The Mission Belt

A quick Introduction

Belts don’t seem like much to look at until you start getting compliments on them.

I’ve actually always gotten compliments on my belt, but the Mission Belt draws attention. It’s a simple and classic design but with a modern edge. Its subtle but fashionable design means this belt goes well not just with casual style but for dress style too.

The main selling point of the belt, though, is its ratchet design. There are no holes and it slides easily on and off. It also adjusts to every 1/4 inch, meaning the belt will always fit you. Another cool thing about it is that you can mix and match the leather and the buckle. So if you like the black leather, but want a silver buckle to go with it, that’s an option.

Finally, the belt comes in two flavors, 35mm or 40mm. The 40’s actually have some pretty wild and cool designs, if you want to add some more edge to your appearance.

My experience – is it better than a normal belt?

At first I had doubts about the belt. It seemed a bit difficult to get on and off. But that was just because I wasn’t used to it.

After a couple weeks it’s second nature. I didn’t even notice how much easier it was than a normal belt until one day it occurred to me that I never got annoyed with my belt anymore. It just slides right on or off and you don’t have to worry about which hole to adjust it to. It really does save time and on top of that it adjusts to my actual waist size because the ratchets are spaced at 1/4 of an inch, instead of every inch like a traditional belt design.

I ordered the smallest belt size and at first I had a problem because the belt was still too big. It sort of hung there above my crotch, wilting at an angle, and it looked ridiculous. I was extremely disappointed because the belt looked so good, but then I read online about one of the primary features of the belt: you can cut it.

Turns out the belt was made for just my scenario in mind, which I was bemused at. You remove it from the buckle and then just snip off however much you need to until you get the right size. Here’s a video of me demonstrating exactly that:

The only flaw with this belt is that the little lever is a tad awkward. But after using it for a month I don’t even notice. To be honest I love these belts and I would like to see new designs in the future. Right now there are only three types of buckle, although each one has many flavors.

There is the 35mm standard.

The 40mm standard.

And the 40mm 3-bar.

As I said, however, all the buckles and belts are customizable. So one leather or one buckle could potentially be put to many uses.

Overall I rate the Mission Belt very highly and I have received direct compliments on it from random strangers. That’s how you know it’s good. Of course, I didn’t need strangers to tell me it’s a nice belt. It almost sells itself.

It’s true that once you use this belt you won’t want to go back to traditional peg-in-hole belts. You’ll notice the inconvenience when you do switch. You don’t know what you got till it’s gone:

Plus it’s real leather.

There are a few imitators on the market already, but frankly none of them look as good and they are more expensive.

You can check out the three types of belts at the links above, but if you want to mix-and-match and create your own (though most combinations are already available), you can check out both sizes of buckles here and the leathers here.


As always – James Mast

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