Treat your woman like an employee

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At my old server job there were a lot of women.

All of the women servers would run around like chickens with their heads cut off doing all the little things they were supposed to do. They would follow all the rules and try to be fair and equal and often that panned out in my favor, because they would make sure I always got my cut of the tips. How nice.

I noticed this behavior because the women were all doing their jobs, looking out for each other, and following the rules. They were afraid of breaking them.

Something else I noticed is that the women–and this might shock you–obeyed the boss.

I know. Big realization, right? But then I thought about the fact that they followed all the rules, respected the boss, and were afraid of getting fired–all for just $9 an hour.

Now I thought about my girlfriend, who came over, lied on my bed, refused to do her hair for me, put her laundry in my machine, refused to do the rest of my laundry and even asked me to go get it for her after I demanded she dry her hair if she wanted my physical attention, and then after refusing multiple times I said I needed a ride because mine was in the shop and she said she announced she was leaving. I told her she was acting like a bitch, and she said “You’re one the one being a bitch.” On her way out she says, “Don’t expect me to come back until you stop acting like a bitch.”

She’ll be back. But it will be on my terms, and there’s a lot she’ll have to do this time before she will get to step foot in my house. Just like she’d be expected to do by her employer.

Now let’s compare notes.

The women at work all do whatever the boss says for their measly pay. Yet my own woman wouldn’t do the littlest things to please me for my incredible sex and for ME. And I am far more valuable than any boss.

Ask yourself:

Are you worth $9 an hour? Are you worth more?

I thought about what my sex was worth. No, really. No sarcasm this time. It’s worth at least $9 an hour.

So if a woman is willing to work herself for just $9 an hour, then she sure as hell had be willing to work at least that much for my attentions. And that’s just on account of me and my sex, not the other services I provide.

Now imagine a girl who works as a waitress:

If she mouthed off to her boss at work, what would happen? She’d get fired.

If she were late too much or didn’t call in, what would happen? She’d get fired.

If she didn’t follow all the rules what would happen? She’d get reprimanded, and then fired.

If she stole/destroyed property at work what would happen? It’d be taken out of her paycheck. And she might get arrested. Then fired.

If a better employee came along and she wasn’t cutting it, what would happen? She’d get less hours.

And if she came to work without her uniform on, just sat down in a chair, and then asked the boss if he’d do all of her work for her, what would happen?

Her ass would be out on the street.

Don’t let your woman act like a bitch. You’re the boss. Treat her that way.

And that’s how she should treat you. Don’t put up with anything less.

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