Changing your course

Why do something if it is empty?

How far will you go for failure, to prove that you have something to prove?

How far will obsession take you through the granite rock of chiseled achievement, as you endure the pain of unsatisfactory bludgeoning?

Perhaps the reason for your failure–or rather, lack of success–is not because you are ill-equipped for the task at hand, but because down below you despise the very task itself and wish to see yourself fail only to give it up and return to something more fulfilling.

You already know that the world is not mechanical, that it does not bend to physics and yet, you continue on in a blind furor, raging against the enemy of your unknown hate when in fact the only enemy is yourself, forcing upon you a thing that you don’t want to do.

Energetic self-sabotage is a bitch.

Consider this:

Not a one person has ever shown you the truth as they know it. They can attempt communication, but their perspective is lost on your reality.

Long has it been said, “What works for me may not work for you.”

“Your truth is not my truth.”

“YMMV.” (For the millenials).

And yet we desperately hack against the clifftop of fortune, for a prize that is ill-seemingly ill-suited to our regard to begin with.

It is a frustrating thing to let something go, to admit failure and yet, knowing in your heart what you would rather do, what you would die for, what you would move mountains for, is it really any surprising wonder that your heart tugs at you to abandon your quest for futility and embrace a warmer nature?

On the upswing of change, there is only one path: Follow your heart, and let the rest decide.

We cannot admit to the testaments of others, as our own self-fueled sufficiency can only come with the catalyst of our own passion, and that is not something bought or sold or even taught but ingrained in our very nature.

Regret not your failure, for which you directly manifest in your spite.

Rather turn toward your open arms at the future you wish to embrace, with the love and undying determination of that which haunts your soul day and night, and pushes you to alter your course in the favor of gain and the uncertainty of loss.

It is in this crucial crux of mystery that LIFE and EXCITEMENT is born.


– Change your sails,
James Mast