What you can’t take away

You can ban me
Beat me
Berate me
Hate me


You can laugh at me
You can test me
You can ignore me
You can report me


You can take away my money.
You can take away my home.
You can take away my job and all the things that I own.
You can take away your body.
You can take away your time.
You can show me no respect and not leave me a dime.


You can shit on all of my achievements,

You can tell me to just give up and quit,



You can even tell me I’M NOT WORTHY….






You can’t take away my balls.

What you’re really looking for

What you’re really looking for is yourself.

Men play the field or let themselves go for that one “special woman,” the one who rips their heart out and drives them insane. There is often little in-between.

The real truth is that these men do not hate women, they are just covering their hatred of themselves.

When I suggest that women and men are much the same and that there is no soulmate out there, that may seem as a justifiable excuse for “pumping and dumping” women.

But in fact it is a call to stop the external search.

You will not find what you are looking for by your conmdemnation of women.

You’ve got to stop holding women accountable for your own self-esteem.

The only way to do this is to learn the hard way.

Admittedly I had to learn this my way, and I was the asshole for a while. I was rigidly attached to finding love as a self-acceptance mechanism. I can even point to the exact triggers and lifetime events that culminated in this perspective.

But that didn’t make the gripping insecurity any less hard to deal with.

No one is ever going to love you as severely as you can love yourself.

So it’s time to let the women go, and take them as they are. They are real people, just polluted human beings like men.

By all means, spread your wild oats.

But keep in mind not to involve yourself with the wrong people.

And to do that, you must right yourself first.

Being honest with yourself, and the storm of emotion

Love can be a whirlwind fire that will tear you asunder and bring out your best and worst qualities.

It is foolishness of the utmost extreme to presume that denying love in favor of playing games or continually being “aloof” or dishonest about your nature will somehow bring you satisfaction in your relationships with women.

As a whole we have been taught as men to betray our emotions and that is wrong.

There is no joy, let alone strength in being an anhedonic robot.

Embracing your true nature is the only way to be self-satisfied and grow and also to attract others in the way that only you can with your own true and authentic self.

Falling in love and embracing pursuit of women will bring out everything that you are. You will learn your weaknesses and strengths, and you will forced to confront your hangups and struggle with honesty about what you are and what you want.

It will also dredge up everything that you AREN’T. It takes strength to recognize these barriers, push through the pain of confronting them, and then going through the process to overcome them.

What you may find in pursuing women is that you are not following your own nature, thus attracting the wrong type of women or else denying you what you want or even NEED because you cannot be honest about it.

Are you REALLY looking for sex? Are you looking for love? Are you looking for a companion? Are there a variety of needs you want met, which aren’t being satisfied because you are trying to lock them down with women that don’t want to provide those needs?

You must be honest about what you want and about your reality.

There was one a pretty German girl I met in LA who fell in love with me. It started out slow and calm but very high-energy.

Though I spoke quietly to her and her to me, when we met there was a fire.

I saw her, wearing sunglasses, walking along the street with headphones in and a bag of health food berries (probably Acai, the new rage these days).

I approached her mainly because she was sporting a bare chest underneath her sports bra, but also because something in me wanted to smash her protective barrier. The dual message, of both her outfit and the sunglasses was enough to engage my hunter.

When I approached her she stopped before me and I could barely contain myself. I kept smiling and smirking and wanting to laugh, the energy was intense for me.

Now we are told not to smile or to remain poker-faced in front of women, but I just did what came naturally. I was feeling happy to talk to her, I WANTED to talk to her, and there was nothing wrong with it. At no point did I pretend to be disinterested or feeling less than I was.

We flirted for a little bit and I wasn’t entirely sure she was even into me. But then she made the slightest, feminine gesture of preferring her bag of berries for me. And naturally, I accepted (the Ben Franklin effect is something I am well aware of exploiting).

It was smooth sailing after that, just a natural seduction with us talking and I let out my heart. I was honest, I did not shy away from intense topics like sexual energy, and the woman responded in kind.

It wasn’t long before she was wanting to literally jump me. But because I was denying my sexuality at that time, I did not act on my desires.

Eventually she came around to touching ME but it wasn’t until a second date that the moment came for us to kiss and I didn’t. She asked me, “Don’t you want to kiss me?” and I said no.

She felt rejected but it did not end.

It would end with an even bigger blunder.

She went to slap my ass unexpectedly, perhaps as a last-ditch effort to engage my sexuality after we’d been driving around to find a place to fuck without actually explicitly acknowledging it, and I was unable to honestly tell her to just stop at a hotel, and I would pay for it. We had not openly discussed fucking but it was obvious what we both wanted.

