The numbers game

The reality that successful people know is that everything in life is a numbers game.

This is a hard lesson to understand but it is also a great divider between the top performers and the strugglers.

Extremism is the only pragmatic approach. Think about it.

Think right now about how many attempts is too many. Is there a limit? And is that limit a physical limit, or is it just made up in your own mind?

You’ll likely find that this limit is entirely fabricated. You made it up. It isn’t real and it’s just based on what someone else said.

The only reason you hold back is because of conditioning–guilt, conscience, superego, shame, etc.

Throughout my life I’ve had the misfortune of running across a lot of negative people. Negative people are really just people with limits.

One time I expressed at work that I felt zero pity for homeless people because they do nothing to improve their situation, and I would never be like them.

Then a Christian zealot and a black woman turned on me and said I needed to feel pity for them because God might put me down and I would be like them one day.

I said, point blank, “That will never happen to me.” And I left.

She couldn’t look me in the eye after that and she never showed up to work again.

Of course back when I had limiting beliefs, such as the belief that I was always doing something wrong, then they would manifest.

In particular I once had a belief that hitting on girls was a bad thing. So I would only reinforce this with what I projected.

Once I approached a 30-year-old blond woman who yelled at me.

“Stop approaching people!” she snapped. “Do you want me to report you?”

At the time I felt such extreme shame. It was my worst fear manifested; the fear of getting into “trouble.”

I was bedridden for weeks. I slowly lost the ability to talk to ANY girls. This woman had broken through to my greatest insecurity. I had a couple more incidents after that involving police, but of course since I hadn’t broken any laws nothing happened.

But now that my belief is gone, people never “threaten” me this way.

What I had to learn the hard way is that everything is a numbers game, and there is no limit. The more numbers you play, the more options you have.

This is what successful people know that the negative nellies don’t. Because everyone and their dog that isn’t successful is a negative nellie.

They have limits.

These people are limited, and so when you approach them for whatever reason, they cannot comprehend a reality other than the path laid out for them.

The girl that rejects you and throws a fit has no idea what the reality of the numbers game is. She literally cannot comprehend that even though she is not interested, millions of other women are.

She is an idiot with no concept of how the real world works.
What’s funny is that many girls are still polite or even outright flirty with me, and tell me “there are plenty of other girls out there to talk to.”

And the ones who are rude are not representative. In fact, they probably have worse problems than the average person.

They clearly don’t understand success, or else they would be successful.

What that woman told me to “stop approaching people,” she was actually telling me: give up because you’re not good enough.

There are a few lucky bastards who grew up in privilege or with some kind of talent or looks. But that doesn’t guarantee wild success. It might just grant them passive success, which you can beat if you play the numbers (gain experience).

To get to level of those born lucky or with great talent, you will have to fight an uphill battle and go to extremes to get the same or greater level of experience.

Face the numbers. Get told that you are going to fail.

Or, worse, that you are not good enough for success.

But if you persist, you too can have success. And when you’re taking a hot girl you just met home then that one stupid bitch who wrecked you long ago can shove it up her legalistic asshole.

Just because one girl doesn’t want you is no guarantee that the next one doesn’t want your services.

The numbers game applies to all things in life, including friends and careers. There is plenty of opportunity out there for you.

Just remember that most people are stupid, narcissistic, entitled, and ignorant, and they will all assume that if THEY don’t want you, then nobody else would, either.

These people are all complete morons, and you know better.

Keep in mind that many people will also assume great things about you and wonder why anybody else can’t see your greatness.

At the end of the day, who gives a fuck.

Just hit those numbers and put yourself first.

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