Using anxiety to control your woman

It’s not even a conscious thing. It’s not even quite instinct.

In the moment you are distinctly aware of the effect it will bring, but as you do it you must be doing it out of an inner desire of will.

As a careful observer of your own actions, which will happen after a fashion if you are an aware and manipulative person, then you will see both your innate tendency and the result it will effect.

Most (if not nearly all) of the women in my life have been easily manipulated by the “abandonment trigger.”

Long ago, I heard it said that alpha males “know when to walk away.”

It’s true. And even when you aren’t really ready to walk away, just forcing yourself to do it can often set your woman off.

The only thing you cannot do is expect this to always work. Not all women will love it and it won’t work every time, even if it works most of the time.

But don’t be afraid to employ it liberally, if you really want to. If a woman ain’t treating you how you want, just fucking walk.

Don’t matter if it’s right. Don’t matter if it’s wrong.

Don’t matter if you are acting or arrogant, or if you’re nice. If it’s what you want to do, then do it.

Walking away builds great character and it sets you up as the one in power. If women don’t chase, then fuck ’em. If they do, then make sure they are on their better behavior.

Unfortunately, with psycho women (like with borderline personality disorder) this trigger will make them fucking chase you down, grab onto you in the middle of the street crying your name, and call you 50 times in a row.

A more normal woman with boundaries will get indignant or be a little more coy in her approach to win you back.

Or maybe not.

It’s hard to kick women out of your apartment if they don’t want to go.

But I digress.

Walking away, ESPECIALLY when your woman is in disbelief or trying to call you out on your arrogance or ego or trying to trash you, will be the best thing you can do for yourself.

The benefits of making women crazy is only a secondary bonus.

You don’t use this as a tactic to make the woman acquiesce. Don’t EXPECT her to chase. Don’t dick around and “pretend” to leave UNLESS you are really good at this.

Unless she is a having a psychotic episode, she may see through your actions.

So at least some of the time, after you walk out on a woman, assuming you want to see her again, go home no matter what and don’t follow up with her for at least a couple days.

Just ignore her and make her obsess a bit before you come back. This is what really grinds the salt into the wound. This is what causes her major anxiety, and keeps her in line.

Now, NOTHING will ultimately keep a crazy chick in tow. You can make her submissive but even a batshit crazy girl will break free no matter how good you are at this.

Especially if the woman is a borderline, then half the time she will be glad you walked away. Even though you know she’ll call you again the next day.

But the bottom line is this:

You’ve gotta learn to walk away, and follow through no matter how you feel.

There WILL be times where you walk away from a date feeling shitty and wanting her back. But you gotta power through it anyway.

At worst, she was a bitch anyway.

At best, you will see her again sure enough so go home and do something more fun.

If you’ve forgotten how to walk away, then try it.

Next time any girl is being a bitch, call her out on it. Even if it’s something simple or trivial that bothers you.


And then if it won’t stop, you walk away.

See how good it feels.

Yeah, it’s manipulative as fuck. And that’s okay. Everything is manipulation. That’s life.

You don’t have to respect anybody or suck up to anyone. You can walk away on a dime if you want, and it’s that attitude that actually makes you more attractive anyway.

But like I said, at heart this is really about you. Not just about them.

If you can really walk away for YOU, then this will twice as effective.

This is not a technique or method, so much as this is a behavior that builds a certain attitude.

That attitude is this:

“Take it or leave it.”

In a world where women seem to demand impossibly high standards, you as the man are entitled to the same and more.

We men are just as powerful as women. If not more so.

You are a MAN, and she submits to YOU.

Any woman that doesn’t play along? You walk. It’s that simple.

Over time, this builds up your surety in your male power, and women will come crawling back.

Because they crave a powerful man, even if the only power he has is simply putting them in their place.

They will cry and scream and insult you, but at the end of the day if they want to play ball in your court, then they’d better follow YOUR rules.

It seems most men are busy following their women’s rules.

“I have to talk to my fiance first.”

“My wife handles the bills.”

“My girlfriend would never let me do that.”

I feel sick inside when I hear grown men say shit like that.

Let’s flip that around.

Next time a girl tells you what to do (her “rules”) then you turn it around and just give her one of your own.

She might lose her shit. And that’s when you tell her to shut up or suck your dick.

If she continues her bitching, you just walk away.


Go do whatever it is you used to think you needed her permission for. And then don’t apologize for it. It’s your life. She doesn’t control you.

Truth be told, if you just live as you please then you’re not controlling the women. They let themselves be controlled. It’s like they want to be under your spell.

Just remember the golden rule of pussy control:

“She can take it or leave it.”


James Mast

The strongest lock

Once, upon buying a new bike to get around town, I was told that in this city bikes get stolen all the time. I shrugged it off and told the salesman that I would just buy a lock, but he insisted that any lock wasn’t enough. He told me that people “without morals” routinely go around clipping bike locks with high-power clippers and then putting the bikes into vans.

I thought this was a bit paranoid, but I had heard this before. So I allowed him to sell me on the best lock available, one with metal joints to prevent any clipping. I walked out confident, feeling that perhaps the lock was an overinvestment.

When I got home I locked my bike up to a post near the door to my apartment. It was fine for a little while. But there was a small intuitive feeling that I ignored, telling me this wasn’t the safest place.

Two days later I am unlocking my bike, when suddenly I realize that the bike seat is missing.

Not only that, but the front wheel was completely detached. A stolen bike seat I could at least deal with; but the front wheel was disconnected completely. I didn’t know how to fix it. And what was odd was that the tire had been removed from the wheel, but the pirates had taken the seat only. Based on this, I felt it was an act of malice.

The best lock in the world couldn’t prevent my bike from being fucked up. Someone had it out for me, and I did not adequately protect myself.

You see, when push comes to shove we cannot rely on our ego or our past accomplishments or our possessions or our safety. It is far too easy to lose control.

You may think everything is roses until one day you find your car stolen. Or maybe someone you love has cancer.

We can only take responsibility for ourselves and trust our gut. My gut told me to take preventative measures and I failed to do that. I paid the price.

The strongest lock cannot keep what we hold dear. It can slip away, even when we have given our all to keep it.

Even when you are the best option a woman has, she can still choose to leave. There is no security you can have, no control that is absolute or certain.

Sometimes we have to give ourselves a break. But we also must remember to trust our intuitions.

Whether that comes in dreams or premonitions, or just an aching feeling, we already know the truth.

Sometimes the greatest thing can slip from our fingers. And if we try to keep it under lock and key, perhaps we will find ourselves laughing or crying as the thing is destroyed, or destroys itself.

Sometimes we must release the thing we love to see if it comes back to the nest.

Or else let it go.

We had the strongest lock. But even it was not enough.