go off of phenibut, the anxiety doesn’t return. You’ve accomplished something. You may not be over it yet for good, but what’s done is done. You just have to keep going until it’s gone.

But enough about my story.

In conclusion

I think phenibut is a useful tool for many different people. It’s not a dieting drug and it’s not just an anxiety drug.

It can be useful for many different professions because it takes away stress and fear and it improves your clarity and thinking. I can think of a million different uses for it but anybody who wants to play music, perform, give a speech, pick up a girl, have a great workout, go to parties, have an interview, go to an audition, have a long day at work, or work at home and get a lot accomplished will benefit from this drug.

It’s really a “miracle pill” if there ever was one, although it won’t fix all your problems and it won’t necessarily make you a god.

But sometimes it makes you feel like one.


James Mast

James Mast - Phenibut God - Sincerely yours