Tempt yourself to build discipline

The best way to build tolerance to everything bad for you is to play with fire.

You purposely tempt yourself in order to build discipline.

When you pass the temptation, you feel a surge of purpose and purity. It is a Divine Fire, a cleansing that gives each day the opportunity to maintain that purity.

Avoiding the things that slow you down actually becomes a new addiction. You crave progress and discipline.

I had a sugar tooth growing up. My bowel movements were awful and my parents could never figure out why. Silly them, it was because I gorging on desserts every day.

While my “IBS” is gone (along with my OCD and bipolar disorder and diabetes and every other alleged “disorder” known to man that turns out to actually just be really bad habits), I still love the fuck out of sweets and I had a bad habit buying entire packs of donuts every day.

Being ripped, it doesn’t really affect me weightwise.

But it DOES affect my mood and energy levels. It slows me down and bogs down my mind.

Getting irritated by this temptation, I decided to buy another pack of donuts.

But this time I did something different.

I just let it sit there on my desk. I didn’t open it.

A few days later I picked it up, but knew I would feel immensely guilty, and so I set it back down.

Whenever I went out shopping in the store, I knew I couldn’t buy any other junk food because I already had those donuts at home, sitting there, untouched. I couldn’t bring myself to waste yet more money on junk food knowing that I already had some.

And that’s how I cured my donut addiction.

A long time ago I stopped eating desserts and junk food as my main diet. Now foods that used to be bland, such as natural peanut butter are full of flavor. Once all the artificial and addictive processed crap and all of the sugar was out of my system, my body re-adjusted to normal, healthy whole foods. Not to mention most of my digestion problems went away, and I had a lot more energy.

It’s not enough to just AVOID things that are bad for you. You must purposely TEMPT yourself and WIN.

This builds the addictive cycle of discipline and rising above your temptors. It’s quite self-righteous.

This stuff is all in the Bible, but of course as heathens we’re tempted to dismiss that book.

But the truth is that alcohol and sex and shitty foods and drugs really DO drain you of energy, and when you’re fighting an uphill battle you have nothing to spare.

“I don’t pray for God to take my problems away, I pray only for God to give me the strength to go through them.” – Jose Lozano

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