As it is within, so without

The things you consume fundamentally alter you.

The things you own end up owning you.

The media you imbibe affects you.

You are what you eat.

Surround yourself with bitchy, flaky women and you’ll become like them. No self-respect and no standards or boundaries. You’ll lose your discipline.

Perhaps the Rebel inside of you revolts against the insanity around you. Perhaps through others’ weakness it makes you strong. But at some point you have nothing to gain and everything to lose.

Eat silly hollywood movies, and you will become like hollywood. Always chasing a dream and a fake reality.

Consume enough Internet and you will become anxious and you will become obsessive-compulsive, drowning in a sea of ignorance.

The truth about the Inter-“NET”

The internet is a particular cesspool.

I’m not about to perpetuate the constant negativity. I will only point out the patterns.

The internet is chock full of political outcry and complaining. People all want to know, “Why are companies treating us this way?” “Where is the fairness?” “Why is the government doing this?”


It’s that simple. Asking the “Why” question is pointless. We all know why.

The goverments and corporations rule the world and so they can get away with almost anything they want.

It’s that simple. Stop asking why. Next time a big phone company rips off a bunch of its customers by overcharging, there is no reason to complain. There’s nothing you can do about it. And there’s no need to ask why.

They do it because they don’t care about you.

It’s that simple.

The companies don’t really care. They just want power. The government doesn’t care. It just wants power. No need to cry about it.

But it seems like every time a big entity “steps out of line” people are asking, “How could they do that?!!”

Really, it’s time to stop being so surprised. It’s just a web, a pit that you climb into. And then you begin to get really invested in the Game of the System. You begin to become outraged, shocked. You want change. You talk about it and talk about it and try to inspire others for your “activism” and “movements.”

What a silly sport. With no reward.

Stop focusing on your pointless, fruitless intentions. It’s true that movements can work but they must be large enough to combat the considerable power of the entities they are up against. It’s that simple.

As an individual there is no point in you stepping into this struggle without the significant desire and will to win against the competition. The masses are inneffective and will get nowhere, as their mass outcry and lack of action suggest.

Your one vote does not matter, but your influence matters if you actually have influence.

If you have the resources to combat the overlords then you have a shot. But rallying people will get you nowhere. These faceless sheep need a leader, and without a leader they will go on complaining.

You see, it must be easier for the sheep to invest in you than to invest in their overlords. It’s a simple cost-benefit equation.

It’s really that simple.

Avoid the news and the internet and the television and the faceless masses and focus on yourself. You’ll be better off. In fact, by focusing on yourself you’ll put yourself in a better position to influence change in the world. But by then, you might not want to.

Don’t fall into the Game unless you know how to play it.

Remove the distractions

Avoid internet news or comment fields or forums. They are cesspools of human livestock invested in outcomes they have no control over. Those with the real power don’t even care about that kind of change.

Stay away from media and stay away from mindnumbing or repititive, soul-stealing things.

Be VERY selective about what you take in and what you give away. Don’t give out too much energy by talking and worrying and looking around and wondering.

Be choosy with friends. With women.

It’s more satisfying to demand what you want and get exactly what you want than it is to settle.

If you don’t believe you can get what you want, then you have a confidence problem. That is what you need to work on.

Be absolute and ruthless and pursue exactly what you want. Don’t give in, don’t relent. Don’t settle.

Settling is just another form of consuming: you are telling your brain that you arent good enough for better.

Do you see?

The reason you settle is because you are not confident in your own path. You think that others have their shit together or their life figured out but there is no good reason to assume that anybody has the answers for you because those people you look up to got that way by looking out for themselves.

The TV and the Internet are just methods of control for those in power. Either you are a consumer, or you are a producer. Either you are a part of the System, or you are gaming the System.

Your actions and what you fill your life with reflect your attitude. They also AFFECT your attitude.

If you’re not a highly confident person, then the solution is not to go looking for answers. The solution is to develop confidence. You do this by trusting yourself and acting on your convictions. You follow them to ends of the earth if you have to.

It’s really that simple.

And if you’re resonating with this right now, then you already know what those convictions are. You just want approval. But I won’t give you permission or approval. That’s because if you trusted in yourself, you’d be successful, and eventually you’d want even less advice from other people.

When you follow your own rules, and trust the Rebel in your heart, things come into alignment. By chance or accident or on purpose. Things begin to unfold according to the dreams that haunt you.

You only turn to media and other people because you are afraid of the haunting of your soul.

But that’s what they’ve all been trying to tell you all along:

It’s only in your soul that you will find the answers you’ve been looking for.


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