What you can’t take away

You can ban me
Beat me
Berate me
Hate me


You can laugh at me
You can test me
You can ignore me
You can report me


You can take away my money.
You can take away my home.
You can take away my job and all the things that I own.
You can take away your body.
You can take away your time.
You can show me no respect and not leave me a dime.


You can shit on all of my achievements,

You can tell me to just give up and quit,



You can even tell me I’M NOT WORTHY….






You can’t take away my balls.

Your biggest problem is that you’re holding back

Your only real weakness is that you’re holding back.

You’re afraid to find out what the limits are.

You’re afraid of making too much noise.

You’re afraid of taking up too much space.

You’re afraid of asking for too much.

You’re afraid that karma will come back to bite you in the ass if you repeatedly get away with something. You’re afraid that it might actually KEEP WORKING.

You’re afraid of looking others dead in the eye and saying “sue me.”

You’re afraid of doing what you want right in front of God and everyone and silently telling them “I dare you to try and stop me.”

You’re afraid of having that wild fire in your eyes that scares people and makes them jealous.

You’re afraid of being “called out.”

You’re afraid of taking matters into your own hands.

You’re afraid of being too demanding.

You’re texting when you should be calling because you’re afraid of making people invest.

You’re afraid of people knowing you are angry or want something.

You’re afraid of expressing what you want.

You’re afraid of telling your girl what to do.

You’re afraid of telling her who she can and can’t see.

You’re afraid of telling her what she can and cannot do.

You’re afraid of telling her what to say.

You’re afraid of telling her what to call you.

You’re afraid of demanding to be treated with respect. You’re afraid of demanding people call you respectful names.

You’re afraid of having standards. You’re afraid of “missing out.” You’re afraid of sticking to your guns and you’re afraid of loss.

You’re afraid of being too happy.

You’re afraid of having too much of a good time.

You’re afraid of talking to too many girls.

You’re afraid of projecting too much strength, too much charisma, too much sexuality.

You’re afraid of being too horny or too angry.

You’re afraid of showing too much emotion.

You’re afraid of giving out too much energy because you know that people will see it instantly and pick up on that and they will immediately silently judge you and stare at you and they WILL respond.

You’re afraid you’re not worthy.

You’re afraid of being the success that you are.

You’re afraid what others think.

Time to STOP!

Be a challenge! Dare others. Instead of doing as little as possible to avoid others’ wrath, find out just how much wrath you can inspire. Be a troublemaker.

Only then will you know what the boundaries are, if there are any.

You’re afraid that if you give too much others will say something. And you’re right.

They WILL say something.

And you will take it, playfully, as the flattery that it is because you know in your heart you are better than them.

Go down fighting with a grin on your face.

Because you’ll know this:

It’s always better to give too much than not enough.