The Apple

The Hammer and the Brush

Do not mistake the hammer for power. The hammer is authority, and stamps out the weak who passively follow. It is only a matter of time before the hammer is broken, it’s head chopped off the wooden base.

The hammer knows no subtlety. It will swing until it breaks its target.

The brush is true power, the ability to ensure life bends to the artist, who knows just the right strokes and does not press too harshly nor too gently.

His power comes from his intuition, the heart of creativity.


Eve’s Deception

And so it would be from then on that the woman would deceive the man, for she took the forbidden fruit and made Adam eat it. She was deceived by her own naive nature but her animal instincts betrayed her cunning.

Man is inspired by woman, the designated helper. But she can cut the legs off a man as God cut the legs off of the Snake.


The truth about Samson and Delilah

Delilah cut Samson’s hair, sapping his great strength.

She seduced him on three levels.

Delilah made Samson give up his semen, and thus his strength and vitality was drained.

His hair, another source of mystical energy, was cut.

And for her deception Samson lost his legs.


The Seed of Man

The truth is that women desire to steal the seed of men for their own impregnation. Women all desire to be impregnated by a strong man and are constantly testing his strength to prove that his seed is worthy.

But semen is also a source of great power. Consider why women beg for cum and want an orgasm within them, not without.

Also consider that any recipient or instigator of climax reports a great happiness or joviality afterward.

Stop and think about the very simple energetic equation of why this is so.


The Apple’s Forbidden Knowledge

The Forbidden Knowledge that Adam lost when he partook of the Apple is the same Super Strength that Sampson lost when he was tricked by Delilah.

Assuming you are 100% man, and sperm is 50% of a new being, what might occur should you choose to keep it?