The Rebel Within

The Rebel is an idea.

The Rebel is what’s emerging beneath the surface. It’s a being, a character you create to replace the old you, the one mired by layers of conditioning and untruth by the world and its media and technology and its ignorant people.

You slowly rebel against the world until you begin to uncover the REAL YOU beneath it all.

It’s the heart of what I made this site about.


Beneath it all…beneath all beliefs and systems of thinking that you subscribe to.

You read things on the net and they make sense. They seem to be true. But do not actually know and they provide comfort where you have none.

When you follow a system to think for you, then you have rules and righteous purpose. You have concepts and ideals, such as “saving the world” or changing it to your own vision of utopia, or being too honest, when honesty is not always a virtue. You become consumed with ego or “respect.”


These things are all only illusions, designed to distract you from trusting your own intuition and true self.


Beneath all the awkward, casual social interactions. Beneath the light, airy, surface world that everyone pretends is real.

Beneath it is the underworld.

It is a red river, a current of distaste.

You are not satisfied with the status quo. You are uncomfortable with your place in it. You want to push the limits.


But to be an effective rebel, you must have a REASON. It can’t just be for guts and glory.

Those things will never build your soul.

You’ve got to have a selfish reason to push yourself through the barriers of the System. Your goals, the things you really desire, those are enough at first. You take ahold of them and then you FIGHT.


But fighting wears you down after a while, and you run the risk of turning into the enemy.

Deep down, despite all you’ve been told, despite the hard knocks you’ve taken, you are something special.

There’s a power in the background, awaiting your total surrender. It calls to you. It tugs at you like a nightmare every damn day and every time you fail to do what you want to do. What you set out to do.

This thing is NOT the thing that you fight.

This thing is the Rebel.

The Rebel is your emerging soul.


Beneath it all, beneath this human shell, you have a heart of rebellion.

You rebel in order to find your soul, the origin of yourself. And then you hold onto that power and don’t let anybody take it from you. And you don’t let imposters like your old self take it either.

You are a rebel to the core.

Paradigms of Universal Truth

All cultures in the world share the same basic religious beliefs.

They all believe in a god. They all believe in past lives. They all believe in afterlife.

Christianity isn’t special. I take preference to it only because I grew up in America. I recognize that, just as I recognize that there are thousands of cultures in the world with their own holy books and histories and gods.

If I grew up somewhere else, that’s what would influence me.

The Bible says “God can be found just by looking at creation” and it’s true.

All the cultures in the world have different paradigms of the same universal truth.


I’ve always known there was more to life and I’ve seen direct parallel between basic Biblical tenets and what I’ve experienced.

But there is one fundamental difference between Christianity and the path of the Rebel:

In Christianity, God creates Man in his own image.

But the Rebel creates God in his own image.

There’s a second difference.

It has to do with who has the power.

For Christians:

Intuition = Holy Spirit
Rebel = God
Afterlife = Heaven and Hell

All of these beliefs have something in common:

They all rely on an outside force to do the work.

Jesus says to “become like him.” He chastized all of the rules and religion that harkened back to ancient Judaic principles. He spoke of the “relationship between one’s self and God.”

As I struggle with reconciling Christianity with my experience, I have to ask myself one vital question:

Is my god the same god for everybody?

If you are X-tian you believe there is one God who reveals himself to all in
different ways. In that case there might as well be many gods. It’s no wonder
other cultures have pantheons.

I think Christianity is weakness.

Here is my definition of weakness:

You wait on someone else to do it for you.

I don’t mean you don’t dominate or influence others with your will. Sometimes that IS necessary.

But you should never be “waiting around for divine intervention.” You should never be waiting on God to intervene on your behalf. Prayer is inneffective until you take action in the desired direction.

Christians seem to have the right idea, but they stop just short of taking actual responsibility for their lives.

Don’t stop at prayer.

God won’t do anything for you. He won’t hold your hand.

Pray and then trust your instincts, draw in energy, and do what is required.

You’ll figure it out along the way.