The next big dating app!

I had an epiphany recently.

I’m going to create the next big dating app.

Technology has completely changed the sexual market. No longer do we have to have real social interactions, we can text with other people’s pictures instead! I think it’s great.

So to capitalize on the progress that dating has continued to make with the advancement of the internet and dating apps, I’ve decided to take things one step further!

First we had Tinder, which allowed to you talk to people on the internet who found you attractive even though they were far away. Next we had Happn, which allowed you to talk to people on the internet who were right next to you.

And now I present to you: AskOut!

How it works

This app is fucking crazy. It takes things to a whole new level! Here’s how it works:

First you download the app to your phone, iPad, laptop, and Blackberry. Then you open it and sign in with your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Tinder account.

Good, now we know you’re a human being. Ok, next you go out to places that you ALREADY go to, but this time you have the app open. Now the App will tell you, “Look up from your phone for at least 5 minutes.”

During this period of time, you’re supposed to be ready to possibly spot men or women you’d like to talk to. If you do see one, then the app will automatically read your eye movements and shifts in body scent and will present you with a button that says, “Tell me what to do next!”

Alternatively, you can just hit the button above it, which will be a circle with a heart in the middle. Here’s where the actual conversation comes in!

When you hit the button, text will pop up on the screen that says, “Go talk to them!”

Now it will be your job to go and…wait for it…physically talk to the person you’re attracted to!

Like I told ya, it’s the next big thing! Too much? Maybe. But this is a whole new way to date.

I have the feeling that many people are going to benefit from this app. Since meeting people is so hard these days, I feel my app will really make a difference in some people’s lives by telling them to look up from their devices and tell them to go have a social interaction with another human being that they want to fuck (or just meet to become friends, but that will be another app!)

This is definitely the next big fad in online dating, I just wonder where things could go from here.

I’m really excited to present AskOut to you guys, but…

I need your support!!!

For now, the app has just begun development. I do need testers, however.

If you’d like to get started testing the app in its initial stages of development, here’s what you can do. For now the app is very barebones, it’s got no text or buttons, but you can still go out and look up at the people around you and choose to talk to any girls or guys you find attractive.

If you choose to test the app, let me know in the comments if you found any bugs. The good news is, you can actually fix the bugs yourself, no coding required! Let me know how it goes.


Coding Genius,

James Mast


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