Awakening the beast

Like a dark mantle over a calm ocean, a storm of sensation radiates over your inner being as it heightens in sexual anticipation.

The burning electricity in your body sends you into an uncontrollable and unearthly emotional fit.

Unlike weakness, this storm of emotion is attractive and powerful, but there is always a teetering balancing act before bringing on to the brink of madness.

Short of murder or destruction, no outlet is sufficient. The Burning will continue, and it will become unstoppable as the potency corrupts and reconditions the mind to anger and pain as the necessary core foundation. And continuing into fury, this unrest will cause deep uninhibited creative genius.

Such is the unfortunate boon of the Dark Gift, that we make not the release but the pain our pleasure, and so it becomes a self-gratifying addictive cycle that has been liked to thus:


But only a Man can play with fire, in spirit and form, and thus it is the Man who built civilization and rested upon its laurels his women, which God ordained as the dignified Helper but also the Deceiver.

For the woman steals the Apple from the Man and thus cuts off his hair, which is the source of his power.

A highly stimulated aggravation creates then Purpose out of this tumultuous tempest of testitude.

For the ever-present impending culmination of a never-ending search provides the necessary lust and fuel for the “journey,” which is of the Man’s choosing but he must stick with it.

As we all know, the dark energy feeds on itself, and seeks out more of itself.

Thus is why we are never satisfied, for those who partake or pretend to indulge in the fire of kundalini will suffer its snare and become addicted to the very source of addictions itself, providing a horrific pleasure-pain synapse that is never-ending, but upsetting to live without.

Those who choose to play with the fire and then put it out will get burned. It is only through walking through the flames of redemption that one is safe from the fire’s harm.

All secrets of the ancient esoteric occultists can be discerned through a careful cultivation of the fire, and anything less is half-assed study in the name of the god of procrastination, a petty fantasy that pales in comparison to the waves of rage to come.

It is not every man that can endure such a tempest, but for that it is called the Dark Gift.

For while some men are plagued and ended by their attempts to put the fire out, others are rewarded for their seeming-insane attempts to love its warm embrace and ride the extremes that are inherent to such pinnacles.

This is the Knowledge of Good and Evil, the nature of mortality, for those who celebrate life must do so by purging with Death, and yet those who find it is their desire not to die must endure the pain and longing of the gift for as long as they can stand it, and indeed some may find it impossible to return from whence they came.

But failure, caused by the proximity of success and the succeeding inability to continue the charade may lose themselves in the Abyss and commit murder, either of others or of the self as represented by madness.

Such is the lot of the crazed killers and mad geniuses, unable to cope with a forward movement for they lack foundation.

In the fire, life therefore causes death and only death leads to life.

For discipline is the delay of self-gratification and the forcitude of doing something unpleasant without regard to petty mortal desires.

It is such, then, that we can surmise the true meaning behind Jesus’ statement in the Bible:

“For the last shall be first and the first shall be last.”

Not as a condemnation of selfishness, but rather a condemnation of the animal within each and every human being.

There is a separate being inside every Man, a Beast that must be harnessed or given to the wilds in slaughter.

Such is the plight of the human species, for mere cattle in the fields surely do not struggle with such wrought temptation between two conflicting selves.

And yet this is why the Gift is Dark, for itself is what separates a Man from an animal, and thus is why humans are more sex-obsessed than their counterparts and similarly why the world has been made in its image.

Yet those who do not see will continue on in blithe invalidism, a lack of identity and purpose never haunting them because the haunting only tortures those who are the strongest.

And therefore it is in a man’s interest to proclude his quest by first deciding upon his reason for being.

For it is only this demanding Reason that can spur a man through his greatest hell.

And every Man must decide this for his own sake, in his own image.



– James Mast


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  1. Great stuff James. I like how you think. Now I need to start building up the momentum and do my first post. My purpose is to wake people up fully. Not just PUA. To white genocide and NWO endgame. What’s stopping me is it is “negative” in nature. But I suppose purpose trumps that.

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