When she slapped my ass, I went quiet. It felt awkward. I wanted to get to know her, not just fuck her so soon, I thought.

And this blunder led to her walking away.

But as she was walking away, the artificial thing to do would have been to let her go, and assume she would come back. But in that moment, I knew that she would not be coming back. I felt it.

So I decided to chase her.

I ran 2 blocks to catch back up to her, something no man taking internet advice would ever do, and she exclaimed in delightful surprise, “Are you coming?” or something to that effect.

At the time I did not realize it, but she thought perhaps I was finally expressing my sexual aggression instead of being “aloof and indifferent,” or denying my sexuality because I thought it was necessary to find a woman to love and not just fuck.

I never saw that woman again, and I sent her a string of texts explaining why I did what I did and that it wasn’t really me. she never responded.

But the key to this incident for me was that rather than holding back, I needed to do the exact opposite. And she APPRECIATED that. That’s what she wanted.

When I chased her as she walked away she felt desired, and she was surprised because it betrayed the contradictory weakness I had displayed before. In that moment I could have gotten what I wanted, but instead I told her that I felt like I had done something wrong, and she told me that it “wasn’t me.”

Later I would discover on Facebook that she as already in a relationship. Of course.

My lack of sexual aggression and being true to my nature had turned her away and back into the arms of her comfortable lover, who she was clearly intent on leaving for me had I not betrayed myself.
This incident was a key turning point in my relationships with women. No longer would I deny my sexuality, and no longer would I simply try to get women in bed.

You must be honest, both with yourself AND your sexuality to become a true master with women.
You do not have to hide from sex. You do not have to pretend like it doesn’t exist, like a boo-hoo taboo. You can evenly openly speak about it with women that you have just met, if you are being genuine.

I do not mean, “Will you fuck me?” as that is crass and inauthentic anyway. Although I will be honest, this can work too if you really mean it and it makes sense.

Perhaps the greatest blunder men make in seduction is disallowing themself of their natural instincts. They think they must perform or be dishonest in some way to make women love them, when in reality what they need to do is EMBRACE those qualities that they ignored and betrayed for some weakness, such as social ineptness or anxiety.
Your real problem is that you are holding back.

Instead of trying to engineer yourself into some badboy or line-spitting idiot, you would do better to become your natural self and turn off the women who don’t like it. You can make a great joke and have fun with yourself and then woman will hate you, and not “get it.” And that’s ok.

Would you really want a woman like that anyway?

Key to being good with women is being honest, even ruthlessly so, and you can do that partly by embracing your nature. If you are in love, so be it. Do not hide that. Embrace it!

Don’t pretend you don’t care about the woman, or play games. IF you want gameplaying women then I guess it’s ok, but that’s hardly the kind of fulfillment I would seek. That does not engender real passion and flaming romances the like of which you probably don’t believe in or only see in bad Hollywood movies.

You’d be surprised at what you can “get away with” when you are really honest with yourself and take the risks. After a while those risks will no longer be risks, persay, because you’d rather be yourself than lie even if it means turning someone away. You will be comfortable with rejection, whether you are walking or the woman is rejecting you.

You must embrace your nature to get what you want, and for some of us that may mean chasing when we are told not to chase, loving when we are told not to love, being angry when we are told not to get angry, and holding on when we are told to let go.

Overall if you wish to be successful with yourself, either in life or romance, then you must be honest with yourself and “come into your own,” even if that means turning off many around you.

There is much more to life than gratuitous sex or making money or racking up a notch count.

But you will never believe that unless are you honest with yourself.

The next big dating app!

I had an epiphany recently.

I’m going to create the next big dating app.

Technology has completely changed the sexual market. No longer do we have to have real social interactions, we can text with other people’s pictures instead! I think it’s great.

So to capitalize on the progress that dating has continued to make with the advancement of the internet and dating apps, I’ve decided to take things one step further!

First we had Tinder, which allowed to you talk to people on the internet who found you attractive even though they were far away. Next we had Happn, which allowed you to talk to people on the internet who were right next to you.

And now I present to you: AskOut!

How it works

This app is fucking crazy. It takes things to a whole new level! Here’s how it works:

First you download the app to your phone, iPad, laptop, and Blackberry. Then you open it and sign in with your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Tinder account.

Good, now we know you’re a human being. Ok, next you go out to places that you ALREADY go to, but this time you have the app open. Now the App will tell you, “Look up from your phone for at least 5 minutes.”

During this period of time, you’re supposed to be ready to possibly spot men or women you’d like to talk to. If you do see one, then the app will automatically read your eye movements and shifts in body scent and will present you with a button that says, “Tell me what to do next!”

Alternatively, you can just hit the button above it, which will be a circle with a heart in the middle. Here’s where the actual conversation comes in!

