Not all women are manipulative cunts


The internet is a terrible and terrific place to learn about women.

There are so many assholes out there unwittingly leading you astray that as a young man I brutally fucked up my worldview following the bread-and-butter “alpha male” websites teaching us that women can’t be trusted and that they will always screw you over if you’re not careful.

As Mike Cernovich mentions, not all women “shit test,” i.e. put up a false front to test for weakness in a man.

I myself have experienced my own woman brutally challenging me constantly, even though I have proven myself many times over. And many times I have witnessed this woman “giving up” sex as a method of manipulation, rather than desire.

She would never admit it, but I see right through that shit.

What I have seen is that my woman withholds sex, mostly unconsciously, because she has been taught and raised to treat sex with that perspective. This does not make her a whore or a golddigger, even though she appears to be one at times, but rather it just indicates her own unhealthy personal perspective.

And that is the point of this post:

All women are different and they all have slightly different perspectives, JUST LIKE MEN.

Since I am somewhat manipulative myself, I used to play these games with women. But now, having come from the dark side and being older and wiser, I see right through it when it happens.

Once my woman came to me and instead of having sex she started getting dressed. I asked her what she was doing. She said that we should go out to bars, and flirt with other people, and see what happens.

I lay there in bed, honestly not wanting to go out to the bars AT ALL, and it occurred to me that I had to shut down this game before it started.

Though at the time I had little experience with honesty and authenticity over gameplaying, I still managed a perfect execution.

I said, “I don’t want to go out to the bars. And what the fuck do you mean let’s flirt with other people? We are together, so let’s not play games. Let’s have sex instead.”

The cornered woman gave me a bit of challenge but I kept up my honesty. Then she replied,

“You’re right. I’m just playing games. I don’t know what I was thinking. Let’s be together.”

If I recall correctly we actually had sex after that.

And imagine: in today’s world, most men would be taught to follow up her gameplaying by going out and proving what an “alpha” they were, or flirting with other girls to turn her on.

But I personally no longer care for that kind of manipulation.

Chateau Heartiste, apex “manosphere” blogger, reveals exactly the kind of mindset the internet is encouraging in this partiular post about a woman who plays games.

What’s revealing is that, instead of calling the girl out on her bullshit, Heartiste happily goes along with the girl and plays her game, and then ends up having sex with her.

But this is pathetic.

After playing so many games, I would not then indulge in this girl’s behavior. If I were on the first date with this chick, I would have played along with a bit of small talk, and then said,

“Why in the fuck are you acting this way?” and called her out on all her bullshit, calmly and matter-of-factly.

Then, if she responded with sincerity, maybe the date would continue.

If she did not, then I would walk. That simple.

Heartiste seems content to “play the game,” but what he is missing is that the game is a prison.

I repeat: not all women are manipulative and controlling scum who will test you and battle you and challenge you and drive you insane.

If those are the only women you know of, and you must delve into evolutionary psychology to prove it, then perhaps you are only revealing the sinister gameplayer at your core.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

I just encourage you to seek BEYOND the game. It’s useful to know, but it is self-limiting. And once you stop playing the games and encourage genuineness with yourself, you will see right through the manipulations of the women around you, and if you’re like me then you will stop being aroused by them.

Today my girlfriend wanted my attention so badly she kept kissing me and tried to have sex with me. But I resisted her advances, until finally she broke. She started lashing out at me and calling me names like “loser” and tears welled up in her eyes. She became desperate to know if we could still be together.

This woman has broken it off with me multiple times in the last week, and keeps wanting to “make up” again.

But what she has is not true sexual desire.

It is manipulation.

Sex is a tool on her toolbelt to rope in a man, and again, I repeat, NOT ALL WOMEN ARE LIKE THAT. I know from firsthand experience. And when you encounter a woman like this, ask yourself:

Do I share these same values?

If not, and you’d rather find a woman who actually WANTS to fuck, then maybe you’d just better run.

Because ALL women will give you warning signs and red flags LONG before their major issues surface, and it’s up to you not to entertain those relationships unless you want (or need) the experience.

Trust me–or, rather, TRUST YOURSELF.

The gut never lies, but more importantly things are often far more obvious than we try to pretend they aren’t.

People can easily read other people, or tell if they are lying. They just don’t trust their own judgment. I’d link the scientific studies but you can find them on your own and it’s common sense, really.

So when you encounter a woman who strikes you as being a potential user, or lyer, or manipulator, or as being emotionally or sexually fucked up, then you better goddamn trust yourself and not wait to be so very right later.

If the woman seems like she has sexual problems, then she probably does.

If you think she’s too judgmental, then she probably is.

And if you never see her smile and sense she is unhappy, then she probably is.

My advice to you?

Call her out on her bullshit, and then RUN.

It is never cowardly to cut people out of your life before they have a chance. Do you purposely let a hammer drop on your toe to see what happens?

No. You already know what will happen.

No need to drop the hammer just to see the details of the consequences. Some things just aren’t worth exploring.

That said, I fully encourage you to run the gamut of experiences with women to develop your own intuition.

But until then, just remember not to get too involved with one wrong woman. Because they are NOT all like that.

Even if it sometimes seems that way.
Your relationship counselor,
James Mast