Uncomfortable truth

“If a woman hits you, you should always hit back harder.”

No. I do NOT mean metaphorically.

I mean literally.

If a woman has the audacity to hit a man, then she deserves what’s coming to her.

“But women are weak and fragile, and men are stronger!”

Then women shouldn’t hit men. Period.


The only way American women will stop getting away with abuse and assault is if American men hit them back. Then they will learn not to hit men. It’s that simple.

We live in a society where it’s unnacceptable for a man to defend himself, let alone assert his authority as head of the household.

My father always taught me that the man was the head of the household and had the authority. For a while I thought that was wrong, because I mistakenly believed that my mom was getting a raw deal.

Things could not be further from the truth.

That’s why he spanked me when I broke his rules.

And my mother NEVER hit my father.


In case you don’t believe we live in a society where men are losing their rights (and manhood), just watch this video:


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  1. I completely agree with you dude. What I cannot stand is that the average American man doesn’t see that this whole “Nothing that a woman can do can hurt you” is nothing but a manipulation tactic designed by the elites to force a man to surrender his power to a female so that she can destroy him and walk all over him. This also teaches men to just allow for women to be rude to them all because men are “stronger”. To put it short, the whole idea of “nothing someone can do to you can hurt you” is to open the door for them to destroy you, teach you to deny what you feel and that the pain that you feel isn’t real.

    • It’s true. Who you spend time with reflects who you are to a degree, and influences you.

      A women can destroy you emotionally if not physically, and plenty of women are unprepentantly physical these days anyway, believing that they can get away with it (and sometimes they can).

      Surrounding yourself and letting yourself be ENTRAPPED by a witch or borderline can have very real consequences for any man, regardless of strength, because she will literally sap his strength.

      Furthermore, letting a woman treat you badly just reinforces how you think you deserve to be treated.

      It’s all connected. The woman a man is with says a lot about him.

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