When you hit the button, text will pop up on the screen that says, “Go talk to them!”

Now it will be your job to go and…wait for it…physically talk to the person you’re attracted to!

Like I told ya, it’s the next big thing! Too much? Maybe. But this is a whole new way to date.

I have the feeling that many people are going to benefit from this app. Since meeting people is so hard these days, I feel my app will really make a difference in some people’s lives by telling them to look up from their devices and tell them to go have a social interaction with another human being that they want to fuck (or just meet to become friends, but that will be another app!)

This is definitely the next big fad in online dating, I just wonder where things could go from here.

I’m really excited to present AskOut to you guys, but…

I need your support!!!

For now, the app has just begun development. I do need testers, however.

If you’d like to get started testing the app in its initial stages of development, here’s what you can do. For now the app is very barebones, it’s got no text or buttons, but you can still go out and look up at the people around you and choose to talk to any girls or guys you find attractive.

If you choose to test the app, let me know in the comments if you found any bugs. The good news is, you can actually fix the bugs yourself, no coding required! Let me know how it goes.


Coding Genius,

James Mast


Psychosexual conflict

“Look how you turned out.”

“I’m tired of your sociopathic tendencies.”

“All you care about is yourself 120%.”

“You’re a monster.”

“I don’t like your negativity.”

Statements designed not to help, not to love, statements stemming from ego defensiveness as she proves she’s better than me. I thought I’d never hear it from her mouth.

I thought being arrogant and strong would make me attractive. Now she walks out for the first time ever.

She’s been blowing up my phone for days. She can’t stand being away from me.


“I thought there was hope for you.”

“I’m a co-dependent. We look for people we can fix.”

She tears my heart out. All this time I’ve been trying to help HER, and here this woman, this alien stands before me and tells me she does not love my character, she does not support me.


“Get a job.”

“You need God.”

And there it is, folks.

The two statements of the weak designed to do one thing.

When people need a purpose, they turn to the System to deliver one to them. They know they need a purpose.

Their lives are unfulfilled and uncontent and they know they need a purpose, so they fill that “void” with God. They fill their money “troubles” with a “job.”

Only to start the cycle ad-nauseum, as they go through the “Dark Night of the Soul” over and over again.

The Dark Knight of the Soul

Depression, she said, is because we have lost something.

The exact words I was thinking.

But it doesn’t end there.

Depression is a divine gift. It is a message, designed to teach us we have something that needs changing.

It does not mean we have “done wrong” or are “bad people.”

Depression is not a loss where we are doomed to grief. Depression is when we have lost our purpose, and need to return to it. Else we feel bored and listless.

“There’s something in the outside world we’re denying.”

For the woman who will try to break my heart, she has spoken more true words.

When we deny that we can take on the challenge, when we deny what we need to do, depression kicks in. It never feels good. It feels like failure.

The weak drown and die in this state and good riddance.

Some, in their darkness, turn to a God, but that is weakness and it is a delusion. I see no God in my reality, and if I were to start imagining one it would be fakeness. Delusional.

I would understand the usefulness of this delusion, though. Don’t get me wrong.

But then why not cut out the middleman?


“I know people in poverty who have joy and are content.”

She tries to talk me out of success, out of what I want. She is not supportive at all.

She is lazy and fat overweight and she cuts herself and throws fits when she goes off her medications about killing herself.

I see the madness in her, her mind is torn into two pieces. I name those pieces Jess 1 and Jess 2, and she denies them but they’re there.

There is a Jess 3, and it’s the worst one of all. We never talk about it because it rarely comes out.

But today it’s out.

Is this a test? WOMAN?


“I thought there was hope for you to be a good person.”

I thought there was hope she could get over her bipolar disorder. I thought there was hope she would stop getting on me about my character and love the real me.

She stands there and pretends to pity me–and it hurts. It’s like the tables have turned.

All I have done… she spurns and spits in my face.

I wonder what I have “done wrong” but maybe there is nothing I could do in this scenario. I revealed my cards. I revealed who I was, who I wish to become.

And she rejected that.

A divine blessing

Depression is a gift from the gods. They grant us their melancholy not that we may be melancholy in enlightenment, but that we may be shown the way to their enlightment.

We trod through the dark path that we may emerge on the other side.

It is a dark gift. Unholy and necessary.

Through pain children are birthed, and through struggle we are made whole.

“Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for thou art with me.”



She is friendless, and she knows it. She runs with men and she is a self-admitted “slut.” I see her for what she is, and she knows what she is:

We all have our defenses, and she is a VICTIM.

The victims run.

They want me to step down from my throne.

Let God sit on that throne?



