The strongest lock

Once, upon buying a new bike to get around town, I was told that in this city bikes get stolen all the time. I shrugged it off and told the salesman that I would just buy a lock, but he insisted that any lock wasn’t enough. He told me that people “without morals” routinely go around clipping bike locks with high-power clippers and then putting the bikes into vans.

I thought this was a bit paranoid, but I had heard this before. So I allowed him to sell me on the best lock available, one with metal joints to prevent any clipping. I walked out confident, feeling that perhaps the lock was an overinvestment.

When I got home I locked my bike up to a post near the door to my apartment. It was fine for a little while. But there was a small intuitive feeling that I ignored, telling me this wasn’t the safest place.

Two days later I am unlocking my bike, when suddenly I realize that the bike seat is missing.

Not only that, but the front wheel was completely detached. A stolen bike seat I could at least deal with; but the front wheel was disconnected completely. I didn’t know how to fix it. And what was odd was that the tire had been removed from the wheel, but the pirates had taken the seat only. Based on this, I felt it was an act of malice.

The best lock in the world couldn’t prevent my bike from being fucked up. Someone had it out for me, and I did not adequately protect myself.

You see, when push comes to shove we cannot rely on our ego or our past accomplishments or our possessions or our safety. It is far too easy to lose control.

You may think everything is roses until one day you find your car stolen. Or maybe someone you love has cancer.

We can only take responsibility for ourselves and trust our gut. My gut told me to take preventative measures and I failed to do that. I paid the price.

The strongest lock cannot keep what we hold dear. It can slip away, even when we have given our all to keep it.

Even when you are the best option a woman has, she can still choose to leave. There is no security you can have, no control that is absolute or certain.

Sometimes we have to give ourselves a break. But we also must remember to trust our intuitions.

Whether that comes in dreams or premonitions, or just an aching feeling, we already know the truth.

Sometimes the greatest thing can slip from our fingers. And if we try to keep it under lock and key, perhaps we will find ourselves laughing or crying as the thing is destroyed, or destroys itself.

Sometimes we must release the thing we love to see if it comes back to the nest.

Or else let it go.

We had the strongest lock. But even it was not enough.

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