Get over your fucking guilt complex

It’s time, young man, to take up your rightful place in the social order.

From now on you’re going to have people do you favors.

When you walk, make everyone get out of your way. It’s only fair. You’ve gotten out of their way a thousand times.

Instead of avoiding big men at the gym, bump shoulders with them. If women are holding hands and taking up the entire sidewalk, just keep walking right through them, right through their arms. Don’t look back, and don’t stop as they bitch at your audacity. After all, they had the audacity to think a Man of your stature would move out of their way.

Let people buy you dinner or pay for lunch. You’ve taken girls out on expensive dates because you felt they were more entitled than you, but it’s time now to be the entitled one and let them return the favor.

Instead of waiting for others to cross the street, you cross the street first.

And why should you do all these things?

Because your entire life you’ve eaten shit, that’s why.

You’ve done a billion fucking favors for other people, and isn’t it time they returned you the favor?

If God was watching, he’d smile on you because he has kept a tally of those “good” and nice acts you’ve done for others, and he knows it is time to reap your just reward.

You’ve done people favors your entire life, so why not flip the script now?

Think about it:

In every situation, there is always a winner and a loser. It is always a zero sum game.

Either you are doing the person a favor, or they are doing you a favor.

You can’t feel guilty for being the winner. Because the other person has the same problem.

Imagine you are crossing the road on foot, and a car is driving up at the same time. Both the car and you have to decide who goes first. So why not take the first step?

It may be selfish, but see, if you let the car go first, then that person in the car is being selfish instead.

Why the hell is anyone else’s desire more important than yours?

He had the same desire, but instead of putting his desire first, you put your own first. It’s just a little mindset shift. It’s very simple, and it’s almost easy.

You just have to practice being the asshole for a while instead of letting everyone around you and their dog shit all over you.

Both you and the other person have the same chance. And one of you has to be selfish.

Because here’s the thing:

If YOU don’t act in your own best interest, then SOMEONE ELSE will act in THEIRS.

No one is going to look after you. Nobody is going to hold your hand and make sure you get a “fair chance.”

The world is distinctly unfair, people are not equal, and you don’t owe fucking anyone a damn fucking thing.

You might as well be the winner.