The women come back because they are scarred. They are torn and they need to heal.

They scorn the very thing that they feed off of, they are like vipers and that is why Eve bit the apple and called it “good.”

My father taught me once that “women will always try to usurp the man.” And while I did not want to believe it, my father was right.

I speak of my father and the Bible frequently amongst my writings and it gives a strange impression from a “Rebel.” Should I not have denied these things?

I am a Rebel for that reason. I take what suits me and discard what doesn’t.

For a long time I thought of women as “equals” and I tried to “save” my mom from my dad. Only later to realize that this was the only fundamental reason their relationship worked.

You cannot display your true self or your weaknesses to women and expect to have agreement or approval.

The woman will run when the man displays “neediness.” When he proves that he is falling, or cracking.

But that is just on a socio-sexual level.

On a Systematic level, she fears me. I am the liberation she craves, and her conditioning rejects the Rebel inside.

Her soul has yet to be born.

It is still indebted to God.

Sexual interloper

Hear me now:

The sexual and the intimate are two different things.

I am NOT just saying that “love” and “sex” are two different things. Anybody with eyes can see that you don’t have to be in love to have sex. Fucking is fucking and making love is fucking + love.

No, I am suggesting a different revelation:

You cannot confuse your longing, your lust for your need to be sexually gratified.

Satisfaction does not come from gratification.

Your satisfaction can only come from your intimacy with those of your own “kind.”

Now this is NOT to suggest that we are all different “kinds” and that you require some “niche.”

By this thinking everyone would be equal and there would be no significant “truth.”

If everyone just got along with others of their own kind, nobody would be alone. But that’s not the way things are. Many are alone, and many are more skilled and stronger than others. If you wish to be weak and be with other weak people, that is your choice.

But that leads to destruction and struggle and death.

All perspectives are NOT relevant.

There are still rules to the universe.

There are rules embedded into our genetic fabric.

We are biological and we respond to what’s buried in our DNA.

You can seek a soulmate all year long, but for one night you cannot reveal yourself. You must appeal on a sexual level.

That is why you must be DOMINANT [link].

When you lose this quality, because you’ve been soul-searching, you will lose the women as you seek one compatible. You will secretly be searching for one compatible with your emerging soul, and that will cut out all of the other women who you could use form relationships with for your other needs.

It’s a tragic little game, but your soul and your dick will always be in conflict until you put each in its “place.”

Hunting for women

When you hunt, you must hunt with your dick.

If you hunt with your soul you must be prepared for rejection based on your soul.

Whatever you appeal with, that’s what the women will see.

Like a peacock, if you shiver with shiny treasures in your crisp black suit then the women you attract will be attracted to that.

Common sense for the idiot.

But it’s not so common sense, is it?

They all cry:

“BOO HOO! Is it looks? Money? Status? What do I need to be good with women?!”

Perhaps take a mirror and look into it. Then you will know what you are attracting.

Not to say it’s all about the external, or the appearance. It’s not.

I mean take a good damn metaphysical look in your goddamn metaphysical mirror and ask yourself two questions:

A) What do I want?
B) Am I attracting what I want?

If this woman who cannot stop coming to you hates your very character, you must decide.

If you want to be loved AND desired, that’s trickier to find. I won’t say it’s more difficult. I mean that you’ll have to fucking find both if you want both. Don’t settle for one and confuse it for the other:

The psychosexual conflict

And now we come full circle: the psychosexual conflict that destroys our soul.

It’s not just about penis or brain, or penis and heart.

It’s about wanting to FUCK women and then wanting that “one special person” to complete you.

Whatever you pick, others will disapprove.

Some faggots choose celibacy.

Some homosexuals choose other men.

Some choose marriage, some choose parties.

Some don’t even know what they want.

Some just drift endlessly, without defining their goals.

And that’s where I want you to stop.

Stop now and make a decision

Just make a decision.

That’s all there is to it.

There is no cosmic judge and you can make ANY GODDAMN DECISION YOU PLEASE:

…with this one caveat…


That’s all that is required. Make any damn decision, as long as it’s what you want, and then stick to it. Don’t bend because you’ve thought of something else.

That is how the psychosexual conflict destroys you, and makes you a hollow husk, wallowing in depression.

You must seek out the joy in whatever your particular calling is, knowing full well you can change it.

And that is the challenge.

Knowing you can change it, knowing it may not be the right decision, you STICK TO IT ANYWAY.

This is the way.

Some would call this folly and madness.

But I would call the indecision a worse insanity.

Better to go into battle with full assurance of death and die gloriously than sit on the edge of the battlefield, worrying and fearing your fate and demise, unable to even take a step.


Make a decision.

Any decision.

It’s the right one.